Love Among Slavery

Chapter Seventeen: Dreamlike Death


Heero and Duo's eyes flashed in response and they stood up from behind the houses. Soon to follow was a huge mass of people - of an army. The wind blew coldly and the moon lit the way to the castle clearly. Surely this was a blessing from Selene to ensure victory.

Mindless drones, they dashed forward, weapons flashing wickedly, and begun the invasion.

The Goddesses transformed into their senshi forms, but Trowa was unperturbed. The Knight had an arrow aimed for his heart, ready to fire whenever, and his aim was always strong and true. Fortunately, the Fair-haired Goddess was weighing the elfin king down.

Then there was Hotaru, in the middle of things, not knowing what to do. She could remember the days when she was with Trowa and how he had acted when with her. He was always patient and kind and…

"Come with me, Hotaru," Trowa said. "I would never forsake you."

"I love you," Trowa said, more truthful than he really meant them, and smirked in triumph.

… and he was always feeding her lies.

She backed away from the Evil and he felt like he was being strangled.

"Uranus World Shaking!"

Trowa jumped away just in time to avoid the golden globe of energy.

"Neptune Deep Submerge!"

"Pluto Deadly Scream!"

One swift cut with his sword, and the attacks dissipated.

"Serenity," the Evil spat out her name in disgust. "I would surrender if I were you. My army is coming."

"Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!" was his response.

"Black Hole," Trowa intoned indifferently as it sucked in the power of the moon princess.

Sailor Jupiter launched herself forward and aimed a punch, but too slow. He grabbed her fist, twisted it and threw her against the railing, which dented upon impact. The rest of the inners took that as their cue to rush him. He was no fool, nor a weakling.

Hotaru watched him stand there impassively, so different from the man she had just comforted, as the inner senshi jumped on him. She gasped when he threw them off as easily as flicking ants away. They, too, struck the banister, too dizzy to get up right away.

Legolas, once his wife was busy conjuring her own attack, ran from her and positioned himself elsewhere in the shadows so that when Serenity turned back to him, she would find him gone. He bristled the feather on his arrow and knew that if he was going to attack, he only had one chance. He nocked the bow and aimed.

"Pluto Deadly Scream!"

"Uranus World Shaking!"

"Neptune Deep Submerge!"

The three spheres merged into one and hastened towards him. He chuckled deeply and knocked the attack aside with his one arm alone. This gave the outer senshi time to surround him in a triangle.

"Out of everyone present, you three are the least I wish to harm," Trowa told them, giving Hotaru a meaningful look.

"I will not let you touch her again," Sailor Uranus bit out harshly.

"You can have her," Serenity said, and they all turned to her.

Hotaru, shocked, didn't know what to say. Had she not sacrificed herself for the kingdom? Had she not given her future Queen the love of her life? What more could she possibly want? How could she so simply give her away?

Heero beheaded an elfin soldier as Duo stabbed another in the heart. Thousand others were fighting everywhere around them, but only the two of them stood unharmed. They were like a pillar of stone that could not be wounded.

They marched forward, disposing elves and opposing humans along the way.

Victory shall be their master's.

"You do not decide where she goes," Trowa seethed as he targeted Serenity's heart with the tip of his sword.

"I am unafraid of you," Serenity said.

"Then maybe you fear for your husband," Trowa said, tone full of threats.

Seeing that the Evil was preoccupied with a conversation, Legolas took a more careful aim and-

"Dark Star!"

-a sphere of black energy, pulsing with white electricity, ploughed him straight through the rails of the balcony and tossed him down far below. He was conscious enough to know that he was falling to his death, and his last thought was on his love for Hotaru.

"Legolas!" both Hotaru and Serenity cried.

Serenity made to dive for her husband, but she, too, was hit with the Evil's attack, striking her down. She gasped desperately for breath as she concentrated her eyes on Sailor Mercury, hoping for the dizziness to stop soon.

Hotaru, being the only person that Trowa would never hurt nor stop, was the one who took the leap of faith, and of love.

"Hotaru!" Sailor Pluto called, watching her daughter risk her life.

The Evil, seeing his beloved jumping to aid that stupid Knight, ran to her, but was stopped by the legendary sword of Uranus.

"Over my dead body," the blonde senshi whispered, eyes challenging.

"I would never commit such a crime," Trowa said.

"Then don't follow her," Neptune said quietly.

"If you love her…" Pluto murmured, blood eyes glowing in the full moon. "You will let her go."

Trowa fell silent.

"She loves him," Neptune said. "You cannot deny that… you cannot deny her."

"You rather him than me?" he asked.

"He never killed her," Uranus pointed out.


Hotaru, guided by the bright planet Saturn, pushed downwards in the air, reaching faster towards her King… her love. His eyes were closed, skin pale, as she enclosed her pale hand over his smooth one. She looked to the advancing ground, tears streaming from her yes, and wondered if they'd die together, in this fairy tale, unfinished.

They had so much together, only to be wiped away by the hands of Fate…

Only to die here, him, a wedded man, and her, a discoloured servant.

But one thing was for certain.

They would die together, and in love.

"No!" she screamed. "We will not die! We will not end here!"

Not when there was a bright future… of them.

Wings, ebony, sprouted from her back, the moonlight bright against them. They slowed, her wings catching the air in time. Distorted for a moment, for she had never dealt with wings before, she quickly righted them both and flew them up towards the balcony, determination etched on her face.

When Trowa saw his beautiful goddess rise above him dressed in light lavender with black wings in front of the vivid full moon, he could of died right then and there. Her beauty, unparalleled, was enough to snuff life out of him. And then when he saw the deadly glaive in her hand, he knew his time had come.

His only comfort was that they'd die together.

With Legolas in the safe arms of her grandfather, Hotaru lifted the glaive, channelling the power of Saturn-

"Death Revolution Rebirth!"

-and brought it down.

There was a funeral… of course there was… of pale violet roses and curtains between the columns. It was out in the open, the wind swaying their hairs and fluid clothing. King Legolas, of the Elves, stood at the front, staring at the closed casket. There was no body that lied within. When the Goddess of Death killed the Evil, she had sacrificed her own life and body to vanquish him.

He felt tears flow down his face, and did not wipe them away.

It had been a week since the Evil invaded, and once he was gone, all those under his spell woke up. King Herro was given his kingdom back, in fact, the human king was right behind Legolas, saddened beyond words. General Duo was in attendance too, close by. Prince Milliardo, quiet and heartbroken, was leaning against a pillar.

Legolas had requested annulment with the Moon Princess, saying that he married her with false pretences. This was true, for it was Fate that made him love her with false love. Serenity had signed the papers in reluctance, knowing that she had lost… to a dead woman.

It hurt.

It hurt so badly…

Even after hundreds of years, it still brought tears to his eyes, just thinking of his one true love.

King Legolas, looked out the window at his forest, feeling the sunlight on his face. Over the centuries, humankind had advanced steadily, their population rising astronomically, forcing the elves and all other supernatural beings to seek small forests and high mountains where the humans can not get to by car or by plane.

It was strange how noble elves were being herded like common sheep, but Legolas had no heart left in him to fight back.

"My King," an elf bowed deep and low. "There is a human within our boundaries."

Legolas suppressed a sigh. Although they can not get to his domain, Mirkwood, by car or plane, they could certainly get there by foot, but only if they could resist the magic wards.

"I will see to it," he said, preparing to leave.

A frail body.

Pale skin.

Deep violet eyes.

It was her, coming at last.

Legolas looked at her, just as she was looking at him, in the middle of the forest, sunlight streaming over them in simple bars of radiance, casting a dreamlike appearance to their fateful meeting.

"Hotaru," he whispered in awe.

"H-How do you know my name?"

The rest is to your imagination.

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