When I'm With You

A/N: The song Finn and his group sing sings to Rachel is My Girl by The Temptations. Sad that this story comes to an end. Thanks to all and always, this for all who want to keep Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson in our hearts forever.

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Rachel opened her eyes to see 3 sets of eyes staring back at her. Two sets were amber, one set dark chocolate brown.

"Good morning, Mommy," whispered 5 year old Anna Elisabeth Hudson. "Can we wake up Daddy?"

Rachel smiled. Leave it up to her mischievous 9 year old twins, Olivia and Lucas, to bribe Anna into waking them up. They knew that Anna was totally a Daddy's girl and Finn would never get upset with her for waking him up.

"Well, why don't you three little schemers run upstairs to your rooms and get dressed," Rachel said, throwing the covers back. "I'll make breakfast and then you can come back down and wake your Daddy up. How's that?"

"Okay," they softly echoed. They then turned and ran out of the bedroom door. Rachel turned to see if the noise had awakened her husband. Finn had his back turned to her but she could tell by his soft even snores that he was still fast asleep.

Rachel crawled out of bed, walking over to their closet. She pulled on her sweats over her tiny sleep shorts and walked slowly into the kitchen to start breakfast. She had on Finn's t-shirt. How, after all these years, does she still end up wearing his t shirts after their lovemaking. As she started breakfast, she thought about the last 10 wonderful years with him. She still got tingles when she thought about him during the day. His touch, his voice, his kisses still caused her heart to melt. And, every time they made love, it was just like the first time. Finn Hudson still just DID IT for her.

While the bacon was cooking she started the coffee brewing. She then started mixing the eggs, scrambling the kids' and making her and Finn omelets. Grabbing a cup of coffee, she slid the cinnamon rolls she had made last night in her breadmaker into the oven to bake.

She looked up and saw the kids coming downstairs, each running to be the first one to wake up Finn. "Ssshhh!" she scolded. "Do not overwhelm your Daddy. Walk in there. No running and do not dive on him." She smiled as her 3 kids pretended to tiptoe across the floor toward her bedroom to wake up her sleeping husband.

She then turned toward the stove, removing the bacon to drain and placing the eggs into another hot skillet. After scrambling the eggs, she plated them and set everything on the table as she heard the kids laughing and telling their Daddy to stop tickling them.

Smiling, she removed the cinnamon rolls from the oven and let them cool while she set the orange juice on the table just as the kids ran and sat at the table. "Stop Lucas. Wait for Dad and me," she warned without even looking around after setting the bacon on the table. He always tried to steal bacon ahead of everyone. He definitely had his Daddy's food habits and appetite.

She felt two large hands wrap around her waist, pulling her close. "Good morning, Babe," Finn said, burying his face into her neck. "How do you look and smell so good after what we did half the night?"

Rachel smiled, remembering briefly their pre-anniversary lovemaking last night. With each passing day, she seemed to love this man more and more. 10 years tomorrow, 10 years of joy, happiness and she could only see it getting better. And in those 10 years, he just seemed to get that much more handsome, with the slight graying of the temples, the scuff and the reading glasses. She still felt like the luckiest woman in the world to have him and her children. This life, this love.

"Finn, don't start something you know we can't finish," she whispered in his ear as she pulled from his embrace. He smirked back at her, planting a kiss to her cheek as he turned, seeing all of the kids smiling back at them.

"Go, sit and I'll bring our omelets out so we can eat," Rachel said, turning back to the stove. Finn reached down and squeezed her ass, winked at her and mouthed 'later' as he walked over to take his seat at the table.

They sat eating their breakfast, breaking up a fight between the twins over the last cinnamon roll and cleaning up Anna's spilled juice, twice. "So, Rach, what's the plan for today?" asked Finn, sipping on his coffee.

"Well, Livie and Anna are going with me. We are meeting your Mom and mine at the spa at 11 for massage, mani-pedi, and we're getting our hair done for tonight. What about you?"

"Mama, I'm going to get my nails done, too?" asked Anna, her amber eyes shining.

Rachel reached over and tousled her hair. "Yeah, baby. And I'm going to get your hair done like a big girl's. Anna giggled and turned toward Olivia, sticking her tongue out at her. Olivia returned the favor.

"Livie, Anna," warned Finn. "Not nice." The two girls frowned at each other. "Well," continued Finn, "I'm taking Lucas and we are getting haircuts..."

"Dad," moaned Lucas. "I'm letting it grow long. I don't want it cut."

"Yeah, 'cause Mandi, his girlfriend, likes his looong brown hair. I think it looks a mess. Like a werewolf," giggled Olivia.

"Livie, you shut up! At least I like someone real. You're always kissing that picture of Cory Monteith on your wall," revealed Lucas.

"Cory Monteith?" asked Rachel, eyes wide.

"Yeah," answered Lucas. "He's that twerp on that singing show on TV." He then turned to Olivia, singing, "Livie got a crush on an old man. Livie got a crush..."

"Stop it," chastised Rachel. "Both of you. Finish so we can get moving. And young man," Rachel continued, turning to Lucas. "You need to get your hair as least trimmed." She reached over and smoothed the hair of her handsome son, who looked just like Finn. "At least get that messy hair out of your eyes. Okay?"

Lucas pushed his Mom's hand away gently. "Mom, stop it," he says blushing.

Rachel rose from the table. "Okay, Dad and I are going to get dressed. Olivia and Lucas, dishes. Anna, clear the table and take out the garbage. Go." She grabbed Finn's hand as they headed for their bedroom. "And don't wet up my kitchen, you three."

Later that night at the Anniversary party...

Rachel looked around the hotel ballroom they had rented for the party. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves as some song called 'Animals' by Maroon 5 played. (She knew she should have rechecked the kids' song selections.) But, the kids were up dancing and having fun so the music wasn't all bad. Noah was laughing as Olivia and Anna danced around him. He was trying to follow their moves, with not much success as Rachel laughed at them. She sipped on her favorite pink champagne as the music changed to a slow song. Laughing, she watched as her kids frowned and then ran over to the food table along with their cousins.

Rachel looked up and her handsome husband was holding out his hand to her. "Can I get this dance with my wife?" he asked, smiling down at her.

She stood up and let him lead her to the dance floor. Looking around, she noticed that they were the only ones on the dance floor. "Finn?" she asked.

He gathered her in his arms, smiling. "I asked the DJ to play this for us. I love you, Rachel Hudson and," bending down he kissed her. "Happy 10th anniversary."

"I love you too, Finn Hudson," she said, pulling back slightly to look into his eyes. "The last 10 years have been the happiest of my entire life." She then laid her head against his chest and let the music and his arms envelop her. They swayed to the soft sounds of 'So Amazing' by Luther Vandross.

As the song finished, Finn pulled back to the sound of applause as their guests had been watching them. He and Rachel smiled as they made their way back to their table. The music, dancing and eating continued as he and Rachel made their way around the room, talking with their friends as the night went on.

Olivia and Anna pulled their Daddy onto the dance floor as Rachel found herself dancing with Lucas at the same time. As 'Happy' by Pharrell played, Finn danced around with his girls as they giggled at the funny moves their Daddy was making. Rachel held hands with Lucas as they jumped to the beat of the fun song. It was so delightful to see the happy little family having so much fun together, as their other family members and guests observed.

After the song ended, Rachel kissed her kids and headed back to her table. Finn sipped on his beer, catching a quick breather before signaling to a few of the men in the room and they made their way up to the front of the room.

Finn took the mic from the DJ and cleared his throat. Rachel noticed that Puck, her and Finn's dad and Lucas were standing behind Finn. "Excuse me, can I have your attention," Finn said into the mic. "I want to thank everyone for coming out tonight to help Rachel and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. I hope all of you are enjoying yourself."

He then turned to Rachel. "Rachel, baby. 10 years ago tomorrow, you made me the happiest man on this earth. You said 'I Do'," he smiled. "Then you gave me 3 wonderful children and a home that I can't wait to get to each and every day. My beautiful Olivia, my wonderful Lucas and my precious Anna, I love your Mommy so very much. Rachel, you are my world and you will always be 'My Girl'."

Then Rachel heard the beat of a bass guitar start up and she smiled as Finn and the others started spinning the smooth dance moves of the Temptations. Women started 'fangirl' screaming as Finn stepped up to the mic:

Finn: I've got sunshine
On a cloudy day
When it's cold outside
I've got the month of May

All:I guess you say
What can make me feel this way
Finn:My girl

Puck: My girl

All: My girl

Finn:Talkin bout my girl
All:My girl

Finn: I've got so much honey
The bees envy me
I've got a sweeter song
Than the birds in the trees

All:I guess you say
What can make me feel this way
Finn:My girl

Puck: My girl

All: My girl

Finn:Talkin bout my girl
All:My girl

Then Finn steps back into the middle of the group as they do a few of the classic Temptations moves during the musical interlude. Rachel laughs as Lucas is keeping up with the older men, smiling up at his mother. Olivia is leaning her head on Rachel's shoulder as Anna sits in her lap.

All: Hey, hey hey. Hey hey hey.

Finn:I don't need no money
Fortune or fame
I got all the riches Baby
One man can claim

All:I guess you say
What can make me feel this way
Finn:My girl

Puck: My girl

All: My girl

Finn:Talkin bout my girl
All:My girl
Finn:I got sunshine on a cloudy day
With my girl
I've even got the month of May
with my girl
Talkin bout, Talkin bout my girl
My girl
All I can talk about is my girl
My girl

They then bow to the guest as Finn looks over at Rachel and winks. Rachel then runs up to him as all of the guys mingle into the crowd, accepting the pats on the back. "Oh, Finn. That was so good!" she exclaims, reaching up to hug her husband. "When did you guys come up with that?"

"Well, we've been working on it through Facetime for weeks. Then we put the finishing touches on it today while you and the others were at the spa. Did you like it?"

"I loved it." She then reached down to hug her son. "And my little man here was hanging pretty good."

"Awww, Mom," Lucas said, blushing. "It was fun singing some of Dad's old songs. Gotta go. Nana promised me a big slice of cake." He then took off toward the dessert table.

Rachel smiled as the guest started dancing again. She and Finn danced a few more times, taking the prize for swing dancing this time. (Now she wasn't 7 months pregnant and they had been taking lessons for the last 6 months).

Finn now sat at the table sipping his Bass Ale beer as the crowd was dwindling down. His parents were leaving tonight to drive back with Andrea and her family for the long Thanksgiving holiday next week. His kids were leaving to go spend the week with Rachel's parents. He and Rachel would join them Wednesday. They were spending their anniversary weekend at home alone. He couldn't wait to get started.

Puck was now living back in Roxboro with his elderly mother. He helped Rachel's Dad run the farm now that Mr. Berry was getting so much older. He still wasn't married but was dating the same girl for the past 2 years, which was a record for Puck. He hadn't stayed with his previous wives that long.

Clarice was married now and was expecting her first baby with her husband, Timothy. She still worked at the EPA office and lunched often with Finn. She and Rachel were as close as ever. She was an excellent godmother to the twins and a backup babysitter for all three of the kids.

Travis and Brenda remained close to Rachel and Finn. Brenda helped them to purchase their present home. They bought the huge farmhouse they lived in now when Rachel became pregnant with Anna. It was on 15 acres surrounded by a lake which Finn loved to fish, with boating and water skiing with the Rachel and the kids. They had purchased a couple of SeaDoos also for the family to jet ski on in the summer. They now had 5 bedrooms, 3-1/2 baths within their 8000 sq foot home. They loved it. The kids were at an excellent school, Finn only had a 15 minute commute to work and they were still only 30 minutes away from Rachel's hometown.

Rachel never returned to work after the twins were born. (Which made Finn really happy). She just couldn't leave the twins after being home with them for 3 months. So after deciding to stay home with the kids, Rachel started doing private contract work from home as a computer analyst. She had a contract with the EPA where she used to work full time. (Clarice still complained about Rachel's replacement, Henry. She said he was slow, argued with the scientists about their data and wasn't as meticulous as Rachel was about his work.) Rachel rejoined her string quartet and they gave monthly concerts in the park. Between caring for the kids and Finn, her part-time contract job, and her volunteer work, Rachel's life was pretty full.

Finn was now the Director of the VA Services, a position he was promoted to 2 years ago. He no longer had a case load which Rachel was thankful for. He hadn't had any nightmares or flashbacks in over 8 years now and it seemed that all of that was behind him now. He swears he owed it all to Rachel and the life she shared with him.

"Finn," Rachel approached him, breaking him out of his thoughts. "Let's go and tell everyone bye so we can get started on our private celebration."

"Okay," said Finn, standing up quickly. "Can't wait to get you home, Mrs. Hudson."

Later that night...

Finn and Rachel lay on the pillows and blankets in front of the fireplace. He wrapped his arms around his tiny wife as she laid her head on his chest. They were both looking off at the flames as they flickered in the darkened room. Rachel then looked up at Finn.

"Finn, what were you thinking about earlier. You know, just before we left the party. You looked like you were deep in thought."

"Oh, that. I was just thinking back over the last 10 years. About how so very happy I am. How happy you have made me." He kissed her forehead and she smiled up at him. "The last 10 years have been wonderful, Rach. I have you and my 3 precious, wonderful kids and I just love you all so very much." Finn swallowed, trying to rid himself of the lump he felt in his throat.

"Before you, I didn't think I would ever have any of this. I just thought...you know. I thought I would just have my job, my career and just come back everyday to a quiet, empty apartment. No one to love or who would ever truly love me, just for me. Never having a home. A real home." He was quiet for awhile as Rachel just stroked his hair. "I just want to thank you, Rachel. Thank you for this life and thank you for letting me love you all these years."

Rachel couldn't help the tears forming in her eyes. "Oh, Finn. You're welcome. But I am so grateful too. I hope I have shown you all these years how happy and blessed I feel having you and all of this." She kissed him and then laid her head on his chest again. "And, you know it hasn't always been easy." They both chuckled. "We've had our fights, our disagreements. But we have never, ever let it come between us. Never let it break this bond we have. This tether that over the years has only become stronger, binding us together forever." She then just let the tears flow onto his shirt. Happy, joyous tears.

"I know, I know," Finn said, gently stroking her back. He had so much love for this woman. It still overwhelmed them both sometime. Like now, as he let his own tears flow.

Then, as the music from his still-working stereo played in the background, Finn rose up to his knees. He cupped his wife's face and kissed her slowly and softly. He then brushed away her tears with his thumbs. Rachel reached up and stroked his face, removing his remaining tears. She then reached and unbuttoned his shirt slowly, sliding it off of him and throwing it to the side. Finn reached behind her, unzipping her dress and helped her to slowly pull it over her head. She then reached up and helped him remove his t-shirt, throwing it aside. He then stood up, removing his pants and shorts, tossing all of them onto the pile beside the blankets. Rachel kneeled, admiring her still-fit husband and his growing erection as he helped her to slowly remove her bra and panties.

They then stood facing each other, both naked in the soft glow of the flames of the fireplace. Finn just didn't know how he ever got so lucky to have her. She was so beautiful with her long dark brown hair falling in waves across her shoulders. Her big beautiful chocolate eyes looking up at him with so much love.

"Oh, Rach. You still take my breath away. You are so, so beautiful," Finn said as he admired her body. He then pulled her in to him and he captured her lips into a passionate, deep kiss, running his fingers through her hair, pulling on it gently to bring her closer to him still. He then lowered them both down onto the blankets and pillows as he then lay between her parted legs. He kissed her neck, then her shoulders, moving down to her breasts. He felt her shiver under him as he brought one of her nipples between his lips as he caressed the other. Then he switched, bringing the other hard nipple to his mouth as his hand moved down her stomach, massaging its way down until it settled between her legs. He then began to work his magic on her clit with his thumb as he pressed two fingers into her.

Rachel began to moan as Finn began bringing her to the edge with his fingers. All these years and he still could make her feel so good, so special, so loved. "Finn, oh god!" Rachel screamed as she went over the edge, her bottom spasming under him.

Just as she was coming down from her high, Finn pressed into her, feeling her clinching around him. He just didn't know how Rachel did it. After all these years of lovemaking, after having 3 children, she was still so tight, so warm, and so moist that he still almost came whenever he first entered her. He stilled himself for a few seconds, allowing him time to calm down and then he started sliding in and out of her slowly. "God, Rachel. Baby, you still make me want to explode too early," Finn moaned as he made love to his wife. "So tight, so damn good baby." He continued loving his wife, slowly, with each stroke causing him to creep slowly closer and closer toward his climax. But not until he brought his wife with him. They always came together or at least close together.

Rachel could feel her next orgasm building as she clung to her husband. With them finally being alone in their home, she could relax and enjoy every inch of her Finn. "Oh Finn. I love you, I love you! That feels soooo good." She kissed his shoulder, his neck and finally his lips as she felt herself ready to go over the edge again. "Oh god, Finn! Finn! Baby!" she screamed as she felt herself climaxing again.

Finn could feel Rachel clamping down again as her orgasm overtook her, causing him to come with her. He moaned out her name as he spilled forcefully into her. "Oh, Rach baby!" He whispered in her ear as he collapsed around her, still not putting his full weight on her. He just laid on top of her as they both breathed heavily, sweating and smiling as they slowly came down from their incredible high. He then rolled off of her and pulled her onto his chest as she snuggled into his side.

"Wow!" exclaimed Finn as he kissed her hair. "Mrs. Hudson! You still got it, Babe."

"And so do you, Finn. I'm telling you. It's just...it just gets better every single time." She lay their for a moment, listening to his heartbeat as it slowed down. Both their heartbeats still synced together, beat for beat. She then looked up at him, smiling with a satisfied look on her face. "Happy Anniversary, Finn. I love you. Forever."

"I love you, Rach. Forever."

The End.