Love Among Slavery

Chapter One: Violet Clashes With Pale Blue

* * *

Roughed up horses dragged the barred wagons of slavery along the crude terrain. Slaves' tired and weak bodies swayed along with the carriage. A strong wind howled in their ears as cold rain bit their skin. It was about eight at night when soldiers took the captured "freak of natures" to the castle for an inspection.

The wagon wobbled here and there, leaned to one side to the other and would go fast or slow because the wagon was just as mysterious as its prisoners. Inside the wagon sat creatures that looked almost like humans with long pointed ears, sharp, clever eyes, soft mouths with strong hearts. Both the male and the female of this race owned long hair as they stuck close together to keep warmth in their confined space with hopeless faces staring down.

One particular male creature had long blond hair that reached to about his shoulders that shone with strength. His deep pale blue eyes scanned the area like a hawk; his features on his face were handsome and so was his body. He wore natural coloured clothing such as brown and green.

It was about that time when the wagon stopped in front of a giant double-gated door, the entrance into the kingdom. With a wave from one of the soldiers on the ground, the door opened with a loud creak coming from its aged wood and metal. Grey stones of brick that were the size of a man's upper body were used to build a thick everlasting wall around the kingdom.

A squeak came from the wagon's wheels, signalling that they were moving towards the old city that surrounded the palace in the middle. Old and new houses clashed among each other as stands of markets were placed along the sides of the main street, the street they were on. People bustled about, some stopped to take a slight glance at the new captives but then moved along just as fast as they had stopped because it wasn't a new thing that slaves were coming in.

The particular male creature with pale blue eyes was the only one who dared to look up and glare at the passing people, making them shiver. His once warm and inviting eyes are now turned into cold, harsh and hard. He no longer could accept these people; they were his enemies that imprisoned his people.

The wagon came to an abrupt halt when a crowd of people ran across the road to look at the slaves. It was such a large crowd that the soldiers needed to get off their horses and try to shoo the people away, but it only made it worst.

One peasant was in the crowd wearing an old, dirty cloak with a hood covering her features. She was a curious person with bangs covering the top of mysterious violet eyes. Black hair draped the back and the sides of her head, which was the length down to her chin. She had a small, smooth mouth with a average body. She moved quick and quietly through the crowds of people towards the wagon.

The male's eyes were kept on her figure until she was up in front of the bars of the wagon to look at him. Her eyes fell on his, pale blue clashed with violet. He looked at her as she stared back in a seemingly trance. She felt something taking over her as her eyes glassed over in a thin layer of white.

One of the guards seeing that one of the human beings was trapped in the spellbinding gaze of one of the creatures went immediately to her rescue. He jogged up to her and shook her lightly be the shoulders while speaking, "Miss. Miss. He has you in his hold. Don't stare at him."

The shaking did her good. She looked up almost instantly at the guard and nodded. The guard had chestnut brown hair in a braid down his back to his waist with sharp, edgy bangs. His cerulean eyes told people that he kept secrets for his king. One could tell that he smiled quite often. His body was well built, as a soldier's should be, and his grey armour flashed.

"Thank you for saving me, sir," she said quietly while walking back into the crowd.

The solider and the creature had their eyes on her as she merged into the crowd once more. The soldier was bewildered as the creature became still. It took them some time before splitting the curious crowd up and was on the way towards the palace again.

Before long they were at the palace gates that were made of gold bars. White brick were used to build a thin layer of a wall around the castle. The palace was made of white marble that gleamed with pride and courage; the roofs were navy blue. Green grass was along the sides with soldiers strolling about.

They stopped once more at the front door of the palace as a royal messenger came running out to address the tired soldiers.

"What do we have here, sir?" the messenger directed the question to the man with the braid, whom was obviously in control of this little party.

"We have elves here for his majesty," he replied while the messenger observed the wagon from different views.

"Yes, yes," the messenger muttered to himself.

The male creature with blonde hair glared at him too. The messenger immediately turned his head down so not to be caught in his spell. Turning back to the braided soldier he said, "You have caught royalty as well."

The cerulean-eyed soldier nodded.

"Yes. His majesty would be very pleased," the messenger spoke as he dismissed himself back into the palace to announce their arrival.

The thin messenger ran up to the golden throne and knelt to his young king of fifteen and announced, "Duo is back with the captured elves, your majesty."

The king looked at the messenger with his sapphire eyes that held power and pride. His brown hair grew in every direction; only making his handsome features more worth looking. He had hid mouth in a straight line as he sat his muscular body in the perfect pose.

"Very well. Bring them in," he told the messenger.

Bring them in was what he had done, because within five minutes Duo was kneeling before the king's throne as he said, "King Heero, I have brought to you slaves for your keeping."

"Very good work Duo. The best you've done so far," King Heero spoke simply with no expression, "You've brought King Legolas to me as well."

The male creature with pale blue eyes and blonde hair immediately glared at the king with more hatred than ever. He spoke no words, for his glare seem to have told them of his emotions already.

"My people will have justice," Legolas' clear voice sounded.

"Your people will serve me well," King Heero answered as the soldiers took the elves away.

* * *

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