Black As The Blood in Our Names

by TimeAndLife21

The last thing he could remember was the cold fears gripping his mind and driving him into madness. The burning feeling of the Dementor like potion was so painful to drink. He needed water to ease the pain in his throat. He could hear himself shouting at his house-elf, Kreatcher to take the locket and get the hell out of the cave before the inferi reached out to him and dragged him under the waters.

He could hear the words whispering to him about his foolishness for betraying the Dark Lord. But he knew he had done it for a reason. No man, Muggle or Wizard, should ever do dark magic such as this. He could feel the waters rushing into his body. His thoughts turned to his family...or at least what was left of it. Most of his thoughts was when he was younger with his older brother, Sirius.

"Siri! We'll ALWAYS be family right? No matter what?"

He recalled his seven year old self looking up at his older brother, who was just a year older than he was. He remembered that day. The day when he and his brother just sat in the greenhouse that his ancestral home had. It was a sunny day. The same silver eyes that he held looked down at him.

"Yeah, Reggie. No matter what."

The only good memory he had before his brother and himself were ripped apart by different views. He could feel himself being dragged down bellow, deeper and deeper...




What was that?




Do I really...want to die for this?


No. I don't want to die like this.


I DON'T want to die!


You don't want to die? Very well.

He never realized how far below he was pulled down by the inferi. But somehow, they loosened their grip on him and suddenly he was surrounded by bright light. He opened his eyes, seeing a woman in front of him. She was fairly short, but very slender and petite. Her hair kept changing colors from red, to brown, to black, to blonde. Some times turning into corkscrews, or straight as a pin, or soft waves. It seemed that she was wearing a very thin material that was similar to a dress, yet it looked like she wasn't wearing anything at all. Completely unashamed.

"Who...Who are you?" His voice croaked a little.

The woman only smiled.

"You don't want to die, do you, Little King?" She spoke.

Regulus could only swallow. He didn't realized that the burning pain from the potion was gone. He believed it all a dream.

"I...I never wanted to die...but I had to. I couldn't let...I could let that..." Anger swelled up in him.

"So what do you want to do now?" The ever changing woman asked.

Regulus paused. He wondered if he was truly dead now. But that notion left his mind. What did he want to do? He had entered the cave with every intention of dying. Yet...he didn't want to die. He didn't want to die...not like that. Memories flashed in his mind. Sirius. Severus. Narcissa. Andromeda. Lily. Lucius. Friends and family. They flashed across his vision; he could feel the hot tears run down his face. He wanted nothing more than to help them. Help get them to safety and take down the Dark Lord.

"Well?" The woman asked.

Regulus closed his eyes, hearing his heartbeat. Stronger than ever. He could also feel his magic coursing through him. He wanted...He wanted freedom. He wanted to fight for it. He wanted revenge for those who have died in the war needlessly. Purebloods. Half-Bloods. Muggleborns. Muggles. Squibs. He wanted to stand against Vode- no, Tom Marvalo Riddle for reducing the magical populations and killing mindlessly the innocents that he had so been adamant on destroying. No More. He saw the woman smiled every so slightly.

"Well, Lionheart? What is your decision?" She said gently.

"I want to go back. I can't let them fall. Those who are fighting for the right. Not just the light and dark. For for something that is good and never evil." He spoke honestly.

"My brother. My Friends. My Family. I refuse to have them die. Please. Send me back." He asked.

The woman gazed at him with a light that is akin to love.

"I will sent you back, Regulus Arcturus Black, but keep in mind that you will not be in the same time that you was supposedly dead." She warned.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"It will be 16 years since your death, Lionheart. And you will appear in the Department of Mysteries and emerge from The Veil. But be quick to hide, until the time is right." She cautioned.

"The time is right? How will I..." He trailed off.

"Your mind has always been older than your current self. When you return your mind will have the information needed to help you in your journey." She said as she held out her hands in a complacent way.

"I will know everything that has happened?" He simplified.

"Time for us is short, Little King. I send you back to the World of the Living." She waved her hand and a pitch black wand appeared in front of Regulus.

He felt his arm reach for it and as he grasped the handle, he felt the white world around him blurring.

"I can only hope that your being alive will save lives. Do not disappoint me." She said kindly.

"Wait! WHO ARE YOU? TELL ME!" He shouted before the white world suddenly turned on it's axis and he felt a force throwing him out into the darkness.

TAL21: Geez…another prompt, another day with an Idea that would sound so freaking awesome. And Yes this is pretty Much AU. I honestly don't know about this one. I know where it can take me, but in honestly, I'll keep writing it until I exhaust the idea. Meaning that i won't post any chapters until after NaNoWriMo. That is reserved for History Before The X-Men.So i hope you liked this prompt and tell me if it sounds good enough to continue or not. See you guys later! :D

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