TAL21: Hey Readers of BATBION.

I'm afraid I have some bad news. In recent weeks, I have felt with a job loss, Illness, and I'm not living in a place where it is close to my barely new job that I have just gotten yesterday. Because I had to deal with three weeks of no work, the importance of my stories have been placed on hold for me to search for other job opportunities. So for those of you that have been waiting for a brand spanking new chapter all month? I spent most of my time filling out applications, and doing small jobs here and there like Yardwork, DIY pallet art that I've been selling for cash, and the like. I had lost my job as the beginning of the month and the fact still hurts me, but I have found a new job as a temp employee at a Factory. So Blue Collar work, here I come. Now that I have a new job I can get back on task with the stories that I want to write and I will find time to keep writing finally.

So, Sorry for another lame update of an Author's note. Real life doesn't care of you want to spend time writing stories for free for others. Real life is about bills, Insurance (Of which I do not have), Car Insurance, and various other bills that I have to pay off. Again, sorry for the author's note, I know you guys were looking forward to the new chapter of BATBION, but I haven't the time to work on it. Now that Ive secured a job as a Temp Employee for hopefully six months or more, I'll spend at least a bit of time towards the stories now.

Also, I'm clearing up a few things that People have asked about my story:

Zoe's comment on vaccinations causing autism: I have done research on this, and in the 90s there was a Scientist who had ran tests about the same thing, but all result had been dismissed by other scientists who pretty much called him out on his bull shit. The results of the theory remained inconclusive, but some people still believe it today. As Harry Potter was set in the 90s, there was still speculation about the Vaccine-Autism idea. Which is why she brought it up to have it paralle with Harry's blocks on his magic.

Tora and Zoe's Relationship: Tora is a General of The Force and The Battalion. Zoe is basically her protege and Third in Command. Ellie is Second in command. A few people wondered why in the introduction, Zoe was calling the shots instead of Tora. Well, to explain, Tora had just finished a mission before she heard about being able to sneak into Britain after something happened at the Triwizard Tournament. So what Tora did (that I haven't explained really, my fault), is that she scouted around the UK looking for safe points and safe houses before she met up with Zoe. If you haven't noticed, Zoe pretty much gave back the reign to Tora after that. And They are equals in a sense. Zoe is definitely young. She is a swinging 21 years old. :) Tora had just recently turned 29. :) Regulus had aged to 26 and Sirius, I do believe, is 35 years old! But that is just a guesstimate.

Harry's Place on the Black Family Tree: Thus far, I have never seen Harry having a place on the Black Family Tree. I would say at least 1st and second Generation relatives with Black Bloodlines would still be on the tree. Case and Point: Draco Malfoy.

Harry's Heir apparent on House Black: In all rights and aspects, Regulus is now Heir of the House of Black. Because Sirius is 'Incarcerated', and Harry is a Minor and not to mention is part of the House of Black DUE to Black Blood and Sirius being a godparent, Harry hasn't the right just yet to be Heir to the House of Black Until Regulus is dead, and Sirius is dead. Seeing that currently both are alive, Harry inheriting the House of Black is minimal to zilch.

That should be enough of clearing up a few things for you guys. Again, sorry for another note, and I'm planning on getting onto writing a much as I can from here on out now that I have a job. I'll see you guys int he next chapter and Have fun reading and Writing!