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"Today's the day, man!" Scorpion said.

"Dude! I'm so excited," Noob replied.

"Well let's get to it."

The two Netherrealm spectres approached the portal leading to Earthrealm, only to see that it was blocked by Quan Chi.

"And where do you two think you're going?" he asked.

"Quan Chi, super-dude, we were just going to the video game store to pick up our pre-order for MK X on PS4," Noob replied

"Give me one reason why, with Shinnok planning the next attack, you two should be allowed out for even one second?" Quan Chi asked. "And what the hell is a PS4 doing down here anyway?!"

Noob raised a finger. "Excuse me." He turned to Scorpion. "Man we have to get that game!"

"But we can't, dude!"

Noob turned back to Quan Chi. "Is there any way you can let us through? We'll be quick. Promise."

Quan Chi folded his arms. "You may challenge me to a tag-team duel. If you win, you may go. If you lose, you will remain here forever," he allowed for a sneer. "No one has ever one."

Noob turned back to Scorpion. "Dude, we seriously got to ditch this guy."

"Definitely!" Scorpion replied. "But how?"

"We can't fight him, he's too powerful. Unless…"

There were several differences between the Lin Kuei and the Shirai-Ryu – style, methods, tradition. Yet there was one technique common to both clans, taught only to a select few-


They both turned to face Quan Chi.

"Quan Chi, dude," Noob started.

"We couldn't help but notice," Scorpion continued, "but your shoelaces are untied!"

"Oh," Quan Chi bent down to check- wait, he didn't wear shoes!



"Run for it!"

Flawless Victory



When I first saw Adoni Maropis as Quan Chi in MK Conquest, I immediately thought of the infamous "Melvin" scene. :p

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