Author's Notes

Okay you guys.

Let's get one thing straight, for all you naysayers out there who are condemning this fic, before it's even truly started!!

Don't be so picky, you guys! IT DID START OUT AS RANMA/AKANE IN THE BEGINNING!! Though it was a really short one. What else do you guys call Ranma chosing Akane as the one he wanted to marry in the beginning of the story, huh?

It means he DID chose Akane over Ukyou and the other girls, in the original world that Ukyou came from. But in the new world that UKYOU goes to, she's going to be given the chance to win him for herself! So the story is an alternate reality/crossover fic. So of course it's going to become an Ukyou/Ranma fic.

The alternate reality part of this story, is that even though Ukyou was sent to the past, it's in a different dimension, so what she does with Ranma in the past won't affect the world she left behind. (think of when DBZ's Mirai Trunks went to the past to save the future, only to go back to his own time, only to find nothing has changed. Everything was still the way as he last left it, with the Androids still terrorizing his future, while the past world he saved winds up becoming a better one because of what he did)

And who says the Gambling King incident happened in this new dimension's past? ^_^

Besides, it's not like I'm going to immediatly put them together. Ukyou's going to be working hard to get Ranma's love, with a little extra heavenly help from that wish she made in her old world. Ukyou's learned from her past mistakes, won't push the engagement like she did last time, and will try being Ranma's friend first, earning his trust, and maybe something more later on. ^_^ It might take awhile before Genma and the Tendo's finally catch up with them in Juban.

For the one who said that Akane's dowery which was the dojo wasn't already spent. Your forgetting about one little thing. It WAS spent, by Ranma when he wagered it against the Gambling King all those years ago, despite the fact he didn't even own it yet. And they had to win it back from him when he showed up at the dojo. And just in case, I'm saying that in this story, Ukyou won HER dowry back from the Gambling King during his temporary stay in Nerima in the original timeline, so the engagement promise between her and Ranma WOULD have been just as legal as the Tendo's.

I don't care about anything about the dowery problems, involving the Gambling King.

One thing you guys have to agree to is that Ukyou has a more valid claim to Ranma than the Tendos, despite the fact he promised to one of Soun's daughters since birth.

Genma accepted Ukyou's dowry, which was a sure sign that he fully accepted her as Ranma's bride, despite the fact that he was only doing it to fill his fat belly, and promised to take Ukyou along.

Even if Ranma DID see Ukyou as a friend, don't friendships between a boy and a girl usually grow into something more after some time?

Ranma never really gave ANY of the other girls a chance, before officially settling on Akane, engagement promise or not. It's obvious from the start of both the anime and the magna which of the girls he always favored above all else, and always quick to go to the rescue of that girl.

Ukyou was the only one of the girls that Ranma could ever really rely on to go to talk about his problems. Sure, she was almost as bad as the other girls who hounded Ranma, but despite everything that's happened between them, starting from the time Genma had stolen her dowry, to now, she's been his only one TRUE friend in the entire series, who deserved more than anyone else to AT LEAST be given a chance to be with the one guy she loved more than anything else in the world. Yet he doesn't give it to either her or any of the other girls who are after him, which is displayed in a lot of fanfics I read that are out there.

Those of you out there who don't like the idea of this story being a Ranma/Ukyou OR a Ranma/Someone else fic, then tough. If you don't like it, don't read it. And keep your mean opinions to yourselves. Not everyone likes the idea of Ranma always being with Akane, and shouldn't have to deal with people like you who cause good fanfic writers to just stop writing alltogether.

- Raven