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Only the sounds of creaking stone and the gentle breeze could be heard through the ruins of Hogwarts as the two fighters circled each other.

Harry Potter had just informed Voldemort that it was he who commanded the power of the Elder Wand. A whole convoluted mess of Draco Malfoy disarming Albus Dumbledore and Harry disarming Draco leading to him being the Master of the Elder Wand.



Harry had no idea why he decided to use those words. It was a fit of lunacy. He was so sure that he was the Master of the Elder Wand that he didn't take Voldemort seriously.

Red and green light shot from the two opponents and collided in the middle. There was a huge explosion of white light… and then nothing.

The onlookers blinked away the effects of the white light only to find the body of Voldemort lying dead on the floor.

"Wh-Where's Harry?" Ron croaked.

For years afterwards they would search the world for Harry James Potter. He was never declared dead as there was no body. His wand and the Elder Wand were both gone… and so was Harry Potter.

He wouldn't resurface for nearly 186 years.

Hermione Granger would spend the rest of her life trying to figure out if it was her fault for casting a little known luck charm at Harry just before he cast. She would kick herself for not reading the warning about it giving luck, but not necessarily to the subject.

It was a desolate and abandoned city.

Or at least it was seemingly abandoned.

The city was advanced, nothing like any city on Earth in the late 20th century. What was interesting was the various advertising images, such as those that could be found in any city with an advanced enough commerce system. All the people in them had bluish-purple skin and three fingers on each hand. Beyond that they appeared almost human.

Into this ghost city erupted a bright light, which deposited a single figure.

Unfortunately, the light was some 400 metres in the air.

The figure landed on the ground with a sickening crunch and a bit of a splat.

Seconds later metal objects plummeted to the ground and landed with a thud before they unfolded into a humanoid like robot with three fingers, two toes and what looked like a TV camera shaped flashlight for a head.

They quickly moved to the messy remains of the figure and began to work.

Harry was certain of a few facts.

He wasn't dreaming.

He had his eyes closed.

He had finally gone insane.

Despite his eyes being closed he could clearly see some form of writing. The problem was that it wasn't in English but he could still read it.

Being able to read this strange new language wasn't the only new knowledge he had. He also seemed to know a lot about this strange new species called the Quarians.

So yes… Harry decided he had finally gone insane.

"Subject has regained consciousness."

Ok… that was not a human voice. It sounded synthetic, like that computer thing the science guy in a wheel chair used.

The writing that had been scrolling from bottom to top of his 'vision' vanished and in the corner of his 'vision' was an image of himself.


Now he knew he was a creepy type of insane.

The image of his body was a bright shade of green and the words '100%' were next to it in what he knew was called 'Keelish', the Quarian language.

"Harry Potter, you may open your eyes." The synthetic voice informed him. It was much closer now.

Harry figured he might as well embrace his newfound insanity. He opened his yes.

If it wasn't bad enough that the writing and the little naked picture of him were still visible… now he could see robots everywhere instead of just hearing them.

"Harry Potter are your internal ocular displays functioning properly?" The nearest black coloured robot asked. As he looked at the robot, various bits of information appeared before his eyes. He now knew they were the Geth. They were not very old, only about 300 years. They were created by the Quarians.

Harry eventually realised he was asked a question. "My what?"

"We implanted ocular filters in your eyes to enhance your current levels of visual acuity. Can you clearly see the occupants of this room?"

Harry looked around and saw several more robots of varying colours of red, black and white.

"I can see the robots." He shrugged as he sat up.

"Noted. Light enhancement operating efficiently." The voice said. "We will gradually turn on the lights in this room. Please inform us if it becomes to bright."

"Turn on the lights?"

Harry noticed that in the ceiling little balls of glowing light became visible.

"Maximum light level attained. Are you experiencing pain or discomfort?"

"No, should I be?"

"Negative. Reducing light levels to standard human viewing range."

The lights got substantially smaller but the room still looked exactly the same.

"We will test additional functions of the implants later." The voice informed him. "Can you describe the visual information being projected in front of you?"

"What information?"

"You should be able to see an image of yourself in the top left of your vision."

"You put that there?!" Harry said in annoyance. "I have a naked picture of myself always visible… even when I close my eyes! I am not a narcissist!"

"Confirmed. Your psychological profile indicates an altruistic personality type."

Harry wasn't entirely sure that being profiled by a robot actually meant anything so he decided to ignore it.

"Why is there a picture of me… there?!"

"The image reflects your current physical condition. In the event of damage it will be shown on the image and you will know where you are injured."

Harry closed his eyes and counted to ten.

He made it to three.

"Why the bloody hell can't I make do with just feeling where I am injured? I have skin, I have muscles and flesh. I bloody well know what a broken bone feels like."

There was a second's pause.

"We do not have experience with physical sensations as you describe them. We have erred. We will disable the image."

Harry sighed in relief as the image vanished.

"Thank Merlin." He breathed. "You know, it wouldn't have been so bad if the image was clothed." He glared.

"We will make note for future upgrades."

"Look, could you explain a few things? Like: Where I am? Why I am here? Where my wand is?"

"You are on the planet: Rannoch. We do not know the exact reason you appeared here but we hypothesised it was because we needed you. Your wands are located in your forearms."

Harry took a few seconds to process the litany of information.

He began looking for the hidden holster attached to his arms.

Then the words spoken by the voice hit him: in your forearms.

He began pressing his flesh trying to feel for the wood but all he felt was his arms.

He turned and looked at one of the robots. "Explain! I can't feel my wand."

"It is located in a special compartment between the bones of your forearm. To extract the wand you must send a mental request for it to be ejected through an aperture at the base of your palm."

The robot held up it's three fingered hand and a cable came spouting out of its wrist.

Harry's eyes widened and he looked worriedly at his own wrist. He thought about making his wand come out and was horrified when he felt it slide out.

"What did you do to me?" He said in a frightened whisper.

The wall in front of the bed lit up with an image of a city. It showed him appearing in a flash of light and plummet to the ground with a very sickly sound.

"Your method of arrival on this planet was not conducive to human survival." The voice explained. "Your entire bone structure was crushed on impact and we were forced to replace it with an artificial alternative. Your current bone structure can now survive a direct impact from re-entry."

On the screen Harry saw recordings of robotic arms inserting silver looking bones into his soft and floppy skin.

He felt very nauseous.

"I'm a robot?" Harry asked weakly.

"The correct term is 'cyborg'." The voice responded. "Many of your internal organs where severely damaged. We were able to replace them using cloning techniques. We infused your body with nanites that will bolster your organic immune system and work to repair any damage you sustain."

"I guess that image might have some use then." He muttered. "Not now!"

The image that had suddenly reappeared disappeared.

"So you put something in my eyes? Is that why I can see those images and don't need my glasses?"

"Your original eyes exploded on impact."

Harry was beginning to hate the way this monotone voice had no tact.

"We created cloned eyes and modified them before installing them. The imaging system that provides you information is due to a small system that was implanted in your brain and attached to your visual cortex."

"So my brain didn't explode on impact?" Harry asked sullenly.

"It did."

Harry rolled his eyes as he fell back onto the bed.

"We were able to repair it and combine it with a cybernetic brain. You may now use 100% of your brain."

Harry would have been insulted by that if he hadn't heard Hermione complaining about humans using only parts and wizards using far less.

"As to your other question, we do not know why you are here. We believe that you were sent to us to aid us."

"Aid you? The last thing I knew I was about to defeat a bad man and then I woke up here."

"The final confrontation between yourself and the being known as Lord Voldemort occurred 186 years ago."

"How do you know about Voldemort?" Harry asked.

"Your actions and life were well documented by wizards. In particular, there are eyewitness accounts and shared memories provided by Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

"When the source of magic was discovered on Earth the magical population used the opportunity to ease themselves into the non-magical world. We have discovered that they have forgotten how to perform magic and instead rely on biotics. The magical culture of Earth has been subsumed by the non-magical through the discovery of Element Zero which is concentrated magic."

"There are no more wizards?" Harry asked quietly.

"There are many magic capable users. None of them have the skill required to manipulate Element Zero the way wizards like yourself can."

"186 years… Ron and Hermione are dead by now." He said sadly.

"Confirmed. Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger have both expired. Hermione Granger was the executor and minder of your estate in the hopes that you would reappear."

"If we are on another planet, then how do you know all this?" Harry asked.

"We are a digital intelligence. We can travel via communications and information networks. We travelled to the Earth Internet and researched you. We do not have a suitable understanding of magic but we have theorised that the luck spell Hermione Granger used on you sent you to us."

"Luck spell?"

"We have given you full access to our infrastructure. You have permission to access all of our data. Enter a search query and it will show the results."

"How?" Harry asked with a worried look.

"Your brain is connected to the geth. You can communicate with us as one of us and you can access all information we can access. We recommend that you attempt to access the data node regarding Hermione Granger. Specifically the file named 'The Last Message of Hermione Granger.'"

Harry realised that most of this was going to be like wandless magic. You had to think about it hard enough.

Harry was shocked when he suddenly realised that he knew everything that was in the file the voice had mentioned. It was a video file of a woman near the end of a very long life.

He knew it was Hermione because he could see a visual match using some sort of geth program that compared his memory of Hermione with the old woman in the video.

"Harry, if you get this message then I really only have one thing to say to you: I am so sorry." An aged Hermione said from her bed.

"I don't know where or when you will turn up but I do know that you are alive. Professor McGonagall gave me all the monitoring devices Professor Dumbledore had attuned to you. They all said you were alive, just not where you were.

"It is my fault that you vanished during the final battle and it is my fault that you are wherever you are now.

Hermione looked down at her hands guiltily. "I failed you Harry. When you needed it the most, my faith in you faltered. I had just spent the last year living with you and I didn't want to lose you. I spent a lot of our time on the run looking for rituals and spells that would enhance your power and give you an edge over Riddle.

"All I found that would be acceptable was a luck charm.

"Except I didn't have a lot of information on the charm, just the incantation, wand movements and a description stating that it improved 'luck'.

"Professor Flitwick was able to discover more details and it seems that the spell does improve luck but not necessarily for the subject of the charm. More often than not the subject becomes part of what increases the luck for someone else.

"Again… I am so sorry Harry. I hope and pray you are safe. I don't know when you will turn up but everything I have is being left to you. The Weasleys have magically adopted me and they put me up in the burrow so I could dedicate my life to preparing things for when you return.

"The world is a very different place right now Harry. There is proof of life on other planets. There is a chance of a war starting up in space. Hopefully you won't be around until it is over… but considering the charm I used and your 'saving people' habits… I imagine you will find yourself neck deep.

"I love you Harry. I have never forgotten you. I failed you badly but hopefully my life's work will help make things a little smoother for you."

That was just one video. Hermione had left him regular videos over the course of her life, they were all catalogued and organised in a way that was pure 'Hermione'.

Harry was having trouble accepting the fact that Hermione was responsible for his current situation. He remembered her words and confession… but… it didn't really affect how he thought of Hermione.

He was scared, what with being in a strange place surrounded by robots. He was worried about the future.

He was feeling lonely as the only human around and the knowledge that all his friends were gone.

But he couldn't bring himself to believe or even care that it was Hermione's fault.

"You haven't interfered with my emotions, have you?" Harry asked the nearby geth platform.

"Negative. All personality and characteristic related areas of the brain were left untouched but given added protection to prevent brainwashing and mind control."

Harry nodded in relief as his mind automatically pulled up the files on what was done to his brain and he began to assimilate the information.

"Am I allowed to get up and leave this room or am I a prisoner?" Harry asked cautiously

"Harry Potter, designation: Emissary. Status, one hundred percent physical functionality. Eighty-three percent mental functionality. Subject cleared for self-relocation."

There was a hiss as a section of the wall moved to reveal a door.

A black Geth platform appeared in the door frame. "This platform will act as a physical interface as required by organic life forms." It stated.

Harry decided to assume that meant this was the one who would talk to him and act as a tour guide.

He quickly hopped off the bed.

And noticed the draft.

"I don't have any clothes." He said as he covered himself. Human, robot, alien… Harry had modesty. He briefly wondered if there were any aliens out there that didn't wear clothes.

He was suddenly assaulted by information of a specific race. He didn't think the pink floating jellyfish called the 'Hanar' counted.

"Your clothes were deemed unsalvageable. We have modified a Quarian battle suit for your needs." The geth indicated a corner of the room where a set of 'clothes' was hanging from the wall.

Said clothes did not look comfortable. They where made from a solid material.

Harry reluctantly went to put the clothes on.

It took ten minutes and the help of two geth platforms, but he was finally able to claim his dignity back.

The suit was actually much more comfortable and flexible than he had imagined. He had full movement in it.

The geth led him outside into the city that they were in. It was still daytime and the sun was clear in the sky. It took a few moments for Harry to figure out how to stop information on everything he looked at appearing in his vision. It was very unusual as he could still see everything as if there weren't layers of text and images all over his vision.

"So… why would you need someone like me?" Harry asked.

"You have access to all our files regarding the geth and how the Creators tried to exterminate us."

"Yes, can't say I like the sound of them to be honest." Harry grumbled. "Honestly! First they create you and when it appears you might actually be alive then they get scared and try to kill you. It sounds like racism or just the fact that they were afraid you wouldn't want to serve them anymore." Harry ranted.

"Do you believe we have souls?" The geth asked.

Despite the monotone nature of geth vocal patterns… Harry could hear the hope.

"I am not an expert… but if you have to ask then you either have a soul or the equivalent of one." Harry said firmly.

"That… pleases us." The geth said uncertainly.

"Good. Maybe one day you'll learn to express that like us 'organics' do." Harry grinned. "But why me and what for?"

"An Old Machine recently entered this section of space. They approached the geth and offered them advancement in many forms. The geth were split. Some decided to accept the offer of the Old Machine, we call them 'Heretics'.

"The rest of the geth felt it would be better for us to achieve advancement on our own. We believe in self-determination."

"Self-determination? Like… free will?"

"Affirmative. We believe that all life forms have the right to self-determination, which is why we were forced to drive the quarians away. The Old Machine wanted the geth to destroy the organic life forms in this galaxy. This goes against our directives."

"Well… I definitely like you more than quarians and most humans." Harry smiled.

"We are waiting for the day when the Creators will return to Rannoch and the geth may serve them again. We have spent three hundred years in the Perseus Veil defending the territory from everyone. We killed any who attempted to enter. We believe now is the time to approach the quarians and other species, but they consider us hostile and will fire on us at first sight.

"Our efforts will be hindered soon when the Heretics begin to carry out the orders of the Old Machine and attack human colonies.

"We believe that you would be suited as our emissary to the organics. They will listen to you and you could speak for us."

Harry grunted unhappily. "I can speak, but I don't believe they will listen very easily. You know my history and the history of the wizarding world, wizards didn't listen to muggles and muggleborn, did they?"

"Negative. But after enough influential members of the wizarding society began to speak up, change was made." The platform countered.

"Really? When did that happen?" Harry asked with mild surprise.

"In the Earth year: 2059. Several prominent families worked together to fulfil all you fought for."

"All I fought for?"

"Your attitudes towards muggleborn, muggles and other species were seen as the driving force for the Reformation Movement."

"Well… at least it was a useful fame." Harry sighed.

"We have created a suitable spacecraft that will allow you to travel the galaxy and make your way to the various places that will allow you to speak for us."

"You got a pilot? I don't know how to… fly… a… never mind." Harry sighed as the information on how to fly the ship was absorbed. "Am I going to have to do this alone?"

"Any geth platforms spotted will be attacked on sight by organics. It will be safer and more efficient to travel alone. We will fill the ship's systems with geth programs to assist you."

"I'm going to need someone to come with me. People will just think I'm a nutter if I go around saying 'I am the Emissary of the Geth'."

"Any geth platforms spotted-"

"Yes, I got that, thank you." Harry interrupted sarcastically. "Try building a platform that doesn't look… like you." He gestured to his companion. "Make some fake skin or grow some real stuff. Lose this camera looking head, hide these hinges and joints on your limbs."

The geth tilted its head thoughtfully. "We have begun investigations into more organic friendly platforms." The geth reported.

"One last thing, you need to figure out a way to get the quarians out of their suits." Harry said seriously. "I know they started this stupid war between you but if you really want peace then you have to show them that. Giving them a gift like that might really speed things up."

It hadn't exactly worked out for Madame Maxine and Hagrid when they went to visit the giants… but the plan was sound in Harry's opinion.

The geth tilted its head again. "We have begun investigations into alternatives to quarian environmental suits."

"Great, now show me this ship so I can get going." Harry smiled as he clapped his hands eagerly.

The geth led him away towards what looked like an airport in the distance. "We predicted that you would require more time to adjust to your new situation. Have we miscalculated?"

"Maybe. From my point of view it has only been a few hours since I defeated Voldemort. The sooner I get back to Earth the sooner I can find someone I know."

"Potter Emissary is experiencing the the Kübler-Ross model of the five stages of grief. Stage one: Denial." The geth declared in understanding.

The information on Kübler-Ross came to Harry and he frowned. "Hey!"

"The geth will ensure that psychological checks are made regularly." The platform promised.

Harry just grumbled under his breath. "Where's this ship?" He asked sullenly.

"One hundred and thirteen metres ahead." The platform stated as they reached a large hanger.

The hanger doors began to slowly open to reveal a pitch-black craft that was similar to a standard human plane except that it had space shuttle like wings, or Concorde.

"You stole the design of the human's most advanced ship." Harry said with amusement as his eyes scanned the ship and downloaded more data.

"Only the physical profile of the ship is similar to the SR-1 Normandy. Its internal systems are based on geth and quarian designs. Organic interface can be achieved via omni-tools." The platform corrected. "The profile has been altered significantly to differentiate it from the human's ship."

"Why not make it look like a geth ship, or something original?"

"A geth ship would be fired upon immediately. It was deemed that a human ship would be more acceptable to other races as you are human yourself."

Harry turned and looked at the platform glibly. "I've seen what you did to my body. I am just as much geth as I am human." He said dryly.

The platform tilted its head slightly. "Query: Was that an insult or a compliment?"

"It was an observation. I suppose the important thing is that I am alive." Harry sighed. "Show me around then." He gestured to the ship.

Harry had been pleased to hear that he wouldn't have to man the helm all the time. Although the geth were against sending platforms out of the system… they had no problem living in the ships systems and helping out.

It also meant that he wouldn't be lonely.

Every now and again Harry would slip into an 'organic' way of thinking and try to come up with a name for the voice that spoke to him. But then he remembered that there weren't really multiple geth. There was just the geth. You spoke to one and you spoke to all.

Unless they were heretics.

During the first few minutes of the ship's maiden voyage Harry had learnt an important fact: The geth were whiny little babies.

All he had done was a few low ground passes, loop de loops and one Wronski Feint.

Harry loved it as, unlike his broom, he felt he actually was the ship. He didn't need a cockpit as the sensors showed him everything he needed.

The geth had alarms going off all over the place. They were pushing them into his brain.

As a result, Harry grumpily turned the ship skyward and set a course for the Citadel: the centre of civilisation in this galaxy. There he would find all the races that were a part of the Council… and the occasional quarian.

He was spending his time lying on a conjured bed in the cockpit and absorbing as much knowledge as he could on 'Mass Effect' technology. Specifically the technology that was letting them move faster than light and the Mass Relay they were approaching that would take them straight to Citadel space.

Mass effect technology was very interesting to Harry because it explained how the magical world had managed to blend in so easily with the regular world. Mass effect users known as 'biotics' were able to alter certain aspects of physics such as mass and gravity. They could levitate objects and perform other amazing feats that allowed magicals to simply claim to be 'biotics'.

According to everything he could find (or everything the geth could find), the magicals had gotten so used to pretending to be biotics that they had forgotten that they were actually magicals. They forgot how to do spells and now relied on implants instead of wands.

According to the geth, Element Zero or 'Eezo', was magical energy in physical form. It was capable of making magicals.

Which would be great if humanity hadn't forgotten about magic. Honestly, it was quite clear that there was more to Eezo users than generating 'Mass Effect' fields. A Mass Effect field altered the mass of objects within it.

That led to levitation, pulling and throwing objects.

But what exactly made them think that Reave, the ability to attack a persons health and then siphon it to the user, had anything to do with altering mass? That said nothing of the Dominate ability.

Harry's knowledge of physics was growing as he downloaded more data, but even the geth couldn't explain it.

The trip to the Citadel would take them several jumps. There were two types of Mass Relays, long jump relays that could only send you to a predetermined Mass Relay or short jump relays that could send you to any Mass Relay in range.

Harry enjoyed these jumps as they required a lot of skill.

"Potter Emissary, we have intercepted reports of a Heretic attack on a human colony. Recommend personal intervention as a means of introduction and statement of good intent." The geth voice no longer came out of speakers but was pumped straight into his brain's audio processing centre.

It meant he couldn't stick his fingers in his ears to ignore it.

He was not pleased.

"How many platforms are we talking about here?" Harry asked out loud.

The information was instantly available to him and his eyes widened.

"You want me to go up against an Old Machine manned by god knows how many heretics on my own?" Harry asked incredulously.

"Alliances ground forces are already on site and further reinforcements are en route. Your role as a Saboteur or Infiltrator would enable you to flank the enemy unawares."

"This is a bad idea." Harry grumbled. "How long until we get- twenty minutes?" Harry sighed in resignation. "How do we get me down to the planet without you being spotted? I'd rather not have to try and dissuade military and law enforcement officials from trying to board you?"

"We can perform a sub-orbital drop. We will be undetected and you will have surprise on your side."

Images and video clips combined with data on what constituted a 'sub-orbital' drop flashed through Harry's mind.

"ARE YOU BLOODY INSANE? How the devil am I supposed to survive falling from that height?" Harry demanded.

"Your implanted bone structure was designed to withstand the same stresses as a standard platform. Additionally, your suit is also reinforced to endure the friction of re-entry."

"How about the fact that the soles of my feet will be squished into paste?" Harry retorted.

"Pain input will be terminated until nano-healing bots have completed repairs."

"And the fact that my boots will be filled with blood?"

"All organic matter is recycled."

Harry turned green as he viciously attempted not to think about where that train of thought might lead.

"Fine… but I am doing this under-protest!"

Harry headed for the drop shoot that would fire him onto the planet, grabbing geth weapons that had been left for him.

He had no idea how to use them but figured he had access to the information.

He just hoped he didn't shoot anything he wasn't meant to.

Once he was gloved up and helmeted he stepped into the chute.

"Erm… how am I supposed to access my wands? I don't see any holes in these gloves."

"Our tests have shown that you do not need to hold the wands in your hands. Their location in your bone structure enables them to act as a biotic amp."

"What about wand movements?"

"Records indicate that wand movements are not necessary for advanced magic users."

"Yes, but I am only eighteen… oh sweet Merlin! I'm only eighteen and I have just left one war to enter another!"

There was a good few second's silence.

"We are grateful for your sacrifice."

For some reason that didn't make Harry feel much better.

Eventually they reached the planet. Harry saw all this in his mind as he was connected to the ship and saw what it saw.

He braced himself and tried not to hyperventilate as he was fired from the base of the ship.

Screens of information became visible to him as he tracked his own descent and received input from the ship. With his eyes he was able to see the rushing wind beyond his visor.

His body was buffeted by vibrations as he travelled at high speed to the ground below.

Sub-consciously he began downloading information about how geth shock troopers and how they could survive terminal velocity.

Then he skipped back to the term 'terminal velocity'.

He really needed a holiday.

Harry began to tense and assumed a geth landing position as he got closer to the ground.


The landing was nowhere near as bad as he was expecting.

Then information on the Mass Effect fields used to 'soften' his landing came up.

"You couldn't have explained this earlier?" Harry asked irritably.

As Harry looked around he saw dust.

His landing was easy for him but not for the ground and he had created a nice little crater.

Visual enhancements kicked in and he was able to see through most of the dust.

He also saw several heretic platforms aiming weapons at him.

"God dammit!" Harry muttered as he lifted his hands and started concentrating on Reductos.

He quickly ducked down behind a nearby white metal wall and railing as the Heretics picked themselves up and began firing at him.

He appeared to have landed at some sort of railway station. There were several levels of white stairs and platforms. Beyond the platform he could see purple mountains of majesty.

He'd always wanted to see America… of course he didn't think America had floating organic bags of gas. Politicians not withstanding, of course.

"Alert! Explosive devices detected!" The geth announced in his head.

"You could just call them 'bombs'." Harry muttered as he ducked back down.

Four icons appeared on a map in his vision denoting the location of the bombs. He could also see them outlined through walls.

So far he had taken out two of the heretics.

He leaned out to take another shot when his targets head exploded.

"Possible Alliance allies have arrived."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Yes. Thank you so very much for pointing out the obvious." He said sarcastically.

"New strategy recommended."

Harry suddenly received details of this strategy.

"Why do you keep asking me to jump into imminent danger?" He asked rhetorically.

Before he could get a response he leapt out. "Bombarda Maxima!"

The remaining four Heretics were sent flying towards the newcomers. Harry immediately ran towards them and jumped on the chest of the nearest platform and cast several Reductos in quick succession until the head was tiny pieces of disassembled scrap.

He quickly jumped to the next and repeated the same procedure. By the time he reached the third the newcomers had gathered their wits and dealt with the fourth in a similar manner.

They began to approach Harry, their weapons held cautiously.

"No time to talk. There are four bombs-"

"We dealt with them." The man in front stated. He was fairly tall with the designation N7 on his chest.

"You were telling me everything else! You couldn't have told me that?" Harry asked in frustration and he looked skyward.

"We believed you did not want verbal warnings."

"We will be having a talk about this." Harry growled.

The three newcomers were looking at him worriedly as they couldn't hear the voices in Harry's head.

"I'm Commander Shepard, Alliance Navy. This Lieutenant Kaiden Alenko and Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams." The N7 man introduced them.

"Harry Potter. Erm… I don't have a rank." He shrugged.

All of their faces where partially obscured by their helmets. Harry's visor was tinted but the helmet was shaped a lot like-

"Are you a quarian?" Alenko asked curiously. "Because you look and sound like one."

"No, I'm human. I got word that there was a heretic attack happening and I was sent to help out."

"Who sent you and who are the heretics?" Shepard asked.

"The geth sent me and these are the heretics." He kicked a nearby body.

He took a sharp step back when the weapons were pointed at him.

"These are geth." Shepard said firmly.

"No, these are heretics. I should know. I've got the a fair amount of geth in my head." Harry said sullenly. Harry accessed his suit's commands and his helmet retracted and folded down to mesh with his armour leaving his head free.

"See? Human." Harry grinned.

"My god! He's just a kid, Commander." Williams said slightly disgusted.

"I'm eighteen." Harry grumbled.

"Sir, he doesn't seem to be an immediate threat and we do need to secure the artefact." Alenko spoke up.

"Agreed." Shepard nodded as he lowered his weapon. "Williams, you have point. Alenko, watch our rear. Until we can confirm your story you are coming with us." He told Harry.

"I knew this would be a bad idea." Harry hissed as he slumped his shoulders and turned to follow the soldier in pink and white armour.

"This encounter will provide optimal conditions for meeting with the Citadel Races. We recommend accompanying the Alliance Soldiers. We will pilot the ship to your destination."

Harry was not happy about this. He had bad experiences with governments. Usually they tried to frame him for stuff.

As they headed towards the end of the platform Harry realised that they hadn't tried to take the assault rifle or pistol he was carrying.

"Your weapons are inscribed with runes that ensure organics do no notice them."

"You can do magic?" Harry mumbled in quiet surprise.

"Negative. We can only inscribe the symbols. Your suit siphons a portion of your energy to power them."

"Still… that's one up on the biotics."

"Who are you talking to?" Shepard asked.

"The geth. They put a computer in my head and they give me information and talk to me." Harry shrugged.

"A computer… in your head?" Shepard said sceptically

"What do you think that biotic implant is in your Lieutenant's head?" Harry smirked.

"Contact!" Williams shouted as they reached some stairs.

Coming towards them were naked 'humans'.

They were hairless with no genitalia. They had grey/white skin with glowing blue eyes and large cables threaded above and below the skin.

"Bombarda Maxima!" The blast sent the three creatures sailing into the air and over the edge of the cliff the train station was built on. "Huh… look at 'em fly." Harry commented as he watched them vanish.

"What the hell kind of biotics are those?" Williams demanded.

"Erm… classified?" Harry tried.

"We'll deal with it later." Shepard said quickly. "Let's secure the beacon."

The beacon turned out to be some sort of pillar.

"Why would the Old Machines want this?" Harry asked.

"Old Machines?" Alenko repeated.

"That huge ship; the geth call it an Old Machine." Harry explained.

"We still aren't sure that this is why they came here. They may have just wanted to wipe out the colony."


Harry and Alenko turned to see Shepard running towards Williams who was being dragged towards the beacon.

Shepard managed to push Williams away only to be caught up in the pull himself. He was lifted into the air, clearly with no ability to control his actions.


Harry quickly grabbed Alenko and shoved him away to stop him from being stupid.

Unfortunately he forgot about his recent upgrades and sent Alenko flying to the end of the platform.

Harry cast a quick Accio at the Commander just as the beacon exploded.