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Deeks and Kensi have been gone for six months, and there would be some serious questions that required some serious answers. Although it was quiet for the first five months, the last month got really hairy; at least for the soldiers in foreign countries. During their twenty-third week of captivity Deeks broke and started to hemorrhaging information; not that he had a choice. At the end of the six months Deeks regain his wits, and escaped captivity with an unconscious Kensi over his shoulder, and a laptop. It was a slow arduous task, but Deeks made it out of that hole and found his way to a city.

The city seemed foreign to him, so he kept moving until he found a warehouse, and then sent an encrypted message back to the States request immediate evacuation. After the message was sent Deeks went looking for a bathroom, and tried to clean himself up. Deeks found a bathroom and started to get cleaned up, or as best as he could. Deeks looked at his face in the mirror and saw numerous cuts and scars in various stages of healing; some fresh, some healing, some that have healed, and one that was over his right eye that would leave a nasty scar.

"What happened to me these past six months?" Deeks asked nobody in particular.

The only other person in the warehouse beside him was Kensi, and she wouldn't be answering anytime soon. Deeks pulled his shirt off and saw more cuts, bruises, and scars; a particular nasty scar, which had a twin, rested on both sides of his sternum. Deeks went to touch one of the scars and was rewarded with a blinding pain, powerful enough to make him take a knee.

"ARGH!" Deeks yelled.

The phantom pain from his torture was still present evidently, and then Deeks noticed his arms. There were track marks, as if he had been injected with something; and then remembered that he had died three times while in captivity. And three times Deeks was revived.

"Either these Asian morons hated me, or they really loved to cause some serious pain to people; Sadist idiots." Deeks said. "What did they inject me with? Whatever it was it was nasty, and had horrible side effects."

Deeks decided to clean up what he could, and then went back to pack up the laptop and put Kensi over his shoulder. Just as he was picking up his weapon he heard the door on the far side of the room open and close. Deeks decided not to take any chances, so he turned and went to find the stairs. Just as he was clearing the second floor and heading towards the third Deeks head the faint hum of rotor blades, and then he heard voices speaking in a foreign language.

{It's either Chinese, or Korean.} Deeks thought as he continued to climb the stairs. {I really don't want to spend another moment with these idiots.}

Just as he was rounding the corner for the fourth floor, Deeks heard the telltale sounds of a hammer being cocked and then he heard the shot. Deeks ducked away from the edge to avoid being hit, but he did so and tried to keep up the pace was getting tricky. Plus the added weight of his partner, and the laptop were getting heavier by the second.

{I'm gonna have to hit the gym real hard once I've been clear for physical activity.} Deeks thought.

Just as Deeks rounded the sixth floor was when he took a ricochet to the arm. It toppled Deeks, sending Kensi and the laptop flying. As Kensi hit the floor, she started to regain consciousness, but was still out of it. Deeks was attempting to get back to his feet, but the bullets were becoming a hazard. Deeks looked over the edge and saw that his pursuers were two floors down. Deeks reached into the laptop bag and grabbed a grenade. He pulled the pin and aimed for where the attackers would be and then tossed it. Just as tossed it Deeks took another shoot in the same arm as the first bullet.

{What did I do to piss these people off?!} Deeks thought hysterically.

Next thing Deeks heard, and felt, was the explosion of the grenade and the warehouse shaking. Deeks could hear the cries of agony, and pain from the wounded and dying, but didn't stop to admire his handy work. Deeks could feel his energy waning, and his consciousness failing.

{Of all places I die here!} Deeks shout internally.

It was at this time Deeks could hear the rotor blades more clearly, and with that another surge of adrenaline; so Deeks slung the laptop and Kensi over his good arm and put the weapon in his off and wounded arm and continued to the roof.

N.C.I.S. L.A.

The chopper was nearing the building in question just as portion of the sidewall on the sixth floor had been blown out. The pilot decided to err on the side of caution and circled the building for a bit. Just when the pilot decide that it was clear to land the door to the roof open, and a Deeks step out and look for the vehicle. Deeks moved away from the door and towards a more open part of the roof that would make it easier for the chopper to land. Just as Deeks was nearing the landing zone the door swung open and some more of the thugs poured out onto the roof. Deeks saw the guys in the chopper get frantic and turned in the direction of the excitement. Deeks could finally see that his captures were military personnel. Without hesitation Deeks returned fire and buy some time for the bird to get within range so the SEALS could cover him long enough to board. It took all of thirty seconds for the process to go down: Deeks providing covering fire, the SEALS providing cover fire for Deeks to get on board with the Kensi and the laptop. Just as the chopper was lifting off, Deeks collapsed, and blacked out.

"MEDIC!" One of the SEALS shouted.

Just as the medic had ripped off his shirt, Deeks had departed from the land of the living. When Deeks returned to it he would be in a hospital handcuffed to the bed.

N.C.I.S. L.A.

Camp Dwyer-

Callen and Sam were pacing the hanger waiting for news of the extraction. It was at this moment the base commander came and addressed the men.

"Gentlemen I bring word." The commander said.

"And." Callen said.

"The extraction is good, no major hiccups to delay the return of the bird; albeit, Detective Deeks flat-lined as the chopper was pulling away." The commander said.

"Was the medic able to revive him?" Sam asked.

"When we spoke last, they were still performing C.P.R. and patching him up; for the time being Detective Deeks is dead." The commander said.

"Sir!" A voice shouted.

The three men turned to look at the person calling for the base commander. It was the man's personal assistant. The assistant approached the commander and whispered something to the man. Just as quickly as the assistant came, he left just as fast.

"The medic was able to revive the detective, but he is in critical condition. His partner has regained consciousness and is a somewhat hysterical about his condition. The bird will be here in thirty." The commander said and then went left to handle some business elsewhere.

After the commander left Sam get all tense and started to pace. Callen could see the gears turning in his partner's head and can kind figure out who the culprit for the leak is, but Callen isn't buying the fact that the person betrayed their country.

"What's the problem Sam?" Callen asked, even though he knew the answer.

"Do you even have to ask?" Sam asked.

"What was worth it?" Callen asked.

"I man not like Deeks, but he didn't deserve this." Sam said.

"There's nothing we can do about it Sam." Callen said.

"That may be true, but that doesn't me I have to like." Sam said.

Callen could see the wheels in Sam's head starting to turn. Callen picked this moment to leave, and head for the sick bay; all the while leaving Sam to himself; knowing that he wouldn't be able to talk any sense into Sam. While Sam continued to think on Callen's words the chopper was getting close, and a medical team had stepped into the hang and head into the direction of the tarmac. It was another ten minutes before the chopper had landed, but the team seemed frantic; frightened even. When the chopper had landed Sam saw Kensi jump out of the chopper and clear the way for the SEALs to pull Deeks out of the chopper and load him onto the gurney. When Deeks was secured, the team rushed Deeks to the sick bay. Once there they would prep Deeks for surgery. As the gurney passed Sam got a look at Deeks and almost lost it. Deeks chest look like mincemeat with all scar from the burns and cut. His face was so scarred that Deeks was almost unrecognizable. Sam got a glimpse of Deeks left arm in passing and that he saw track marks on them.

{What the heck did they inject him with?} Sam thought

"Who could do such a thing to another human being?" Kensi asked.

Sam didn't have to look at Kensi to know that she was on the verge of breaking down. Even with all his training Sam is being to wonder if it would have been enough to save himself if he was in Deeks position. Upon turning to Kensi Sam saw that she had tears in her eyes, and was in bad shape herself. Sam pulled Kensi into a hug and let her cry until she was comfortable. After Kensi was better, she was still emotional not knowing if Deeks would live through the day, the two agents head for the sick bay.

N.C.I.S. L.A.

Callen was heading back to Deeks room after the medical staff had gotten settled in. Just as he was entering he saw two men in suits standing on each side of the bed.

"Can I help you?" Callen asked

"Yes, you can vacate the premises. This man is in our custody now." The man on the right said.

"What alphabet organization are you two with?" Callen asked.

"Does it matter?" The man on the left asked.

"I don't care who you two are, but if you want to make their job harder leave those cuffs on." Callen said.

"Orders of the D.O.D.," The man on the right said. "We are to take custody of the traitor as soon as he has been secured."

The man on the left produced their orders, and handed them to Callen. He looked them over and then shredded them. The two men stared at Callen like he was insane.

"I guarantee that when the medical team produces the results for Detective Deeks examination it will show that he was drugged, and forced to tell them what they want to know." Callen said.

With that Callen left, but didn't get far because when he exited the room Sam and Kensi were about to enter.

"Going in there is not a good idea." Callen said.

Sam pushed Callen out of the way and entered anyways; what he saw almost made him go insane, and Kensi was seeing red when she entered.

"What exactly are you two doing?" Sam asked.

Kensi was on the verge of beating the two men within an inch of their lives.

"We're with the D.O.D.; we'd show you our orders, but you friend tore them up." The man on the right said.

Sam knew that something like this might happen; albeit, he didn't think it would happen so quickly. Sam turned to Kensi and nodded for her to leave. Kensi was about to argue, but Sam just held his hand up and pointed for the door. Kensi huffed out a breath and the vacated the room.

"Anything that you two are legally allowed to share?" Sam asked.

"We were ordered to detain the person that was responsible for the death of our troops. The password use to get that information was given to the detective." The man on the right said.

"I'm taking neither you have done field work before have you. Or been captured by an enemy faction?" Sam asked.

Both of the men looked at each other, and then looked back at Sam.

"Didn't think so." Sam said and then left the room.

N.C.I.S. L.A.

"So what they have to say for themselves?" Callen asked.

"Deeks password was use to gleam information from the D.O.D., so there orders were to detain him and bring him back for questioning. I saw his arms, Deeks was drugged." Sam said.

It was twenty-four hours before the team heard anything, during that time the medical staff came, and whisked Kensi off to get check out herself.

N.C.I.S L.A.

Deeks was starting to come to when he felt that his wrist was restrained, both of them. Deeks did a mental recap of the last thing he remembers, and the only viable option left was that he was under arrest by the American government.

{Wonderful.} Deeks thought.

It was at this time he heard a voice.

"Deeks." The voice said.

The voice was familiar one it was his partner, his friend, his.

"Sunshine and Gunpowder." Deeks said.

Kensi was taken back by the comment, and then remember that night in the boatshed when they lost track of Sidorov. As she was leaving Kensi remembering Deeks shouting those words.

"Yeah, it's me!" Kensi said. "Sam! Callen!"

By the time Deeks was opening his eyes he could see Sam and Callen rushing into his hospital room.

"Who thought it was a genius idea to give me the fancy hardware?" Deeks asked, making light of the handcuffs.

"That would-"

"Us." Said a voice entering the room.

"Ah! The goon squad." Deeks said.

"We resent that. Our job is dangerous." Said goon number two said.

"Dangerous." Deeks said.

"Your job is dangerous. Take a look at him." Sam said.

Deeks gave Sam a questioning look. Deeks was not expecting Sam to defend him.

"If you'll excuse us we would like to have a word with the suspect." Goon number one said.

"Suspect? If you want to talk to one of those you may want to start with your own office." Deeks said.

"Our office?" Goon one said.

"How did we get captured?" Deeks asked dumb and dumber, while moving a finger between him and Kensi.

The two guys stopped and thought about what Deeks said, and then left the room.

"Care to explain that accusation?" Callen asked.

"I've been here, what twenty-four and the goon squad is already here? Only the D.O.D. knew about the routes that the four of us would be taking that day six months ago." Deeks said.

"And?" Sam asked.

"How did the Chinese know about the exact route that Kensi and I would be on?" Deeks asked looking Callen in the eyes removing any doubt that there was a leak in the federal government; more specifically the Department of Defense.

Callen left, and then followed by Sam. Only Kensi remained, and she was in bad shape. It wasn't from a physically stand point, yeah she was beaten, and bruised; it was more of a psychological stand point. Deeks can see it in her eyes.

"How?" Was all Kensi asked.

"How, what?" Deeks asked for clarification.

"How did you not break before last week?" Kensi asked.

"Did I do the wrong thing?" Deeks asked.

"I had to listen to you scream, and moan for six months. You think that was something I could take?" Kensi asked with tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry to say that I broke my promise." Deeks said.

"You can back to me, so I don't care." Kensi said.

Kensi started to cry when she said that Deeks came back to her. Deeks wanted to pull Kensi into his chest and hold her tight, but thought against it. Given the current state of his position, Deeks thinks that he could possibly get away with it. Oh boy was he wrong. Kensi walked over to the bed and hugged Deeks, which aggravated the burns on his chest.

"ARGH!" Deeks shouted as he slammed his head into the bed.

The pain was so blinding that it knocked Deeks out. Kensi just stared at her partner's unconscious body for what seemed an eternity; until she was brought back to reality by one of the medical staff. Behind the medical staff Kensi could see Sam and Callen stand in the door way with frightened expressions on their faces.


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