Susan's Dilemma Chapter 1

A/N: The world of Harry Potter belongs to JKRowling I'm just playing in her sand box and make no money from this.

Rating is Mature for language and sexual situations.

Genera: Romance.

Period: end of seventh year post battle.

Ship: Susan Bones/Harry Potter.

Characters: Susan Bones, Harry Potter

A/N2: This story is completely AU and the timeline does not particularly follow canon. This is mostly a fluffy piece with a mention of rape at the beginning.

Off to one side of the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a petite seventeen year old girl with long thick copper hair that reached her hips sat contemplating her future. The last few days had been traumatic for Susan Bones; people had died, people she had known very well for the past seven years. Friends, relatives, acquaintances, all had fallen in the final battle for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She mourned the loss of her best friend Hannah Abbott, whom she had known since childhood. Her Aunt Amelia had died fighting Voldemort more than a year ago and the loss of her last remaining relative had hit hard. Her parents had died just after Harry Potter's family had been killed. Even now, after Harry had defeated the most evil dark wizard in centuries, she could not quite believe she had survived virtually unscathed. The survivors, for there were a handful who had not been taken to St. Mungos for treatment, wandered around the damaged Great Hall, looking lost or cried over the loss of friends and family. Susan knew most of them; the Weasleys (Fred and Ron were lost), Neville Longbottom (his parents and grandmother had been killed a year ago), Hermione Granger had left to find her parents in Australia, the Greengrass family consoled each other at the death of their father, Padma and her sister Parvati cried over the loss of their best friends Lavender Brown and Su Li.

Luna Lovegood, a witch a year younger than Susan, wandered over with a far away look, but that was almost to be expected from the odd Ravenclaw. She smiled when she saw Susan and greeted her.

"Harry's looking for you, Susan."

Susan brightened at the mention of Harry. Harry had become a close friend during fourth year when he taught the DA and Susan appreciated the help he had given with several difficult spells. She was now able to cast the Patronus; her animal being a silver fox. She had always liked Harry and had had a crush on the messy haired teen for years, never daring to hope that he'd pay attention to her.

"Where is he, Luna?" she asked expectantly.

"He's sitting with Professor McGonagall at the front of the hall." Luna was one of the friends she was glad survived. Her insights had proven quite valuable over the years and as a sometimes seer, had saved several students from the predations of the pureblood bigots.

Luna was glad Draco Malfoy had been caught and sent to Azkaban last year for leading an aborted attack against the school. Albus Dumbledore had been killed because of the little shit.

Susan was still recovering from being raped by Draco that awful night and had recurring nightmares. He'd caught her before she could sound the alarm and manhandled her into an unused classroom. He'd bound her, silenced her and stripped off her knickers before bending her over a desk where he fucked her for almost an hour. She'd finally broke the spell and kicked him in the crotch. He'd responded by backhanding her and entered her again. After that, he'd forced her to suck his cock until he came in her mouth. She'd gagged after that and still remembered the taste of his semen. Then he left to continue his plan to kill the Headmaster.

She was filled with disgust at what he'd done and was ready to kill him, but the Aurors had caught him first. Fortunately, she had not become pregnant as several other girls had. Mandy Brocklehurst was the first and although she had accused Draco, he had denied it and the Malfoy name had protected him, even though three other girls had accused him of the same thing. Astoria Greengrass, Tracy Davis, Su Li and probably others had survived the humiliation of a school pregnancy; all had vowed to kill him. Several had left school before it became known they were expecting. Fortunately, the fetuses were not viable and were terminated before childbirth. Susan never trusted any male except Harry after that. Harry, apparently was made from sterner stuff than the rest of the males at school. He'd briefly dated his longtime friend Hermione but that felt strange to both of them, they were more like brother and sister than lovers. Cho Chang had a brief affair with him as well as Ginny Weasley, but neither had worked out. Harry was unencumbered at the moment. That wouldn't last long, Susan was sure. Maybe it was time to 'renew' their friendship.

She walked over to where he was conversing quietly with Professor McGonagall, the Headmistress since the death of Albus Dumbledore.

"Hi Harry, I'm not interrupting anything, am I? Luna told me you were looking for me."

The Headmistress greeted her and excused herself. "Harry has indeed been looking for you Miss Bones, I'll leave you two alone."

Harry grinned and pulled her into a hug, surprising her. "Susan, I'm so glad you're safe. I've been looking everywhere for you."

"Well, I was out in the greenhouses, helping Professor Sprout. It was awful, Harry. We'd just got finished repotting some of the Mandrakes when Death Eaters broke in. Professor Sprout had the foresight to lock down the rarer plants and a Devils Snare plant attacked one of the Death Eaters when his back was turned. It strangled him and the other two turned to help him. I managed to stun one and Professor Sprout hit the other with a banishing curse. A fourth Death Eater caught her with a bludgeoning curse to the legs and she fell out of sight behind the Venomous Tentaculas. I was able to summon his wand and broke it. He ran at me and I kicked him in the balls. He doubled over and I killed him with a Reducto. I then tended to Professor Sprout and came here."

"Good girl!" Harry praised. He then lost his smile as he thought of the carnage and loss of life they'd all been through. Harry had been healed by Madame Pomfrey after the battle but still limped from a broken leg that the mediwitch admonished him to rest until it properly set.

"You look exhausted, Harry," Susan told him. "Come with me and get some rest, I know just the place."

Reluctantly, Harry followed his friend. Susan was more than a head shorter than Harry, but made up for it with a determination that surprised him. Normally he could resist people ordering him to rest, but Susan was different. He trusted her and he really was tired. Following the determined girl, he blinked in surprise as she led him to her room.

"Susan? What…?"

"In here, Harry, it's safe and no one will bother us. You need the rest!"

"But Susan, this is your dorm room, are you sure…?"

Susan grinned, "Trust me Harry, I know a few Bones privacy spells that my Aunt Amelia taught me. No one will even suspect you're here." 'No one but me and I'm not telling,' she thought. "Now lie down and relax, I'll give you a Bones patented massage, guaranteed to put you to sleep in minutes."

Unsure, he complied and soon she was working her magic with her fingers, teasing the knots out of his shoulders and back. He'd laid down on his stomach as she straddled him and felt her small fingers soothe the aches away. She'd turned him over, but he was already drifting off to sleep.

She sighed and vanished his filthy clothes and after carefully cleaning him, tucked him into her bed and lay beside him after divesting herself of clothes. She joined him in sleep minutes later.

During the night, he'd shifted so that he was facing her. His arm rested on her stomach as she slept on her back. His other arm curled behind her head, acting as a pillow. As they slept, they both moved closer and eventually their arms and legs intertwined.

Susan was the first to wake in the early hours and noticed the intimacy they shared and smiled. Harry was such a boy. He'd be embarrassed when he woke, of course, but Susan was going to enjoy a bit of Harry while he slept. 'Oh, my!' she thought. 'Harry's got an erection! I should do something about that!'.

Harry slowly awoke from a very pleasant dream, only apparently it wasn't a dream. Eyes now wide open, he looked down to discover that Susan had taken him in hand and was stroking his manhood. "S-Susan! What are you doing?"

"Good morning Harry, did you sleep well?" she smirked.

"Umm, erm," he stuttered. The feeling of her hands was mind blowing and his mind shut down as an intense need filled his body. Then it was too much and he erupted shooting a sticky mess into her hand. "Ahhh! Susan!" he moaned as the first orgasm he'd ever had began to subside.

You're turn Harry," she commanded.

Harry was unsure what she wanted, but she guided his hand to her most private part and taught him how to please her. She moaned as the intense climax overtook her, her hips bucking furiously.

"That was amazing Harry, thank you!"

Harry smiled at that. "No, thank you. I've that before."

Susan cuddled up to Harry and they drifted off to sleep again.

They'd spent the morning sleeping in and kissing as they awoke just before noon.

They'd dressed in the privacy of Susan's dorm. Susan's clothes had been cleaned during the night by house elves and laid out on her dresser. Harry summoned clean clothes from his trunk.

Holding hands, they made their way down to the Great Hall for breakfast. The few students in the Hall, broke into cheers when they saw Harry. There were less than a hundred still staying and they would be leaving for home tomorrow.

The house elves had cleaned up the worst of the mess in the Great Hall and it was quite presentable.

A couple of witches looked at the pair holding hands and groaned.

"Got your hooks in him?" one of them joked.

Susan just smiled and led him to the Hufflepuff table, drawing a scowl from Ginny Weasley.

"Way to go Harry," Seamus smiled at the new couple.

There were a few angry looks from the Slytherin table, notably Theodore Nott, but no one dared challenge "The-Boy-Who-Defeated-Voldemort".

Luna smiled at the obviously new couple, glad that she had foreseen this and had aided the blossoming friendship all year.

Daphne Greengrass had hoped to snag him, but respected the petite copper headed witch and wouldn't interfere. If he dumped Susan, which seemed unlikely, she would be there before anyone else got ideas. Harry had saved her from Malfoy, although he hadn't been able to save her sister. Astoria had returned last year, but was broken now, rarely interacting with anyone, save her sister. Daphne didn't fault Harry; Draco had picked Astoria last and had been caught, but as usual, his name had protected him. Dumbledore had been prepared to expel him but was killed before he got the chance.

Susan, aware that Harry was the last Potter, as she was the last Bones, was hoping that Harry would ask her to be his girlfriend. She had made serious inroads toward that goal last night and this morning, but so far, Harry hadn't said anything. What was a girl to do? She couldn't outright ask him; if he spooked, she would lose him, so she waited patiently. The dilemma for Susan was that if she waited too long, some enterprising girl would seize the opportunity and secure him for her own. She wasn't worried about Ginny Weasley or Cho Chang; they were out of the picture. Instead she had to watch out for Daphne Greengrass. She knew the beautiful girl would grab him without a moments notice if she felt Susan's hold on him lapse. If she pushed him, she might lose him and she couldn't bear that. The last two years, she had developed more than a crush on Harry and it was all she could do to hold off dragging him into a broom closet and snogging his brains out. Not that that would have prevented Daphne from doing the same, but Daphne had thought he and Granger were an item, so held off too. In truth, Susan had entertained the same idea, but close observation (plus a confidential talk with Luna) painted a very different story. While Hermione was his best friend, dating her was something Luna spotted right away that would not work between the two Gryffindors.

So, Susan was in a quandary. How to push this friendship along to a permanent boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Sure, they had sex of a sort and kissed in her room. He had held her hand down to breakfast and sat with her, but that was not enough. She had to take further action, but what could she do?

Harry had just nudged her shoulder and with a quirk of his eyebrows and smile, urged her to follow him. They had mostly finished breakfast, so Susan got up and followed, slipping her small hand in his. They walked out of the Great Hall and Harry led her outside. There was a brisk breeze and she shivered until Harry cast a warming spell on her. Grateful for the consideration, she moved closer to him to thank him with a peck on the cheek. He'd turned at the last moment and bent down to speak; her lips met his in an awkward kiss and he startled then settled down.

"Let's try that again," Harry urged, turning fully towards her.

Susan melted into his arms, winding her arms around his neck, holding him close as he bent to meet her lips. She wound her fingers through his hair and poured her soul into that kiss; parting her lips she ran her tongue over his lips, seeking entrance to his mouth. Startled, Harry gasped in surprise and her tongue darted in, swirling with his. She snogged the breath out of him as his higher brain functions failed. Somehow his automatic reflexes took over and he responded, deepening the kiss. He'd lifted her off the ground to better kiss her and she wound her legs around his waist locking her ankles as she drew him closer. His hands were supporting her bum and he could feel the softness through her skirt.

As they drew close, Harry felt her breasts press against his chest. Susan was a well endowed witch, despite her petite frame. She was curvy in all the right places and fit snuggly against him.

They broke for air and she sighed. "Mmm, Harry, you are a great kisser."

"Susan…" He was floundering, lost in the passion of her kiss. He'd felt her nipples harden against his chest, poking him and he couldn't help the reaction he felt as his erection again made its presence known, tenting his trousers.

She kissed him again and felt something hard poking her between her legs. "Mmm Harry," she moaned. "Is that your wand or your other wand?"

Harry blushed but didn't set her down.

Taking advantage, she ground her hips against him and felt her knickers moisten in response. She was wet and needed him, but was afraid to push him too soon.

Harry, being a hormonal boy, was being tested severely and was quickly losing control. This morning was working on his mind but it was just a bit of not so innocent fun. Now, however, he was seriously challenged not to take her right then and there.

"Susan, if you continue, I'm afraid I'll lose control."

Susan giggled and ground a bit harder.

"SUSAN. Please!"

That got her attention and she reluctantly stopped. Pouting, she replied, "Aww Harry…"

"Listen Susan, I really like you, but we mustn't do this where anyone can see…"

A tear formed in her eye and she thought she had ruined everything. Harry would only see her as a friend. A soft sob escaped her and her eyes misted over. "I-I'm s-sorry Harry, I-I d-didn't mean to…"

Harry, ever mindful of a crying girl, sought to sooth her. "Susan, it's okay, don't cry. Look, someone's coming. What if someone caught us?"

Of course he was right, she had let her emotions slip and it would have been embarrassing.

Harry quickly set her down and conjuring a handkerchief, gently wiped her eyes.

"Come, we have the day free before the Hogwarts Express leaves."

They slowly walked around the lake, pausing under the large beech tree for a bit. It was starting to warm up and Harry cancelled the warming charm as they resumed their walk.

"Susan, about the morning," Harry started, unsure how to bring the subject up. "Um, what we did was a bit...erm, premature, don't you think? I've started to have real feelings for you, but let's not push it, okay?" Harry was as embarrassed as Susan with this topic but he soldiered on. "It's only been a day since the war ended and I'm still sorting myself out. We could work together as a couple, but I don't want to ruin it by rushing things."

Susan sobered immediately. She hadn't ruined everything, but it was a near thing. 'Damn those raging hormones,' she thought. "Yes, I'm sorry, Harry. It was just the relief that it's finally over and we can get on with a normal life now. I'd like us to become a couple, but I won't push you. I've liked you forever and always hoped you'd see me as more than just a friend." There, she'd said it, and would live with the consequences. Harry really was a sweet boy, but she was in love with Harry the man now.

Harry understood. He knew instinctively that Susan was in love with him, and she was very tenacious. He liked that about her and appreciated that she would never be unfaithful if they became more than a couple. He'd tried with his best friend, but they were wrong for each other. Hermione was smart and beautiful, but felt more like a sister he never had, and she felt the same about him. Cho and Ginny were disasters, but Susan had wormed her way into the chink in his emotional armour and he was glad of it. Certainly she was beautiful and passionate enough to keep him interested, but was that enough? He'd have to find out more about her, but meanwhile he was enjoying her companionship and friendship. Could he love her? He thought he could, but he'd been fooled before.

As they continued walking, they fell into easy conversation. She told him about growing up and how she'd lost her parents and sadly how she lost her Aunt Amelia who had become like a mother to her. The mood had saddened and Harry related his life with the Dursleys, not knowing his parents and the secrets Dumbledore had withheld from him which in turn led to the death of his godfather. Sirius, for the brief time he had known him, had been like a father to him.

Trying to lighten the mood, Susan began to relate the funny things that had happened in her life. The house elf that would scold her but help her anyway whenever she pulled a prank. Her best friend Hannah, growing up together and an odd memory she had of Harry as a baby.

"Harry, I haven't thought of this in years, but my aunt told me that we used to play together as babies."

"We did? I never knew that. So your parents knew mine?"

"Apparently," she answered. Auntie would tell me stories about how well we got along. Then you and your parents went into hiding and I never saw you again until school and I was sorted into Hufflepuff, you into Gryffindor. I'd wondered at the time what it was that attracted me to you, now I remember. It wasn't the whole Boy-Who-Lived, it was the connection we had as babies."

Harry reflected on that and a wisp of a memory made its way to the surface. "I do sort of remember you a bit. I remember the red hair but now it's a beautiful copper colour."

Shyly they regarded one another in a new light of long ago remembrance. They turned toward each other and embraced. A light kiss this time, confirmed that they were on the same page with each other.

As the morning progressed, they had arrived back at the castle, in time for lunch. Friends had inquired where they had been, but a smile told the story. They sat at the Gryffindor table, but well away from Ginny. Luna joined them, smiling her secret smile, knowing that the pair were well on their way to becoming a couple. Luna couldn't see very far into the future, but what she could see was happiness for the pair.

Meanwhile, Ginny was unhappy. She had lost two brothers in the war and what was more important, Harry had lost interest in her. She had tried to become his girlfriend, but he eventually rebuffed her. At first, she thought it was because of Hermione, but when that didn't last, it now seemed that Bones had his full attention. Susan Bones was nowhere on her radar until she'd grabbed him last night and spirited him away. Now, he was holding hands with her again, sharing smiles and playful shoulder nudges. Susan had giggled at something Harry had said and she began to hate the petite Hufflepuff. 'He should be with me,' she thought. 'Why does he like her more than me? We both have…' but she stopped at that thought. Sure they both had red hair, although Susan's was much lighter, almost a golden red. They both had long hair, although with Susan's smaller stature, it reached her bum. Susan had better curves than her and a well developed bust. 'Definitely a large C cup if not a small D,' Ginny grimaced at the thought. 'So he likes large boobs, but that couldn't be it, since both Granger and Chang had decent sized ones.' Ginny pondered the unfairness of it all. She'd had him, but somehow had lost him and she couldn't figure out why.

Luna knew why. Ginny had a fiery temper, much like her mum and that, more than anything else, turned Harry off. Luna knew she was not right for Harry either, but didn't begrudge Susan in her attempt to woo him. They were perfect for each other; both needing the assurance of a strong loving mate after a terrible loss of family. Luna had lost too, as had many others, but not like Harry and Susan.

After lunch, Susan talked Harry into heading to the greenhouses to help Professor Sprout. The professor had recovered from her injuries and was currently assessing the damage. "Oh dear," she deplored, "the Venomous Tentacula is damaged. I must have broken a limb when I fell into it yesterday. Susan, dear, can you give me a hand? There's a pair of dragon hide gloves on the shelf over there," and she pointed to a shelf that had miraculously escaped damage. "Oh, hello Harry, perhaps you can help trim the Devils Snare that got that awful Death Eater."

The two teens set to work and soon had the dangerous plants repaired.

The greenhouse was warm and it made the pair drowsy. They found a seat and were soon fast asleep, only to be woken up by the vigorous shaking of Professor Sprout. "Honestly, you two, you should know better than to sit and breathe the Winkle plant. Why do you think Rip Van Winkle slept for a hundred years? It's a good thing I spotted you before the full effect took hold.

Properly chastised, they thanked the professor and left, still yawning.

Deciding to visit Hagrid, they set off down the grassy hill to his hut. Hagrid was cleaning up the damage that the Death Eaters had inflicted on his beloved vegetable patch. He'd killed five of them when they tried to curse him, battering them and tossing them about like twigs. Two broken backs, three arrows from his crossbow and a meaty fist that pulverized what was left of one of them had left him growling like a bear. It was best not to anger Hagrid.

"Hullo, yeh two," he greeted them. "Glad ta see yeh survived. Sorry 'bout Ron an Fred."

Hi Hagrid," Harry greeted the half giant. "how's Fang?"

"Aw, he's jes fine. Bit banged up, but he took out two of 'em, he did. Tore out their throats. Got his dander up when they attacked me."

Susan shuddered at what the large Boarhound had done. Fang had always earned her respect even if he was normally all bark.

After a visit and some tea (they declined the rock cakes), they left to resume wandering around the castle. McGonagall had spotted them and asked where they were staying when they left Hogwarts.

"I have to visit Gringotts again," Harry told her. "I have some property, but don't know where or how to find it," he told her. "I most certainly don't want to go back to Grimmauld Place."

"What about you, Susan?"

Susan grimaced. "Well, I now own Bones Manor, but it's a pretty lonely place without Aunt Amelia."

Minerva had an idea and it could solve both their problems. "Harry, why don't you stay with Susan to keep her company for awhile? You can go to Gringotts at your leisure and you won't be faced with an empty manor, if what I'm remembering is true. Potter Manor was far from the next closest property and was well protected. I'm surprised that Albus had them move to Godric's Hollow. Sometimes I think that man had no sense at all. When your parents were killed, I'd warned him many times not to place you with your aunt and uncle, but he wouldn't listen."

Harry smiled at the gentle rant the headmistress espoused against Dumbledore. He would have to agree with her, for the Dursleys were not the loving guardians they ought to have been. He wondered why his parents moved, though.

Susan brightened at the prospect. "Harry, she's right, I'd love to have you stay with me. There's plenty of room and, and...we could get to know one another better," she finished nervously.

"Are you sure, Susan?"

At her vigorous nod, he smiled and accepted.

Susan's heart soared. Harry would be living with her. Maybe even permanently if she didn't screw things up.

A happy Susan and Harry boarded the HogwartsExpress the next day for the long trip back to London. They found an empty compartment and Harry locked and silenced the door. He'd also set a notice me not charm so they wouldn't be disturbed. Luna, however found them snuggled up to one another, lightly dozing.

"Luna! How did you…" Harry started to ask.

"I know unlocking charms too, Harry," she smirked.

"Okay, but how did you get by the notice me not charm?"

"Silly boy, I can count," she replied.


"All one has to do is count the compartments to know one is missing. It was easy after that."

"Smart girl, " Susan replied. Won't you join us?"

"It seems I already have," Luna rejoined. "So, Susan, Have you made the animal with two back yet?"

"LUNA!" Susan cried, scandalized, then blushed and in a quiet voice, said, "no."

Harry was mystified at the reference until Luna spelled it out for him. He immediately blushed bright red.

"You are girlfriend and boyfriend though," she said with conviction.

"He hasn't asked yet," Susan said quietly.

Luna looked at Harry sternly. "Harry Potter, what ever are you waiting for? You've already snogged her!"

"H-how did you know? Never mind, I don't want to know." He thought he'd evaded the question, but the look on Luna's face told him he hadn't.

She glared at him with her hands on her hips. "You're staying at Bones Manor, for Morgana's sake, what more invitation do you need? Honestly Harry, I didn't think you were that dense."

Harry sighed in defeat, yes he'd thought of asking her and he knew she'd say yes immediately, but his nerve gave out every time he thought he'd ask.

Susan was blushing bright red at this point and couldn't decide whether to hex the odd girl or just take the next step and ask Harry herself.

Finally, Harry stepped up to Susan and taking her hand, unsteadily asked. "Susan, will you be my girlfriend?"

Susan broke out in a wide smile. "Yes," she answered quietly, but she was jumping up and down inside.

"Come on already, kiss!" Luna prodded.

That was all the motivation Susan needed and jumped her new boyfriend, kissing every part she could reach.

No one noticed Luna leave. "Finally," she said to no one in particular.