Author's note: I'm kinda out of my comfort area here. And admittingly I'm not as familier with Gundams as I am with Macross so I apoligize in advance if I'm not getting the Gundam's capabilities right. Reviews are welcomed and encouraged. I hope you all enjoy.

"But why do I have to go to Canada? Can't I just stay here?" Sam asked h. dad while he packed his suitcase.

His dad, who was checking his emails on his blackberry replied, "For the last time Sam, I've got some important for my company and you're coming with me. And also for the last time, you can't bunk with your friends. I already talked to their parents and your friends are either away on vacation or at summer school," he said giving Sam a look.

"Yeah, so?" Sam asked innocently.

"You got lucky passing your exams and if I let you stay here and distract your friends with gunpla battles, their parents will have my hide when I get back. Besides, you need to spend some time with your mom since we'll be in the same area. You can finally meet up with your brother too."

Sam just grumbled as he slammed his suitcase shut and followed his dad out to the car where they drove to the airport. Sam was fine until they had to make a stop-over for a connecting flight. The final leg that would take them to Toronto was no different from their first flight but Sam, much to his dad's embarrassment, grumbled and complained about the flight simply because the plane belonged to a Canadian airline.

Soon enough they arrived at the Toronto airport none the worse for wear despite Sam's claim to the contrary. After making their way through the departure checkpoint and collecting their bags, Sam's dad gave him a wad of cash before running off for one of his meetings sparing enough time to tell Sam he'd be meeting him at the hotel tonight.

Sam shoved the money into his pocket before heading outside and grabbing a taxi. As he got in, the driver turned around, "Where to?"

Sam looked out the window thinking. He had some time till his dads meeting was over but he didn't want to waste it sitting in a hotel room, "Are there any good places for Gunpla battles?"

The driver smiled, "I might know a place," he said while putting the taxi in gear and drove off.

12 minutes later the taxi pulled up in front of a large building. As Sam got out and collected his bags he looked up at the sign above the building's entrance, "Gunpla Stadium," it read in big colorful letters. Sam let out a chuckle as he paid the driver and walked inside. Looking around he saw 2 large tables by the entrance set up so people can build, paint, or just show off their gunplas as evident by several kids his age and younger doing just that. Further in there were 6 tables for the actual gunpla battles, 4 were currently in use. And in the back was a huge coliseum arena currently empty.

Sam walked over to a man behind a desk, "Can I use a table to battle?"

The man nodded to him, "Sure kid. As luck would have it, another kid's been wanting to play too," he said pointing to a 10 year old boy at the table looking over his BuCUE.

Sam turned back to the man, "Alright, set up the table. By the way, can you watch my stuff?"

"Sure, just leave it behind the desk and I'll take care of it."

Sam put his bags behind the desk and walked over to the kid and tapped him on the shoulder, "Hey! You want to battle?"

The kid looked up at him, "Sure. My name's Phillip," he said offering his hand to shake.

"Mine's Sam," he said over his shoulder already making his way to an empty table. Phillip picked up his gunpla and hurried after. They each stood at opposite ends of the battle table. Once they were ready an annoyingly chipper computer voice said, "Please set your GP base!" They both did so. "Beginning Plavsky particle dispersal," the computer stated. Shinning flecks of light erupted at the base moving upwards to the ceiling. "Field 2, forest," the computer said as the arena flashed and dimmed into a large forest with a lake in the middle.

Sam pulled his Gunpla out of its case and gave it a quick look. His "Buster Freedom", it was essentially a stock X10A Freedom from Gundam Seed except he added 2 twin buster rifles. The only other customization he did was paint the American flag on the chest. With a smile he placed it on the launch base, the now invisible particles bringing it to life as its eyes flashed. With both gunplas set for launch the computer announced, "Battle start!"

"Phillip, Mobile BuCUE. Taking off!" "Sam, Buster Freedom! Headin' out!" They both said before launching their gunpla into battle.

As Sam flew his Buster Freedom in, he caught a glint of light at the other end of the forest, "So that's where he is," he remarked as he began charging his twin buster cannons. He'll fire them in the BuCUE's general direction in a closing v-shape. Either he'll hit his target or smoke him out into the open where he'll hopefully finish it off with his plasma beam cannons. Sam had his Gundam touch down on his side of the lake then fired his twin buster cannons. 2 separate beams lanced forth creating 2 walls of volatile destructive energy that wiped out all they touched.

In the forest Phillip was creeping his BuCUE through the cover of the forest hoping to catch his opponent off guard when suddenly an alert caught his attention. Looking to his left he saw a bright light through the trees heading in his direction forcing him to jump backwards just in time to avoid being obliterated by it. He had only a second to breathe before realizing that it was moving towards him. With the way ahead of him steadily shrinking he turned around and began backtracking the way he came. Soon enough he ran into another wall of energy rushing towards him cutting off his escape. He couldn't go left or right and his opponent was straight ahead, the only option left to him was up. "Well, at least I know where he is," Phillip said to himself as he jumped up into the air and blind fired his missiles in Sam's direction.

"Got ya!" Sam said with a hint of giddiness in his voice as he fired the plasma beam cannons over his shoulders. The 2 plasma beams pierced the BuCUE on either side leaving it limbless as it fell to the ground.

While Phillip was now immobilized, he wasn't quite defenseless as he fired the remaining missiles wholesale in a last ditch effort to take out Sam's Gundam. Sam took off into the air and finish off the BuCUE by firing all his weapons leaving a smoldering pile of burnt debris then intercepted the missiles with a few quick shots from his twin buster cannons.

"Battle Ended!" exclaimed the computer as the arena dissolved back to the empty platform.

Phillip picked up the broken remains of his BuCUE which was now a total writ-off. 2 weeks of careful assembly and painting and he wasn't able to score one hit.

"Come on man, was that all you had? Wow, just wow," Sam gloated.

A few people who were watching stood up for Phillip, "Hey you won okay? There's no need to be a jerk about it."

Sam just responded with a cocky smile. The kid next to him slammed his hand on the table, "Come on and face me! If I win, you'll have to apologize to Phillip and everyone else for being a prick."

"Ok then," Sam said while placing his Buster Freedom back on the launch base. And so the slaughter began. No one was able to touch Sam and each win spurned him further to throw it in everyone's faces.

Meanwhile someone else had just entered Gunpla Stadium and walked up to the guy behind the desk. "Hey Pilot, how's it going?" the man asked the kid of 15 years of age.

"I'm fine," he said coolly, "Is my helmet ready?"

The man pulled out a helmet from under the desk that looked like the ones Gundam pilots would wear while controlling their mobile suits. "I got it all programmed in. Unfortunately, I haven't had any time to do the cosmetic work."

"That's ok. I'd rather get it working first instead of having to tear it apart later because of some glitch," he said as he put the helmet on and turned it on.

The helmet was a new peripheral attachment for places that didn't have enough room for the full holographic cockpit one normally stands in to control their gunpla. So instead, the cockpit would be displayed on the helmets visor; smart sensors in the helmet would connect to the computer in the battle table and allow the "pilot" to look around as if he were in the cockpit.

The kid pushed a button just inside the helmets collar to test the visors display. An aircraft cockpit came into being around him. Looking around to test the interface for any program hiccups, to him it actually looked as if he was in the cockpit of a fighter plane. Satisfied, he turned off the helmet and took it off, "Well the test worked out, amazing job by the way, but the best way I can really put it through its paces is to have a battle."

Both he and the man heard a chorus of shock and boo's from the group of kids as they watched Sam defeat his 9th opponent in a row.

"What's going on over there?" he asked the man while giving a nod in the groups' direction.

The man gave a bemused look, "Some kid from out of town. He seems to be a good fighter but he's not winning any friends throwing his victories in their faces."

Putting the helmet back on, he started for the group, "Well I need to test this thing out in real conditions anyways," the 15 year old said tapping his helmet.

Sam was, for the most part, basking in his own ego. With the high he was still on, he demanded the group for another match. When none came forward he muttered, "Chicken shit," under his breath and reached out to collect his Buster Freedom when he heard a voice beside him.

"I'll take you on."

Sam watched the weird kid as he pulled out his gunpla from its case, a VF-1S equipped with the strike package. To Sam, it looked like a modified F-14 tomcat fighter with a pair of oversized rockets strapped to its back.

"I've never seen anything like that in Gundam anime," Sam said as the kid placed his Valkyrie on the launch platform in fighter-mode.

"That's because it's not," he said simply.

The Valkyrie was rather plain to look at, being the standard white with some black strips and a few red accents. The only noteworthy distinction on it was the modified U.N. Spacy symbols, normally a red circle with a whit kite inset. It still had the familiar white kite on top of the red circle but was split down the middle, the left side was normal however on the right, the colors were reversed, having half of a red maple leaf against a white circle background.

"What ever. Let's just get started then," Sam said placing his retrieved Buster Freedom on the launch platform.

They waited for the chipper computer to run through its start up routine

"Please set your GP base! Beginning Plavsky particle dispersal. Field 2, space."

With a flash of the plavsky particles, the battle table became a destroyed Plant. The center of the hour-glass shaped station was blown away leaving the battleground a frozen wasteland.

"Sam, Buster Freedom! Headin' out!" he shouted as his gunpla flew out the launch tube.

"Macross Pilot, VF-1S Strike. Taking off!" the kid responded as his Valkyrie rushed out of its launch tube which then disappeared behind it.

Two fierce warriors were about to meet in battle.