Black as the Blood In Our Names

by TimeAndLife21

Chapter 29

Harry was up in his room writing down the runes that Sirius wanted him to study. As it had turned out, when he returned from Diagon Alley, Sirius took him upstairs and started giving him a crash course to Runes. Given the fact that he had to catch up to Hermione for two years worth of Runes classes and condense them into three weeks was no party.

Not to mention Arithmancy which Remus had also taken to teach him. So he was working on two subjects for 4 hours a day. The addition was the Occlumency lessons that Sirius had started with him. As well as reading the books that Enid and Blueblood had assigned to him.

He wanted to learn; he wanted to expand his horizons on complicated magic. Parsaltongue was one of them. With the newly named Zenobia, Zen for short, she helped him out a little. It turned out that he understood parsaltongue like a pro, but to use Parsalmagic was a bit of a stretch. He could read the snake like writing that Blue Blood had sent him. Writing down the language was a different animal. It was tricky to write.

He's already trying to balance his Hogwarts homework and upcoming classes, but throwing Parsalmagic, as well as Fire magic and trying to become an animagus into the mix? He was struggling to keep up on everything. At least Sirius had managed to put everything into a crash course schedule.

He leaned back against his chair to stretch and felt his back pop in several places. Hedwig was sitting on the corner of the desk with Zen. Surprisingly enough, when he introduced her to Hedwig, the snake seemed pleased to meet a "fine specimen of a bird of prey.' The two of them seemed to have a bit of camaraderie with each other. Hedwig liked to swoop down and pick Zen up to fly around the room, and often times Harry would hear a hissing version of 'Whee' as they would fly around. Other times he would see them picking on each other, with Hedwig playfully pecking and dancing around Zen, and Zen striking back playfully with her tail and mouth.

Right now, Zen was perching off to the side where his quill and inkwell was at. Hedwig was on her perch with content.

He heard a knock on the door and he lifted his head up from the book, turned his head and saw Sirius come into the room.

Sirius has been a pretty decent teacher to him thus far. But he made sure that he learned about being an Heir to an Ancient and Noble House. Harry remembered last week, when He pulled Sirius aside to talk to him in private about what happened with him. It was surreal to say the least. Sirius had all kinds of emotion fly across his face. A bit of Horror, Impressiveness, shock and awe, and lastly a sort of resigned determination.

Needless to say, they had a long talk. A very long talk. Especially when the beginning of it was hilarious to start with.

" bought a snake?" Sirius' eyebrow started to twitch.

Harry suddenly felt like he might be punished but he soldiered on.

"Well, it's not really a snake. It's a Dragon Boa." Harry spoke as he lifted up his arm to show Dragoness.

He really needed to find a new name for her. It doesn't suit her.

Dragoness was curled around his forearm and was laying her head on the back of his hand as he showed her to Sirius. To Harry's surprise, Sirius didn't panic or even seem to lose his temper. This was pretty much the first thing that he wanted Sirius to know.

"Huh… She's pretty." Sirius blinked a bit. " are a parsalmouth...I'm not sure if I should say I'm surprised or not."

"Well...There's a reason. I had a chance to take a look at my family tree...Enid was there and well…" Harry started off as Dragoness curled around his arm once again, going back to sleep.

He rambled about everything. From the Goblins taking off the blocks he had on since he was a toddler, to the Family Ancestry that he had to the Peverells and the Slytherins, and to some extent to the Blacks, the outside tutor that Enid recommended to help him with Parselmagic and in extension, Fire Magic, and his Animagus training.

Harry wanted his Godfather to know what went on in his life. Sirius was family. Hell, he was the only family that he was connected to in the Wizarding World. Add in the fact that he was also a relatives to the Black family, in extension to Sirius, he would rather prefer Sirius as family rather than Aunt Petunia's family. And Harry will take that opportunity by the throat and take all that is worth of those connections.

Harry was lucky that they were in his room sitting down on his bed, or Sirius would surely have fallen over...but he didn't look too conflicted.

"Its surprising that Lily's side of the family is descended from Slytherin...and Peverell." Sirius then had a large grin on his face. "This is hilarious too, the fact that Lilly's family had been squibs after all these years and add in the fact that you are one of Slytherin's descendants…"

He let out barking laugh that lasted a few minutes and he was trying to catch his breath. Harry could see the humor in it all. After all, If Slytherin was a Pureblood and finding out that he had squib descendents, he would be rolling in his grave. Even PureBloods nowadays would be screeching and gnashing their teeth and demanding proof. But to Sirius, Blood never lies.

"I knew something was up with Lily after she married James...They became pretty secretive not long afterwards." Sirius chuckled.

"'re not mad?" Harry asked meekly.

"Mad? Why would I be mad that you did this all without me? Although…" Sirius furrowed his brows. "I'm only concerned about this Enid lady. We really don't know anything about her other than she protected you. She may have ulterior motives." He spoke softly.

"I don't think she does...she helped me get the blocks off…" Harry started.

"Which concerns should have gotten them off once you started coming to Hogwarts." Sirius' eyes flashed with simmering anger.

"She somehow knew about my family history…" He ticked off another finger. "And She didn't seem fazed at all that she made sure I was taken care of. She even got me a tutor who knows about parselmagic!"

Now that Harry thought about it...Enid seemed to know quite a bit about him. And Not just because he was the Boy who lived either. He wondered if there was more that she knew about...

"She helped me so much, Sirius…" He spoke meekly.

Sirius was silent for a few minutes before he spoke up again.

"Harry, I will help you when whatever you need to work on. We will work on Runes, Arithmancy, Occlumency...I will even teach you in the way of how to act as a proper heir of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter. But promise me that if there is anything strange about Enid...or your tutor that she set you up with, you let me know. Understand?" Sirius spoke as he stood up and turned to him with a look of determination and protectiveness.

"I understand." Harry nodded.

"As for learning fire magics…" Sirius smirked down at him. "I'll teach you that as well. If I recall correctly, I too have proficiency in Fire Magics."

"Really?" Harry's eyes widened.

"You are looking at a Black, Harry. We Blacks have always worked on elemental magics. I had fire, Reg…" He paused for a moment. "He was lightning surprisingly. Cissy was Ice, Andy was more inclined to Earth magics. Bellatrix has the same typing as me. She was more inclined to Fire magics and some towards Air magics as well." He explained a bit.

"So...has it always been that way?" He asked.

"The Black family works on whatever they are inclined to. Whether it be Blood magics, Elemental Magics… and even Dark magics." Sirius frowned a little.

"And that's a bad thing?" Harry asked curiously.

Sirius was quiet for a while, his gaze to the wall and his posture straight.

" it isn't." Sirius muttered before he spoke a bit more strongly.

"We Blacks are a magically inclined Dark Family. We were Battle Mages...We were fighters and protectors. We sought justice, vengeance, and Family…" He trailed off again before he looked at Harry with resolution in his eyes.

"We start at dawn, Harry." Sirius stood up abruptly, and smiled down at him.

"We'll get you up to speed of quite a few things. I'm probably being laughed at by my family in the afterlife here, but it's time for me to teach you what you should have been taught since you have been back in the magical world." He spoke with resolution in his eyes.

And Harry had no clue what was in store for him.

Sirius may have a fun personality that he seemingly gained back from the hell that was called Azkaban, but when it came to teaching Harry on how to be a noble, He was a bit...ruthless? No that wasn't the right wording. Either way, Sirius made sure that he learned as much as he could in this short amount of time before Hogwarts started.

The first thing Harry had to learn was how to write with a quill. His chicken scratch was the first thing to work on and Sirius made sure that he learned how to write a lot better than most nobles. Sirius had rather elegant handwriting, and it looked very much more legible than his own.

Then there were lessons on manners, etiquette, and how to work with social statuses. Politics were part of the game as well as learning how to subtly insult your enemies without them realizing it. It was hard, a lot harder than he thought it would be, but Harry was willing to learn and whatever it takes to become better.

Surprisingly, Sirius had Harry work a bit on both Occlumency and Animagus Training. Both branches of magic can go hand in hand with each other with the right circumstances.

"How Runes coming along Harry?" Sirius asked as he took a seat by him.

Harry looked down at the work he has been doing, and thank Professor Babbling to give him the books needed to study to see if he can get up to par to the Fifth years. She marked the sections of the books that she wanted him to study and writing out one report of the history of Runes, two essays of the working of runes and how they are used in everyday life, and carving a small stump of wood to have it grow leaves without planting it.

The trickiest thing to do with runes it to know what kind of script and linking system they used, depending on the type of language that they are based on. There were quite a few things about them. There was anglo-saxon runes, Egyptian runes, Asian runes, and various others. But it was a challenge for him to study them, but it was interesting challenge nevertheless.

"I'm just trying to link these runes together. Professor Babbling wants to see if I can make a simple light runic circle." Harry frowned a little bit.

It wasn't hard to link runes together, what was hard was to incorporate the right runes together. If you mixed a wrong rune into the circle, either the runic circle won't work, or it will blow up in your face.

"Hm, well trial and error. But, I would put the Dagaz rune together with the Sowilo rune and connect it lastly with the Uruz rune." Sirius pointed out as he put the runes in a stylized triangle along with his own flair.

Linking is not as hard as it looks. When working with runes, there are certain ways you could link them. Some do swirls with dots, others straight lines with curved lines outwards away from the lines, and other various ways.

Sirius' way was somewhat delicate with the ink that he used. He used curved lines to link the runes together and on the outsides and inside of the lines there were small hexagonal dots. Three of each.

He then placed his finger on the Uraz rune and he pulsed some of his magic to it. The runic circle lit up dimly, but it wasn't overly bright.

"There we go. I've always liked how these runes work. They make headway to what runes you could use for defense or offense." Sirius spoke fondly.

"Will we always have to link runes like this?" Harry asked.

"You don't always have to link runes together, it's more a safer route for beginners and moderate levels, I knew a Ravenclaw named Winnie who was a couple years older than me graduate to become a Runemaster. Simple runes like these," He pointed out the Sowilo rune, " could be the only rune for you to use in a runic spell."

"She was a cold woman, I remember, but brilliant as all hell. She studied runes outside of the anglo-saxon runes that were primarily use. Egyptian, Korean, Indian… You could use runes for a lot of things." Sirius explained.

"Like Protection runes?" Harry thought back to Enid using the Japanese runes she drew on him before.

"Yes. Although if you were creating protection runes, those are a bit more tricky to work with. Here you are just learning how to apply basic rune for basic things. Light a light source, keeping food cold, or you could use runes to enhance certain the thrice damned permanent sticking charm." Sirius frowned as he thought back to his mother downstairs.

Harry couldn't help but snicker.

"Anyways, Are you finished up with runes?" He asked.

"Yeah, let me try doing the runic circle first." He turned back to a blank piece of paper.

He created the runes (Nicely he might add, Sirius had a slight tendency to send a stinging hex towards his hands as he improved his writing.) and instead of making curved lines like Sirius did, he did a circle. The circle had pin prick dots (three small groups of three) outside the circle in a triangular position.

After letting the ink dry a bit, he put his finger down and sent a pulse of his magic to the parchment. The runic circle started to glow, bit as bright as Sirius', but it's a start.

"Well, are least you have a grasp on it. You'll learn a bit more once you head back to Hogwarts. I'll give you some learning points to make rune magic work a bit easier for you." Sirius smiled at Harry.

"Thanks." Harry smiled.

"You've improved a lot since we've started you on these crash courses. Not very many people would get through it on such short notice." Sirius smirked.

"Well, I have to catch up somehow, thanks to you and Remus." Harry smiled back.

"Now, let's start on you Occlumency." He switched subjects.

Harry groaned. Well, better work and get it over with

"Now, have you been practicing clearing your mind yet?" Sirius asked.

Harry winced. He had read the passages of the book he was given and even his mysterious mentor had tasked him with practicing clearing his mind. It wasn't easy. His mind was always going and things would pop up. It was frustrating.

"I can't seem to understand how to clear my mind, Sirius. Like I can't imagine and empty space or anything. When I try, it's like something else just pops up and I can't stop thinking." Harry sighed.

Sirius had a blank face on before he took a breath.

" that technique isn't helping you any. Have you tried a Haze?" He asked seriously.

"Haze? " Harry asked with confusion.

"A Haze is something that you can use in Occlumency. Think of it as a physical force field in your mind. A wall of fire, water, earth, could use a haze to clear your mind. You can focus on that specific element and that element alone." He explained.

"I never thought of that." Harry thought out loud.

"Not very many do. If someone were to enter my mind, they would run into a wall of fire. The first layer of defense in my mind." Sirius took on a contemplating look.

"When it comes to Occlumency, it's always the first few steps that are tricky to do. After that, layering your mind with various ways of distracting your opponent. Advanced Occlumens often put layer after layer of protection hazes around their minds." Sirius explained.

"How my father put it, is this: The more elements that cover your mind, the easier it is to sustain it. I've heard some people keeping their memories in a place like a library, hidden in books or locked away behind doors of a mansion. But it's the first layer that might defend your mind first." Sirius continued.

"So what you are saying is to focus not on a blank space, but an element?" Harry asked.

"Precisely. With you, you must focus on what element you want to use for a Haze. If a blank thought process isn't working for you, let's try that." Sirius nodded to him to try.

Harry nodded before putting his quill away and sat up straight in his chair before relaxing. He closed his eyes and thought about what kind of element to try to form around his mind. The first obvious choice is fire. But how to use that as a haze?

He wondered if there was a trick to figure out how to erect a firewall in his mind. So he thought about how hot the fire should be. Fire will burn and will not stop until you try and snuff it out. He thought back to when he first had his potions lesson in Snape's class.

The burner had to be turned on with a simple match. Spells for incendio wasn't taught til closer to the end of Term with Flitwick supervising.

He remember the color of the fire from the burner. Blue flames turning into orange red before blending into white at the tip. He then remembered the white fire that Dumbledore's Pheonix Fawkes who had burst into flame his second year.

Fire is also the symbol of cleansing and rebirth. It's sort of fitting, Harry thought. That after Enid came along, he felt like he started anew. She was teaching him and helping him with his schoolwork and motivating him to do so much better that he was when he was younger.

So he thought of fire. Fire from candles, fireplaces, burners… he thought of raging out of control fires and wildfires that would consume anything in it's path. He focused on that one singular element. He didn't think of anything else but the licking flames that he focused his thought on.

He didn't even realize Sirius was poking him with his quill as he was in such a state.

Sirius was surprised. He wanted Harry to try and work on his Occlumency as much as he could, but he had to admit Occlumency had its rough starts. Even a week later after Harry came back from Diagon, he couldn't get a foothold in the instruction of occluding his mind.

Sirius remember back to his youth of his father making sure he learned Occlumency to keep his mind safe from intrusion of other who would try and pry family secrets from it. Before he started harboring hatred toward his family, His father wanted to make sure that he was groomed to take over the Black family as he was the eldest Male heir of the main line of Black. Becoming Head of the family was no easy feat and Orion Black wanted to make sure that Sirius knew that it was something that Sirius had to learn to take over the family once he was old enough.

Contrary to belief, Orion wasn't Head of the Family. Arcturus Black III was. Grandfather Arcturus wasn't an easy man to get along with, but As far back as Sirius can remember Arcturus ruled the Black family with a firm grasp to make sure that the Blacks were not straying off into the madness. He quickly thought back to when he was a child that Arcturus donated money to the Ministry (how much, he didn't know) and he received the Order of Merlin First class.

But Grandfather Arcturus wasn't a cruel man, no… now that Sirius thought about it, Arcturus never really spout out death to the muggleborns or demeaned anyone with magical blood. That was all Pollux Black's doing. But he did remember, if only vaguely, Arcturus pulling him aside before he ran off to the Potters (courtesy of his Mother crucio-ing him as punishment for not choosing to follow Voldemort) and speaking with him.

"What do you want, Old man?" a 16 year old Sirius sneered with disrespect at his Grandfather.

"Watch your tongue, boy. Respect me as your Head of House if you don't respect me as your Grandfather." Arcturus' bright silver eyes glimmered with authority.

Sirius blinked and crossed his arms and stood defiantly against him, but held his tongue.

Arcturus Black III was a tall man, and even though he was aged, he still stood tall with a cane at his side. Under his robes was a fancy black suit that was reminiscent of the 19th century, but he was no pot-bellied man. His salt and pepper hair was pulled back into a low ponytail matching the shaped goatee that was on his face. If anything, He looked like he was still in his fifties rather than his late eighties. Then again, the Blacks had always looked a little young especially when aging.

"I've been hearing that you've been slacking in your training for duties of the Black family Head." He spoke pointedly.

Sirius didn't move a muscle but he frowned.

"I have no interest of being Head of the Family. Regulus can take over. He's being taught by Father and Mother, since I've been sorted into Gryffindor." Sirius stated.

"That doesn't mean that you should slack off your lessons. And as Eldest in line for the Head, you should be ready to take over the title when the time comes." Arcturus spoke sternly.

"Like I want to be head of this crazy family. I want nothing to do with all of you." Sirius glowered at the man.

"You carry the Black Blood in you, Boy. You can run from your family, but you could never outrun the magic that the Black Blood has." Arcturus sighed. "I was hoping that you would understand this."

"I don't know that if it has occurred to you, Grandfather, but I despise this family with all my being. Being Dark isn't something that I enjoy being and I'm certainly not starting now." He sneered.

"Being a Dark Wizard has nothing to do with being aligned with Dark." Arcturus fumed. "We are a Dark family for a reason. We are Aurors, Battle Mages, Potioneers, and Researchers. It is our lifeblood! You would know of this if you would take the time to learn about our ancestors."

Sirius fired back.

"Tell that to Bellatrix. She's already off and gone married to LeStrange, and knowing them, they probably joined the damn Death Eaters!" Sirius started to get angry.

Before Bellatrix started showing signs of madness and insanity, she was his favorite cousin. Then she graduated Hogwarts and left him to deal with his family who started to show the same signs. She was an Auror, but after she married LeStrange, she quit and somehow was convinced to join the Death Eaters. He was sure that somehow the madness in their blood somehow had something to do with it, that was why he hated dark magic. It brought out the madness in them. No wonder his mother was so damned crazy.

Arcturus closed his eyes with strain as if he was trying to hold back either anger or tears.

"Bellatrix, though she may have married LeStrange, is still part of the House of Black. She is still a Black. She was born a Black, and she will die a Black. Just as you will." Arcturus sighed age starting to show in his eyes and face.

"I will not stop you from leaving. But know this, Sirius: Do not let misinformation cloud your judgment of our family. You should know your family better than some outsider." Arcturus spoke with warning.

"Good thing I don't care about this family anymore then." Sirius started to turn and walk away.

"Oh? Then what of Regulus?" Arcturus spoke.

Sirius paused in his steps.

Sickly, thin little Reggie. The little brother who looked up to him in childhood. But now with Reggie in Slytherin, he's good as gone. Sirius started walking away without a word. Back to his room upstairs and planning on leaving this place to go to the Potters. He didn't realize that he would be going to the Potters, crucio'd and bleeding.

Sirius blinked at the memory. His Grandfather had counted on him to become the Head of the Most Ancient and Most Noble house of Black. But what was so noble about being a Dark family? Although lately he had been starting to read the books that hadn't been tossed out (Quite a few of them stayed due to Sirius' insistence) and saw that although there were many dark curses that littered the books, there were Dark books that were helpful to have around. Battle Magics, Battle Potions, Blood Magics…

He thought back to the small skirmishes and battles he had with Death Eaters and he gave as good as he got when they started hurling Dark Curses at him. He too threw dark curses at the Death Eaters, thinking that it would be good to give them a taste of their own medicine...but he had denied that he was a Dark Aligned Wizard.

He looked at Harry, young Harry who looked a lot like James, but he could see traces of Lily in him if one looked closely enough but his eyes were the ones that shown through. But Sirius could also see traces of the Black family in Harry as well. The nose for one, and the slight cheekbones that Harry would soon grow into as he grew older. Dorea Potter was once a Black as well.

Sirius still had some searching to do. The glow around the Family Tapestry had changed once more and it was a crimson color this time. There was something about his family that he was missing. Something very important. And he wanted to get to the bottom of it. But for now He will focus on Harry and hopefully before he leaves on September 1st, Harry will have Occlumency down. He will be sure of it.

Serpentine blue eyes was focused on the crimson red concoction. She was stirring in a pinch of Moonflower into the potion and stirred counterclockwise 8 times. The Crimson red potion was turning lighter with each stir before it turned white. The scent of bitterness curled in the steam, but slowly turned into a spicey smell as she added fennel for the potion to take on a tinted grey color.

Hopefully, this version of the Hallucinatory Potion would serve her well. Funnily enough, she could put it in a syringe and stick it into the neck of some poor unsuspecting victim and watch them look around in absolute terror, seeing their greatest fears suddenly coming to life. But it would all be in their heads. It was a pretty good potion to use on the battlefield. She used it back in Czechoslovakia when she was given a job to infiltrate a cult. Unfortunately the potion was so concentrated that they literally died in terror.

She hadn't had the chance to work on it since then.

She covered the cauldron with a shield, to let it simmer for three hours, and turned around to leave the dank room that she now uses as a potions lab. She went up the stairs and entered into her upper level of her little hole in the wall house. There she saw two young girls laying on the crap couch that she had to quickly buy as soon as she moved in this place.

One of the girls was wearing jeans and a halter top with trainers, she was laying on the couch with her legs and feet kicking the air in boredom. She had brown hair pulled into a french braid and her blue eyes half-lidded from boredom.

The other girl was on the far end of the couch sitting up, slouching and listening to the radio of crap British music. She had her elbows on her knees and her head in her heads. She too, had brown hair, but it was pulled back into a tight ponytail. She was wearing pants that went to her knees and trainers, and a t-shirt. Her blue eyes was also half lidded from boredom.

Flora and Fauna. They both look like teenagers, they act the part as well, but they were much older than they are.

They have been working with HWA since it's birth back in the 1800s. They found it comical that Magicals could try and make order around the world when everything else, such as the muggle world, would be making leaps and bounds in the industrial age. Sure, they worked with HWA as per their contract, but they didn't have to stick around if a war popped up and didn't threaten their existence.

Unsurprisingly, The Fae managed to hide away many of their kind as well as other magical creatures. Some only helped, Like Flora and Fauna. But when the First Wizarding World War was happening, the Fae made sure to keep their kind out of the conflict, with little exception. Flora and Fauna, though they may be mischievous and even malicious creatures, they fought in the skirmishes acting as witches.

The HWA can't really control what they can or can't do. They came and went as they please, even under the threat of Iron and salt, But after Draven took over HWA and things changed. The Treaty with the Fae council helped the HWA quite well, but Flora and Fauna were still trouble least until Ellie came along.

The Fae are attracted to those who commune or are attached to the wild nature of Magic itself. Ellie was one of the very few who can do that. Wild Magics was something that she and her predecessors before her had always been connected to. It was in her very being, and she knew that the powers she has had been passed down from generation to generation of her family: Strong, yet destructive.

Hence why she focused most of her energies on potioneering. There was something about the art that helped her calm her soul and her mind. And When Flora and Fauna were around assisting, it seemed that they have found a hobby for themselves to keep them out of trouble. Of course, they would have to wear special gloves when dealing with Iron and salt. As The Fae have a weakness towards them.

But now, since Flora and Fauna had come back from the High Council of Fae, they have been itching to work.

"Hello, Girls." She smirked.

That gained their attention. The blue eyes that were glazed over with boredom suddenly snapped to focus as the two of them turned to Ellie. Identical grins popped on their faces and they both got up from the couch and walked over to her.

There was only one way to tell the difference from Flora and Fauna. Flora was wearing the Halter top, but she had a small scar just behind her right ear. An unfortunate incident of a Witch who held a grudge against the Fae and presumably held a piece of iron to her skin behind her ear for a total of 10 minutes. The witch was tried by the High Council of Fae and was sentenced to 20 years of servitude to the Fae. And that strained relations between the Council and the HWA for a while.

Fauna, on the other hand, has a small little beauty mark off of the corner of her left eye. So yes, though they are very much identical, those little marks were the only ways to differ them from the other.

"Finally! I thought you'd never come up from there." Flora crossed her arms and pouted.

"Yeah, we've been bored out of our minds!" Fauna spoke dramatically as she raised her hands in the air with annoyance.

"Well forgive me if I've been working on my potions. You could have assisted me if you wanted to." Ellie narrowed her eyes at the two twin Fae.

Both flinched, realizing that they probably could have done so.

Ellie sighed and ran her hand through her hair, scraping her nails on her scalp. Though she enjoyed having the twins here to help her, but they have another job to do. Tora had managed to find safe 'houses' in both the Wizarding and The Mundane world. There are four large warehouses in the Mundane world (that they can expand the space as needed), and a few in the Wizarding World.

Ellie's hole in the wall apartment building (She managed to buy it off of a rather eager Wizard who just wanted to get rid of the place) is also a safe house when needed. She mostly uses the place for her potions ingredients, potionsware, cauldrons, and the like. There are a few rooms that she dedicated to using for healing rooms if someone was injured, and a few rooms that were a few floors up were empty but can be used for short term hiding.

For the Fae Twins, they can outfit the safe houses with Fae protections wards. Not to mention that it would keep The Force under the Ministry's radar. After that, Tora wanted the Twins to go to where Hogwarts was. Their second task was to go into the Forbidden Forest and make contact with the Centaur Herd there. As far as Ellie knows, The Centaur and the Fae still get along in a few ways.

She would know, both species enjoy looking to the stars.

"Alright, you both have a couple of jobs to do." Ellie spoke as she went into the kitchen area.

She felt the need to have some Firewhisky, extra strength.

"Perfect!" Flora chirped.

"We're tired of being cooped up in here." Fauna crossed her arms.

"Well, I'm going to give you guys dome directions to some of our safe houses, both here in Knockturn and Diagon Ally. After that you will be sent out to the mundane world safe houses as well. They all need fae wards to keep them nicely hidden from both mundane and magical." Ellie spoke as she poured a tall glass of Extra Strength Firewhisky.

She turned around and saw mischievous looks on their faces.

"And please don't make the inside of the safehouses like an insane asylum again. We still have some people recovering from that incident." Ellie glared at them.

"What? It was a healthy scare!" Flora placed her hand over her heart as if offended.

"One of our agents now has a phobia of padded rooms and will refuse to go into anything resembling a haunted asylum." Ellie deadpanned.

Both of them had the grace to be ashamed.

"So… no shenanigans from either of you this time. We may be walking into a war here, so let's hope that we can keep all of our sanity this time." She spoke before taking a drink.

The burning and fiery heat slid down her throat. She hummed in content before she looked at them again.

"After that job is done, you will be going to Scotland to the Forbidden Forest to talk with the Centaur herd there. I assume that they want you to be diplomats to assist HWA to keep an eye and ear out for anything that would remotely be disastrous for both mundane and magical." Ellie sighed, shaking her head.

"I know there are other beings in the forest, so keep cautious. I don't have to remind you to make sure that you don't do anything stupid." She glared.

"Hey, who do you think we are? Pixies?" Fauna frowned.

"Not to mention we are a few centuries older than you by far." Flora sneered.

"Yet you two act like children." Ellie raised an eyebrow. "I get that you are quite older than me, but we all know that you are the youngest of your generation of Fae."

They shuffled around a bit, embarrassed.

"Now, I'd suggest that you two should get going. I'm sure you want to explore the Forbidden forest near Hogwarts." Ellie chuckled.

The twins hip-bumped each other and waved goodbye to Ellie.

"Be careful!" Flora shouted back at her.

"Don't let the Death Eaters kill you or vice versa!" Fauna cackled back.

"Oh don't worry…" Ellie smirked as the two left the place.

Ellie's pupils turned into dangerous slits and the shadows on her face made her look sinister in the dying light.

"I'll control myself...maybe."

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