All I own is the plot. And Toby, because I made him up.

If there was one thing that brought Maya and Lucas together as friends, other than Riley and Farkle of course, it was gym class. Lucas was a star athlete, and Maya, well, Maya was just plain competitive. Whatever she lacked in skill, strength, or size, she made up for in dedication.

Whenever Lucas is picked as a captain, which is often, since the gym teacher favors Mr. Perfect and the other athletes, he always picks Maya first for his team. He says its cause he likes to win, but really he likes to see her eyes light up with excitement and enthusiasm, even though it just lasts a second before she demands that Riley come too, stating that they're a package deal.

If he's the captain, she's his second in command. The two talk strategy and plan plays until Riley or Farkle remind them that it's "just a game" or "just gym class". "Just a game?" they'd answer back, and then the other two, and the rest of their team for that matter, would roll their eyes until the gym teacher would make them start.

One day, they were playing softball and Lucas gave Maya the steal sign to take second. Billy recognized their sign though- they used the same one on their baseball team- and turned to throw the blonde girl out. She tried to run back to first, but got caught in a rundown. She twisted too hard, or too fast and her sneakers, well she didn't wear good sneakers, and she ended up falling, hard.

There was a sickening crack that filled the gym, and everyone ran to the girl. She let out one terrible shriek, and then went silent. She was hunched over her leg, grabbing it to her body like she thought it was going to fall off or something, and she was red in the face, clearly trying not to cry.

Lucas shoved the first baseman, Toby, out of the way and crouched down by his friend, "Maya? Hey Maya, look at me, kid, you're okay."

"It hurts, Lucas," she said through gritted teeth. Her hair was all in her face, the curls wild and messy. She should be wearing a ponytail, thought Lucas distractedly, it gets so knotty when she doesn't wear a ponytail, and then I have to hear about it all afternoon.

"Maya!" shrieked Riley, hitting the ground next to them, "Is it broken, you think?"

"Yeah," came the reply, as the smaller girl tried hard to keep her breath even, "I think it is."

Billy had since joined them and helped Lucas pull the girl to her feet, well, her foot at least. She was leaning on Lucas and biting her lip when Farkle returned with the school nurse a few minutes later.