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Chapter Ten

Emma walked through a courtyard filled with statues made from ice. It was like a scene from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Ahead of her was a stunning castle which towered high above the surrounding landscape. It glittered in the sunlight and it, like the statues around her, was made from ice. As she continued to make her way towards the castle, shadows began to move around and when she looked over her shoulder the shadows had claimed everything, leaving an empty void of darkness behind her.

Shivering, Emma continued on her way. She drew closer and closer to the castle. More and more ice statues began to block her path. She couldn't help but look at them. Some were frozen begging for mercy, while others stood tall waiting for their fate to befall them. Some appeared unaware of the fate which had befallen them. One statue was of a young girl, reaching up with one hand and a basket full of apples in the other like she had been frozen whilst picking apples from a tree.

As she reached the steps leading to the entrance to the castle, Emma paused and stared up at the frozen knight which stood guard. They turned their heads to look at her, before opening the door. Emma entered too scared to do anything else but obey. She entered the castle and the doors slammed shut behind her.

Looking around, the entranceway was empty and lifeless. Nothing moved and everything was covered in dust and ice. Suddenly voices reached her ears and Emma began to follow the sound through the castle until at last, she came to a room. She stood frozen in the doorway as she watched Ingrid freeze two people solid. Once their forms had been encased in ice, two frozen knights came forward and carried the new ice statues away.

"Emma," Ingrid smiled, turning to face Emma. "What's wrong?"

Emma stared at Ingrid in fear, before backing away as Ingrid moved towards her. Ingrid tutted and waved her hands and suddenly Emma couldn't move. Looking down, Emma was horrified to see her feet had been frozen to the floor. Looking up again, Emma was startled to find Ingrid now standing right in front of her.

"Emma," She sighed.

"Let me go!" Emma demanded.

Ingrid reached up and placed a hand to Emma's checks.

"Shhhh," Ingrid rubbed her check. "We'll be a family. Don't worry. Don't you trust me, Emma?"

"You're a monster!" Emma shook her head.

Ingrid smile turned wicked and the doors at the far end of the room opened and Lily walked in, only it wasn't Lily. The 'Lily' that walked towards her was made entirely out of ice.

"Mother," Lily greeted Ingrid before turning to Emma. "Hello, sister."

Emma just started screaming and struggling, trying to get away.

Ingrid smiled and placed a finger to Emma's forehead, a sudden biting cold began to travel through Emma's body and her struggles began to grow weaker and her screams became whimpers before fading into silence. A numbness filled her head like someone had stuffed it full of cotton wool.

"Emma?" Ingrid asked, her wicked smile gone replaced with a look of concern.

"Yes mother," Emma answered.

Ingrid smiled and gently lead Emma over to a mirror and when Emma looked into the mirror, her reflection was one made entirely of ice. She blinked twice, before looking down at her hands, which were indeed made of ice as was the rest of her body. Ingrid smiled and run a hand over Emma's frozen hair.

"The perfect family," she said.

Emma woke with a start and bolted upright, panting heavily. She jumped out of bed and rushed over to the mirror in her room and stared at her reflection in the near darkness and for a moment she thought she saw ice lingering on her skin.


"Where is he, Ursula?" Ingrid asked, staring at the Sea Witch who stood before her.

Ursula let out a hiss as she struggled against the magical bounds which held her.

"Why should I tell you, Ice Queen?" She snapped. "That boy is going to lead me to my revenge!"

Ingrid clenched her fist and the bounds around Ursula tightened, causing Ursula to let out a gasp.

"Tell me," Ingrid ordered. "Or you will never get your revenge!"

"Why do you deserve a happy ever after and I don't?" Ursula demanded. "That's what you want the boy for, isn't it? So you can run off back to your kingdom and play happy families! Well, guess what, that isn't going to happen once they find out who you really are! I know who your new daughter is! How do you think the Saviour will react once she finds out she's begin raised by a villain? How long can you keep up the act Ingrid? People saw you as a monster so you became the monster. Habits like that are hard to break. The Kingdom you rule hates you and you have a garden full of frozen citizens, those who dared to defy you!"

"We're a family," Ingrid argued.

Ursula laughed, "For now maybe…"

Ingrid glared at Ursula who smiled.

"If you let me go and help me," Ursula proposed. "I'll let you have the boy and I'll give you a means to create the happy ever after you've always wanted."

"Help you how?" Ingrid questioned.

"Help me find Ariel," Ursula answered. "She is under the Evil Queens curse. When the Evil Queen's curse bought them to this realm, she made them forget who they were and created new memories… I'm sure such a spell would be useful to create your new family. You could make them whoever you wanted them to be. They'd be like putty in your hands, ready to mould into whatever you desired. The Evil Queen would no doubt help you just to ensure the Saviour never breaks her curse."

Ingrid thought about in for a second before releasing Ursula. Such a spell would indeed be useful. She could create the family she always wanted.

"Very well," Ingrid said. "I will help you."

Ursula smiled.


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