Hi all. This is my story about how they could put Daniel back in the show for season 7. (Still can't believe Michael's coming back, yeah!!!!!). Anyway, I have to point out that the only ep in season 6 I saw was Abyss (guess who my fave character is), so if I don't know a few things, that's why. I've seen everything else though. Anyway, this is PG ish, might boost the rating if I add more chapters than I have planned. But that's my rambling hope you enjoy and please review.

Descending to Humanity By Goody

This was bad. This was so bad Jack didn't even think it fit on the scale. He was going to die, but worst of all so was the rest of his team. That was the part that really irked Colonel Jack O'Neill.

The mission had started out simply enough. Jonas hadn't been able to make it, compliments of a broken arm he had sustained on the last mission, but Jack, Sam and Teal'c were just fine with going ahead with the mission anyway. Jonas was a good guy and they had all gotten to know him pretty well over the last year but he could never *ever* replace Daniel. When it was just the three of them, sometimes, just sometimes, they could imagine their beloved archaeologist was still around; that didn't happen when Jonas was around. Anyway, they'd taken the mission.

It was just a simple scientific mission. Carter would grab her samples and Jack and Teal'c would keep watch. There was supposedly something special about the soil on this planet, very rich in every kind of nutrient despite the inhospitable weather on the planet. It was dry, very dry, yet things still grew plentiful and rich. There had been no sign of native life. No roads, villages, or huts, but they still stayed on alert. It hadn't taken long to gather the samples and they had quickly moved on, needing soil from different areas of the planet for comparison. They had been walking for about two hours when Teal'c suddenly halted.

"O'Neill, there is something wrong here." Teal'c stated, his voice barely above a whisper and his lips hardly parting.

"Carter, hold up!" Jack yelled out, stopping his 2IC from wandering too far ahead. He then turned his attention back to Teal'c, having learned long ago to trust the jaffa's instincts, "Like what?"

"It is too still." Teal'c answered simply. Jack looked around the forest (surprise, surprise), noted Carter jogging towards them, and agreed. It was way too still.

"You're right."

"About what?" Carter asked immediately, out of the loop.

"It's too still here. There were birds and annoying little fly things a while ago. We're heading back." Jack announced, both his team-mates nodding in agreement. They turned around and had barely gone two steps when the first staff blast fell.

"Whoa! Get down! Find cover!" Jack shouted unnecessarily. It didn't take long for a whole storm of shots to begin raining down on them as they ran towards a nearby group of trees. The trees were tightly packed together and large. A good, defendable position, from all angles, which was what they needed. The shots seemed to be coming from all directions. They were surrounded.

Jack couldn't believe they'd fallen into an ambush. A good one at that, and at the moment he didn't see any immediate ways out. He crouched behind a large tree facing west, while Carter and Teal'c took up positions north and south respectively. {Daniel would have taken east} Jack thought to himself unwillingly. That was Quinn's position now. Jack finally saw the first serpent guard race towards him and opened fire. The guard's armor was heavy but he went down after five shots. Unfortunately as soon as he fell two more took his place.

"Teal'c, you know who this is?" Jack asked, retreating behind his tree after letting loose several rounds.

"I do not, but these jaffa are well trained." Teal'c commented. "And numerous."

"Not what I wanted to hear." Jack sighed, taking out several more jaffa then crouching down low once again. This was not good. They were ambushed, surrounded, and facing more jaffa than they had ammo. "Not good."

Sam was holding her own, but had also noted the over-whelming odds facing them. Another shot whizzed by her head that she only barely ducked. These jaffa weren't shooting to wound, they were going for the kill. She doubted the chances of them taking prisoners.

There was no talking from their attackers, not even a "Jaffa kree!" Teal'c noted this as odd but not unheard of, these jaffa were obviously trained in stealth and in doing so would be taught to use as little speech as necessary. The only sounds above the fire fight were the voices of SG-1 shouting to one another.

"Colonel, three o'clock!"

"Teal'c cover me!"

"I'm jammed!"

It was the last shout that Jack hated, especially since it had been his own. His trusty M-15 had finally given out on him. He tugged out the magazine and checked his ammo, just in case he got himself working again. Once more, not good. A shot landed on his left, throwing him against the tree he was hiding behind. He put his back to the trunk to avoid getting hit as he tried to unjam his gun. Jack looked up a few moments later to see the jaffa closing in on them. There were too many for them to take them all out, even if they had the ammo.

Jack turned east, the direction not covered, as he caught sight of something too late. It was a serpent guard who had managed to get past their defences. Jack couldn't move fast enough, and had no way of defending himself from such a distance, and just as he turned received a staff blast to the shoulder.

"Colonel!" Carter shouted, shocked but unable to move from her position.

Jack hit the ground hard, pain exploding throughout his body. His vision blurred and he let out a moan of agony. But this was still a battlefield. His eyes returned to normal a few seconds later. The jaffa that had shot him was dead, a staff blast courtesy of Teal'c, but there were more coming. It was then he registered the click he had heard as he landed. He gun was no longer jammed. Picking it up with his right hand and cradling the other arm against his body, he opened fire on the line of jaffa headed for him. They fell, all of them, but more kept coming. His shoulder felt like it was on fire. It hadn't been a lethal shot, not if they got out of here quickly anyway, but it was debilitating.

"Carter, how you doing?" Jack asked, repositioning himself on the ground to get a cleaner shot, despite the pain in his shoulder.

"Not good, I've got two clips left." She replied.

"Better than me." Jack grumbled. He kept firing. He fired and shot and killed every jaffa he saw. Minutes passed until at last he was out of ammo. He looked around, assessing their situation. Teal'c was still firing but was quickly becoming overwhelmed. Carter was holding her own, but her ammunition was quickly dwindling as well and the jaffa were still coming. They weren't taking prisoners, they weren't going to make any daring escapes, they were going to die.

"Not like this," Jack whispered to the heavens, "Please not like this." And he thought he heard an echo of the same words from above, but a different voice. A softer, more passionate voice.

Jack sat up, in that moment avoiding being shot by another staff blast. Carter ran out of ammo and Teal'c was disarmed by the surrounding jaffa. They had defended themselves well and killed many of their enemies, but there were still more, and they were surrounded now and defenceless. At least fifty jaffa crowded around them, circling them, weapons drawn. SG-1 got to their feet and stood side by side, Colonel O'Neill assisted by Teal'c and all standing proudly.

"You have trespassed on the property of Lord Rizorith, the penalty is death." A large jaffa, clearly first prime announced, a hint of joy in his voice. Several of the closest jaffa powered up their staff weapons and took aim. Apparently they were judge, jury and executioner, and they had fast- tracked the case.

Jack closed his eyes, not believing it would end like this, and wishing he had no regrets.

"Bye kids." He whispered and noticed a tremor pass through Carter's body. But then he heard the echo again, louder than before yet he was sure he was the only one who could hear it:

"Not like this." It stated again, emphatically.

Jack looked up in surprise, unbelieving. The sky tore open and great dark clouds formed swiftly. The jaffa's attention was drawn as well; it never rained on this planet. Jack stood shocked. He knew what was coming, he had seen it before, he just couldn't believe it.

Without warning the sky erupted and a great flash of lightning emerged, engulfing the forest. The energy passed around the trees, around the plants and animals and around SG-1. What it did strike was the jaffa. Every jaffa, living and dead was engulfed by the lightning then disappeared. There were shouts of confusion and denial but they died as quickly as they came as did the lightning and in the flash of an eye SG-1 found themselves alone in the forest.

"I . I don't believe it. What happened?" Carter asked, looking around the forest and sky for the source of the lightning. The sky was now an incredible bright blue and there was not a cloud to be seen.

"I know what happened." Jack announced, softly and with a hint of a smile. He turned to explain but before he could utter a word they were interrupted again.

Another great flash of light tore out in front of them. This time there were no clouds, or lightning, instead it seemed as if reality was ripped open as a tear formed in the air in front of them. A great white light poured from the tear, blinding the three team-mates and then it was gone.

"Whoa." Jack commented, blinking his eyes to regain his sight. When he could focus again he found another great surprise that day. His face became a mask of shock and confusion. "Whoa." He said again, softer and quieter.

"Oh my god. Colonel!" Carter exclaimed, surprised beyond measure.

"Intriguing." Teal'c said, quirking an eyebrow and taking a step closer.

Before them was a man, lying on the ground with his back to them. For a moment he seemed to glow but that quickly faded and he became a regular man, flesh and blood, just lying on the ground naked. Sam knelt beside him slowly, checking for a pulse and finding one. Also finding that the man was unconscious. As she turned him over she couldn't help the gasp that tore from her throat or the tears that began to well up in her eyes.

Jack took a step closer and gasped as well, unbelieving.



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