TAL21: Hey Readers of Black As the Blood In Our Names...

Over the course of a few months, I know that I have been taking quite bit of time trying to hash out the new chapter of this fan fiction. But, I'm afraid that Things have taken a turn for the worst. After some thought as well as Coming across some reviews that are less than nice, and seeing that I have a LOT of plot holes, loose ends, and too many sub-plots in this story, I have taken upon myself to scrap everything and decide to do a mass rewrite of Black As the Blood in our Names.

Many of you have a right to be upset, as that we were so close to start the Hogwarts arc of this story, But I have decided that it wouldn't be fair to anyone if I just deleted the story without notice. I truly enjoy writing this story, I really did, with my OCs, with the Black Family and of Course Harry and the gang, but again, there was some much going on that even I cringe at the fact that there was just too much to stuff in here. Which I why I'm making this author's note to give you guys a heads up for Version 2.0. I am also working on a Boku No Hero Academia story as well. So I will be busy with these two for a while.

Real life also has a hand in it, i have my own apartment, and I'm trying to get a new job. It's not easy right now, but I'm managing. In response to the people who left rather nasty reviews on this story, not just on my gammer and sentence tenses (Working on that still), but to outright throw down my story writing because it isn't to such high standards, your criticism is not needed. If I did, I would have went to an actual publisher for that.

In short, I'm doing this on my own free will, on my own time, for myself, because I love writing. I enjoy publishing it on here because I want to SHARE my writing with others. Otherwise, I would be setting up an account on Patron or Ko-Fi and actually make money off of my fanfiction instead. So to those who leave nasty reviews: Either you are jealous that people can write better than you, or you have nothing better to do than to strike down those who aspire to become authors and writers. It because of that, that people stop writing and give up on their stories.

So, In addition to rewriting Black as the Blood in our Names, I will also be opening myself to a wider audience on AO3. I have not yet set up an account, but when I do, I shall leave it on my homepage for you to read more stories that are of a more adult content than possibly here. This story has reached to over 1.3K followers and I feel blessed to know that you all enjoy this story. I am sorry to say that this story has reached it end, but I hope you will have a chance to read Version 2.0. It will center a bit more around the Black family (And I will keep it's title.) and it's extended families as well. And don't worry, Somethings will stay the same, But I assure you that things will change quite a bit. Basically, less sub-plots, and more tie-ins to make sure that things go a helluva lot more smoothly than in previous chapters. we will still have my OCs around, but I'll be doing sone changes. As for the parings that have happened and will be happening, well I got a lot in store. :) But they are not necessarily the main focus. What is: The Black Family.

Now this author's note has come to an end. I hope to see you guys in the new story and keep an eye out for Version 2.0. The rewrite will come soon and I hope that you will enjoy it just as much as you have done here. :)

Edit: New Story up and running. :) Go to my homepage and check it out.


Keep On Reading and Writing!