"Isabella Marie Swan"

My name was just called and as I start the walk up to my principle to receive my diploma I realized a few things. I just graduated from high school, for one. I looked through the crowd of screaming individuals and found my father, Billy, Jake, and the pack. They were all sitting in the front row. I smiled at them. The pack had helped me so much in the last few months. They stuck with me and took care of Victoria. Jake had imprinted on Angela one day, when she had been over my house before finals, and I couldn't have been happier for him. They all saw me as a sister, even Paul. When he had imprinted on Rachel his personality did a complete flip. One day he had just pulled me aside and we worked out our issues and were inseparable. These days, I go to him for advice. He understands, well he tries to at least.

He argues with me for days, weeks, when I told him I wanted to go to Italy. I told him the truth, I didn't want to live anymore. I told him that, if Rachel, one day, decided to just up and leave him, what would he do? And he had said that he would want to die. That he couldn't live without her. When he answered, he understood. Edward was my Rachel. My mate, and he hadn't wanted me, he rejected me. I couldn't survive. I wanted the constant pain to end, the constant agony of my heart to stop. I was torn into thousands of pieces, by the one who was supposed to keep me together.

It took time, but he eventually agreed to let me make my own decisions. His only request was to come with me. Tomorrow morning we have a flight to Florence.

And that's the start of this story I hope you all enjoy!