The sun stained the horizon of Ransylva crimson as a stranger upon a black cyber steed approached the farm of the Langs.
He paused at the gate as his dark, sparkling eyes caught sight of a woman with long, raven hair carrying a heavy metal pail in each hand.

"I could help you with that", his voice was carried to her ears by the summer breeze.

She turned with surprise, and at seeing the man that broke her heart so many years ago, she scowled.
"Go away, Hunter, you're not needed here", was all she said before continuing her path to her house.

The Hunter said nothing, but watched her in silence as she disappeared into that old, familiar home.

"What's wrong, Sis", asked a young man, pausing in his laser-gun maintenance as his older sister entered the house.
There were tears in her eyes as she shook her head to signal to him that it was nothing.
But he'd seen that look in her dark eyes before, she'd seen D.

Calmly he set the weapon down and went outside, Doris immediately set the pails down and ran after him.

"Dan, No!", she shouted knowing that if her brother took on the Hunter he might not survive.

"A man told me once that I should never make a woman cry", he said as he stood before the silent D.

"I know", was the only reply.

"But", Dan continued, "that very man has made my Sister cry her eyes out for years".

D looked at Dan from under the brim of his hat and gave him a sad, knowing smile then turned his mount around.

Brother and Sister watched as the beautiful Stranger rode out of their lives and into the horizon once more - this time, never to be seen again.

D rose on for miles until at last he had to make camp in the forests of the Frontier to let his horse rest its mechanisms.
Under the boughs of a large oak tree, the Hunter lay and for the first time since he was a child a single tear streaked down his gorgeous countenance as he fell into his death-filled dreams...