Allen was flying in his VF-1S Strike through space but he wasn't alone, there were dozens of other mecha's, other gunpla's. And they were all fighting. And fighting each other. This was a battle and it was everyone for themselves and Allen was stuck in the middle of it. Allen flew around an asteroid the size of a minivan only to come face to face with a gunpla who was aiming its beam rifle at him. Before it could get a shot off at Allen someone else hit his opponent from behind causing it to explode in a fiery fashion. Allen couldn't tell if it was indeed a savior that destroyed his ambusher or just taking an easy kill so he boosted and left the immediate area. He only traveled a short distance before coming up on a trio locked in combat shooting and dodging the others fire. Much to Allen's regret, they were right where he needed to go to get clear from all this mess of a battlefield.

Allen pushed the boosters of his Valkyrie to their limits and when he got in range he fired four salvoes of missiles at the three. Only one got caught and destroyed by the missiles and the other two received varying levels of damage respectively but were still in the fight. Allen didn't waste time switching modes and aimed his double-action beam cannons and fired two quick bursts, one for each of them. By the time he reached their positions he was flying through a cloud of debris. With clear space in front of him an random explosions behind him, he breathed a sigh of relief now that he was in the clear. He switched to gerwalk-mode and turned around to watch the still ongoing battles.

As he watched he tried to think. The last thing he remembered was building his new gunpla because his old one got destroyed.

"Wait," Allen paused. How could he be flying the VF-1S Strike if Jeremy destroyed it.

Suddenly, alerts sounded all around Allen breaking his line of thinking. He pushed his gunpla back before boosting up as he looked around himself trying to find the source of the alerts but couldn't see anything. As he turned around to fly off, Jeremy's Throne appeared in front of him, with a beam saber in hand the Throne flew at him swinging it downwards. Allen couldn't dodge and he couldn't block, all he could do was throw his hands up to cover his face in a gut reaction to danger. But the saber never came.

Putting his arms down he looked around to see that he wasn't in the holographic cockpit of his gunpla any more but was sitting on a bus. It took only a second before he recognised the bus, It was the bus he was bullied on. He was quick to notice that he was alone though but only allowed himself to settle slightly. All those months on that bus under those conditions did little to ease his apprehension. As he stared out the window he was surprised to see that the bus was driving through a empty abyss yet light was still shining in through the windows. Allen tried to make sense of what was going on when he felt a pair of hands on his shoulders. Allen turned his head around to see Jeremy sitting in the seat behind him still holding him by the shoulders.

"You know," Jeremy started shoving Allen back down as he tried to get up, "You ever wondered why kids stopped bothering you after you transferred to a new school?" he asked before starting again not bothering to wait for Allen to answer, "It's because when I saw you and your Berserker Exia..."

"It's not," Allen started before Jeremy interrupted him again.

"Yes, yes. It's called "Righteous Exia"," he said rolling his eyes. "But back then, when I first saw you and your gunpla, I saw something. Something feral. Something that can only be truly be unleashed with the right push. In the right direction. In the right place. And I found it," he said giving Allen's shoulders an uncomfortable squeeze. "So, when I saw that little hidden gem in you, I made all those new kids to back off. And then, I challenged you to a gunpla battle and pushed. And then," he said with a smile. "Righteous Exia becomes Berserker Exia. And when Berserker Exia came out, I felt the most wonderful terror run through me and there was nothing I could do against the Berserker. Here, let me show you what I mean," he said as the bus disappeared from around them.

They were then in a clearing in the middle of a forest a large black slate of polished rock sat in the middle of the clearing. Jeremy's Throne stood off to the side.

"Ok, what do you want to show me?" Allen asked as he saw that he was back in the cockpit again.

Jeremy's Throne only pointed to the polished rock. When Allen turned to the rock, he saw the reflection of his gunpla and gasped. He saw the reflection of his old gunpla. The reflection of Righteous Exia.

"No," was all Allen could utter.

"Yes," Jeremey replied as he pulled out a beam saber. "But just because you're in the right gunpla doesn't mean you're I the right mindset yet. So, we'll have to fix that." And with that, he lunged at Allen, coming at him straight on.

Allen blocked with his shield as Jeremy pushed him back and swung at him again and again, Allen was only able to block with his shield. He didn't want to fight in the Righteous Exia, he couldn't fight in the Righteous Exia. It brought back too many bad memories. He blocked another strike. This seemed to only frustrate Jeremy as he kicked Allen back who fell to the forest floor.

"Stop resisting it Pilot! Let the Berserker loose and show me what scares me," he said as he wailed on Allen again kicking his gunpla around on the ground. After a few more kicks he stopped. "You know," he mused as he stood his gunpla up, "Perhaps you should see what it's like to face your darker self," he said cryptically.

The world shifted around Allen again as he found himself in a ruined city. Seeing that he was standing next to a building that still had windows and looked into the reflecting windows and was almost relieved to see that he was again piloting his VF-1S Strike. The building suddenly exploded as a column of light came down knocking Allen back. He looked up to see his Exia hovering in the air above him awash in red energy with its Trans am active. It looked down at him with a seemingly fierce look in its eyes. It deployed its GN blade and raised it above its head, an ethereal energy swirled around it before it swung the blade down at Allen. And all he could do is stare in horror as the energy came at him.

Allen bolted upright in his chair with enough force to nearly fall back onto the floor. Breathing hard he wiped the sweat from his face. Shaking his head to try and forget the nightmare he just had. It almost worked as he stared in the direction of Righteous Exia.

"I don't need you any more," he said in defiance as he looked back to the new gunpla he was working on. With this new gunpla, he can surpass Righteous Exia without having to give in to his tormentors wanted. He'll show them he didn't need to loose control to be a great gunpla battler.