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Chapter 1-

Clary's POV

I've got the magic in me,
Every time I touch that track, it turns into gold
Everybody knows I've got the magic in me

I woke up to my alarm clock blaring out "I've Got the Magic in Me" by B.O.B. I had the alarm music on shuffle for the songs I've downloaded into it for each day of the week. And this song told me it was Monday. Yaaaaayyyyy…. Just kidding, I meant "kill me", I thought to myself sarcastically.

I groaned before rolling out of my bed and walking towards my walk in closet. "No, no, no, no, no… Yes" I said as I picked out my outfit for the first day of school. Nothing better than seeing everyone going out of their way to impress everyone else doing the exact the same thing. It just makes me want to laugh at their desperation as they make a fool of themselves.

I folded and set my clothes down on the counter in my bathroom as I stripped and hopped in the shower. I scrubbed myself from head to toe in my strawberry lavender soap and made sure my hair would be silky soft.

I then got out of the shower and put on my outfit after wrapping my hair in a towel. A flowy, dark blue crop top with noodle straps and small white flowers all over it; I didn't need bra since it was built in the top. I then pulled on my Victoria Secret black lace thong before pulling on my dark jean, high-wasted shorts. I then put on my black ankle boots with a four inch wedge.

I then went across my bathroom and started on my makeup. I put on mascara, eyeliner, some dark red lipstick, and a little blush. I then walked out of the bathroom while brushing and blow drying my hair. Eventually my hair was falling in soft, bright red curls down my shoulders and back. I put away my brush and blow dryer before grabbing my black Van's bag with brown trimming and flowers on it drawn by me of course since I am an artist.

I dropped my bag on one of the stools by the kitchen table and sat on the one next to it. "Hey big bro" I said while crossing my arms and staring at my brother. "Hey sis, still short as always" I glared at him but he just ruffled my hair "Hey! Watch the hair, I just did it" I told him.

He just chuckled so I said "How would you like it if I did something to your hair?" I was completely serious and he knew that which made him stop laughing. "I'm just messing with you Jon" I said while laughing before turning back around and gathering some pancakes he had made before I got in the kitchen.

I knew I was short and looked pretty harmless compared to Jonathon with his dark eyes, white hair, and tall strong build. But he knows I could easily take him down; everyone knows that I could take down anyone without breaking a sweat. That's what you get when your parents are both famous, paid for you to go to karate classes, let you watch a lot of detective, secret TV shows and movies, and are never home to see you do it all.

Not to mention I'm the most popular person in school along with my two best friends Isabelle and Maia. Isabelle with her long straight black hair and tall slim figure with curves and cleavage. And Maia with her curly brown hair and tan skin with a sharp tongue. And me, with my short frame and innocent emerald eyes and long curly red hair; seemingly so innocent but so venomous.

People say I looked a lot like my mother and I had my dad's demanding posture and dangerous personality but my mom's fragile looks. While my brother was the opposite with my dad's looks of fair white hair, tall built frame and perfect looks with dark eyes yet has the heart of our mother but the fierceness of our father.

But I actually like having the fragile look; it just makes it all the more fun when people don't expect a small girl like me to kick their asses.

I then walked over to the pantry and got cereal before going the fridge and getting some milk. I sat down and poured cereal into the bowl before pouring the milk in. I then started to eat while I looked up and saw Jon staring off into space. "Hey, Jon!" I screamed at him.

He jumped before looking at me and asking "Hm?" "You were staring off into space again" I told him while eating my cereal. "What was it this time?" I asked while he just shrugged.

"Just about before we moved to California" I nodded at him and smile before getting up and giving him a hug. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead.

Ok so maybe the truth is that Jon and I are both real softies, we just can't have the school knowing that. Our dad left us when we were only five and then when we were 8, my mom married some alcoholic and neither of them are ever around. Always claiming they need to focus on 'work'. Work my ass.

After Jon and I finished our breakfast, we both exited the house and got into Jon's hot red Ferrari. I put on my sunglasses and Jon put on his shades before he backed out of the driveway and sped off to school at Idris High.

"So, did you here that we're getting three new students in our grade?" Jon told me, keeping his shaded eyes on the road. "No, but then again, I don't see how this would concern me" I said to him as I fluffed my hair my portable mirror.

"Well first off, the people coming are three guys and from what Miss. Gossip, Camille, has said is that they are all supposedly super-hot and are going to easily be taken in as popular" I looked over at him quizzically before turning back to my portable mirror and asked "So? How does this affect me specifically?"

"Camille had also said that they could most likely blow you and your little posy right off the chart" I stopped fixing my lipstick and completely froze. I thought for a moment before finally moving and closing my mirror and lipstick and putting it in my bag. "I guess I'm just gonna have to do something about that because you and I both know that if they knock me down" I looked over at Jon and said "Not only will you and your gang fall with me; but so will the entire social balance of the school" I saw Jon gulp.

Not everyone realizes it but I actually am a nice person and have lots of friends but if you are an annoying piece of shit, you don't belong anywhere near me. Plus, I am actually the one person along with my best friends Isabelle Lightwood and Maia Roberts, which keep the social balance in order; without us, the school would be complete fights and no one would know anyone else.

And I promise that if I go down, so will the entire school. Just then, Jon pulled up to the school in his personal parking spot; which, mind you, was actually won fair and square in a raffle. Everyone of course stared at us as we got out of the car in supermodel style.

As I closed the door and started walking towards the school entrance; Isabelle came at my left with Maia on my right and Alec went to Jon's right and Sebastian on Jon's left. We all hooked arms and walked into the school together. As we walked through, everyone stared at us, all of us. We were always together.

Me with my dominant posture, venomous bite, and fragile frame. Jon with his hard looks, strong body, and easy heart. Isabelle Lightwood with her soft grace, perfect beauty, and killer style. Alec Lightwood with his hard abs, fragile heart, and dark features. Sebastian Verlac with his strong jaw, sharp tongue, and alluring eyes. Then Maia Roberts with her strong words, quick pace, and mysterious personality.

We are all a family, a crazy family, but a family at that. We all walked into school together towards our lockers right next to each other's. "So, anyone nervous about the three new guys?" Maia asked with a raised eyebrow. We got to our lockers and all started putting the combinations in.

"I'm not worried about it" Isabelle said with a scoff. "Yeah, I highly doubt they can handle this school" Sebastian agreed with a grin. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure we could handle a couple of newbies" I said with a smirk.

We all opened our lockers and got out our stuff for our first classes. "I can only hope that those new guys stay out of our way" Maia said a little annoyed. "I mean like, Camille didn't have to be so straight forward about it" We all nodded.

Just then the bell rang signally for everyone to get to class. "Well I'll see you guys later. Come on Alec, come Izzy. We mustn't be late to Geometry" I heard them chuckling behind me as they started following me. "Did you just say 'mustn't'?" I nodded and we all laughed while walking to class.

When we walked into class we all sat down in our assigned seat that was by the door. Happily Alec sat in front of me and Isabelle next to me with an empty seat waiting to be taken by some student named 'Jace?' The name intrigued me of wondering how the person might look. It was definitely a unique name so it was hard to picture how they might look.

But I was taken out of my thoughts when the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen walked through the doors of the classroom.

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