Enchanted Forest (Mid-day)

Through the enchanted forest a dark horse carrying an unknown cloaked women was racing through the forest, followed by a large white horse carrying a man with short brown hair, who appeared to be in his mid-twenties.

"It's over Gothel, surrender yourself now" the man said as he continued to pursue.

Gothel just laughed and said "In your dreams Ryder, soon everyone in all the kingdoms will be bowing down to me. Not you or your precious Rapunzel can stop me."

Suddenly Gothel disappeared into a puff of purple smoke.

"Whoa Maximus, down boy" Flynn said stopping the horse. He quickly got off the horse looking around in confusion on where Gothel could have gone.

Storybrooke: (Night)

Belle wrapped her arms around herself as she closed up the library for the night. She wasn't sure why it got windy all of a sudden, but she all she knew was that she better head for Rumple's shop before it started to storm.

"It's a bit late for a women to be out this late, especially with a storm brewing" a voice that Belle dreaded hearing said.

Belle turned around and saw Hook and Henry approaching her.

"I could say the same thing for you two" Belle said.

"I took Henry here on a pirate lesson on the Jolly Rogers, but had to cut it short due to the change in weather" Hook said as he watched as the wind continued to pick up.

"Yea one minute everything was nice and calm, and then the wind picked up causing the ocean to move faster and faster" Henry said.

"Something isn't right, I have a bad feeling about this" Belle said.

"Me too, well off to the crocodile's and see what's got him angry this time" Hook said.

Belle glared at him, but hook just shrugged and said "What it seems like when anything goes wrong in this town, everything seems to point back to him and Regina."

"Guys look" Henry said shocked looking the other way. Belle and Hook turned around and were surprised to see a cloud of purple mist starting to cover the entire.

"What the bloody hell is that" Hook asked shocked.

"Something dangerous" Belle stated as she watched the purple mist continue to engulf the entire town and soon it came upon them before they could react.

Top of Clock tower

Gothel just stood upon the tower smiling as her magic took hold of the entire town.

Looks like there's a new queen in town Regina She thought as she smirked as she let her magic sweep her up in it as well.

Author's Note

Well there's the prologue to my new story and I hope everyone liked it. Also I'm thinking of holding a competition, and whoever wins I will incorporate a character made up just for them for my story. So let me know if you guys are interested. So please review and tell me what you think.