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Touch. Feel. Sensation. Cool. Warmth.

Contrasting experiences occuring in tandem. Being utterly comfortable, yet entirely restless. Perfectly satisfied, yet hungering for something more. And this hunger, this insatiable yearning was reaching for the contact that was felt so immensely good.

Darkness reigned his world. But as Fiyero became more aware of himself, he felt a cool slender hand across his eyes, plunging his sight into all-encompassing midnight. The other hand clutched at his upper arms. Fingers tapped at his brow, nails rested at the corner of his eyes. He had no idea who was concealing themselves from him, but from the hand, they were female. This show of dominance was strangely arousing, but he still couldn't help scrabbling his fingers against the hand, trying to pull it away to free his vision. This blackness hid his teasing lover from him.

"No no no, my heart. Not yet, or I'll have to punish you." The slow, smoky words were incendiary, setting his blood on sparking fire, hugnry and insatiable. He stopped tugging immediately. But her voice was curiously familiar. It was sultry, but the throaty element in it was a niggling reminder. It couldn't be her, could it?

Kisses to his cheek, his jaw, his lips, his neck, his chest, his diamonds... Lips that felt glorious, divine, beautiful and generous, feminine and precious, passionate and fiery, dilligent and held a thousand and one promises, of love and happiness and company and acceptance-

A long, scorching kiss to his mouth jolted him, like a charge of crackling electricity, igniting every nerve in his body. Effectively distracted, he lost his train of thought, his identity, his name. Only the lips against his were all he knew, and he never wanted this magical union to end. He kissed back, of course, parting his lips and allowing her tongue to explore the new territory of his mouth, to plant her flag and claim as her own. He wanted to be irrevocably hers. Whoever she was.

Feeling the other unidentified hand meander across his chest, Fiyero groaned. It made its painfully slow path down his tense abdomen to the growing buldge in his bottoms. Hips surging upwards for more contact, Fiyero gasped.

Reaching out for something, anything, Fiyero's fingers stretched into the void of unaware darkness. He ached to hold his secret paramour, feel her in his arms, safe and secure and real. His fingertips brushed silky skin, so soft and inviting.

He heard a moan, throaty and low. That voice! Again. It was a warm campfire, smoky and glowing with pulsing embers. He felt the fingers rising away from his eyes, and he gladly opened them to see his hidden lover. He was met with rich, dark brown eyes, with glittering stardust trails of silver, holding wisdom and love and lust, with large inky pupils.

"Hello, Yero my hero." There was that voice! Irises flicking down to those powerful lips that could have him begging in clock-ticks, Fiyero was struck by their dark, leaf-ivy colour. Come to think of it, he reflected, blinking his vision clear, her skin was a lighter, cool emerald.

"Elphaba?" His only emotion was confusion, but she was undeterred.

Chuckling throatily, she leaned down to kiss him dizzyingly.

"Who else?" she teased. Elphaba was on all fours, trapping him on his back. He was suddenly very aware of her state of dress. In that it didn't exist. She was not wearing a stitch of clothing, and as suddenly shy as he was, he couldn't help but look. She most definately had curves, albeit slender ones. Her usual shapeless frocks hid a body that would be a crime to conceal, in his opinion.

"Are you real?" Fiyero asked huskily, hands creeping up to hold her by the waist. She gave him a pitiful look, as if he were an animal she had to put out of its misery.

"Of course not, my heart." Just as he made to grab her middle, Elphaba dissipated into a shimmer of smoke.

"Elphaba!" Bolting upright in bed, Fiyero looked incredulously at his hands. He was sure he was about to hold her, but she was gone. Disappeared into thin air, like a spectre.

Of all the women in Shiz, why did Elphaba haunt hisdreams with her burning passion and glowing kisses?

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