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They say eyes are mirrors to one's soul. I would say it isn't accurate, for when I first saw her, I could say without a doubt, no soul inhabited in there.

A Prologue

January 20, 2014

To my R****,

You may be wondering why I *** wrote to * *** *** understand *****. * **** ** ** ******* **** *** **** **** ***** pain ** of ** **leaving **** *** **** **** ** parting *** ***** gift.

It is my disposition doing everything I can to fortify myself for forthcoming life events however superfluous must be it for some people. For even in my early years, I believe in Man proposes, God disposes. Man should do everything he can as positive actions only guaranteed positive results. If fate bequeaths him unfortunate situations, he must concede but had to learn to deal with it. It is the best way to make fate your ally.

However I consorted to fate, it decided to further test my resolve. A girl I would have never, ever, imagined crossed my path and just decided to be with me, as she casually say it, for at least the rest of my life. I must admit, I did not like any single part of it. Dealing with it is as gruesome as fighting with the devils. I could not simply put it up, that I came to a point that I question fate itself.

It should have been a simple day. My sign had been predicted to have an exceptional and favorable day. Yet, I grew anxious as I listen to the announcer's next words. "… a surprise will be in your way." I continued listening to know and prepare my lucky item and after that I braced myself to be conscious for the rest of the day. I will never know what fate stores for me.

On my way to school, I earned a lot of unnecessary looks from people. They will never understand why a highschool student like myself, carrying not just a forge katana but a real one on my way to school. It is not uncommon for me to be stared at, but I assured myself that at the end, I will emerge as the victorious one. The katana was necessary to increase my luck that day.

I was early as usual, but the gate keeper was being his usual idiotic persona. He said that the school does not allow harmful weapons to be brought inside. I tried in vain to explain to him about fates and fortunes but I was still shooed away. I did not leave immediately as Oha Asa said I am favorable and so I contemplate my next move.

I still could not believe my perfect attendance will be disrupted by imbecilic people. My captain would not be happy if I did not attend the basketball practice later. I decided to enter by force then. I recalled a part of the school gate that is unpopular to students and to school personnel.

The gate, as my presumption, is standing in approximately ten feet which is as high as a basketball ring. Being six foot, five inches tall and with undeniably athletic built, jumping would not even take much force on me to grab the metal sticking upwards on the top of its cemented bricks. It will be as easy as dunking a basket ball to a hoop, even monkeys is capable of doing that.

As I walk to the path of the secluded gate, I saw a girl wearing the uniform of Shutoku High School surrounded by three thugs. They were obviously pestering her to date them. The girl they were threatening was just standing there and not moving. I could not see her face but I could see why those hoodlums are harassing her. Even from her back, a slim and curved figure could be perceived. Her long raven hair flows gracefully below her waist. She must be very frightened by now.

I averted my gaze, not even bothered by her current situation. It was careless for her to be here in the first place. She must be a Taurus, they ranked low as I remember.

I concentrate myself to the metal but when I was about to jump, someone suddenly bumped on me. A thug with messy long blonde hair was pushed in my side. How he get here is not fathomable to me. Unfortunately, the thug bumped my arm holding the katana and it fell from my grasp. He then stepped on it when he tried to looked at what he collided into. His shoe stained not just the sword but my luck and my fortune.

I expressed my disapproval of their ignorance. No one messed up my fortune and get away unharmed, after all fate is my ally. All the thugs are now looking at my direction. I saw their eyes moved towards the direction of the katana and then to me. I could see the alarmed looks on their faces. Then they return their gaze to the katana which I already drawn from its hard scabbard. This sword is in my family possession for some time now. Of course we have taken a good care of it, making sure that it is as sharp as a new one. I could see the reflection of the shining blade in their terrified eyes and then as fast as a lightning they abandoned the place leaving me alone with the girl.

I returned the sword to its holder as I watched them disappear. Right then, I felt it, her gaze, but when I turned my head to her, I saw she was not looking at me but looking below the ground. I realized then that I unconsciously saved her from the thugs and she must be shy about it.

Awkward silence enveloped us for a moment. Now that I could see her face, she is not an average looking at all. I tried to look at her eyes again. Its blue color is comparable to that of a cobalt glass or a stained glass in churches. But just like glasses it did not possessed any life on them. I was not disappointed that she never looked back at me again. I never care anyway.

In other occasion, her face would not get a second look from me however beautiful she could be. I have no interest in such. I arranged my glasses and proceeded to my task beforehand.

"Just be careful" I told her not because I wanted to hear her voice. I don't want any unnecessary apology or appreciation. I never intended to save her in the first place.

"Great, you protected me, now you have to marry me." I raised a brow to her words. She must be daydreaming or something. Her voice is a little low for a teenage girl. The bored sound of it and her face expressed it as if it is a matter of fact. If I have know better, I should have run when I heard that sentence.

Her explanation did not help clearing things up. She said that her people strictly follows their old family tradition that dominant ones always prevail. I tried to connect it on marriage but I could not think of any.

My mind was completely shocked and my thoughts wondered for some time that I thought I am dreaming. But I came back to reality and I am still facing the odd raven haired girl.

I wanted to tell you more about her but I have to end the letter now. My doctor said I needed to rest. I will write to you again.

Sincerely Yours,

Midori** S****arou

I close the letter carefully since it is old I am afraid it will tatter if I put any pressure on it. There was a chemical staining the names and the first paragraph of the letter. I could only read some of the words in it.

"Onee-chan, is that all?" I heard my little sister asked.

I was reading to her the letter we found on the attic of our house. I have no idea whom the letter is addressed and what happens to the guy with the katana. I admit I was curious too.

When I was about to put it back to the box, I bumped to another one and pieces of papers started to fall down on our feet. I saw other letters bearing the same writing as what I am holding now. I raised my brow and looked at my little sister.

Oh for the love of God, these will take me forever.

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