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Remus POV

It took me an hour to explain everything to the Weasleys, Minerva, Harry and my Mate's father. The Weasleys and Minerva looked shocked and Herman was silent, never a good sign, but it was Harry's reaction that was the most difficult to swallow. He looked disgusted and horrified.

"But she's fourteen!" Harry gasped when I was finally done talking.

"Harry, he's not going to try anything..." Ron started but his voice trailed off when Harry gave him a dark look.

"I can't control it, Harry." I said softly but I knew it wouldn't help.

"You can't tell me you're okay with this?!" Harry snapped turning to Herman but he was staring at the linoleum a crease between his eyes. He was thinking, hard.

"It's not that strange in the wizarding world, Harry." Arthur said calmly. Harry's mouth dropped open and his eyes bugged. "The age gap, Harry, is not that strange. Wizards live much longer than Muggles do so the age factor doesn't really matter in the long run."

"I didn't know that..." Harry muttered softly.

"Harry, all I want is for Hermione to be safe and happy." I said staring around at the different people in the room.

"But what about... you know..." Harry asked blushing brightly. The twins exchanged a wide eyed look, Ron's ears turned pink and Ginny looked around confused. Bloody hell...

I grimaced and roughly cleared my throat. "I won't touch her till she comes of age."

There was an awkward silence where no one really seemed to know what to say. Molly shifted her weight and the floor creaked loudly. At the sound Herman looked up and locked eyes with me.

"Do you all mind if I speak to Remus...Alone?" They didn't need to be told twice and everyone shuffled quickly towards the door. Minerva was the last one through and she gave me a long look before gently shutting the door.

I waited silently. Sometimes silence worked best for people to gather up their courage to say something.

"I would love to strangle you." Herman said it the same way someone would order something from a restaurant. "But that would only hurt Hermione."


"Don't," he growled rubbing his forehead. "You tell me my daughter is your Mate, my daughter who is fourteen. You're old enough to be her father Remus!"

I winced but didn't say anything. It was true. I was the same age as James. Actually I was a couple months older than him.

"But not only is Hermione, my pride and joy, your Mate but she's in danger. Why is she in danger? BECAUSE SHE'S YOUR BLOODY MATE!"

I dropped my head into my hands. This was going so much worse than I had ever hoped or dreamed.

"I can't protect my own child!" And then to my horror Herman began to sob. Big ones that shook his large frame. I opened my mouth but I had no idea what to say.

"Herman..." He continued to sob.

"I can't do anything right. I can't protect Hermione, Jean left me and my life is spiralling out of control!" I grimaced and waited for the man's tears to subside. It took him a couple minutes to cry himself out and when he did he wouldn't look at me. "Don't tell Hermione about this."

"I can't keep things from Hermione." I said gently. Herman glared at me darkly, his eyes red rimmed. "No, Herman, I literally can't keep things from her. She can feel emotions, feelings and thoughts from me."

Herman's eyes widened and he stared at me in shock. Herman didn't say anything for awhile and I turned to watch Hermione sleeping. She looked so peaceful and the little freckle on her cheek was rather adorable.

"If you think I'm going to say welcome to the family you're sadly mistaken." Herman grumbled. I turned to look at him and he was glaring at me like he really did want to strangle me.

"I would be shocked if you had, honestly." I said running a hand through my hair. We were quiet again.

"Wait..." I turned to look at Herman and he was frowning at his surroundings. "We never did figure out why Hermione's in the hospital wing."

"Shit..." I growled jumping up and quickly walked to the doors to talk to Harry and Ron. I needed to find out what happened to my Mate. They had all been too distracted with the fact that I was Hermione's Mate to find out what happened to her.

"Remus?" I stopped and turned back to look at Herman. He had moved closer to Hermione and was holding her hand now.

"Yeah?" I asked my stomach squirming at the dark look on his face.

"If you touch her before she comes of age I'll fucking kill you."

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