TAL21: Hey Readers of Black as the Blood In Our Names! I have ran into some serious problems with my computer. The battery has bulged due to over heating and I'm currently not able to use my laptop for the time being. I will be using other computers (Like my mother's for example) to keep writing as much as I can. And I have to buy a new battery for it and my dad will fix my computer. Its either buy a new battery or a new laptop all together. So i'm currently in a haste to back up everything that is on my computer onto and external hard drive just in case that my computer is unable to be brought back to life. So you might not get a chance for an update for a while. But I hope to hear from you guys and I hope you enjoy the story thus far. I love hearing from you guys and I'm glad you enjoy the story. Yes there are a few plot holes here and there and a couple of inconsistencies, but really what writer doesn't keep track of all their shortcomings.

Also, to the flamer that bashed my story (and a few of my OCs no doubt), due to the fact that I have quite the following and reviews on this story, your Flame isn't really needed. Ive come to this conclusion since i started writing fanfiction. If you do not like the story you are reading, then press that back button to go somewhere else. I have done it on occasion when I thought I was reading a good story when it suddenly didn't seemed to go where I expected it to go. So instead of saying "I hate your story and your ohs, blah,blah, blah..." I just hit that back button and left that story to others who did like it. So what you didn't like my story. You are just another person with an opinion. An opinion that I think is unwarranted, but an opinion nevertheless. And I do respect opinions regardless on where they come from.

I hope to see you guys later! Leave awesome reviews and opinions and I can respond back to you guys in the next chapter!