[Had a funny thought and it turned into a four-shot. Imagine, the Wicked characters having wet dreams about each other... Beginning with Elphaba dreaming about Fiyero, to Fiyero dreaming about Elphaba, to Elphaba dreaming about G(a)linda, to G(a)linda dreaming about Elphaba.]

Sturdy hands on her body, meandering from her hips to run up her sides were all she could feel, the only sentient sensations. The previously alien touch was glorious, divine almost. Instead of her instinctive tensing, Elphaba relaxed, welcoming the warmth radiating from the mystery hands. A slow sigh of pleasure blew out of her parted lips, as the hands separated, one curling around her slender waist, and the other rubbing her upper arm, stroking her skinny shoulders.

Eyes squeezed lazily shut, Elphaba's spine arched into the capable hands, and they responded by holding her body gently, supporting her weight easily.
Her calculating brain had been softly sedated, and all she could deduce was that the hands were male, and they were electrifyingly pleasurable. Elphaba felt fingers dancing along her waistline, waltzing to where shoulder met neck, spinning and pirouetting to her hips. Her parted lips split further apart, to let a gasp pass through.

She had to know who could perform miracles on her body with his hands, but her eyes stayed obstinately closed.

Driven desperate with an overwhelming desire to kiss the man touching her so expertly, and a strong wish to know his identity, Elphaba mewled gently. Her own slender hands rose to touch her hidden lover, and - hearing a soft groan as her fingers made contact with a muscled chest - found him. She actively teased him, going by touch only. Drawing lazy circles across his collar and travelling down to his tensed abdomen, she smirked, hearing rolling growls emitting from his throat. Flying her hands to cup his face, Elphaba attempted to discern this skilled, passionate paramour by his features. Her digits found him formed with strength, with smooth, straight features, full lips and a sturdy chin. He was most definitely male. But his identity was still clouded and foggy. The features felt familiar, but her mind refused to go any further in her discovery.
Elphaba was suddenly, but pleasurably distracted from her lover's face by his lips, which landed sweetly on the base of her throat. A fully-fledged moan escaped her, as his mouth explored her willing neck. A gently-pressured bite to her earlobe undid her, leaving her a gasping, expertly turned-on mess. Softer kisses trailed from under her ear to her jaw,

moving ever-closer to her waiting mouth.
Elphaba suddenly sensed his hands, which were stationed safely at her waist previously, had slid upwards, stroking tantalisingly close to her breasts. Wanting moans issued from her, gasps and groans melting into each other. As his lips moved higher, so did his hands.

Finally, agonisingly, his lips met hers slowly. Elphaba threw herself head first into the kiss, fiery and hot. Her hands clasped around his face, clutching at his jaw. Opening her mouth almost immediately, she felt her lover reciprocate enthusiastically. It was fire and ice, hard and soft, tough and tender. Gasps punctuated the kiss from both participants, and the two lovers energetically explored each other, orally and sensationally.

Feeling finally able to open her eyes and find her lover, Elphaba's eyes flew open eagerly. Finding dusky features, startling azure eyes and matching stunning, sparkling blue diamonds, Elphaba gasped in shock, shooting backwards away from him. Her fingers touched her bottom lip, uncomprehending who she had kissed with such fervour and followed her, arms clasping around her middle. With no available escape, Elphaba turned her head away, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

"Fae, I love you. I want you. Be mine, please?" When she didn't respond, he sighed, tightening his hold on her subconsciously.

"You liked what I was doing to you, didn't you? You responded, you touched me, you kissed me back." Challenging her, his voice dropped lower, huskier. Elphaba, breathing heavily, looked him in the eyes, shivering with something more than coldness. Emboldened, he began a repeat performance, running fingers across her body. He now knew all of her sensitive spots, had learned every pressure point, and he used this advantage ruthlessly and lustfully.

Soon, Elphaba was straining against him, hands clutching at his biceps, before moving down to grab at pure-white bed sheets. Her head tipped back, allowing eager access to her neck, and sighed softly, feeling full lips pressing against the delicate skin there. Fiyero started the beginnings of a moan, and chased it enthusiastically, before Elphaba arched her spine and finally cried into the charged air:


Sitting up abruptly in bed, Elphaba - greatly disorientated - couldn't quite get her bearings. Heart beating like a locomotive, she touched her fingertips to her lips, still feeling the contact. She knew what she had just experienced was normal and expected in women, but the subject of her dream was the element that worried her. Why had she had a sex dream about Fiyero? Blue-diamonded, blue-blooded, royal Vinkun Fiyero? Why had he called her Fae so fondly, and claimed he loved her? Was her brain subconsciously, secretly enamoured of the Arjiki Prince? That couldn't possibly be true.
Could it?

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