Chapter 1

The New Adventure Begins

It was a cold night as a boy no older than 7 was running through Central Park in New York City trying to escape a giant monster dog that had been chasing him for hours. His dark green eyes darted frantically at the trees through his black hair filled with panic as he tried to keep on running despite being ready to collapse. The only thing that kept him going was the desire to not be a chew toy for an oversized monster dog,

He hadn't eaten for days since he ran away from home. He had nothing left there since his mother died, and he wasn't going to stay there just to meet the same fate at the hands of his step-father, Gabe. No he was going to get far away from there as possible

Yet had he known how dangerous the world really was he just might have stayed. Ever since he left the boy had been chased by all sorts of monsters and had barely escaped them. Now he was losing the strength to keep going and was almost done for.

Suddenly he broke into a clearing in the park and saw a man at a campfire. He wanted you yell out for help but couldn't find the strength to so the boy just decided to make a break for it and hope that he would help since he'd be dead if he didn't anyway. So with the last of his strength the boy lunged over the camp fire and collapsed on the ground.

As he started to blackout the man got up and looked at the boy before he was attacked by the monster that was chasing the boy. The man eyed the beast carefully before he pulled a thin black sword from thin air and charged it.

The monster lunged at him and the man swung upwards cutting off its left paw. The monster howled in pain but quickly continued its attack vigorously attacking the man with his fang and remaining claws as he blocked every strike. However the beast caught the man's blade with its teeth and began to raise its claws to strike him down, but the mystery man beat him to the punch, literally as his hand caught ablaze and he struck the monster right in the eye yelling

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist" as he drove his flaming fist into the face of the creature. As it died it dissolved into a black shadowy puddle and disappeared into nothing.

The boy watched all of this in shock and began to fear for his life thinking he had found something worse than the monster that was chasing him. The man finally remembered what brought the monster to him and went to check on the boy.

The boy started to tremble in fear and was ready to lash out at the man but the man just took a look at the boy giving a slight look of recognition as if the boy was familiar to him and then waved his hand over his face whispering

"It's alright, you're safe now. Get some rest and I'll answer your questions later". The boy struggled to stay awake for a bit surprising the man a bit, but eventually gave into to his exhaustion.

The man sighed heavily looking at the small boy with pity, and muttered under his breath,

"So the gods really are ignorant towards their children safety." While glaring at the empire state building with a look of disgust as thunder rumbled through the clear autumn night sky.

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