A/N With the update to A New Journey, I decided to bring you my Star Fox story. I came up with this one on a whim and really rolled with it, having fun with the few chapters I wrote for it thus far. This story was unique, because I made Fox into a girl because I had been mulling around this idea. I hope you enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed writing it. I do not own anything but the ideas for my story.

Chapter 1: An Unexpected Encounter

Her breathing was heavy as she rested against the door of the storage room. Kit couldn't believe her luck. Not only did she get separated from her team, but was now trapped on a abandoned space station with a faction of the Venomian Army crawling all over the place. Her Arwing was unusable in it's current state and she had little ammo left for her weapons. Kit found a few boxes she could use to make a sort of table and take in inventory, putting the only two weapons that had ammo left, her pistol and assault rifle, on the table. Each shot would have to count, she couldn't afford to waste what little defenses she had left.

A loud crash came from outside the room, and she swore under her breath. She slung the rifle over her shoulder, and took her pistol firmly in hand as she took cover by the door. She could hear gunfire echoing through the station as she hear the clattering of boots on the metal walkway. Her mind raced to try and figure out a solution to the problem, while at the same time wondering who they were fighting. It became clear it wasn't her they came to this station for.

"He's been spotted in sector five. Reinforce the area, DO NOT LET WOLF ESCAPE THIS!"

Kit froze at that, Wolf! She hadn't seen him since the Aparoid Invasion ended. Back then people thought he had died, but she knew and told them that Wolf and his team had to of survived. Sector five, that was on the other end of the station and she would have to get through many enemies for even a chance that Wolf would still side with her. She waited for the footsteps to vanish before finally opening the door.

Kit slowly pocked her head out, glancing quickly down each side of the hall. It was now or never, she loaded a round into her pistol and started to move slowly down the corridor. Approaching the corner that led to the next sector, she rested against the wall, peering around and seeing two soldiers covering the way. They had their backs to her, it firmed her thought that they didn't know about her presence yet. She was going to make these damn apes pay for all the chaos they've caused over the years. Before she could move however, a voice came over her personal communicator.

"Don't say anything, Kit. There are hundreds of them, and I can guide you through them." It was him. "I will explain everything when you get here, but for now, know that I was sent to find you by the rest of Star Fox."

That was hard for Kit to swallow. Why would Wolf and her team work together just to find her after all these years? She'd get her answers soon enough, but first had to get through the horde of apes between them. Kit had to trust Wolf, and if it's as bad as he said, they'd have to work together.

"Don't use your weapon here, Just down the path to the right is a small squad. Two of them are armed with Sniper Rifles, and will keep you pinned til reinforcements arrive. Take them out quietly, salvage what you can from them."

In her mind, she cursed him. Of course that needed to be the plan! Last thing she needed was to have the entire station crashing down around her. She reached and slowly withdrew her combat knife. She couldn't recall the last time she honestly had to use this, taking it firmly in hand as she slowly slipped down the hall. This was going to take quick action, and timing for it to work.

She was within inches of them, having crept silently to this point. Her next motion would have to take them out together. She flipped the knife around in her hand to hold it with the blade back. Moving between them, her pistol came crashing down into the neck of the ape to her right, in the same motion she drove the knife into the others neck. Nither made a loud enough sound until they dropped, but with the noises the station made as it drifted could be explained away. She couldn't let the other one wake up, moving up and slashing his throat deep. It was at this time Wolf broke the silence.

"Well done. And I must say, That look suits you." A laugh came over the comm.

Kit looked down, noticing she was covered in blood on her hands and arms, and splatters on her body. Did he just hit on her? She could feel her cheeks burn lightly with embarrassment. This wasn't the Wolf from two years ago, He changed a lot since the Aparoid Invasion. Kit shook her head to focus herself, moving to the bodies to take what she could. Three grenades, and two clips for her assault rifle.

Wolf got quiet, She could only assume he was monitoring what was going on. She moved as quickly and silently as she could to the end of the corridor, resting herself along the wall with a grenade in hand. Kit took a quick glance, noticing a squad of around seven of them. She would take them out in one go, tossing the grenade into the group. The explosion tore through the group, damaging the pathway, but killing all of them. Kit peeked around, readying her sidearm, and moving forward.

"I hope you know what you are doing. It's going to be one hell of a fight."

"I'm going to tear through them, and get to you. I want answers Wolf!"

The growl could be heard in her voice as she grabbed one of the sniper rifles. holstering her pistol and checking the ammo on the gun. She scavenged another clip, locking in a round.

"If you haven't figured it out, I'm being hunted too. I've taken control of the communications room, and barred the door. They are outside, and I'm certain looking for an alternate route in."

Kit took that as her queue to get the hell moving. She bolted, holding the rifle at the ready as she went on. Reinforcements within the area began to converge on her. With the corridor having only one path, it turned into a firefight with Kit using the sniper rifle to pick off anyone that poked their head out. As soon as the fighting died down, she slung the sniper rifle and withdrew her pistol. Kit took a chance, running at full speed towards the center of the station.

As she arrived, there were groups already taking a defensive position to keep her pinned. She ducked behind cover before a few shots rang out in her direction. She readied the sniper rifle and took position. Doing her best under the pressure, she counted as many of the forces as she could. It was hard to keep it accurate, with so much movement and gunfire at her. She placed her finger on the trigger.


"Don't hesitate... Just act..."

She spoke the words that Wolf was going to. Kit could imagine Wolf was a bit surprised that she still held those words to heart. It was now that she began the fight, firing the first shot that rang through the sector. Unlike the corridors of the other sectors, this was a giant complex that led to the different parts. This allows the shot to echo longer, and at a wider range. The first fell, and Kit took this moment to fire shots in rapid succession.

Twelve shots fired, ten kills. Kit felt herself slipping, as she shouldered the weapon, and readied her Assault Rifle. Using the commotion, Kit darted behind cover as the Venomian soldiers darted to get into cover. Reinforcements arived, and Kit used this as a chance to unload her weapon into the oncoming crowd.

It was now an all out battle, and Kit was dangerously outnumbered. Exchanges of gunfire was all that could be heard as the soldiers did what they could to keep her pinned down. She couldn't stay at her location, grabbing her last clip and loading it. She began to run towards the Sector 5 entrance. She stopped by a body, checking for ammo. Nothing, They must of used all their ammo to try and hit her.

She cursed herself, before beginning to run again. Before Kit arrived at the last piece of cover, she heard the click of the last bullet firing. Kit had to stay calm, she had to get to Wolf at all costs. She finally reached the way to Sector 5, but the fire kept coming. She picked up the nearest weapon and started to fire careful shots .

"Wolf? Wolf are you there?!"

No matter how many times Kit shouted, Wolf gave her no reply. She heard repeated gunfire from the sector, deep down fearing for Wolf's safety. It wasn't enough, she had to focus on trying to keep her own ass safe. Her focus on the forces before her, kept her from paying attention behind her, as a shot rang and a searing pain ran through her shoulder. Kit dropped her gun, letting out a cry of pain as her eyes turned behind her to see a lone sniper taking aim at her.

Just as the next shot fired, Kit dived out of the way, trying to keep herself in cover. She pulled out her pistol, resting against the cover. Hearing footsteps, she aimed towards the hallway. A grunt could be heard and a cry in pain as the sniper flew from the corridor. Kit watched as the figure came into view.

"Getting yourself into trouble, Kit?"

Wolf didn't blink an eye to the gunfire as he walked over to Kit and knelt down. Pulling out a small medical kit from a pouch on his hip. Wolf opened it and motioned for Kit to move off the wall, immediately bandaging the wound on her shoulder.

"You've grown careless."

"I'm not a child."

"I know that all to well, Kit."

A smirk crept onto Wolf's face as he tightened the bandages, Kit groaned from the pain as she watched him. Wolf reached over and grabbed Kit's pistol off the floor, pulling a extra clip he had and loaded it. He handed it to Kit, who took it with her good hand and stood up.

"We need to get to my Wolfen. The hanger in which your Arwing was in has been blocked by an explosion."

Kit didn't like leaving her Arwing behind but they didn't have time to think. Wolf pulled a grenade off his belt, letting it go and causing a explosion to create a form of distraction. Wolf motioned and both began to run, dodging the oncoming fire and the occasional grenade that was thrown their way. It was pure chaos as they reached Sector One, both taking a defensive position. Kit taking a look down the corridor as Wolf covered her. With a simple, 'It's clear.' They both started down to where Wolf's craft was. As they made their way down the corridor, the soldiers converged behind them, firing wildly at them with Wolf returning some shots as they took a turn.

"Not much further, I'm docked in Hanger 3."

As they ran, Kit noticed they passed by the second hanger bay, slowing down as they reached the turn. Kit peeked around to see a squad waiting for them. She couldn't wait as Kit opened fired down at the squad taking at least one of them out before they returned fire. Wolf pulled Kit back, and took her place, opening fire to clear the path. As the last fell, Wolf took a hit to the arm. Kit turned to look at Wolf, who didn't seem to care of the wound.

"Let's move quickly before they rest of them show up." Wolf started down towards the hanger.

Kit followed close behind, Wolf bursting into the hanger ready to fight. There was no one inside and it gave them a chance breath as Wolf moved a storage container in front of the door. He struggled to move it, but got it eventually. Kit fell to her knees as her arm throbbed with pain. Wolf made his way over, kneeling down.

"We need to go, My Wolfen only has enough room for one normally, but taking you will keep me from being able to fight."

Kit didn't like that thought, but before she could protest Wolf had helped her up and moved her to his ship. Wolf jumped in, getting into the cockpit and running his tests as banging could now be heard at the door.

"Hurry up Kit, we don't have all day!" Wolf yelled down to her, Kit wondering if this was all worth it before Wolf yelled again. "Get the fuck up here already!"

She nodded, and make her way up. Wolf pulled her into his lap, and started to begin launch. It was cramped, but Wolf had enough room to manage the controls. He said nothing, focusing on the task, taking flight and leaving the station. As they sped away, a few enemy ships followed suit. One managed to get in front of them, it was one of the many Ape Mechs that the Venomian Army used during there assaults.

With Kit in his lap, Wolf had a difficult time with the few shots he fired. Finally landing at least one solid hit, he prepared the boosters for their escape. Diverting all power from weapons, the Wolfen made it's final run and got away. Kit sighed as Wolf flew to a predetermined location.

"I have questions, Wolf."

"Don't worry, I will answer them all. But til we reach a safe location, Let me concentrate on flying."