Black as the Blood In our Names

By TimeAndLife21

Chapter 28

Zoe could only watch in fascination as Harry's core was carefully picked at to get rid of the three blocks that was being eradicated from his magic.

Magic, in All of Zoe's life, is still something that she is still in awe of. Especially when it comes to creatures and beings who are much more closer to Magic itself than the Witches and Wizards that can wield it.

The Goblins have the power to be able to literally take magic cores and taking off the blocks that would keep the growth of said witch or wizard from progressing. Of course, this was something that very few magical beings are capable of.

If she were to have taken Harry to St. Mungo's to take off the Blocks, it wouldn't have been easier. The Healers would have kept him there for quite some time to study his blocks (Magical Blocks take at least three years of training consistently to make sure that the blocks won't backfire to the caster or harm the witch/wizard who they are putting the blocks on) for at least a month or two with professional Magic Blockers. It was only quicker to go through the goblins, given the fact that Regulus was paying for it. Pretty much Expensive as Hell, but they get the job done much quicker.

"What is curious to me is why Mr. Potter never received statements and missives from us." Steelclaw frowned.

Zoe looked at the goblin briefly before looking back to Harry's core.

"I can't say much about that. Prior to meeting the boy, I don't know much about what his home situation...other than the mundanes that he lives with are rather…" She twisted her face, trying to find the right words. "They don't like magic."

"Of course…" Steelclaw deadpanned.

"Who is his magical guardian?" She asked.

"I've managed to look into that, the only magical Guardian that is available is Sirius Black. But because he is branded as a criminal, he cannot take the boy in until he is truly proven guilty or innocent." Steelclaw frowned.

Enid knew that Sirius Black was an innocent man. The fact that The Order of the Phoenix hasn't really done anything about his innocence, she wondered why they haven't even had the chance to go for a legal trial.

Isaac and Jack had managed to look into the archives of the DMLE, and they have yet to find anything about Sirius Black's Trial. No doubt that they will report to Tora about it. And knowing Tora's strong sense of justice, she'll have to figure out a way to leak it to the public about the false imprisonment and no trial for him.

"Is there anyone else? Godmother, legal guardian, anyone in the Wizarding Community?" She asked curiously.

"His Godmother was Alice Longbottom, but unfortunately she is committed to St. Mungos. If you were to find a family relative that isn't incapacitated or a criminal, you might be able to get him out of that muggle family of his. Unless you can emancipate him...but that process will take a while, even if you do it through us." Steelclaw growled lowly.

Zoe frowned. The Emancipation process she found out would take at least a couple weeks worth of paperwork and to put it through the ministry for approval. No matter how famous Harry is, they would still consider him a child according to his age. The only loophole is that since he was in the Triwizard Tournament, he should have been emancipated as that it was only for those who are of age and higher.

"Perhaps...The HWA could grant him a reprieve? Ammastity?" Steelclaw inquired.

"I'll have to convince Tora about that. We agreed that there was something fishy about the fact that he was never given a trial is suspicious." Zoe thought about it.

If there was one thing that Tora would be passionate about, it's the fact that she would do what it takes to prove the innocence of those who are framed.

"Ah, the complexities of Witches and Wizards. At least in our culture, those who were framed we would execute those who did the framing." Steelclaw grinned.

"Well, that's insightful." Zoe deadpanned.

The two sat in silence at the Two Goblins were finishing up examining his core. The three blocks were off; given the fact that the three types of magic Harry wanted off was rather interesting: Parsal Magics, His Animagus Form, and the Elemental fire magic that he may be able to master.

The other blocks the Goblins 'loosened' so to speak. They will eventually disappear over time but it wouldn't do too much damage to him if they were to disappear as he continued his studies in Magic.

Zoe watched closely as the goblins slowly and gently with precision, placed his magical core back into him close to where the heart is.

She has heard of such beings that can carefully extract the magic from Witches and Wizards. Goblins, Demons(Only High Ranking in Royalties), High Ranking Fae…

She had met a Royal Demon with Tora before, He looked human, but he had a Crescent moon marking on his forehead and two magenta stripes down his face. Silver hair pulled up in a high ponytail, intimidating gold eyes...Demons had a different kind of magic altogether.

What was his name again? Seshio? Senmaru? She couldn't remember his name. But he was definitely not human. And Royal Demons are not something to mess around with. He was cold and he was calculating. But he had the best interest of both Demons and Hybrids of any kind.

Tom Riddle may be able to recruit certain beings. Werewolves, Some Vampires, Trolls, and possibly giants. But she had no doubt that Demons would reject his offer to join him to rid the world of non-magical beings. The HWA has contacts and the like with Leaders of other magical and supernatural beings (At least those who are quite intelligent enough) that wouldn't unleash hell on earth and into the Mundane world where people believe that magic and the supernatural doesn't exist. They'd rather not go to war with mortals if they can help it. After their much more modern approach to war and the like, they'd rather keep the peace than go to war.

But the HWA's goals right now was to make sure that The Force is stationed around the UK. If anything, Zoe heard from some of her informants that the Werewolves were more likely to turn to Riddle due to the fact of the Werewolf registration Act. Riddle had recruited Werewolves before. But Tora had spoke with Tyr about trying to find Werewolves and getting them out of the UK or at least join his pack to go against Riddle. But the one thing that He would have to take on is Fenrir Greyback and his pack.

But for now, at least things are a calm before the storm.

She observed the Goblins finishing up the process of putting his Magical Core back into him, the spot where they put it back in, glowed with the goblin runes on his body before they faded out of existence.

"Well, that was fascinating to watch." Zoe said smiling.

"The Boy will probably feel groggy the rest of the day, but we managed to take off three of the blocks. We cracked the others that will come off in later times, but they will be gone in the next three years." Triksaw spoke as he walked up to Zoe.

"Thank you very much. I appreciate it." Zoe smiled closed mouth down at the goblin.

"We will want the payment up front." Steelclaw spoke as he took out a parchment that much be the receipt for the Unblocking.

"Gotcha. Take it out of Whitestone's account." She smirked.

"Of Course." Steelclaw chuckled.

Zoe heard a small groan and turned to see Harry blink his eyes rapidly and he reached up to his forehead and rubbing it a little

"Wha…?" He muttered.

Zoe walked over to Harry and smiled.

"Okay, Kiddo. Time to get up and get moving. You still have a lot to do today like getting your books and stuff. But we need to stop at your vaults. Get your clothes on, and let's move."

Harry was still rather groggy from the unblocking. But he felt pretty light, as if a burden was eased from his shoulders and he could stand a little taller. But he still felt dizzy and tingly...and hungry.

Enid had his arm entwined with hers so that he wouldn't fall over as he was walking, She was about his height, but she told him that eventually with the blocks off, he may grow a bit taller.

"Thank you...for doing this for me." Harry said genuinely.

Enid turned to him and smiled at him brightly.

"You remind me of my little brother. Though he's a bit more rough around the edges, you remind me of him." She spoke gently.

This was new. He never really asked Enid about her family.

"What's your brother's name?" He asked.

She was silent for a bit as they followed Steelclaw to the carts, before she spoke.

"Atlas. He's about your age. Loves to play Quidditch, but loves the muggle sport of Rugby. But recently, he was getting into Broom Racing. Loves the fast life, that is for sure." She spoke fondly.

"I've never had a sibling…" He spoke sadly.

He thought of Ron's family. Brothers and a Sister. Even though he is considered part of the family, he liked seeing the dynamics of them. How the older brothers could be teasing the younger siblings and vice versa.

"Well, in my experience, Family and even ties into it is very important. The saying 'Blood is thicker than Water' is true in many aspects, but blood also doesn't make family either." She spoke.

"Really?" He asked surprised.

The thought brought him to his treatment from the Dursley's, even though he shared blood with them through his mother, he honestly didn't think of them as family.

"Why would you say that? Blood doesn't make family?" He asked.

"I have friends whom I've known for quite some time and we are closer than friends. We are like sisters." She smiled gently.

"Really?" He asked curiously.

"Yes. We get on each other's nerves sometimes but we have each other's backs." She chuckled.

They kept walking to where the carts were and Steelclaw was speaking to the goblin there.

"We would like to go to the Potter's Main vault please." He asked.

"Does he have a key?" The goblin sneered at the witch and young wizard.

Harry felt a bit uncomfortable at the looks the goblin was giving him. But he took out the gold key that he was given when he was 11 and gave it to the goblin.

"Hmm...this is his trust key. Where is his Family Vault key?" The goblin asked raising a wrinkled eyebrow.

Steelclaw turned to Enid and him with a curious look.

"I believed that you were to have your main vault key, Mr. Potter." Steelclaw bared his teeth.

"This is the only key that I have. I don't know of any other key." He frowned a little.

"It would seem that we would have to go to the Potter's Main Vaults another time. I'll have one of us forge a new key for your main vaults, for a fee of course, so that the one you don't have will be null and void if it was to be used again." Steelclaw frowned.

"I don't understand...why is having that particular key important?" He asked.

"You are the sole inheritor of the vaults that you are given. The Keys I have here…" He lifted a ring with two old fashioned keys were on it, one was silver with some emeralds encrusted on it, the other was also silver but it had small diamond embedded on it, "Is for the Peverell and Slytherin Vaults. These keys have been with us since the previous owners death's, as per policy. As for your Family Vaults, you should have received a key for them." Steelclaw sighed.

"Well...which vaults shall we go to then?" Enid looked at Harry.

He was wondering about the Slytherin Vaults. It would be easy just to go there and see what he had inherited. Given his Mother's Lineage. The fact that her side of the family haven't had witches for so long, he wondered why she was just labeled as a Muggle Born instead of "New Blood", Like Enid suggested.

It was tempting, because not only does Slytherin's blood run through his veins, his mother had it too. He had ties to one of the great Founders of Hogwarts. His house that has a dark past and present. He wondered if this would change things for him.

But on the other hand, He was very much interested about the Peverell Vaults. His Father's line before they were the Potter's. He didn't really know much about them and he would like to get to know more. But he was running low on time, and he would like to get back to his group before they send out a search party for him.

"I'll go to my Trust vault for now. Maybe next time." He reasoned.

Enid looked a bit put out, but she shrugged.

"Fine by me." she smirked. "Maybe Next time."

"Very well then, let's go to your trust vault." Steelclaw spoke.

Harry was also disappointed that he couldn't go to his family vault. He would rather go in there than the other two vaults. Maybe he would have seen stuff like journals or a diary that his parents kept. Or even a photo album. Just some things that may stand out to him for sentimental value. Maybe next time, he hoped.

Draco was Bored. Bored, bored, bored, bored, and bored. He hated being bored. He liked it when he was pretty much doing something that kept his mind occupied. But if he had to watch the mob downstairs a lot longer than he has to, he just might actually pull out a fiction book and read it. His eyes slowly drifted to Granger's form as she was reading a different book this time.

"Tales from Down Below" By Roth Flaversham, was a rather popular book amongst their age group. He had a chance to read it at his Great Aunt's place and it was rather a interesting read.

It was a compilation of shorts stories. One of his favorite ones was about a young witch by the name of Divena who was lost in the woods, only to come across Death Himself who had come for her. But instead of reaping her soul, she bargained with him that for each day she lived she would tell him a part of a story. Eventually she would end with telling Death that she loved him and he reciprocated her feelings. It was also a bit bittersweet though. All the Main Heroine's Friends had found themselves married through various trials, but herself.

Yes, he did enjoy reading, but sometimes he wouldn't be too obsessed with it. But something to pass the time by. But he didn't feel like reading at the moment.

He was bored.

"Merlin, I'm bored." He leaned his head back looking at the ceiling.

"Then find something to entertain yourself," Granger quipped.

"I did, but she's not doing anything." He brought his head down to smirk at her.

"Ugh, I'm not some sort of plaything, Malfoy." She looked up at him and gave him a glare and a rather impressive sneer.

Has she been taking lessons of working on that sneer?

"Well, I would prefer to get my books, but wait! There's still plenty of people down there." He frowned and crossed his arms petulantly.

It was true. The crowd of people thinned out somewhat, but not that much. He guessed it would be another hour before they can get their books.

"You're right about that. I don't get why everyone decided to come on this day to get school things." She frowned. "I haven't even gotten my clothes yet for DADA."

"You got that stupid list as well? What's the point? Why do we need muggle clothes?" He curled his lip in disgust.

If it wasn't for Beth explaining to him about the functions of sweats and sweatshirts, he would have had to question the insane mind of the new Professor.

"I think it's a good idea. If anything, I wonder what Professor Whitestone is planning on teaching us. Whatever it is, it will also benefit our health as well." She smiled.

"Our Health, Granger?" He lifted an eyebrow. "If anything, I'm fairly sure we are healthy already."

"According to you, but in the long run, I can't wait to see what he has in store for us. Perhaps certain exercise routines for our respective years?" She smiled. "I actually can't wait. I usually do my exercise routines with my mother during the summertime, amongst other things, but haven't had the chance to do so recently."

She looked down at herself and poked her stomach. Which for some reason, Draco followed said finger to where she poked herself and gave a slight frown.

"I think I've gained some weight since the beginning of the summer…" she said quietly, barely enough for him to hear.

Now Draco was thrown off. He understood a little bit of the female mind, mostly because he hung around with Pansy and Daphne, and they are very particular of how they would watch their figures and weights. They would picky about the foods they eat and they usually eat light foods instead of the heavier varieties.

Though the look on Granger's face showed that she was a bit dismayed at herself.

"And you think these so-called exercises might help?" He lifted an eyebrow. "Why do you think you need to lose weight anyways?

She blushed a bit before she spoke.

"Well, I know that there are weight loss potions and the like, but personally, I'd rather do the real thing. Running and biking I do a lot during the summer time if I get all my homework done. But there are other exercises that I do to keep myself healthy. I used to do Gymnastics before I got my letter to Hogwarts, I had to make sure I get all my summer homework done so I can still take classes. Although…" She trailed off.

"Gymatis?" Draco frowned unfamiliar with the word.

"Gym-nas-tics. I haven't done the classes this summer because…" She frowned. "I had other things to do. I take them to stay healthy and active in body and mind. The best I've been able to do is run when I've had the chance."

Draco was wondering what the hell Granger was talking about before she spoke again. She must've seen his confused face, because he was wondering what the hell she was talking about.

"Gymnastics is a sport that deals with agility, strength, flexibility, endurance and control. The movements involved contributes to the development of the arms, legs, chest, and abdominal muscles groups." She spoke like a textbook.

Draco was mildly interested as he saw her eyes light up a bit.

"It takes self-discipline, Self-confidence, precision, alertness, and daring are the mental traits to be able pull of the stunts that are performed. As much as I love magic and what I can learn about it, I apply such mental traits to the magic I've learned...and the books I read of course." She smiled a little bit.

"I'm not too well versed in many of the Artistic Gymnastics like the uneven bars, or the balance beam, but the vaulting is fun, flipping into the air and twisting yourself is a lot of fun...Rhythmic Gymnastics are okay enough, I have used the clubs before and I've been sticking with that to practice my hand-eye coordinations. The Ribbon that I use is also fun, but I have too little patience for that." She chuckled.

"Tumbling and trampolining on the other hand, I could perform as many moves as I want to." She gave a great grin about it. "Doing backflips and turning in mid-air is a bit of an adrenaline rush."

Draco was a bit confused about what Granger was talking about, but she apparently enjoyed such a...muggle thing. Well, she is a muggleborn. Muggles and wizardkind have different types of sports. Apparently, this pretty much managed to confuse him even more. Muggles are still strange to him.

Granger seemed to trail off a bit before she looked at him with a surprised look before she looked down, as if she was embarrassed.

"Sorry, you probably have no clue what I'm saying. I guess you wouldn't know anything about muggle sports…" She went into a thinking mode.

Draco had noticed this before. She would lift a finger to her mouth and furrow her brows thinking deeply. She had often done this before at school.

"What...hobbies do you Old Bloods do?" She asked curiously.

"Why are you interested, Granger?" He asked.

She looked up at him with a blank stare before she sighed.

"As much as I love reading books, sometimes I prefer to try to be social." Granger deadpanned before she gave a small smile that made Draco think that she was planning something.

"And, I'm genuinely curious about Old Bloods. I'm very much certain that there are things that not even muggleborns know about. Like Samhain and Beltane. The Witching Hours I'm still learning about it a bit, but the thing is…What separates the Old Blood From the New Bloods? Culture is one thing, but Tradition is another." She explained.

"Why do you keep calling Pure Bloods 'Old Bloods'? It sounds insulting." Draco frowned at the term.

"You don't think it's better than 'Pureblood'?" She furrowed her brow. "Personally, I think it's more…" She had a glint in her eyes as she was speaking.

"More Regal…and proper? I mean, Sure it means about the same thing, but the term 'Pure Blood' is more snooty." She smirked and she turned her chin up a little.

Was she trying to be cheeky? She was! He couldn't help but give a smirk at her 'cunning'. Maybe he should give Granger a little bit of credit.

"You want to know Pure Blood hobbies?" He lifted an eyebrow switching the subject.

He has no intentions of getting political with her. That sucked the fun out of everything. Aunt Cassiopeia mentioned that Politics had a time and place for it's use…unless you are in Slytherin at Hogwarts, You have to literally prove that you are top dog in Inter-House Politics. Yes, because of his Family name, and the lineage from his mother, he had something in his corner. But Great Aunt Cassie pretty much started at the beginning of the summer pounded into him to shut his mouth and open his ears. There was a reason why she had so much political power and an obscene amount of blackmail to go with it. All she had to do was make sure that she can hear whatever was going on.

He shook his head lightly, now was not the time to think of what he will be planning on doing with inter-house politics and hierarchies in Slytherin. Of course, he would be having lessons with Cassiopeia about those later.

"Well, I know about quidditch, obviously…" He smirked as she sniffed a little. "Gobstones is an interesting game, as is Exploding snap. I know that collecting chocolate frog cards is a child's hobby, but what do you do in your free time?" She asked.

"Some hobbies vary from person to person, Granger." He pointed out.

"Okay then…what are your hobbies?" She asked him seriously.

Straight to the point.

"Let's see. Quitdditch I like." He smirked at the look on her face.

"But let's see…" Draco looked about. "I do read in my spare time. Learning spells that are helpful and useful in everyday use. You'd be surprised what you can learn. But I don't do it often enough at Cassiopeia's. I suppose learning new magics is one of them." He explained.

"Like…wandless and nonverbal casting?" She pointed out.

"That is one of them." He responded as he shrugged his shoulders.

"And Elemental Magics…what about those? Is it…'Pure Blood' standards that you have to learn them?" She asked.

Draco shook his head.

"Elemental magics are very tricky and hard to learn, even for most Pure Blood families. First you have to know what element you are magically aligned with. That is no easy feat. Aunt Cassiopeia had to order in a 2 pound box that has these special slips of parchment from Japan specifically for checking what elemental types of magic you are mostly aligned with." Draco explained.

"They are surprisingly accurate. And has been in use for Japanese wizardry for many centuries already. I myself, am Ice aligned and I have been working on Air and Water magics, but that takes extreme discipline to do so." Draco thought back to the air spell to try and manipulate the air to do his bidding. It didn't work. He had barely felt a breeze. As for water, well he didn't fancy getting wet every damn time but at least he was able to manipulate part of it.

"Fascinating…" Her eyes lit up in wonder. "I wonder what kind of elemental magic I could do."

"You would have to find a teacher to help you. Elemental magics are hard enough to learn, finding a teacher who can teach you how to control the element you have is harder." Draco frowned.

"Oh? I thought…" She trailed off before he interrupted.

"Elemental Magic is no joke, Granger. Besides, There's only a handful of Elemental Mages out there, Witches and Wizards who managed to become masters of their respective elements, and other elements as well. Mages, for lack of better word, focus on specific types of magic that they have mastered. And this does include dark magic. I'm not going into detail because it's a lot of information…" Draco turned he head to the still buzzing crowd below.

"I would suggest 'Hierarchies of the Magic World' by Faust Krayling. Granted it's been over a century since we've had hierarchies and titles, but the titles are as it goes from the bottom: Witch/Wizard, Master Witch/Wizard, Sorcerer/Sorceress, Great Sorcerer/Sorceress, Elemental Mage, Alchemist Mage, and Imperial Mage." Draco listed off. "There are also other types of Mages as well, but those three are more common."

"I'll have to keep that in there are different kinds of mages then?" She asked.

"There are mages in their respective fields, but as I've said, there isn't many that hasn't reached even over Sorcerer status." Draco shrugged.

Granger had a rather focused look on her face and he had no doubt that she wanted to learn more about the Titles.

"Anyways, back to the subject...Origami is one thing my mother taught me." He shrugged.

"Really?" She wondered.

"Mother always prefers such things to keep her mind off of troubling things. You only have to put a spark of magic in them to make them come alive. She is a Black after all. My father taught me how to swordfight at an early age." He mused.

"Swordfighting?" Granger tilted her head curiously at him. "Isn't that a bit...old fashioned?"

"Not at all, Granger." He smirked widely at her. "At a young wizard's age around 5 years old, or earlier if you show magic, you get to learn the basics of swordplay. Surprisingly, many wand movements that we learn at Hogwarts stem from certain sword movements that have been around for centuries." He shrugged.

"Most young Wizards would eventually drop the habits of sword fighting due to working at the Ministry after gaining an education at Hogwarts or even other Schools. Even Dueling is an extension of Sword fighting." He explained.

Granger seemed to be in deep thought before she spoke up.

"I guess I can see the appeal…" She muttered. "I wonder if this new Professor might do the same."

"I'd be very surprised if he did. It's an old Pureblood tradition to teach young wizards and some witches to learn how to wield a dagger or a sword." Draco explained.

He thought back to last summer when his mother had a dagger on her person. According to her, it is best to have some sort of weapon on you should you lose your wand. Cassiopeia was of the same mindset. And currently Draco did have a hidden knife on his belt in case of such an emergency.

In the beginning, he thought that it was stupid that a wizard like him would have to carry around such a thing even his father sniffed in disdain about it. But his mother, Narcissa Malfoy Nee Black, insisted on him having a small dagger on him and even told him that if he remembered his sword fighting skill when he was a child, he would use it in extreme circumstances.

Turned out, The Black Family as a whole has dabbled in wielding daggers, short swords, long swords, and even broadswords. Cassiopeia carried a rather wicked looking dagger that was jagged and hidden on her person. She had explained that Narcissa, Andromeda and even Bellatrix had learned the art of wielding daggers should they lose their wands. It was rather commonplace in their family. It surprised Draco that the Blacks even had that kind of tradition.

"Who would've thought that you would take up sword fighting?" Granger chuckled.

"It is an old pastime, Granger. And You did ask." He pointed out.

"I wonder if there's more to the Wizarding World's culture than that." Granger spoke firmly.

"Why do you say that, Granger?" He asked.

"Well...not long ago I found out there there are actual Wizarding Universities and Colleges." Her eyes sparked up. "I mean, I've always wanted to go to Uni to further my mundane education, but to see that there are more educational options after Hogwarts, I'm surprised that no one is jumping at the chance for those."

Draco blinked. He had vaguely heard Blaise Zambini speaking about his mother wanting him to go to the Italian Wizarding College in Venice to further his studies to become a Potioneer and possibly a charms master, but he never really had much thought about expanding his educations.

He would have spoken a bit more on the subject, if it wasn't for the fact that he heard a certain redhead that he very much disliked called out for her, he would have continued to talk with Granger about Wizarding Colleges.

"Hermione! There you are. We've been looking for…" Weasley started to speak before his eyes landed on him.

"Ferret!" He growled.

Draco guessed that polite conversation with Granger would have to wait quite a while.

Harry and Enid walked out of Gringott's with a small bag filled to the brim with Galleons, Sickles and Knuts. Luckily, it was Gringott's certified and it was light as a feather. It was also thief proof as if someone were to steal it, it would burn the hands of those who tried to steal it and would leave a rather nasty burn on the thief's hand.

Harry was rather pleased with himself as he had enough to get his school supplies and perhaps some new clothes and the like as well. He was hoping that Enid would help him with getting his school supplies.

"Well then, now that we're done with this place. Hand me your list and we'll grab some of the essentials. I distinctly recall that you would be meeting your group at Flourish and Blotts?" Enid spoke as Harry handed her his list.

"Yes, I said that I would meet them there" Harry replied.

"Then Let's get started. The sooner we get this done, the sooner you get to meet up with your friends again." Enid spoke as she lured him to A Magical pet shop so that he could pick up treats for Hedwig.

As they entered the shop. The smell of pets came to his nose, but he dismissed it. He went to the section where the treat for various pets were and Enid went browsing a bit.

As he picked up the owl treat for Hedwig, he heard something. Various words were entering his ears.

"It's the feeder again…"

"We want live ones! Not dead!"

"One of these days…"

He followed the voices to the back of the shop and saw a sign saying "Reptiles and Amphibians". Call it a hunch, but he swore he did hear snakes speaking.

He entered the small room and heard a lot of noise. There was a shopkeeper opening the cages and feeding the snakes that were in there.

"I want to go outside!"

"Fool, we can't leave here, personally I like it here."

"Damned two-leggers, thinking that they could keep us here."

He grimaced before he hear the shopkeeper turn and saw him at the door. The shopkeeper had deep tan skin and dark eyes. His hair was shock white, and he had a gold earing in his left ear. He was an older gentleman, but he looked to be in his 60s.

"Well, what do we have here?" He spoke with a heavy indian accent.

"I'm sorry, I just...wondered what was in this room." He spoke cautiously.

"Ah yes, We hold many of our more exotic pets here. From fat bull frogs, to ball pythons, and even the more magical varieties here." He spoke excitedly.

Harry looked around and saw there were not very many cages for the snakes...though he was curious.

"How many snakes do you have here?" He asked.

"Oh, I have very little of the non magical variety, but I have about five of those, I do have ten that are of the magical kind." He smiled.

"Might I see those?" He asked, he wondered what the magical kind held.

"Sure sure! Let's see… I have a rather pretty Kingsnake that was imported from North America, That one has a bit of a temper, but she is a sweet thing. There's also the Three Headed Baby Runespoor that just hatched a few days ago…" The shopkeeper listed the snakes.

He could hear the collective of snakes commenting on the man's description on them. Some of them were rather bemoaning him, some were spiteful and could literally spit venom on him if they tried, but there was one that was utterly silent.

Harry walked over to the cage and peered through the glass. The reptile that was in there was curled up in a pile. It was predominantly black but had dark red markings that reminded him of the henna tattoos that Parvati would put on her hands, arms and feet in the common room. They looked rather pretty. While the rest of the body was smooth, the head that was poking on top of it's piled body, seemed to have rough ridges over its eyes and two small horn looking like protrusions from the top of it's head. Harry saw that it's third eyelid was covering its eyes so he couldn't tell what color it's eyes were.

All in all, it looked like a rather strange looking snake to be honest. It was minding it's own buisness and was just keeping quiet.

"Ah, I see you've found my most permanent resident." The shopkeeper said rather fondly and sadly.

"What kind of snake is this?" Harry asked looking back at the shopkeeper.

"That, my fellow wizard, is a Black Scaled Dragon Boa. It's a rather rare type of boa, as its name implies, It might just be a descendent from Dragons, or so various people say." The Shopkeeper smiled.

"Really?" Harry turned to the Shopkeeper with wide eyes.

"Yes! This particular species actually comes from the hardened winters of Russia, but they migrate to India for breeding seasosn. Some even believe that Dragon Boas were a result of certain dragons becoming hunted to extinction." The Shopkeeper shrugged. "Whether true or not, its still is a fantastic specimen."

"So it's magical?" Harry looked into the glass box with renewed interest.

"Very much so. This serpent's magic actually lies within it's eyes. Rather interesting, but no one really has a chance to study the species in depth. It can also breath fire surprisingly." The shopkeeper spoke cheerily.

"… is that legal?" Harry asked blankly

"Well, this serpent has been returned to my shop a total of…" The shopkeeper paused with a frown of his face thinking back perhaps how many times the snake was taken home. "Up to at least 37 times. The previous owners kept explaining to me that the snake wasn't what they thought it was, or that it was 'creepy' or even 'unsettling'. Personally I think the serpent wants to choose the owner."

"Choosing the owner? Like a wand?" Harry looked back up at the Indian man.

"Perhaps." He muttered before turning around hearing a bell ring. "Excuse me."

The Indian man left the room and Harry turned to the snake. It looked a bit dragonish, save for the snout that looked like like a python's mouth. The third eyelid was still closed but he wondered...his block for parselmouth was taken off...maybe…

"Um...hello?" Harry spoke softly. "Excuse me?"

The snake twitched a little before the third eyelid was peeled back. There Harry saw nothing but gold and silver peering back at him. The snake had gold eyes with silver flecked through the gold like veins, the pupil was slit like something very similar to a dragons, a testament to its name.

"Who disturbs my slumber?" It spoke back to him in a raspy feminine voice.

"My name is...Harry Potter. I didn't mean to disturb you…" Harry spoke uncertainly.

It was interesting that he had never spoke Parseltounge since his second year, he never really thought to keep trying as he thought that it was just another connection to Voldemort...but now he wasn't so sure.

"Well, what have we here?" The snake uncoiled herself and slithered close to the glass and peered at him. "A Speaker?"

It tilted its head curiously as it was to observe him.

"I haven't seen a speaker since I was taken away from my first master." The snake spoke again.

"I'm sorry...Speaker?" Harry spoke curiously.

"You speak in our tongue. A gift, yes, a gift from the Great Winged Serpent Kings and Queens and the Vicious Brave Naga Royals. Two wonderful races that bestowed only a select few to carry the Serpent tongue that we hold so dear to us." The snake sweeped its body around dramatically and Harry briefly saw the red markings glow.

"Is that a good thing?" Harry asked in a bit of wonder.

The snake swooped back to the glass and if a snake could frown, this would would.

"Are you dumb, Two-legger? It is the highest honor to speak to a majestic creature such as I! Unlike the others around here that don't care much. All they want is either food or freedom." She hissed at him.

"Oh...I'm sorry that I sound disrespectful." Harry spoke timidly.

"Hush, you are but a child, no? A simple mistake could be rectified." She swished her tail around as it if was a hand for her.

"Thank you...You are a rather beautiful specimen. Though the shopkeeper said that you were returned a lot of times." Harry replied.

"Well of course I was! A lot of my so called owners didn't want anything more than me being a sort of trophy! I am a companion! Not some sort of trained animal." she hissed violently, the gold and silver eyes glowing in the dim light.

Harry had to agree. This serpent was very much intelligent. It wasn't until he felt someone behind him that he looked up. It was Enid. She had a sort of impressed smile on her face.

"Find what you are looking for?" She smirked.

"I found...uh…" He looked at the serpent. "Black scaled Dragon Boa. She was pretty quiet."

He didn't know what to say.

"Well, doesn't she look pretty?" Enid bent over to take a look at the dragon boa. "Huh, I've heard of this particular species but they are a bit rare."

"I was just...talking with her." Harry stuttered out.

He hoped that Enid didn't glare at him for being a Parsalmouth.

"Really?" Her eyes lit up. "What has she been telling you?"

Harry told her about the aforementioned dragon boa as she was returned many times to this shop. He felt bad for her as she was probably stuck her for quite some time.

"Well you want her?" Enid asked.

Harry took pause and looked back at the dragon boa before leaning over and talking with her again.

"Well...would you like to be my companion then? I think Hogwarts is fine with having snakes as pets. Not that you would be a pet mind you, you said that you are a companion." Harry asked politely.

For some reason, Harry felt a brief spark of a connection with the curious serpent. The silver-gold eyes sparked with life and it swerved a bit nervously.

"To be frank, I didn't expect to come across another speaker in my lifetime...and it does get so dreadfully boring here…" She seemed to say sadly.

That sold Harry. He knew what is was like to be stuck inside for long amounts of time. Being stuck in his room not doing anything than doing chores and such and then being stuck back in afterwards.

"Well, I don't mind having another Companion. I have a snowy owl named Hedwig, I hope you could get along with her." Harry smiled down at the red and black serpent.

"Oh, you would take me then? Free me from these confines and allow me to be by your side? If you take me as your companion, I swear by my Winged ancestors and the Fiery hearts of the Nagas that I will be ever a loyal friend." The serpent spoke reverently as red markings glowed dimly with magic.

Harry nodded and smiled, before turning to Enid.

"I'll take her." He said smiling.

It turned out that the Shopkeeper was ecstatic that Harry would be taking the Serpent from the shop. Of course, the old man seemed to wink at him as if he knew a secret.

"Do take care of her, As much as I love to keep her around, she deserves a good master." He spoke as he rang up the owl treats, the box of stunned mice, and a few other things.

Harry didn't have The Serpent in a box, instead, the pretty Dragon Boa had decided to hide out in his sleeves curled around his bicep. He didn't have a name for her yet and when he asked she replied that her first master (Who must've been a parsalmouth) named her Dragoness. Which wasn't that original. She basically told him that he can come up with a new name for her. A new master for a new name, she told him. He would have to look up some names that he think she would like.

For now, The Serpent would stay curled around his bicep and napped. Harry was rather happy to get her, for one thing, she reminded him of himself, but he wanted to know more about Parsaltongue.

"I'll have my contact be in touch with you. She is a parsalmouth as well and she is very much well versed in Parsalmagic. And don't worry if she doesn't get in contact with you soon, she is a rather busy woman after all." Enid spoke smiling.

It was exhilarating. The fact that he had two rare lineages in his blood, as well as a couple of magic blocks coming off, he was Like a weight that came off of his shoulders. For the time being, his mind wasn't even on Voldemort. He felt like a regular kid for once.

Enid had taken him to a magical optometrist to get some new glasses, stating that perhaps he would like to have a better prescription than the one he had on. The wizard who tested his eyes was rather perplexed and frowned at the poor prescription and the frames of the glasses that he had. Not to mention testing out his eyes and found that he had rather poor eyesight.

"Nothing that can't be fixed with a regime of vision correcting potions. Granted you won't have perfect vision after three months, but it should be much better than what your vision is now. Now, choose your frames and I shall make your new glasses." The Middle Aged wizard nodded.

Harry was rather shy about getting new things. At least until Enid pushed him forward gently to choose what he wanted. He didn't want to spend too much, but Enid ruffled his hair and smiled at him.

"Listen Harry, I understand your need to be frugal, it's okay. If you want to stick with the frames you have, I'm sure the good wizard would still put the new prescription in." She compromised.

He looked at himself in one of the mirrors and observed himself. His hair was still as messy as ever, and the clothes were still hand me downs from his cousin. But since Enid came along, his confidence had grown a bit. He wanted to change. He wanted to be better. He thought back to Sirius who really wanted to come along, but was pretty much shot down by Dumbledore himself saying that he needed to be safe.

He remembered the parting words that he left him.

"Listen up Harry, I know you have money in that trust vault, I remember James and Lily wanting you to have a decent amount of money to spend for yourself. But as your Godfather, I would suggest getting some new clothes and the like. Because you are the Last Potter Heir, I will train you to be a Lord. Granted…" Sirius has scrunched his face a bit. "It'll take a bit of time and time we may not have, especially since Hogwarts is around the corner, but I promise that I'll train you. Get some new stuff for yourself."

"Are you sure, Sirius?" Harry asked.

"Definite. Now get going." Sirius smirked.

He nodded slightly to himself and started to shop around for new frames. Some were rather outrageous colors, others were really plain. Some even had moving objects like snitches on them where the wings would flit. He tried on a few but he didn't like them. Eventually he found a soft, thin, rectangle frame that was silver with gold etchings of what looked like ivy along the sides. He found that it suited him much better than the thick circular black ones that he has had all his life. Not to mention that it made his eyes a bit more easier to see.

"These ones…" He smiled softly.

"Ah, a Giovanni Pair. Limited edition, too. I'll put the standard protection charms on it, and...You play quidditch? I'll throw in a lasting waterproof charm and shading charm for rain and shine. If you want to make sure that your glasses don't fall off, I would suggest the Yeowell Sticking Charm. It is specifically for glasses and it works quite well if you trip and fall, they would never come off. Especially if you are doing rough and tumbles with your friends as well." The wizard smiled.

"I will also put an anti-breaking charm on them as well. That will cost an extra couple of galleons, but I assume that you want to keep your glasses in good shape?" The Wizard peered at him.

"Yes sir…" Harry spoke a bit shyly.

"Very well." The Wizard beamed at him.

Harry walked out of the shop and was bombarded by how clear his vision is now. It was like someone wiped the fog away from his eyes and he could see much clearly now. He smiled and sighed in relief that he had new glasses and it was a relief to toss the old ones away.

They also went to a clothing store that wasn't Madam Malkin's and looked for the sports clothes needed for DADA. The Assistant shopkeepers was rather nice and made sure that the clothes he got fit him well. They were a pretty good price for the lot of clothes he got.

He also got some weekend clothes for when he would be able to go to Hogsmeade. It was nice to have clothes that fit him well instead of having hand me downs from Dudley that were so overly large. Not only did he managed to get a few traditional robes and clothes for himself, he also got modern clothes that he really liked and it fitted him. He had a couple pairs of jeans, trainers, and sport shoes. He got a few shirts that fit his lean frame. A couple of short sleeves for the still warm months and a few long sleeves for winter. With a little convincing from Enid (And he thinks that Sirius would be proud of him), he got a leather jacket.

Enid told him that he looked rather handsome in it and he couldn't help but flush. Even the Serpent on his arm commented about his human looks as well.

Not long after, Enid made sure to grab a heavy coat for

the heavy winters, but otherwise, he seemed to be set for school.

Not long after Enid shrunk down the purchases he made and placed them in a convenient bag that she got for him, they were on their way to Flourish and Blotts.

Harry was glad. He felt like he didn't have to be someone famous for once. Enid was a responsible adult, and made sure that everything she did was for him. He wondered if Sirius would be the same. Making sure that he got what he needed and having fun while doing so.

"Now Listen up Harry, You said that you'll be meeting your friends here?" She asked.

"Yeah, why?" He looked at her with furrowed brows.

"I need to get going. I made sure that everything was taken care of for you, though we did not get you emancipated, we are on the right track." She said, her eyes flashed a purple tinge, before turning back to green.

She pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to him. Taking it, he looked down at the words that are on there.

It was a short list of books that was written down plus a note. The words were tiny and neat, but he could read them much better than he used to with his old glasses.

Fire Magics for the Brave and The Bold by Douglas Fairaway II

Animal Totems: A Guide to your Inner Animal by Krystal Diana Redbird

Elements of Nature: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth by Heather Faust IV

There was only three books, but he looked down at the note and read it.

Mister Potter,

It would appear that you have either inherited or had been given the blessing of Parsaltongue. Either way, I will be instructing you to learn the language of Parsaltongue and in extension Parsalmagics. Either it will come naturally for you, or you will have to work on progressing to become a Master in such magics. I will be sending you instructions and small books to you for you to self study. Such books on the subjects are rather difficult to come by, and I hope that you will take especially good care of them. As for Fire Magics, the same applies, it will come naturally or not.

I do not expect essays or textbook answers, but I do expect you to understand the reality that Fire magics are not something to be toyed around with. It is a branch of magic that not only gives warmth and hope to their users, but also destruction and rage that will kill anyone that stands in its way. I do hope you understand the seriousness of such a type of magic. Otherwise, I will not teach you anything.

As for your Animagus Training, here is your first lesson: Meditation. The Animal Totem guide should be able to instruct you on meditation to find what is your animagus form. It will take time to even grasp the concept of changing into an animal, but we must start with the basics first of all. If you know someone who is an animagus (registered or not), ask them also for guidance and see what advice that they can give you.

I look forward to teaching you, Mister Potter. I will be sending you an item that will be used to converse with me at any given time. But please note that you will keep this in strictest confidence. Also, send me your school schedule so that I may work around it.

Yours Truly,


Harry furrowed his brows a little bit and looked back up at Enid. She had a solemn face on and it seemed that she was waiting for something.

" this the person you said that can help me?" He asked.

She sighed before she spoke again.

"She is…" She gave a weak smile. "A very good friend, but she will expect you to work hard. Upon your studies at school as well as learning Occlumency and the like, you might be overwhelmed. She is good at her craft, Fire Magic she was born with it, and Parsaltongue and Parsalmagic is something that was in her family's line for generations upon generations."

Enid shifted her stance.

"She will understand if you get overwhelmed, but you have to let her know if and when you are having a hard time keeping up. Self-Study to the best of your ability." She nodded along.

"Okay...I'll work on it." Harry vowed.

He wanted to become better. He wanted to learn more about everything that Magic had to offer him...and he wanted to be able to not just survive the fact that Voldemort is out there, he wanted to live.

If this is one of the way to protect himself and his friends, then he will take that opportunity.

"Good. I will relay to her that you are willing to learn from her. You may not hear from her often, but as long as you keep in contact with her, you should be fine." Enid said before stepping closer to him and hugging him.

"Take care, Harry. I'll see you on the other side." She smiled before letting him go.

She turned and walked into the crowd and after seeing her walk into it, she disappeared. Her red hair not visible anymore.

He sighed and turned to the door's of Flourish and Blotts. It was time for him to meet up with his friends. What he didn't know was that he came across a rather interesting sight.

Hermione couldn't believe that she was having an actual civil conversation with Malfoy. It was just bizarre to her. But it was rather nice to talk with hidden wit and learning about each other without tearing out each other's throats.

Unfortunately it didn't last long when Ron, Ginny and the Twins came over. She hoped that it didn't end in bloodshed.

"Ferret!" Ron growled.

...or maybe it will.

"Well if it isn't the Weasels…" Malfoy drawled before sneering at them.

"What do you think you're doing here?" Ron said angrily again.

"Waiting for the mob down there to dissipate, of course. It looks like you missed the rush anyways." Malfoy shrugged.

"Ronald…" Hermione rolled her eyes.

Couldn't she just have a nice day where boys would stop arguing with each other?

It seemed like Ginny also had the same thought.

"Come on Ron, just ignore him." Ginny sighed.

"Listen to your Sister, she has a bright idea." Malfoy smirked.

"You should do the same, or at least act like you get along." Hermione pointed out.

The two boys looked at Hermione like she grew a third head.

"It'll be a cold place in hell the day I get along with Weasel."

"No way in Bloody Hell, not even if you paid me."

The two boys at least could agree on something at least unknowingly.

Hermione was about to rip into both boys to tell them to knock it off when she heard a familiar voice.

"What have we here? A slight altercation?" A female voice spoke over the arguing two boys.

Malfoy immediately straightened up and his face dropped into a bored look, but Hermione noticed the look of caution that swerved to where the voice came from.

She followed the look and saw Cassiopeia Black and her maid coming toward the small group. She looked rather regal today, her black and grey hair was pulled up in a ponytail with braids in them, and she wore a dark red dress that flowed to the floor. Her silver circlet rested on her head. Her calculating blue-flecked silver eyes roved over them before she rested her eyes on Hermione herself.

"Miss Granger, what a wonderful sight to see you." She smiled at her kindly.

"Er...pleased to meet you again too, Madam Black." Hermione stuttered.

Ron looked confused as he should be. He didn't know who the woman was that addressed her, but she really hoped that he wouldn't put his foot in his mouth.

"Who the bloody-" Ron was about to say before both Weasley twins slapped their hands on his mouth to effectively cut off whatever he was going to say.

"Well if it isn't the lovely," George started.

"Miss Cassiopeia Black. What an Honor," Fred continued.

"To see you again." They finished at the same time.

If that wasn't strange enough to warrant stares from everybody in the group, then the next thing would.

"Fred and George Weasley. I never though to see you again since the last time I laid my eyes on you two." Cassiopeia spoke ruefully, as she tilted her head in acknowledgement.

"We thought so too." Fred spoke up brightly.

"We'd never forget a pretty face like yours." George spoke in the same tone.

"Such praise." Cassiopeia drawled before shifting the conversation to a different subject. "I do hope that there are no problems, correct?"

Hermione could see Malfoy cringe a little before speaking.

"No, I was actually ready to go and fetch the books I need for DADA." Malfoy stated.

"Good. And I suppose you have already received an invitation from me, Miss Granger?" She spoke to her smiling.

"Yes I have...and I would be delighted to meet with you on the appointed day." Hermione remembered her debutante manners.

Cassiopeia's eyes lit up with either victory or joy. Either way, Hermione wasn't going to deny a rather influential member of the Black Family. She wondered what she might be getting into.

Ron finally broke free and started to talk.

"Who are you and why do the twins know you like you are friends or something?" Ron demanded.

"Ah, dear younger brother." Fred started.

"We met Miss Black in Knockturn last year." George spoke as he held a finger to his lips as if he was keeping a secret.

"You see, we wanted to see if we could find some pixie dust at a reduced price," Fred sighed.

"And we ran into a rather terrifying witch!" George dramatically spoke.

"So we took off running and we met Miss Black who was out and about…" Fred smiled widely.

"And Miss Black showed off some magic and banished the evil witch away!" George exclaimed.

"Now, now, embellishing the truth won't do you any favors, Messers Weasley…" Cassiopeia smirked. "I do hope you haven't set foot in there since our last encounter."

The twins both simultaneously reach out and rubbed their ears, as if recalling what happened that day. Hermione made a mental note to ask about that later.

"Now, I know about you Twins, where are such manners of introducing me to your little group?" She raised an eyebrow.

The twins had looked a but chastised, but they jumped into action.

"Ah, this here is Ickle Ronnikins, our little brother, "One of the twin poked Ron in the cheek while the other went to Ginny and hugged her.

"This one is our baby sister, Ginny." The other twin smiled.

"I see. Pleased to make your acquaintance, however short it may be." Cassiopeia inclined her head in greeting.

Maybe Cassiopeia Black isn't that bad of a relative as Sirius had made her out to be. Malfoy on the other hand is convinced that she would have her guts for garters if she was left alone in a room with her. Hermione looked up at the older woman and she did see a lot of age in her, but she also seemed to show grace, poise, wisdom and power. She briefly wondered what it is about the Blacks that seemed to radiate authority wherever they went.

Something caught the corner of her eye and she saw Harry moving through the now dissipating crowd on the first floor below. She would notice that mess of hair anywhere.

She quickly walked over to the balcony and spoke loudly.

"Harry, up here!"

The messy haired boy quickly looked up and Hermione noticed that his black glasses were nowhere to be seen. Instead, she noticed the difference greatly and saw that he had smaller and thinner glasses on him. She noticed that he was wearing new clothes as well. Fitting jeans, black trainers, a blue shirt and he was wearing a leather jacket. It looked good on him. He gave a smile before he made headway up to the second floor.

Harry was rather quick to get to the second floor to meet up with their group, but he noticed Malfoy and Cassiopeia. So he gave a bit of a glare at Malfoy and he equally returned the favor.

"Harry! There you are!" Ron spoke as he walked to Harry's side.

Hermione did the same and she smiled at her best friend.

"Harry, We've been waiting out the crowd down there. You wouldn't believe how stuffy it was." Hermione explained.

"Yeah, I got most of my school supplies, I just need my books." He said as he focused on Malfoy and Cassiopeia. "Who's the lady with Malfoy?"

Apparently, Cassiopeia had ears of an elephant because she turned her head and started to walk towards them, Draco followed reluctantly, but walked with a bit of smugness.

"Well then, I do not believe we have met." Cassiopeia spoke directly to Harry.

He looked up to Cassiopeia with caution, before he straightened up a little bit.

"I am Harry James Potter." He spoke cautiously.

"Indeed you are!" Her eyes sparkled with some sort of hidden intent. "I am Madame Cassiopeia Lyra Black of The Most Ancient And Most Noble House of Black."

She reached out and took Harry by the chin and lifted it up so she could have a better look.

"Well, I can see that the Potter Blood is strong in you… but I can still see the Black side of the family peeking through." She spoke with a small smile.

Harry took a step back confused.

"What?" Harry furrowed his brows.

"You mean you don't know?" Cassiopeia frowned letting him go as Harry shook his head a little bit.

"Well, that's not good. Your grandmother, Dorea Potter was a Black. And My sister to boot, The fact that you don't know this saddens me. I do hope that stray will be teaching you about Family History of both sides. You best tell him that." She asked slyly before winking at him.

"Now, I hope you all have a decent day, We have quite a long evening ahead of us. Messers Weasley and Weasley, do keep out of Knockturn Alley." She spoke pointedly to the twins.

"No Promises, Madame Black." Fred spoke smiling widely.

"Mayhaps we could interest you into buying our joke products for good measure?" George asked.

"Perhaps next time. Come along Draco, we need the books and must be on our way." She nodded briefly at the twins, looked to Draco who looked ready to go, and then turned to Hermione.

"I look forward to our little outing, Miss Granger." She smiled at her before straightening up and walked past their group.

Malfoy, surprisingly only nodded at Harry before he followed closely to Cassiopeia, and Beth Followed suit.

Well, this day was just getting stranger and stranger to Hermione… she hoped that some things can return to normal.

"Well what was that all about?" Ron frowned. "Who was she, and why was she spouting something about the Blacks?"

"It seems ickle Ronnikins doesn't know much about Family History." George crossed his arms.

"Much less someone from the Black Family that hid herself away from the limelight since You-Know-Who's fall." Fred shrugged.

"Wait, She's a what?" Ron asked confused.

Hermione shook her head good-naturedly. Ron is a very good friend, but sometimes some things can go over his head.

"Ron, that woman is Madame Cassiopeia Black. I've met her once...she seems to be nice enough." Hermione explained a little.

Even if she seemed a bit...darker than most people Hermione had met. She considered herself a good judgement of people, and if Cassiopeia Black could help her..who knows what the future will hold for her.

"I thought that most of the Blacks died out…'cept for a few." Ron asked with confusion.

"You're forgetting something Ronnikins, our grandmother Lucretia Black married our grandfather Ignatius Prewitt on our Mother's side." Fred started to explain.

"While on our Father's side, Cedrella Black married Septimus Weasley. So we too have Black Blood in our family. Just not that noticeable." George finished.

"So wait...We are all like cousins then?" Harry asked.

Hermione took note that she would look at the Black Family Tapestry later.

"I guess so, if that's the case, we would be fourth cousins or something." Ron thought outloud. "Gah! My head hurts."

"So then...Malfoy is also related to me and you." Harry came to a rather shocking conclusion.

"Eh, schematics. Most of the well known families in Britain are related to the Blacks in one way or another, given their notoriety and being the most well known Purebloods in all of the UK." George shrugged.

"That's a bit extreme, isn't it? It like marrying cousins." Hermione grimaced.

"Depends on how closely the blood is related. If you really want to get techy with the details, our family is related to the Malfoys through the Blacks." Fred explained.

Then he lowered his voice to a whisper.

"Know the shrieking banshee on the wall back at Grimmauld? Walburga Black married her first cousin Orion Black. A bit too close if you ask me." Fred shuddered.

"But interbreeding can cause a lot of problems though, it's proven through science in the Mundane World, physical appearances and mental capacities are affected so much if you marry in the family so many times… it's a wonder that Snuffles is normal as he is." Hermione spoke with a stunned look on her face.

"Eh, you'll have to ask him that. Whatever this science thing is that the muggles have, Magic is a part of our families." George explained. "Perhaps that is a factor in our lineages."

"So not just magic can pass through our families that are connected, but our ancestors?" Harry asked the twins.

The twins shrugged.

"We know a bit about our family histories, but if you really want to get into all the details, you'll have to ask those who study them. Snuffles might know quite a bit as the Black Family always put emphasis on Blood Purity." Fred smiled.

"Not to mention, that it's a very tedious job to comb through family trees to see who is related to who. So not very many witches and wizards would go looking if they have second, third, or fourth cousins or not." George pointed out.

Hermione couldn't help but shake her head at what was being said. She wondered if inbreeding was common in the Wizarding World.

"Well, not that it was informative, we should probably get our books now. Mom and Dad will be waiting for us." Ginny spoke as she was starting to push people forward to get moving.

Hermione, Harry and Ron agreed and headed down towards the first floor to get their books.

Not long after they picked up their required books and then some, they all headed back to Grimmauld place. All keeping in mind that Hogwarts was not too far away.

In the dark of the night, Ellie silently walked Knockturn Alley. The dirty streets were void of the denizens, save for the Vampires that would come out. But even they would avoid her.

Yet again, she has yet to come across any Death Eaters, but she wasn't too surprised. They had just broke out in the middle of summer and they have yet to show themselves, which tried her patience. But, it wouldn't be the first time she had to wait. She would also be teaching a young boy the arts of Fire Magics, Parseltounge and Parselmagic, as well as some parts of Animagus training. So she would be keeping herself quite busy. Not that she minded, Parselmagics is a rather rare form of magic and a bit of a dying art. Most Parselmouths live in India and the surrounding areas. Which was a crying shame, its a fascinating art. She only hoped that the boy had a bit of talent in it. Otherwise, Zoe just might have wasted her time.

She looked up at the night sky and saw the waning moon. Flora and Fauna, her apprentices had been scrambling to find the more...hard to get...ingredients for her potions. Bless their mischievous hearts, they were able to grab most of the ingredients around the UK and flit back to Knockturn in the span of three weeks. She sorted the ingredients out and made sure that the...Illegal ones were hidden away behind a false wall.

She knew that the Web had been growing. It was good for The Force. Montmorency had been trying to get into the Hall Of Prophecy, no luck just yet, but he's biding his time. Isaac and Jack Have been working in the Auror Force full time, and they've been able to work their way up from newbie status, but they still have yet to get into records. Amelia Bones seems to be a prospect to work with The Force temporarily, but given the fact that she is seemed to be a true Neutral in justice, it's a likely possibility that she won't be able to join the Web.

Another two person team, Sally and Macey, had gotten into the workplace of the Daily Prophet as journalists. They were in charge of gathering information and hunting down all the dirty bits of High Wizarding Society. Hopefully they'll be able to gather more information of what is going on.

While the core members of the Force were around. Kyoshiro, Ken, Kagetora, Jet, JB, Kitari, and Tesshin were all in their animagi forms and roaming around both mundane and magical Britain. And every single one of them were different breeds of dogs. Then again, They were Tora's comrades and friends who would follow her to the death. But each have their own specialties in the Force.

She had only seen Tesshin and Kitari come to her little hole in the wall apartment for replenishing potions. Which she figured that they must've gotten involved in a fight...again. She wondered when the two of them will admit their feelings for each other instead of fighting who was top dog so to speak.

Other than that, Ellie was pleased to see that everyone has easily slipped into their places and will wait time to time is right to strike.

She paused in the street and her sensitive ears picked up something from behind her. She moved her head only a little and from the corner of her eyes in the darkness she could see a couple of vampires looking upon her hungrily. They must be new around here.

She grinned savagely and her serpentine blue eyes glowed menacingly in the night. She could feel the pleasant and welcoming warmth in her chest rise to her throat. She exhaled long and slow, feeling the fiery, hot, heatwave come out of her mouth. She was ready for a fight, shame that the Vampires didn't realize that they were in danger though.

"Hello little lady, are you lost?" One of the sickly pale bastards sauntered up to her.

"Might we be pleasant company for you?" The other on hissed angrily at her, fangs dripping with saliva.

"Oh believe wouldn't want my company." She spoke in a low voice, bordering onto parsaltongue.

"And if we do?" THe first one demanded, his blood red eyes defiant and hungry for her blood.

"Then you have no idea what you are getting into." She blew out grey smoke from her mouth, a warning that if they jumped her now, they would met their ends.

In a flash, the vampires moved towards her with open mouths, not realizing what they were dealing with. They didn't realize that the denizens of Knockturn alley would find their two burned corpses in the early morning and their fangs were gone without a trace.

Tora was walking down the dimly lit streets of London. She realized that the autumn chill would soon sink into her bones, but she didn't want to return to her apartment just yet. She had been followed for quite sometime.

Not by any person mind you, but creatures. Creatures that slunk in the shadows and their silver-white eyes glowed. Their shadows showed what they are. She was reminded of the great shaggy black dog that Corvus has. But these creatures were a slight bit larger.

Grims. Large, black-shadowed furred canines that wander anywhere and everywhere. But very rarely show themselves to the public. To the mundanes, they are just stray dogs. To the Magicals, they can be omens of death. But Tora knew of the true nature of the Grims.

Grims are solid shades of wolves, dogs, and other such canines in the world, they can eat, drink and have all functions of life. It was said by Ancient Witches and Wizards that Grims were protectors of the children and the innocent. They can travel through shadow and night, and their loyalty to their pack members unparalleled, to betray them and their pack, they will have a hunger for vengeance that will last as long as the offender is alive. The oldest of Grims could take a human form, to walk amongst the populace, wizarding or mundane. They too have vast amounts of magic, like the goblins, fey, centaurs, and even demons.

She could hear their paw falls behind her and she paused in her walking and turned, and she widened her eyes. The empty street was devoid of people in this part of London, but she could see on the walls of buildings and the sidewalks, and even the hedges and trees, where light was, there was large shadows shape like vast amounts of canines.

She felt her heart constrict a little. She recalled another fact that Grims are servants to Death himself. They would assist Death to guide souls to the afterlife, and devour the wicked nasty souls for a little snack. She may be a dog animagus, but Grims still creep her out just a little. She did a little staredown with the shadows making sure that she would be on guard if any of them were to jump out at her, but little by little the shadows disappeared until one was left.

From the shadow of the brick wall of the building, a great black Grim came trotting out and walked up to her. It's blank eyes staring at her, but she saw that it was skinnier than a rail. As if it had been starving to death. This perplexed her. Normally Grims are healthy looking creatures, so what is it with this grim that made it look so starving and dirty to the point where its fur was coming off?

It gave a rough growl to her, a growl of warning before it trotted off back into the shadows.

Being a dog Animagus, she can understand the speech of canines. But it was a very vague warning. "Hunger, destroy. Search, Souls." Grims are intelligent beings, but even that was a rough translation. She would have to do some research. Last she recalled from looking at mundane newspapers, a small village of the coast of Britain was somehow void of life. No signs of any human life anywhere. It was a phenomenon that seemed important enough. Why would a whole village just up and disappear?

There was a lot about the UK that pissed her off. The fact that the previous Wizarding Wars mostly happened in Europe, but it would seem that it was hardly taken care of. She wondered if Wizarding Britain realized truly what they have done to themselves. Or it was possible that they turned a blind eye to everything. It was no wonder that The ICW wasn't too impressed with the Supreme Mugwump, Albus Dumbledore.

She sighed into the night. Keeping her eyes peeled for the shadows of the Grims that seemed to keep her company tonight. She had a lot on her plate. She wanted to find Sirius Black, take down Tom Riddle, and hopefully make more time to date Corvus. A witch like her could dream.

She looked up at the night sky and found Canis Major and it's brightest star. The star Sirius in which her family believed where Kami created the dogs before sending them to earth to be man's companion, she hoped that the wizard who carried its name would be brought to justice. Sirius Black was a criminal, but if Jack and Issac could find trial transcripts that showed that he was guilty of all charges...well, she supposed she could kill him. If he was innocent...well she hasn't truly thought that far just yet.

She was going to be busy in the upcoming weeks. With Tyr being in contact with their hunting, Ellie with her trying to infiltrate the Death Eaters, and Zoe with her benefactor who managed to get the HWA involved in all this mess… It was pretty overwhelming

She hoped to see Corvus in a couple of days. Maybe if she asked nicely he could help her get her mind off of work for a short time. She blushed a little before smiling. She had it bad for him. She paused in her walk and took in the cold air. She still had quite a bit of energy. She wanted to run it off. So she shifted into her animagus form and shook herself out. She took off to the alleyways and the few shadows that stuck around with her, kept up at her pace, and she ran till the morning came.

Regulus was walking down the halls of Hogwarts with Zoe in her raven form on his shoulder. He has yet to find where that curse on the DADA room was, but he had a feeling that he might be getting close. But Hogwarts was soon to start and he honestly hoped that he wouldn't be a crap teacher. He had the lessons planned out, making sure that the offensive and defensive spells that he could bring into the curriculum would help out. The younger years will be doing the jinxes and hexes, the older years from 4th years and above will have a little more room to try many different types of battle magics, as well as battle potions and dueling.

Fillius was rather excited about the prospect of a dueling class in DADA twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday evenings. He hadn't co-taught classes since the 60s. So he was rather pleased that not only Regulus was to bring in wand dueling, but also dagger and sword wielding as well. It is technically tradition for young witches and wizards to learn either. Not to mention that Filius wanted to help students try out so newer spells that seemed to make it in dueling circuits outside of Britain.

Battle potions on the other hand, Severus was adamant that it would be twice a week. It would be on Mondays and Fridays, so that it wouldn't mess up certain schedules for the students. Turned out he had managed to make a couple of the potions and was fascinated of how they worked. The Evercold potion, when thrown at an enemy would freeze their body for one hour. Another potion was the Elixir of Anger. Which would last for about 5 minutes. When administered to someone or if the potion was to be thrown onto someone, they would be thrown into a fit of anger and attack the nearest person. Severus was impressed, but he made adjustments for some battle potions to be diluted (A lot), for the safety of the students. Which was fine by Regulus.

He had quite the syllabus down. In the first month of school, he would be testing the students, save for the first years, on what they have been learning the previous years. At the end of the month, he would have a 75 multiple question test for the students, all different questions for different students so that they didn't cheat, and then he would sort them from there.

Students who ranked higher on the tests would be placed in the back as they would be able to keep up with the newer lessons that he would set. Those who scored lower would be closer to the front so that he may be able to assist those who have a harder time understanding what he was teaching. He hoped that it would work out in the long run.

He paused at one of the many windows that overlooked the front of the castle towards Hogsmeade and he looked down at the front of the Gates to Hogwarts. He noticed a carriage that had just stopped by the gates. The gates had swung open as the carriage doors opened up. A short and squat figure dressed in a horrendous pink color (It burned to even look at the color) and it had paused before the gates. It was no doubt that it was Dolores Umbridge.

Regulus felt a sneer come onto his face. The ministry had no business to stick their nose in Hogwarts, Unfortunately, the staff of Hogwarts had no say in it. Cornelius Fudge thought that Albus was seeking to replace him as minister, and that type of paranoia seemed to have warranted to have the Ministry sending someone to make sure that didn't happen. Albus Dumbledore may be a bit of a manipulator, and yes, he may be quite misguided to do things for the Greater Good, but he wasn't a fool.

Zoe turned her head and he saw her raven eyes glare at the pink squat thing that was walking up to the castle. She also let out a rather growling caw.

"This might be an interesting year." He thought outloud, his mind churning with questions and answers.

And he wasn't wrong.

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