Esme Pov

Esme took a deep breath as soon as her feet hit the tarmac of the airport. Frowning to herself, she thought of Bella. Could she really be the reason they were called here? She sighed and walked into the building to get her bags. With any good luck, this should be over with within a few days and I can go back to my home and not think for the next decade about this.

Cursing to herself, she found her thoughts once again on Bella, she thought of her fairly highly. She was her daughter. Whether or not Edward cared anymore. Feeling anger start to bloom in her chest suddenly, she glanced over at her son, Jasper. He was glaring at Edward, no doubt yelling within his thoughts at him.

She looked for her husband, and found him looking at her. Curious she walked over to him and reached for his hand, as to which he quickly snatched away with a growl and he grabbed his and her bags. BASTARD her thoughts screamed. They needed to seem put together and relaxed, not so tense and guilty. She seethed silently, remembering the family meeting about Bella's life again.

Once the meeting was over, Rose and Alice were smug. Edward went with them to hunt and plan. Jasper and Emmet were out in the back yard sparring, both furious. I pulled Carlisle aside in the library to speak with him.

"How could you?"

He looked at me with tired eyes, irritated eyes. "She needs to be dealt with Esme."

"SHE IS MY DAUGHTER, HOW COULD YOU ABANDON ONE OF YOUR OWN?" I screeched with anger, amplified by Jaspers own, my temper blew.

"Are Edward and the rest not your children Esme? Their lives, all of our live are up for forfeit if she lives, I did not want to agree to this. Bella is my daughter as well, but we must make hard choices sometimes."

I reached over to him; I must have looked like I was going to hug him. Once he was within arm's reach, I slapped him, my nails digging and dragging through his skin. "How dare you call her such when you just sentenced her to die? For your son's greed? For your son's entertainment?"

"She was not his entertainment Esme, She just…" holding his face, he went silent. I sneered at him, "You're noting but a weak man Carlisle, you should not be leading this coven."

With that, I walked away and decided to go hunting.

Humming to herself, she walked to the car they rented. The family seemed to hate the Volturi, she never truly understood it, and she had respect for them. They were to be feared at times yes, but they were not evil. She walked with Jasper and helped him load things in the trunk. She grasped his hand and squeezed silently. She pushed her love towards him, and her encouragement. She knew what going to the Volturi meant for someone with his past. This was most dangerous for him, and even he would not vote to kill Bella. He truly did love her as a sister. I glanced at Edward and saw him staring at me. Holding his gaze, I thought to him, "You are despicable. You disgust me. You have turned your family against one another for your childish games and now all of our heads are on the chopping block because you had to play with your singer."With that, I got in the passenger side seat of the car and off we went to probably our deaths. A death I would take gratefully because I would deserve it if my daughter were dead, I deserve it for not protecting her better, as a mother should.

Bella Pov

So, the Cullen's were here, and my father was not. I growled lightly to myself. I felt Caius put a hand on my arm, "Isabella, keep your temper in check, we cannot have this place destroyed. If you need to, we can go for a run out of the city and take out your anger. "

Shaking my head, I tried to get a grip on myself. Calm. Count to ten. Breath. I walked to my room to change. Well, I had Sulpicia and Didyme helped me dress myself in a formal attire the queens wore to the court during occasions like these. They then got me some blood to drink and a glass and walked with me to the throne room. I was focused on not breaking my new toy, ah, dinning ware. I frowned; I did not want blood on this dress. No thank you. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. Curious I glanced at it and saw Paul's name pop up

Paul - Just got here with the chief hopefully he doesn't eat you when he wakes up ;)

XOXO hopefully I do not eat him while his sleeping, and hopefully I do not eat you. Super hungry ALL the time – Bella

I heard Caius clear his throat and I looked at him. "What does XOXO mean beautiful?"

"Hugs and kisses hugs and kisses."

He then growled and snatched my phone. I frowned. Feeling sad, then angry, and furious, and then hungry. Suddenly I felt calm wash over me. Which reminded me that the Cullens were here. "Aro?" I asked quietly. "Hmm?" he glanced at me, raising an eyebrow.

"Paul's here with my dad, and can you call just Jasper here so I can talk to him?" He grinned and giggled like a girl for the 20th time today I assumed and nodded his head sending one of the lower guards to fetch him.

Jasper Pov

Once we were settled into our holding cell, I mean room, once we were settled into our room I sighed. Sitting down for easily the 80th time today, I finally started thinking of this situation. This was bad for me. Not only did working for Maria in the South get me a death wish by many vampires of the war, it also made me a target for the Volturi, one I had avoided for many years. In addition, Edward had just delivered me on a silver plate and a bowtie. There was a knock on the door and Esme went to answer. Opening the door there was a guard, I have no idea what his name was. "The Masters and Mistresses wish to speak with the God of War." I frowned, here we go, certain death.

I walked out with the guard towards what I can assume as throne room and he arrived a few minutes later and knocked. "I have brought him"

I heard him be dismissed but I never saw him leave because I was stunned silent, probably permanently, by seeing Bella sitting on the cruelest of all the kings that have ever existed in all of history's lap.

"Jasper?" She said quietly. I could tell by simply looking at her that she was a newborn. She was an infant. Her emotions were insane. Her thirst was uncontrollable too from the looks of the many-discarded blood bags on the ground piled up. "Bella?"

Then she was off his lap and running at me squealing and threw her arms around me. I looked at her attire. She was in a dress and her arms completely covered down to her fingertips. I hugged her back tightly, breathing in her scent. If she was here, then Alice and Rose must have made quite the scene.

"Bella what are you doing here darling, you should be in forks."

With that, she started her long story of how she ended up In Italy and how her father was being brought because he was attacked by the dumbasses I had to call family. At the end of her story, she said to me, "Jasper please, I was never upset with you after my birthday, I could never be upset. It wasn't your fault."

I was in awe of her. I was in complete awe.