Author's Note: I know I haven't posted in forever. I am so sorry. I've had the worst case of writers block ever. But I now have a thing, it's a kind of fun thing. If you don't like the superfamily and or Spidergirl do not read. I do not own anything.

Discovering The Truth

Captain America Found Out

Steven Rodgers was a reasonable man. He had dealt with a lot of things in his long life. Being the subject of a government experiment and then being frozen for several decades were now at the bottom of his long list of weird thing. Topping the list was probably the giant alien whales that had been unleashed during Loki's attempted takeover of New York. However a close second was what had happened after the battle of New York. That was when he discovered that Tony Stark, self proclaimed genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist had a kid.

When they had returned to Stark Tower after the battle to collect Loki they had entered at the bottom floor, Tony's suit had been nearly out of power and Thor looked too banged up to really be of much use for flying. The entrance was mostly destroyed and Tony looked very worried about something. Natasha looked over at him and laid a hand on his arm.

"Tony, she'll be fine. Fury put three agents on her when you got involved in all this, just like you asked." Tony nodded. Then he froze. Steve looked in the direction he was staring. There was a pair of feet sticking out from around the corner. Tony dashed, as much as he could, around the corner and the team followed him. There were bodies all over the room. Most of them were Chitauri solders but the figure at the entrance was an agent, dressed in S.H.I.E.L.D. gear and sporting an impressive hole in his chest. Across the room, stationed at the door to the next room, two more agents lay in pools of their own blood. Tony limped as fast as he could to the door and tried to force it open. Steve could see something in his eyes he hadn't seen before, desperation.

Steve tapped him on the shoulder and nudged him aside. Tony was about to yell at him when Steve placed both hands on the edge of the door. He pulled hard and the door, damaged from the Chitauri blasts, crumpled under his super human strength. Tony pushed past him and was almost blasted off his feet by a bright white light. Steve was prepared for another fight until Tony raised his hands in surrender and pulled off the remainder of his helmet.

"It's ok, it's me." A second passed and then a blur of motion raced at Tony and everyone, except him and Natasha, readied their weapons. Then Steve saw who was holding Tony. She couldn't have been older than fifteen, her hair was dark brown and very messy at the moment, she was pale and wearing an arm of what appeared to be the iron man armor. She was currently sobbing into Tony's chest.

"It's ok Pipes, it's ok. It's over we made it." The girl stepped back and nodded still crying. Tony wrapped an arm around her shoulder and led her over to the others.

"Piper this is Clint, whom I like to call Legolos. Natashalie you already know. This is Thor, yeah the god of thunder. And the Capsicle. Guys this is Piper, my daughter." The girl, who was quite a bit shorter than Tony waved with the arm not clad in the iron man armor. That was the first meeting of many.

About a year later Steve and the rest of the avengers moved into Stark Tower. After a few months Steve noticed Piper was acting a bit weird, but then again she was a teenager so he didn't think anything of it. That was until he walked into the training room one day and found her. That in and of itself was a bit odd but the position he found her in was really the odd bit.

"Um, Piper why are you sitting on the ceiling?" She jumped and swiveled around to face him, still sticking to the ceiling with both feet and one hand looking ready for a fight. When she saw who it was she paled.

"Don't tell dad!" Steve paused for a moment as he thought. It was kind of obvious now what was really going on here but the thing he didn't know was how. That was a big important question right now. Tony clearly had no idea but if she was doing what he thought she was doing then maybe that wasn't such a bad thing.

"If I agree to that will you tell me how this happened?" Piper stared at him for a moment her hair, a short bob cut that she had recently adopted, about four months ago.

"You have to promise me you won't tell him. You gotta swear it on your shield!" Steve very nearly laughed. But Piper looked dead serious glaring him down with her deep hazel eyes. A bit of the seriousness was lost because she was still upside down. Steve closed the gym door and turned back to her.

"I swear." She kept glaring at him.

"On my shield." She paused for a minute and then stood up on the ceiling. She was almost on the same level as him now and she grinned.

"I got bit by a radioactive spider. At a school field trip." Steve stared at her, incredulous.

"Wait what?" Piper stepped one foot off of the ceiling and flipped down from the ceiling landing on the floor in a crouch that seemed like she had probably fallen on her face quite a bit in the attempt at mastering it.

"Yeah it's complicated. You promised you wouldn't tell my dad." Steve nodded as Piper straightened up. There was an awkward pause and Piper rubbed her neck.

"Sooo. You're Spidergirl." It wasn't really a question but Piper felt the need to answer anyway.

"Yeah." Steve looked her over. She looked like a child who had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She also looked scared. Like she was doing something wrong. Well that just would not do.

"Good for you." Piper froze and stared at him like she had never gotten a compliment before.

"Wait, what?" Steve grinned and threw an arm around her shoulder.

"Yeah. I think it's great, I've seen the news stories, well the ones that don't involve Jamison anyway. But yeah you've done a lot of good. I think Spidergirl is great for the people. I mean the world needs the avengers but I think New York needs Spidergirl.

Steve had never seen her smile so brightly.