There's a lot of policemen who get out of their cars. They start to walk with their dogs and their flashlights.


Scarlet prepares for her first day at a new school. We'll not really new, she's used to visit all the time when she was a kid. She's also getting ready for a qualifying game in lacrosse the following day scarlet wants to prove that even though she's a girl she can still whoop the boys at their own game. She suddenly heard a noise outside, gets dressed and creeps out with a bat. Her old best friend Stiles was dangling from the roof. When they see each other, they both scream.

Scarlet : Stiles, what the hell are you doing ?

Stiles : You weren't answering your phone ! Why do you have a bat ?

Scarlet : I thought you were a burglar !

Stiles : A burg... (He laughs) Look, I know it's late, but you've got to here this. My dad left twenty minutes ago, dispatch call. They're bringing every officer of the Beacon department, and even the state police.

Scarlet : For what ?

(Stiles got down off the roof)

Stiles : They found a body in the woods.

Scarlet : A dead body ?

Stiles : No, a body of water... Yes,I It's a dead body !

Scarlet : You mean like murdered ?

Stiles : Nobody knows yet. It was a girl, probably in her twenties...

Scarlet : Hold on, if they found the body, then what are they looking for ?

Stiles : That's the best part... They only found a half... We're going.


(Scarlet and Stiles park in front of a sign that says it's forbidden to enter in the preserve at night.)

Scarlet : We're seriously doing this ?

Stiles : You're the one who always bitches that nothing never happens in this town !

(They start to walk with a flashlight.)

Scarlet : I was trying to get a good night sleep before practice tomorrow...

Stiles : Right, because, sitting on the bench asks such a heavy effort !

Scarlet: No, because... I'm going to beat all of you this year. In fact I'm playing first line...

Stiles : Hey, that's a spirit. Everyone should have a dream. Even if it's an unrealistic one.

Scarlet : 1. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't kick your ass. 2. Just asking by curiosity, which part of the body are we looking for ?

Stiles : (after a silence) Huh... I didn't even think about that.

Scarlet : (smiling) And er... What if the one who killed the body is still out here ?

Stiles : Also something I didn't think about !

(They climb a little hill.)

Scarlet : It's comforting to know that you planned this up with you usual attention to details !

Stiles : I know !

(Scarlet pains to breathe, she takes out her inhaler.)

Scarlet : Maybe the severe asthmatic should be the one who holds the flashlight, huh ?

(They lay down when they see the officers right in front of them. Stiles gets up and starts to run.)

Scarlet : Wait !

Stiles : Come on !

Scarlet : Wait up ! Stiles !

(Stiles keeps running, Scarlet isn't far. Stiles gets caught by a policeman.)

Sheriff Stilinski : Hang on, hang on... This little delinquent belongs to me.

Stiles : Dad, how you're doing ?

Sheriff Stilinski : So you're listening all my phone calls ?

Stiles : (smiling) No ! ... Not the boring ones...

Sheriff : So where is your usual partner in crimes I hear she just came back, you two would be up to mischief by now ?

Stiles : Who, Scarlett ? Scarlet's home. She said she wanted to get a good night sleep before first day of school tomorrow. There's just me... In the woods... Alone...

(Scarlet, hidden behind a tree, is spying on them. Sheriff Stilinski light the woods wih his flashlight.)

Sheriff Stilinski : Scarlett you're out there ? Scarlet ? (There's no answer. The sheriff takes his son by the neck) Well young man, I'm gonna walk you back to your car, and you and I, we're gonna have a discussion about something called violation of privacy.

(Scarlett takes the way back home. She hears a lot of noises. A lot of deer suddenly appear in front of her, she falls and drops her inhaler. When they're finally gone, she tries to find back her inhaler. Instead, she finds the missing half of the body. Surprised, she springs back and falls from the top of the hill. When she gets up, she sees a big animal who pounces on her and bites her. Scarlet escapes and runs as fast as she can. When she reaches the road, she hears a howl.)


Scarlett goes to school with stiles in his jeep (they park next to Jackson). Jackson gets out of his luxurious car and hit stiles with the door.

Jackson : (to Stiles) Dude, watch the paint job !

Someone : Yo, Jackson ! Let's go, bro !

Scarlet gets to Stiles.

Stiles : So, let's see this.

Scarlet raised her shirt a little to show him the bite.

Scarlet : It was too dark to see very much, but I'm pretty sure it was a wolf.

Stiles : A wolf bit you ? No, not a chance.

Scarlet : I heard a wolf howling.

Stiles : No you didn't !

Scarlet : What do you mean I didn't, how do you know what I heard ?

Stiles : Because California doesn't have wolves for like sixty years.

Scarlet : Really ?

Stiles : Yes, really. Look, there's no wolves in California.

Scarlet : Well, if you don't believe me about the wolf, then you're definitely not gonna believe when I tell you I found the body.

Stiles : Are you kidding me ?

Scarlet : I wish. I'm gonna have nightmares for a month !

Stiles : That is freaking awesome ! (a girl passes next to them). I mean, seriously, it's the best thing that ever happened in this town, since... the birth of Lydia Martin. (he looks at Lydia who's completely ignoring him) Hey, Lydia ! You look... like you're gonna ignore me !


A teacher wrights something on the board.

Teacher : As you all know, there indeed was a body found in the woods last night. (Scarlet looks at Stiles who is smiling) And I am sure your eager little minds are coming up with various macabre scenarios for what happened. But I am here to tell you that the police already have a suspect in custody (Scarlet looks at Stiles again who doesn't know anything about it) which means, you can give your all attention to the program on your desk. (Students are groaning. Suddenly, Scarlet hears a phone ring and it seems like she's the only one who can hear it.)

Allison : (at phone) Mom, three calls for my first day is a little over-doing... Everything execpt a pen, oh my god actually forgot a pen ! Okay okay, I gotta go, love you...

The girl enters in the building with the principal. Scarlet keeps hearing them. They knock at the door.

Principal : (entering in the room) Class, this is our new student, Allison Argent. Wait make that two new students, one just snuck in please stand miss scarlet McCall. (Scarlet blushed) Please do the best to make them both feel welcome. (She sits right behind Scarlet. Scarlet turns around and gives her a pen)

Allison : (surprised) Thanks...


(Scarlet and Allison talking)

Lydia : (to Allison) This jacket is totally killer. Where did you get it ?

Allison : My mom was a buyer from a boutique back in San Fransisco.

Lydia : (To scarlet) Who are you?

Scarlet: oh I'm scarlet, I just transferred from New York.

Lydia : then you two are my new best friends.

(Jackson arrives and kisses Lydia.)

Lydia : So, this week-end, there's a party...

Allison/scarlet : A party ?

Jackson : Yeah, friday night, you two should come.

Scarlet : I'd love to come

Lydia : how about you?

Allison : Oh, I can't, it's family night on friday... But thanks for asking.

Jackson : You're sure ? Everyone's going after the game.

Allison : You mean like football ?

Jackson : Football is a joke here. The sport here is lacrosse. We won the national champion-ship title last year.

Lydia : Because of this team captain !

Jackson : We practice in a few minutes. If you two don't have anything else to do...

Scarlet : (quickly) I can't

Allison : Well, I was going to...

Lydia : Perfect ! You come !


Stiles : (to Scarlet) But if you play, I won't have anyone to talk to on the betch ! Are you really gonna do that to your best friend ? Plus what if they find out your a girl you know coach wouldn't want you on the team.

Scarlet : I can't stay out. This season I make first line.

Allison sits on the bleachers with Lydia. Scarlet sees her, but quickly hides to cover her identity

Bobby : you Scar McCall right?

(scar McCall will be Scarlett's name on the field, its also stiles nickname for Scarlett.)

Scarlet : Yeah.

Bobby : You're in goal !

Scarlet : I've never played...

Bobby : score some shots will bring confidence. It's a first day thing !

Scarlet : What about me ?

Bobby : Try to not take any in the face. (to the team) Let's go ! Come on !

Allison : (to Lydia) Who is that ?

Lydia : Him ? I'm not sure who he is... (Scarlet hears the conversation) Why ?

Allison : he looks like he's never played goal before.

(Scarlet hears the amplified sound of the whistle. She starts to be unfocused and takes a ball in her head. She gets a little angry. She stops a lot of spectacular shots. Everyone is surprised and impressed.

Allison : He seems pretty good.

Lydia : Yeah, he is !

Jackson tries to scares Scarlet and shoots, but Scarlet stops the ball. Everyone applauds, even Lydia, but Jackson stares daggers at her. She hides her face from view before he could notice it was feminine.

Stiles : She...He's my friend ! He's my friend !


Stiles and Scarlet walk in the woods.

Scarlet : I don't know what it was ! It was like... I had all the time in the world to catch the ball ! And that's not the only weird thing. I hear stuff I shouldn't be able to hear, I smell things...

Stiles : You smell things ? Like what ?

Scarlet : Like the mint gum in your pocket.

Stiles : (he puts his hand in his pocket) I don't have any mint gum in my... (he finds a mint gum in his pocket) So, all of that started with the bite !

Scarlet: What if it's like an infection ? Like... my body is full of adrenaline before a shock or something...

Stiles : You know what, I actually think I heard it... It's a specific kind of infection.

Scarlet : You're serious ?

Stiles : Yeah. I think it's called : "lycanthropy"

Scarlet : What is that ? Is that bad ?

Stiles : Oh, yeah, it's the worst ! But only once a month.

Scarlet : Once a month ?

Stiles : Huh-huh. On the night of the full moon.

He imitates a wolf howling. Scarlet, who was very serious, hits him. They start to look for something on the ground.

Stiles : (laughing) You're the one who heard a wolf !

Scarlet : It's not funny, there's seriously something wrong with me !

Stiles : I know ! You're a werewolf ! Okay, obviously I'm kidding. But if you see me trying to melt all the silver I can find it's because Friday is a full moon.

Scarlet : (looking at the ground) I could have swear it was there. I saw the body, the deer running... I dropped my inhaler.

Stiles : Maybe the killer moved the body.

Scarlet : If he did it I hope he didn't take my inhaler, this thing costs like eighty bucks...

(Stiles turns around and see a man who is looking at them walk to them. Stiles taps Scarlet who stands up.)

Derek : What are you doing here ? Huh ? This is private propriety !

Stiles : Hum... Sorry, man, we didn't know.

Scarlet : (looks over) Yeah we were just... (Oh my god he's so hot!) looking for something... Hum, forget it...

Derek throws the inhaler to Scarlet and walks away.

Scarlet : Okay, I have to go to work I just got a new job and I'm already late on my first day.

Stiles : Dude, that was Derek Hale ! You remember, right ? He's just a few years older than us.

Scarlet : Remember what ?

Stiles : His family. They all burned in a fire like ten years ago.

Scarlet : What is he doing back ? (Although I'm seriously not complaining)

Stiles : Don't know... Come on.


Scarlet closes the clinic and is about to disinfect her bite when she realizes that it completely disappeared. See's about to feed cats but as soon as she enters in the room, they're scared lay exited. He doesn't have the choice so he leaves the room. Allison suddenly knocks at the door, she's crying. Scarlet opens the door.

Allison : (crying) I didn't see it, I took my eyes off the road for like two seconds to change the music on my iphone and then this dog, he just came out of nowhere...

Scarlet : Hey, it's alright, it's alright, it's alright... Do you remember where it happened so I can find the animal ?

Allison : No ! I mean, yes, I remember where I hit it but the dog is...

Scarlet : Where ? Where is it ?

Allison : It's in my car.

Allison goes back to her car with Scarlet. When she opens the trunk, the animal barks and growls.

Scarlet : You okay ? She's just afraid...

Allison : That makes two of us.

Scarlet : Let's see if I have any better luck.

(She bends over the dog. When Scarlett looks at her, her eyes suddenly turn to golden brown. The animal immediately calms down. They enter in the clinic.)

Scarlet : I think her leg is broken. I saw the doc make splints, I can do it myself and give antibiotics.

She looks at the Allison's wet shirt. She seems cold.

Scarlet : I have an extra shirt in my bag.

Allison : I don't want to trouble you...

Scarlet : (giving it to her) Here...

Allison : (coming back in the room) Thanks for doing this. I feel really stupid

Scarlet : Why ?

Allison : I don't know... Because I freaked out like a total girl.

Scarlet : You are a girl.

Allison : I freaked out like a girly girl and I'm not a girly girl.

Scarlet : What kind of girl are you ?

Allison : Tougher than that. At least I thought I was.

Scarlet: Hey, I'd be freaked out too. In fact, I would probably cry. And not like a tomboy, like the biggest girly girl ever. (They laugh) It'd be pathetic.

Allison : Yeah, right.

Scarlet : So... It looks like she's gonna leave. And I'm pretty sure she'll let you pet her now if you want.

Allison : I don't think so.

Scarlet : Oh, come on.

Allison pets her. The animal stays calm.

Scarlet : You see ? She likes you.

Scarlett : So, I was wondering, I mean... Is it really family night on friday ? Or you think maybe you'd like to go to that party with me so that I don't die with Lydia ?

Allison : I have to say that was a total lie.

Scarlet : So is that a yes, you'll go ?

Allison : Definitely yes.


Scarlet is in a corridor with her lacrosse gear on to cover up her feminine build. Jackson comes to her.

Jackson : Alright, little man, what about you tell me where you find your juice ?

Scarlet: What ?

Jackson : Where are you getting you juice ?

Scarlet : (confused) My mom is always the one who's shopping...

Jackson : Now listen, kid, you're gonna tell me what it is and who you buy it from because there's no way someone so small can go on the fields and kick our ass like that without a chemical boost.

Scarlet : Oh, you mean steroids ! Are you on steroids ?

Jackson : You think you're funny ? Don't you? I know you're hiding something. I'm gonna find out what it is. I don't care how long it takes.


Stiles : Scar ! Scar, wait up !

Scarlet : Man, it's selections, it can't wait ?

Stiles : Just hold on, okay ? I heard my dad on the phone. They found animal hair on the body.

Scarlet : I gotta go.

Stiles : Wait, no, Scar ! You're not gonna believe what animal it was ! (Scarlet is leaving) It was a wolf...

Bobby : Let's go, get around ! Come on !

Bobby : Okay. (to everyone) You know how this goes. If you don't make the cut, you stay on the bleachers for the rest of the season. You makes the cut, you're playing ! Your parents are proud. Your girlfriend loves you ! Now get out there and show me what you've got !

The game begins. Scarlet makes an amazing performance with an awesome flip right before scoring. Everyone watches her with dumbfounded eyes and applauds her.

Bobby : McCall ! Get over here ! What was that ? This a lacrosse field ! What, you're trying up for the gymnastic team ?!

Scarlet : No, coach...

Bobby : What the hell was that ?

Scarlet : I don't know... I was just trying to make the shot.

Bobby : Yeah, well you made the shot. And guess what... You're selected, buddy. You made first line.

Everyone restarts to applaud except Stiles who seems worried.


Stiles is on his computer in his room. He makes researches about lycanthropy, wolfsbane and silver. Someone knocks at the door. He closes his computer. It's Scarlet.

Stiles : Get in. You have to see this. I've been up all night, reading, websites, books, all those things...

Scarlet : How much Adderal have you had today ?

Stiles : A lot, doesn't matter. Just listen.

Scarlet : (sitting on the bed) Is this about the body ? Did you find who it is ?

Stiles : No, they still question people. Even Derek Hale.

Scarlet : (blush) Oh, the guy on the woods.

Stiles : Yeah, but that's not it, okay ?!

Scarlet : What then ?

Stiles : Remember the joke of the other day ? It's not a joke anymore. (Scarlett doesn't understand) The wolf, the bite in the woods ! Do you know why a wolf howls ?

Scarlet : Should I ?

Stiles : It's a signal ! Ok ? When a wolf is alone and howls, he signals his location to the rest of the pack !So if you heard it, maybe you're not the only one, maybe there's a pack of wolves.

Scarlet : A pack of wolves ?

Stiles : No, werewolves...

Scarlet : Are you seriously wasting my time with this ? You know I'm heading to a party in less then an hour

Stiles : I saw you on the fields today Scarlet. What you did wasn't just amazing, alright ? It was impossible !

Scarlet : I just made a good shot.

Stiles : No, you made an incredible shot ! I mean, the way you move, the speed, the reflexes ! People can't just do that over a night ! And there's the vision and the senses and you don't use you inhaler anymore...

Scarlet : Hey ! I can't think about this now, we'll talk tomorrow.

Stiles : No ! What ? No ! The full moon is tonight !

Scarlet : Don't you get it ? What are you trying to do ? I made first line, I get to hang out with a popular crowd, everything in my life is somehow perfect, why are you trying to ruin it ?

Stiles : I'm trying to help ! You're cursed, Scarlet. The full moon won't only make physical change, it's also gonna give you blood craving.

Scarlet : Blood ?

Stiles : Yeah, you're gonna want to kill.

Scarlet : I'm already feeling like I want to kill someone, Stiles.

Scarlet : I'm gonna go get ready for that party


Scarlet and Allison arrive at the party. Derek Hale is there, in the dark. A dog barks, he makes him shut with a simple look. Scarlet sees Derek.

Allison : (to Scarlet) You're okay ?

Scarlet : What ? Yeah, I'm fine...

She watches again where Derek was a few seconds ago but he's gone. Scarlet sees a wolf running on the neighbors roof. She and Alison start dancing with the crowd. Suddenly she looks weird.

Allison : You're okay ?

Scarlet : I'll be right back.

She leaves. doesn't walk straight, it looks like she's suffering. Everyone watches her and asks her if she's okay. She gets out and takes her car to go home, leaving Allison alone outside.

Derek : (coming) Allison. I'm a friend of Scarlets. My name is Derek.


Scarlet realizes that she has claws. She looks his reflect in the mirror : her eyes change colors, her ears get longer, she has fangs... Someone knocks at the door.

Scarlet : Go away...

Stiles : Scar ! It's me ! Let me in, Scarlet, I can help.

Scarlet : No ! Listen, you've got to find Allison I was her ride.

Stiles : She's fine. Someone got her out of the party, she's totally fine...

Scarlet : I think I know who it is.

Stiles : Let me in ! We can try...

Scarlet : It's Derek Hale ! Derek Hale is a werewolf, he's the one who bit me, he's the one that killed the girl in the woods.

Stiles : Scar... Derek is the one who drove out Allison from the party.

Scarlet (thinks: of course my one best friend that's not a guy is kidnapped, why not kidnap Jackson, the guys a creep. ) gets out of the room by the window and starts to run. In the woods, she sees Derek's car.


Stiles arrives in front of Allison's house, he knocks at the door. Allison's mother opens the door.

Stiles : Hi, Mrs Argent... You have no idea who I am, I'm a friend of your daughter's. Look, this is gonna sounds kind of crazy, hum, really crazy actually, you know what, crazy doesn't describe...

Victoria : Allison ! It's for you.

Allison appears on the top of the stairs.


Scarlet sees Allison's jacket on a tree. She hears a noise.

Scarlet : (with a strange voice) Where is she ?

Derek : She's safe... from you.

(Scarlet thought : For a guy that's that cute he sure knows how to piss me off and yet I cant be totally angry at him)

They start to fight, Derek pins her against a tree.

Scarlet : What did you do with my friend ? (He even smells like the woods)

Derek : (whispering) Shhh... Quiet. Too late, they're already here. Run !

Derek runs but Scarlet stays where she is. She finds herself with an arrow in her arm. Three men appear in front of her, they have weapons.

One of them : (to the others) Take her.

Derek intervenes, he helps Scarlet to escape. They run away.

Scarlet : Who were they ?

Derek : Hunters. They've been coming after us for centuries.

Scarlet : Us ? You mean you ! You did this to me !

Derek : Is it really so bad, Scar ? That you can see better, hear more clearly, move faster than any human could ever hope ? You've been given what the most human would kill for. The bite is a gift.

Scott : I don't want it and the only people who can call me that are friends, you don't seem too friendly.

Derek : You will want. And you're gonna need me if you want to learn how to control it. So you and me, Scar, we're family now.


Scarlet is walking. Stiles arrives with his car and takes her.

Scarlet : You know what actually worries me the most ?

Stiles : If you say Allison, I'm gonna punch you in the head.

Scarlet : Shes my friend and I totally abandoned her. She probably hates me now.

Stiles : I doubt that. But you mind come up with a pretty amazing apology. Or you know you could just... Tell her the truth and come up with the fact that you're a freaking werewolf. Okay bad idea... Hey, we'll get through this.


Scarlet is waiting for Allison.

Allison : (walking) So what happened ? You left me at the party.

Scarlet : Yeah, I... I know, I'm really sorry... I am. But you have to trust me, I had a really good reason.

Allison : Did you get sick ?

Scarlet : ya I had an asthma attack I don't get them too often anymore, but when I do there powerful.

(Someone honks)

Allison : It's my dad. I'd better go.

She gets in her father's car. Scarlet starts to walk away but she suddenly turns back. Scarlet realizes that Allison's father is the hunter that she saw in the woods...