I was getting a headache from staring at my computer. After my outburst with InuYasha, I closed up shop and told everyone to go away. I needed to be alone.

I needed to think.

I wasn't as confused as I was before, in fact everything was clear as day.

I only see InuYasha and the others near the evening times. Kaede had a preserved body of Kiyomi in a seemingly innocent old bookstore. I was, somehow, the doppelganger of a woman who had the love and respect of the people that were starting to gather around me.

Oh, and to top it all of at this point I was more than positive that their was some type of supernatural events going on.

I needed to think what I was going to do about InuYasha and the gang. I needed to know what was the best decision for everyone.

"Since when did everyone else matter?" I heard.

I, frantically, looked around the room and wondered where that voice came from. For once I was pretty sure it wasn't from Kiyomi.

"Behind you."

I turned towards the window and was astonished to see Kristal leaning on the ledge. My office was on the second floor!

"How in the world did you get up here?" I asked, giving her my undivided attention.

"Check it out," she said, nudging her head outside the window.

I got up from my desk and opened the window more so I could stick my head out. I looked down expecting a garbage can or something to explain how she was able to reach the window.

One problem though…

There wasn't anything holding her up, in fact there wasn't anything at all. I looked back up at her frantically. All she did was grin back at me, showing me her teeth; I noticed her canine teeth were elongated.

Almost like my vision.

I, then, felt Kristal grab my wrist and pulling me closer to her.

"You have no right to trust me nor do you owe me any favors, but I'm asking for your sake to listen to my story. I can no longer stand behind and watch this person you have become. You seem so unhappy."

Unhappy? Was I really unhappy? No, I wasn't. Unfulfilled sounded right.

"What does any of this have to do with the current situation?" I said, ready to pull my wrist from her grasp.

"I can not watch the woman that gave me hope to live, so unhappy. It bothers me. It makes me feel like I neglected my job as your guardian."

"My guardian? I thought you were InuYasha's guardian."

"No, I am InuYasha's guardian by an extension of being yours. You are the only woman I want to protect, Kagome. You are my best friend. I want you to remember," she said, her voice cracking as a pained expression grew on her face.

I clasped her hand as I looked at her. I never knew I had such an effect on these people. Why me? Why!

"I want to remember…I want to remember you." I said.

"So you command it, so it shall be."

My head seemed lighter as I looked at her and suddenly I remember…

My guards surrounded me as I walked along the field of flowers, I heard someone shout my name. I turned around and instantly felt pure joy as a young girl ran to me. My guards opened their tight formation and let this girl hug me.

I knew her.

I loved her as if she was the child I never had.

This was Kristal as a child. No one needed to tell me it was, I just knew.

A furious gust of wind flew past me and I was now in a burning village. Families slaughtered, bandits looting houses and raping women, men having their limbs torn by wolves. I looked for Kristal; I ran from the disaster that I had no power to stop.

To stop the bad meant that the good could not happen. Balance was needed. Light and Darkness worked hand in hand. I refused to come in between it.

I smelt her blood. It was only her blood that I could remember distinctively.

I ran faster than I had ever ran before, I stripped the ornaments from my hair and the expensive clothing that was given to me by my clans members.

If it slowed me down, I had no use for it.

I commanded the wind to take me to her and felt my feet lift off the floor, yet my legs still moved never stopping even though I wasn't touching the ground.

I heard her cry for help, I saw the man on top of her, and I watched her desperate pleas for someone to help her.

I saw red! How dare this man touch what is mine?

I pounded the earth with my foot and it shook with my rising rage. He threw himself off her and looked at me, while Kristal crawled to me. She wrapped herself around my legs, crying harder at my feet.

This man would pay for what he has done to my little one.

"Die." I said.

I raised my hands and moved with the wind…no the wind moved with me. I rotated my arms as if I was wrapping them around the bandits' head, his whimpering only making my bloodlust rage more. The air began to circle around his head nearly suffocating him, I whisked it away and the air had moved.

Although, I was not kind to any one that harmed my family, I let out a thunderous clap and the wind spun the crooked bandits head so hard that it snapped his neck. His blood splattered on my clothes and face.

"Rain, wash away the fires and the blood of those who had died tonight." I said, softly.

A gentle rain started to fall as the cowering girl sniffled in my legs. The rain could wash away the blood that was spilt, but it could never take away the memories of tonight. I looked down at the cowering girl by my legs and hugged her as she cried tears for her family and friends who died in front of her own eyes.

"Kagome, please, I don't want to be alone. Please, make me like you! I want my revenge!" she said, savagely, gripping my remaining close tightly.

"I will not. Though you hurt now, vengeance will do nothing but taint your heart and soul," I responded.

"I am already tainted! Can you not see that man has tainted me? Who will love my filthy flesh? I am…I don't belong in this world if I can't have my vengeance."

"Have I taught you nothing? Everything in this world belongs. It is balance. Our experiences and our past incarnations have prepped us for what we will face in the future. I refuse to make you like me until you have come to understand that. However, I will take you to my clan. I think it is time you've met my husband, he and I have always wanted to raise a child together."

I closed my eyes and commanded the wind take me to my clan, it was time to introduce my apprentice to my husband, my darling InuYasha.

I was pulled out the vision and was sitting in my chair with Kristal sitting in front of me, smiling.

"How can you still be smiling after everything that's happened to you?" I asked weakly.

"It was you and InuYasha really. You guys took me in, even though I was human at the time and raised me as your child. After years of training and accepting the way of the elements, I was able to move from the past and was transformed."

"Transformed? Into what?"

"Kagome, I know you a smarter than you're trying to act. Think about it, elongated canines, you just had a vision of something that happened over two-thousand years ago, and I still look as young as I did then the day you turned me. You know what I am, you know what we are."

"Vampires…you're vampires aren't you?"

"Bingo." She winked.

"Then that means…"

"All the previous doppelgängers were transformed into vampires to live your life so that the clan would remain together. However, after that bitch Kiyomi died, InuYasha got tired of using the women for their looks and decided to wait until you were officially reborn. Your father helped a lot with that. He was able to track us down and let InuYasha see you from time to time so he could make sure you were the same person."

"My father knew about this? Why didn't he say something?!"

"The intention was for you to make your own decisions, not feel obligated to us. It seems like the others have gotten impatient and are trying to rush the process. Remembering all this history is a lot for one person to handle and I knew that goddamn book wouldn't help. That bitch didn't know a thing about us, only what she assumed and what InuYasha told her."

'Seems like Kiyomi wasn't as well liked as she likes to put it.'

"I still don't understand? Why wait for me? Why go through all this trouble for me?" I asked still not able to put everything together.

"I asked the same thing when you would turn me when I was young, but like you told me back then 'Our experiences and our past incarnations have prepped us for what we will face in the future.' You are special to us Kagome, how else could we bare the thought of replacements without the knowledge that one-day you would be with us again. I'd go through it again to know if I could meet my best friend again."

I guess I never understood how much I meant to them. Maybe I was a bit too rash.

"You weren't rash at all, no one wanted to explain anything. They just jumped the gun," she said.

"You can read my mind can't you?" I sighed.

"Yeah, and so can Rin," she laughed.

I couldn't believe this. My first vampire! God sure has a funny way of answering a prayer.

"All this time was Rin reading my mind?"

"Probably. I don't hang around them a lot, not my type of crowd," she said, walking over to my dresser with pictures of my family. She picked up picture after picture examining them.

"I thought you were all part of a clan?"

"We work together when needed, however, I don't consider myself part of their tight posse."

Boy, doesn't that familiar?

"Kagome. InuYasha is outside waiting for you as we speak. I advice you go on the date with him."

"Why is everyone pushing me to be with him?" I exclaimed, jumping out my seat. "I mean I know my heart starts beating fast around him and I can't stop thinking about him. I don't want to be a replacement! I want a normal relationship! I-I-…" I trailed off as tears fell down my eyes. I was starting to hate crying as much as I hated dealing with the confusion. I felt Kristal stroke my tears away while she hugged me.

"Just because he is a vampire doesn't make the relationship less normal, it only makes the good times last longer. Instead of brushing off InuYasha and resuming your boring life like most of the others have, try to get to know him and understand the story from his side. I'm sure you will love him just as much as he loves you."

I wanted to run away from this new world that was going to be open to me…but…how could I, when I had people who wanted me to be with them more than anything in this world.

I had locked up for the night and had bid Kristal a goodbye with the promise that we would see each other. The cold air blew and I realized coming to work in a sweater wasn't the best choice in the world.

I wonder…

"Wind, I command you to stop!" I said.

Instead of stopping it only blew harder, guess the wind wasn't ready to be commanded again.

"Are you cold?"

I smiled to myself and turned around meeting InuYasha in the eyes. My cheeks began to hurt, as my smile grew bigger.

"I am a bit cold…" I said.

He scoffed while he took off his leather jacket and put it on me. He grabbed my hands, bringing them to his lips and breathed air onto them. I assumed it was a way to warm them up.

"Does this mean that you and I have a chance?" He said, his gold eyes looking sadly at me.

I moved closer to him allowing him to embrace me, I wrapped my arms around him locking them and bringing him closer.

"You have a chance, but you have to promise not to force me into anything. I want to make this as normal as we can," I said to him.

"Normal really isn't in my vocabulary, love." He said gripping me tighter and pushing me against a wall. "Then again, if it's for you, I'm sure I can…figure something out."

I looked at his lips and then back to his eyes. I was sure that I wouldn't be able to handle the changes that came with being with him. But now having him here with me, I wanted to deal with them and be with him more than anything.

Vampire or not…I would be the woman that InuYasha and the clan needed. I would be the woman that InuYasha had loved and I would love him, because it was my choice to.

"Kiss me, InuYasha," I breathed out.

I could see his long canine teeth as he smirked at me, judging by it I could tell that he was more than happy to oblige my request.

I was in love with a vampire…

I was in love with a vampire…

No, I was in love with InuYasha.

A/N-So I guess without knowing I ,unconsciously, changed Kimikos' name to Kiyomi...I think it sounds better. Definitely makes her sound more...ancient.