Chapter 6

An hour had passed Jaden was in the academy library on the computers typing away, search after search trying to find an answer, a reference, something to find out who they were all dealing with, he soon came to the realization that he was winning a losing battle but he refused to give up because everyones life may depend on it. Jaden rubbed his eyes coming to terms with how tired he really was, lifting himself back up he realized that the library was deathly silent as everyone disappeared. He thought it was strange as he saw a little girl in a pale blue and white dress in one of the book isles, deciding to investigate he got up from his seat and made his way toward her as she ran around the corner.

Jaden cautiously walked through the library keeping his guard up at all times until he turned the corner and saw a man sitting at a desk, Jaden slowly and carefully apporached this man until he was in arms reach and placed a hand on his shoulder, the man flinched turning around quickly sending Jaden a death glare.

real world

Jaden woke up again in at his desk to a hand on his shoulder and turned to find Zane supporting a cup of coffee in his hand, "nightmares", Zane asked taking a seat opposite to Jaden. "Yeah" he whispered. "Freddy" Zane asked.


"Open the door" a voice boomed as Chazz heard the door to his cell open still holding his head in his hands. "get up, friends posted your bail" Lifting his head he looked at the man for a second as if he was crazy before swinging his legs over the side and jumped down to the floor before exiting the cell door and walked down the long hallway. Chazz stopped for a moment realizing he wasnt being followed, when Chazz turned he was met with a white bricked up wall before the lights started to go out one by one.

The scene changed and he found himself in the middle of a boiler room at the top of a rusty metal staircase, hearing a familiar voice calling to him "Chazz, help me". Opting to go down the staircase he saw a sight of two young little girls but carried on walking. Chazz stopped suddenly when he heard a noise behind him. Frozen in fear and eyes wide like saucers, Chazz slowly turned around and came with the sight of Freddy flaunting his blades as he started scratching them across the walls, moving closer and closer.

He slowly backed away as Freddy got closer and opted to run as fast as he can hearing the laugh of the maniac echo of the walls as he ran gasping for air as he manouvered through the passages of the old boiler room. Chazz came to a stop when he came face to face with a familiar body hung upside down dangling from a pipe "Amanda" he whispered, backing up slightly "Amanda, oh god" He jumped when he heard a gruff voice behind him "No, only me". What do you want from me", Chazz asked with a shaky voice. "Oh i don't know Chazz, Do you think you can turn back time" he asked "Answer me!" he shouted as he didn't recieve an answer "No". "I didn't think so" Freddy said as he waved his blades in front of Chazz as he fell to the ground curling himself into a ball. "Why are you screaming, I havent event cut you yet" all went quiet as Chazz removed his hands from his face and slowly stood up breathing heavily taking a good look around as he waited for Freddy's next move. Chazz grabbed his chest as he felt the blades penetrate him from behind and he collapsed to the floor.

Real world

Chazz collapsed face first to the floor in his prison cell clutching his chest as blood pooled out all around the floor causing panic to the other inmate. "im innocent!, let me out of here!" he shouted as he pounded on the door.

Dream world

Chazz's body was thrown upside down and now dangling and choking in mid air as he tried to catch his breath. "You know after the heart stops beating, the brain still functions for over seven minutes" he paused "we still have six minutes to play". Chazz screamed in fear as he knew he was about to die at the hands of this maniac.

Dual academy

Zane and Jaden were still in the library many computer searches and books later the exhaustion started to catch up with them, Zane started yawning and rubbing his tired eyes. "Zane, you okay", Jaden asked. "yeah im just exhausted, you find anything yet?", Jaden nodded in defeat. "No" he whispered "ive tried everything I can think of, I cant find anything that even comes close". Zane looked at him "it's alright well keep looking" as he looked down at a book he found on the table titled "Pied piper". " why do you have this", Zane asked looking at Jaden. "I saw it in a dream, thought it had to mean something so i tracked down a copy", looking at the time on the computer "we should get going, it's getting late", he said shutting down the computer as they put the books back and exited the library. "We should get back, they will be worried" and started walking back to Slifer.

Earlier that day

When Zane and Syrus brought her home she started crying again, she fell into Zanes arms as he wrapped them around her letting her cry. "I have to find Jaden see if he needs help" Zane said and she panicked "No Zane don't leave me", she begged grabbing onto his hand. Turning round kneeling down to her level "Syrus will stay with you, right" he said looking back at his brother who gave a little smile. "of course I will". "see, i wont be long, ill be as quick as I can" She nodded letting go of his hand as she watched him leave. She felt an arm pass around her shoulders and flinched slightly as she realised that it was only Syrus", Why don't you try and get some sleep Alexis?, you look exhausted" he whispered. "I can't Syrus, I can't. When I sleep I dream and if I dream hes going to kill me", she sobbed. "Alexis ill be here to wake you up if anything happens, just try and get a little sleep", "you will stay with me" she asked "I give you my word" He held out his arm as she leaned down and rested her head on his shoulder curling herself into a ball beside him and fell asleep indicated by the gentle rise and fall of her chest, he smiled as he gently stroked her hair as a calming getsure.

Not long after she fell asleep she was jolted awake as she experienced another nightmare. Syrus had fallen asleep. When she looked at the clock only half an hour had gone by not risking falling asleep again she made herself a coffee and thought about what her nightmare meant.

Present time

It was dark as the two were walking back to the dorm rooms, neither one said a word. They were both exhausted and there was a chill in the air "Jaden" and they both stopped in their tracks "I wasn't, totally honest with you before" Zane said suddenly "what do you mean Zane" jaden asked "ive seen him too Jaden",. "really, when" he demanded. "when i was walking to the library this afternoon", he said and continued. "I was tired but as I was walking I felt someones eyes on me, watching me as I went, when he jumped out and tried to slash at me with the razors but I woke up and he was gone" A silence passed around them for a moment before zane felt a hand on his back "come on well talk about it later, it's not safe here".

They continued walking as fast as they could when Jadens mobile rang, he looked at the caller ID "chancellor", he answered the phone and Zane could only watch as Jadens eyes widened and he dropped the phone and it hit the floor.