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That announcement sent every monster in Tartarus running as far from the source as possible with, for some, shocking speed. When a Cyclops really waned to, they could move with startling bounds, barreling through others as they fled.

A black haired, cackling figure ran out of a cosy cabin, on the bank of the river Styx, sword in hand. He sprinted through the wasteland surrounding it, discounting the non-existent sky, the black sand, gold dust mixed with it, and the general gloom of the place. Usually, it would be filled with the angry howls, cries and snarls of monsters looking for fights, but nobody wanted to fight this man.

He quickly caught up with the nearest pack of Hellhounds, an odd spectacle; a pack of giant canines running from an apparently human figure, but the creatures, if anything, sped up as he approached at speeds that were not possible for any actual human. The man, taking larger bounds as he neared the back-most Hellhound, leapt onto the creature's back and screamed out in a rasping voice.


And raised his sword; a simple, yet elegant, blade with a leather grip. He swung it down into the unsuspecting creature, aiming to slice the monster's head off.

A frown graced his previously ecstatic face as he heard a clunk.

"Huh? That's not a doggy..." His sword... Riptide? Yeah, Riptide, was embedded in white marble. "Why's it so bright? Ugh, I've got a headache." He opened his other hand, and a pair of Diesel sunglasses appeared, which he was about to don when he lost focus. "Oh... I'm not in Tartarus anymore, am I?" He gazed around, eyebrows raised, at the twelve massive figures around him, each sat in their throne. "Well, now I feel out of place." He grew to stand 13 feet tall, and conjured a Beanbag chair, that he plopped down into.

"Percy?..." Poseidon asked softly.

"Guess again!"


"Guess again!"

"What do you mean; 'guess again'?"

"Take another guess."

"Are you saying you aren't my son?"

"I'm not saying that I'm not your son. But I don't really think that Percy was your son. Isn't it normally the son throwing the father into hell in this fucked up family? Ergo; I must be your dad." The black haired figure grinned, proud of his deduction. "GO TO YOUR ROOM!" He ordered, a stern expression on his face. "I MEAN YOUR PALACE!" He corrected, after which he burst out laughing, and wiped a tear from his eye.

"Man, I'm funny." He adopted a grin, "But, to answer your original question; you could call me Percy Jackson, and I suppose you wouldn't be wrong. But you also wouldn't be right." He tapped his chin, a thoughtful expression on his face. "What did I call myself, again... Oh yes! Purgatory." He looked proud, once again. When he saw his feelings were not echoed by everyone else, he looked slightly annoyed. "You guys must be dumb. Percy... Per... Pur... Purr... Kitty Cat! No, wait... that wasn't it. Umm... Percy... Per... Pur... Purga... Purgatory!" He smiled happily. "Yay!"

"Perseus... what happened to you?" A man hating goddess asked, her voice tinged with anger. Not at the disrespectful man in front of her, but at the majority of the council.

"Who, me?" She nodded, and his expression became one of fury. "I spent 300 years in hell." He growled out. "The only reason I haven't killed the lot of them yet, is that Percy still has a twisted sense of loyalty to them. No idea why." He shook his head, and a sad expression shone through. "I wonder what It'd 've been like if he didn't need me..."

"Need you?" A small voice asked from the Hearth.

"Lady Hestia... Have they still not given you your seat back? So not only did you throw me into hell, you refused to grant me my reward for saving your pathetic behinds for a second time?!" He roared as he turned to Zeus. He took a deep breath and counted down from ten. "Percy... you failed with him. When you stripped him of his 'reward' that he took 'cause of Athena's spawn. He was some kind of immortal." He frowned. "Not a god, mind you." A savage grin lit up his face. "You could call us a monster." Several councillors looked uneasy. "Ha! Not literally, don't piss yourselves. Nah, some type of god-titan hybrid thingy. Hmm, maybe more of a blank slate. I got domains from people I battered, after all..." He trailed off, speaking to himself.

"Wait, what was the question?"

"...What did you mean by Percy 'Needing you'?" Hestia asked, softly.

"Ah... I'm his alter ego/Aspect thing. He was upset by all the stuff that happened. I, however, thrived in Tartarus. Lots 'a fun." He smirked around the room. "Still not as strong as the guy you lot exiled, though." The smirk grew to a grin.

"Ha! You must be weak, then." A cocky voice exclaimed. "To not be as strong as Jackson."

"Ah, Ares. How I've missed your unique blend of Moron, Idiot, and Meat Head." 'Purgatory smirked.

"What'd you say, Punk?!" The god of war leapt out of his throne and charged at Purgatory like an enraged bull. "Raahhhh!"

The bloodthirsty god froze mid drawing of his sword, several feet from the other figure, still at his godly height. Purgatory smirked, his blazing, poisonous green eyes obvious with his cropped hair, and walked toward the still god.

As he stood in front of his long time enemy, Purgatory cocked back his fist. In a blur of motion, his fist connected with the older immortal's nose 5 times, and he walked back to his chair.

"Your father said hello." He smirked at the Lord of the Skies and continued, "You know, before Percy ripped his head off and tossed it into the Styx." His eyes grew distant. "Good times." He sighed, grinning.

The god of war suddenly lurched forward, a shattered nose pouring Ichor profusely. "Ah! What the fuck?!"

"I froze time and punched you in the face. Now shut up."

"What did you-"

"Be quiet!" Artemis snapped at her brother. "Father, I believe you had your reasons for calling Perseus here?"

The red faced Zeus, having held himself from yelling at the disrespectful man in front of him, growled slightly, before he responded.

"Yes, I did. Ahem. It has come to our attention, Perseus-" The god began

"Purgatory." The grinning figure corrected.

"Fine. Purgatory, that you were wrongfully convicted of crimes against the gods. We have uncovered evidence that your half sibling, Cameron, was, in fact, guilty of the crimes of which you were accused and convicted: The attempted rape of a minor goddess, the betrayal of Olympus; in teleporting our enemies, Oceanus, Pallas, Atlas, and Tethys to Olympus where; after a long battle, we defeated them, and the attempted overthrowing of Lord Poseidon, god of the seas."

"Huh, so you lot are the reason those four turned up." The council looked shocked at the implication that Percy had met the Titans. "Ah, don't worry, I killed them for you. It'll take 'em a while to reform, plus they'll have no advantages over me. No matter where we fight." He grinned at this.

"Are you suggesting you have their domains, Perseus?" Athena questioned, curious. She had connected his earlier statement of taking the powers from those he fought with them no longer having advantages.


"WHAT?!" Zeus roared.

"Hey, you're the one who sent me down to the place with all the super powered folk, and the ability to take their abilities. Blame yourself."

"Wel-I-Ho-You-Wha-" Zeus spluttered. "HOW DARE YOU?!"

"How dare I what?"


"Not a demigod."


"And you're also the guy that sentenced me to Tartarus. Admittedly, you share blame, but you are still responsible. I won't just give you blind obedience. You have to earn my respect." He turned serious quickly. "The majority of you do, in fact." He sighed, "Anything else? Plus; am I free, or are you sending me back?"

"No. You are free to do what you will. But be warned, if we find evidence of you acting against Olympus, Perseus Jackson, you will be put down."



"I AM NOT YOUR SON! Percy is, genetically at least. BUT I, AM NOT, AND NEVER WILL BE A SON OF YOURS, SEA GOD!" The council collectively flinched at Percy's roar.

"Perseu- Purgatory..." Athena corrected at a glare. "No matter what, our aspects are still the same, similar personalities, similar abilities, and even similar appearances; simply more adapted to Rome than Greece."

"Yes, but I was not created for Rome, was I?" He let out a dark chuckle. "No, I was created because your Hero was being tortured constantly, and needed a coping mechanism. Percy Jackson is an amazing person. Far better than you deserve." He directed this at the two of the big three present and continued. "Me? Not so much." He cackled. "I'm his Psychopathic alter ego. Well, not Psychopathic. Psychotic? Sadistic? Manic?"

"Honestly, the only adjective I can safely rule out; is sane."

The entire council had looked uneasy at his proclamation, and had looked like they'd soon flash out, but where stopped by Purgatory making a request.

"Oh, and Lord Zeus? Can I bring up an order of Business that I'm certain will be of interest to most of the council? One especially."

"I see no reason why not." Zeus grumbled, wanting to get rid of the 'disrespectful demigod' as soon as possible.

"Okay, I'll be back in a sec." The shock at him flashing out would have been much less than the strange, black flash that he used.

"What the hell was that?!" Apollo and Hermes finally spoke up, now that the source of their guilt had gone.

"A method of travel..." The wisdom goddess trailed off, annoyed that she did not know more. None had seen that particular type before.

Back in Tartarus, a re-shrunk Purgatory entered his house, an anticipatory grin stretched across his face.

The odd black version of flashing spread through the room again, before a groan rang out.

"Perseus?..." Artemis's eyes widened. That voice... The only difference was the slightly more modern accent instead of ye old English. "Where are we... What happened... Milady?!"

"Zoe!" The goddess leapt off her throne, shrinking to her 12 year old form, and quickly approached her old friend. Only to be greeted in a way that none of the gods present expected.

With a resounding SLAP!