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Xander POV:

Stopping abruptly I finally spotted what I was looking for. Hidden in the snow covered forest that was to be untouched by human life, I saw a patch of green.

Unlike its surroundings the green stood out as the rest of the forest was either white or brown. Slowly making my way to the green rocks I spotted that the green was moss and ivy, weird normally moss grows on wet and damp rocks and ivy is normally around in the summer. It was as if the rocks had been frozen in time.

As I got closer I noticed the lack of snow around the base of the rocks and instead it was a warm green and light shone on it through the canopy of twigs. The canopy of the trees didn't so much look like twigs more like fingers extending from the tree trying to grasp the air and light around it.

Getting to the first rock I found what I was expecting. On the side was of the rock pile was a small rock that was rather out of place when placed next to the bigger rocks around it.

Lifting up the small rock I saw behind it there was a golden key that looked like it was made just yesterday. When I picked it up it I saw the small engraving in the key, they appeared to have some sort of inscriptions on it, but the darkness of the forest meant I good not read it. Along the top of the key there was a square hole.

Slipping my hand into my pocket I pulled out my most treasured possession, a square gold and grey crystal. Putting the crystal in the hole I found it fit perfectly.

Now all I had to do was find the keyhole. Scouting round the rock I didn't find much, but I tried yet again nonetheless.

On my second time I found what I was looking for; it was hidden under an ivy leaf and covered by a thick layer of damp moss. The keyhole was golden and undamaged much like the key.

Smiling profoundly I pushed the key into the lock and twisted. Finally I would achieve my goal as I watched as the rocks crumbled to dust and a tomb began to rise.

Percy POV

Leaving early the next morning seemed like the best idea as I didn't fancy confronting Artemis or Zoë or anyone else for that matter. I dropped from the tree I was resting in and began to walk back to the Teumessian Fox's last path.

It didn't take long to find myself where Kayla and I left off. I was preparing to head off again after taking a short break; however I heard a loud rumble from the opposite side of the clearing. Unsheathing my duel knives I prepared myself for a fight.

From the bush out stepped none other than my father in his usual attire; the grey beard, sea-green eyes, fishing clothes, all in all he looked like a regular person you would see at the docks out fishing, but no this was the all mighty original king of the seas.

"What is it dad?" I asked bluntly getting straight to the point.

"Nice to see you too Percy, anyway I was just having a nice chit-chat with Zoë… about you," he said with a sly smirk on his face.

"What! You didn't tell her you are my father or I have to find six wives?" I hissed back at him.

Nodding his head slowly he kept his sly smirk and looked to be on the edge of laughter, "what's so funny?"

"Nothing just your reaction to the news was quite humorous," he said still smirking.

"Okay if that is all you wanted to tell me I'll be off then," I sighed still annoyed that he had told Zoë, I wonder if she has told Artemis or anyone else?

"No son! That is not all what I wanted to tell you about, you must go north and follow the Teumessian Fox, trust me if you do that you will then be able to save Kayla." He told me quickly as I prepared to leave the clearing.

"You do realise I was going to do that anyway, for starters I don't even know where Kayla is, and also I have a higher chance of saving Mum than I do Kayla, but thanks for the advice. I'll be heading north now see you soon," I finished giving him a final wave and ran back into the woods.

The path of the fox was easy to follow as there were no trees or logs in the way as they had all been pushed to the side of the fox's trail. As I followed the path I wondered what the fox looked like, to tell the truth Kayla and I had never seen the beast, and all I can say about it is that it must be big and I don't mean just mean big, I mean fucking big; the path it created was at least 10 – 15 foot wide and judging by the broken branches at the tops of the trees it was at least 20 – 30 feet tall.

It strides were also massive at least a good 10 foot apart from each other and the paw prints looked like something a dinosaur would leave.

Following the tracks I soon came across the border between Canada and the USA, as I was not travelling by road I didn't expect to see anyone guarding what must be the border, however there was someone standing still not facing me wearing a brown robe with his hood up, from where I was standing he looked like a monk, but those thoughts were quickly dismissed when I saw he was wearing converses and jeans.

He didn't seem to notice me from where I stood, but instead of fleeing like a normal person I had a feeling this guy was different, he was giving off a certain aura, it wasn't very powerful like Artemis' or my Dad's, but it was definitely stronger than a demigod's. "Hey," I shouted over to him, he merely responded by giving me a beckoning hand gesture asking me to come closer. Following what he told me to do I walked closer to him, "So who are you then and just out of curiosity why are you standing in the middle of a forest when it's about minus ten degrees Celsius?" I asked.

Swiftly turning round the man in question faced me, I was very surprised when I saw that his face was split in two down the middle; one side was a sickly pale as if he hadn't seen daylight, that side had sharp blue eyes and long matted black hair, meanwhile the other side had a slight copper hue and sparkling blue eyes with combed blond hair; the only part of his face that appeared to not change demeanour was his mouth. His mouth was moulded into a slight smile showing off the front row of his spotless teeth.

As my gaze dragged down his body I saw that under his brown robe he had a white T-shirt on, from what I could tell as it blew in the snow breeze it said 'I'm Not Two Face. Bitch I'm Janus.' Completely baffled by him by now I only had a few suspicions of which he was and at the top of that small list was the name Janus.

"Hi kid! Now what the hell are you doing here all by yourself," he replied with a toothy grin.

"You didn't answer my question; by the way I am Percy, a demigod." I stated, but chose not to delve further as I didn't want to tell this man what my real identity was.

"Nice to meet you Percy, I am Janus; you know the Minor God of Choices and stuff, and you still haven't answered my question either Percy." He said. I was shocked to say I was in the presence of a God and didn't even know, quickly giving him a quick bow as to show some respect for not showing any previously, "No need to bow Percy, I know I wouldn't bow in the presence of another God."

That statement confused me, "what do you mean you wouldn't bow in front of another God, not even an Olympian? They would probably blast you if you didn't," I questioned him.

"Yeah Percy you hit the nail on the head, I wouldn't bow in front of the other Gods not even the Olympians, why should I? They don't show me any respect so why should I?" he stated calmly, but I swear if we weren't in Canada Zeus probably would've blasted him for not showing respect. "Anyway Percy why are you here?" he asked nonchalantly.

"Ermm, I am hunting the Teumessian Fox, as Minos has promised me he will save my mum from Tartarus if I kill it," I told. I didn't know why I told him? I had only just met him, but it felt like I could be so open with him and tell him most of life story… most.

"Interesting, I would firstly like to ask you a question before you go though. Do you really want this?" he asked me directly.

"What! I don't think I am following your train of thought Janus."

Sighing, "Ah just like your father… hopeless." He said under his breath, "Percy what I mean do you want to be the hero, the person who always saves people, getting in danger, helping the damsel in distress… or would you rather be a no one, live a peaceful life, settle down with a wife, not worry about monsters and such like. If you want the latter option turn back now and head for Hecate's shop along the west coast. There you can find potions that will hide you from monsters, or you can go forward and have a Hero's life. It is your choice Percy a crossroad in your life, all I can see is if you take the Hero's life there will be lots of painful choices, heartbreaks, and sorrow." He finished. I was taken aback from all this. My breath was stuck in my throat failing to come out or go down, my body was on the edge of a mental breakdown, but I had to stay strong; for father, Kayla, Zoë, Mother, Calypso and even Artemis.

After a short think I knew my answer. "I am going to Canada Janus."

"Wise choice and I knew you would pick it. Going back would only create more pain and sorrow for you at the countless loss of your friends," Janus replied.

"Just a question Janus before I leave; don't you normally have two separate faces one on either side of your head." I asked him curious to why he did not have this trait.

"In deed I do Percy, but at the moment I am at peace and very relaxed, there is not much difference in my body for there to be to separate faces."

"Oh," I replied with my mouth forming a slight O like that of a goldfish.

"You will catch fly's if you keep your mouth open any longer Percy," he chortled causing me to abruptly close my mouth, "But anyway I am afraid it is time to say good bye. Though I do hope we will meet again, you are a pretty chill dude."

"Touché," I replied before he flashed away in a beam of light melting the snow away around his body, however the snowstorm quickly covered that back up again. I just stood still for a moment replaying the meeting in my head.

Shaking my head again in disbelief I conjured up some water from my backpack and quickly downed it before it froze; not that it would matter I could simply unfreeze it, but nonetheless that would be annoying to do.

Strolling over to the Canadian tree line that sheltered Quebec from the English speakers I set off yet again following the trail.


From faraway I saw the Teumessian fox for the first time. Like I thought it was massive, much bigger than a dumpster truck, yet that did not faze me, what did faze me though was the way it killed the birds that were attacking it.

The Stymphalian Birds tried their best to make a mark on the fox, but as they went to scratch its skin, the fox would jolt backwards or dodge to the side an then attack said bird before moving on to the next. You would think the 30 or so birds would have at least grazed the fox, no they all died, but before they did I decided I would try my look at defying fate.

Notching an arrow whilst the fox carried on swiping at the retreating birds, I focused the silver tipped arrow head on the fox's head and released my grip. As the arrow flew through the air sailing for the fox's head I was certain it was going to hit it and kill it… however the fates had a different idea. The arrow came closer to the target, but just as I was about to jump up in joy as it struck, the wind then suddenly piped up and sent the arrow slightly of course missing the fox by inches.

Wow I guess it really was never meant to be hunted, but what if I trapped it surely then I could kill it. Instead of attacking it now I'll follow it and hopefully trap it.

I stayed in the tree not moving as the fox looked around trying to spot where the arrow had come from, but seemingly gave up as it bounded away into the forest.

Hoisting myself down from the tree I remembered the fox's appearance, bar from being the biggest monster I had seen it still held a certain beauty. Its reddish fur was silky and smooth from what I could see and not a single hair appeared to be knotted, in the fur there were silver streaks that looked more like light reflections. The fox also had a large snout and mouth which was about the same size of a small car and its jaws looked like they were powerful enough to crush a large car, but as it bounded off into the forest I reminded myself I will have to kill this for Minos. Even thinking of that name makes my throat bitter and dry, if I had power over the 3 judges he would be the first to get kicked off and thrown into Tartarus.

Mulling over some thoughts in my head I set off after the fox.


After a longish chase I found the fox drinking at a stream, instantly an idea popped into my head.

The fox bent down to take another sip from the water, dipping its mouth and snout into the water taking a large gulp. As it put its face in the water I controlled the water to swirl around the fox. The water followed my command perfectly forming a water ball around the fox; the walls of the ball were swirling whirlpools stopping the wolf from breaking through the water.

From a distance it would look like a fox inside a massive marble, but actually this was not the case as it was actually in its own personal water marble.

I slowly started to make the walls shrink, constricting the fox gently, but it would be a matter of time before it started to suffocated and die from the pressure of the water and the lack of air in the bubble.

Just as it was beginning to get hurt the ball around the monster froze, I tried my hardest to unfreeze it, but it would not budge. Realising this, the fox head butted the ice sphere causing a massive crack to form that ran across the surface of the ice. Again the fox head butted the exact same spot causing the crack to chip and shatter spewing ice shards all over the place. One last head butt and the sphere broke sending the fox to the ground.

I pulled out my knives preparing for a fight, what I didn't account for was the speed of the fox as he bolted towards me. At the last second I flung myself to the side dodging the swipe of his paw as it collided with a rock and shattered on impact.

Getting up from my dive I rolled to the side of the fox and tried to stab its mid-section, but as I was about to draw blood it stepped to its side and swung its bushy red tail at me. I first thought that it would not hurt as much since the tail was fluffy, but no it felt as if I was hit by a car.

I sailed through the air. It felt as if my ribs were broken as there was a burning sensation in my chest; I was also winded and was struggling to breathe easily. Just as I felt it couldn't get any worse I collided into the rocky wall near the stream.

I felt a snap from behind me, I must have hit my spine and as I slid down the rope black spots began to twinkle in my eyes like stars in the night sky. I was slowly losing conscious and I was fearing for my life, hopefully the fox didn't come to finish me off, but I couldn't tell as my head was at an awkward angle, so I could only look up and see the sky. I was also slowly being covered in a fine layer of snow as I lay on the ground, thankfully I still had enough power to not freeze to death and I only hoped I did not bleed to death or die of internal bleedings from my collisions.

The last thing I saw before slipping into unconsciousness was the fox sniffing the air and running back into the forest as well I could feel a strange aura around me, one I had felt yesterday.


I awoke with a brutal pain in my lower back and chest. Groaning loudly I sat up and stretched my back feeling the usual clicking of bones getting back into place. Standing to my feet the first thing I noticed was that I was no longer in the Canadian wilderness, instead now I was in a city or town of some sort. It was unfamiliar to me as I had never been to Canada. The people here were also speaking a different language; it didn't sound like English as the words were spoken quicker and had higher vocal notes at times. It was also for me complete gibberish as I could not understand a single word apart from sometimes when I heard a familiar sounding word.

Also the people walking along the street that I was previously laying on didn't seem to notice me or acknowledge me, as if I was a ghost or invisible, but yet they still didn't walk into me or near me. When I started to walk again the invisible bubble around me obviously burst and people started to notice me, some nudged the shoulders of the people next to them and pointed at my blood-spattered clothes, other avoided me like the plague, and some even tried to communicate with me, however it was in vain as the foreign words simply flew over my head.

Getting into my stride once again I shoved my way through the small crowd of pedestrians. It was fairly easy as the women and even some men dodged my bloodied body and made gagging noises as I walked past; jeez no sympathy for an injured 13 year old in Canada.

Soon enough I was at the edge of the road and facing the tallest building in the city. On the side of the building was large lettering that spelt 'Sea Orb Air' in big black letters, strangely I felt almost drawn to the building as I crossed the busy road to the building. By now I had totally forgotten my hunt for the fox; no not forgotten simply put to the side, set for a later date whatever you want to call it, all that mattered now was me and what was in the building.

As I stood in front of the grand skyscraper one thought was in my mind 'wow'. The building had its own personality; it looked fresh, new, modern, stylish etcetera, it was the most impressive building compared to the other much older buildings in the city, with its sparkling glass walls that seemed to go on for ever and the glass also repelled all the snow that came from the dark grey clouds. By the entrance to the building there were 4 flagpoles that extended out from the wall, on the tip of the poles was the Canadian flag, a blue flag with a white cross in it, a flag with the companies name on and finally a fourth flag that had a picture of a snowflake on.

I swung open the massive doors and was greeted by a large reception area. The floors were tiled with white marble squares that looked as if they had just been made, there were four wooden desks at the back of the room, behind them were four men each one dressed as if they were about to meet the president with a light grey business suits on and with a black and white striped tie. On their heads were mouth and ear pieces that were plugged into the computers and phones next to them.

Cautiously I made my way across the room to the four desks, by the side of the desks were two elevators with a small stream of people going in and out of it, to the left of the two elevators was a third one, this one however was gold and unlike the other two this one did not have anyone going in and out.

Lifting my head onto the desk, "erm excuse me mister, but can I ask where I am," I asked the man, he simply looked up from the computer and stared me down from behind his glasses and then shook his head before going back to looking at the computer screen.

"Maybe you didn't hear me the first time, but do you know where I am," I repeated to him, this time he didn't even look up, instead he stared motionless at the computer before opening his mouth slightly.

"Quebec garçon, now go before I call security," he said back quickly as if it hurt him to talk to me, I was about to ask him another question when his headset went off and he began speaking into the mouthpiece, "Hello this is Sea Orb Air how can I help you," there was a short silence as the caller talked to the man, "You want to talk to the boss, I am afraid that is not possible as Monsieur Air does not talk to clients; I can however send you to our customer help line, ….." "Okay sending you there right now, nice speaking to you Monsieur," a quiet beep emitted from the headpiece as he redirected the caller, he turned his attention back to me, "I thought I told you little garçon to leave or will I have to call security to have you removed."

"Mister before I go can I see the boss please," I said pleadingly. I didn't know why I said I just knew I had to see him, it was like a sixth sense was telling me whatever or whoever the boss was that I would need to talk to him.

"As you heard me say to that client garçon, Monsieur Air does not speak to people unless he demands it," he stopped there as another beep came through his head piece, "um yes I understand… Yes Ma'am I will send him up right away… Sorry I mean Madam." The headpiece hangs up and he sends me a steely gaze. "The bosses' daughter wishes to speak to you, take the gold lift and hit the top floor button."

"Thanks Mister," I replied swiftly.

"Be quick garçon, you don't want to upset the bosses' daughter." He said seriously before getting back to whatever he was doing on the computer.

I hurried over to the gold lift and hit the up button; quickly the doors slid open revealing an impressive interior. Making my way in I hit the top floor button before standing back as the doors closed. The lift sprung to action as it sailed upwards, whilst I waited for it to get to the top I started to take in the interior. Firstly the top two thirds of the walls were just mirrors and below that it was a golden plated wall with a few gems embedded in the wall.

It didn't take long to reach the top. The golden doors slid open effortlessly letting through a harsh whitish light. Carefully stepping through the doors I made out the place in front of me. What I had been expecting was a boring bland office room with a proud man sitting in a swivel chair; instead what I got when I looked around was a freezing cold breeze and a cloudy courtyard with a golden gate separating me from the what appeared to be a white castle which was floating in the snowy clouds. At first I thought it was heaven that was until two men walked down; one of the two men was tall, he had white hair gelled back like Elvis, he wore a white shirt that had been buttoned down to his midsection of his chest, on top of the white shirt was a black leather jacket with a small iron chain hanging out of the left-hand pocket. For his trouser he had on skinny jeans that ended just above the ankle and some white sneakers, to me he looked like a reject Elvis tribute and by the way he held his body he must of thought he was a beautiful, but obviously no one had told him about his bad case of acne.

The man to the left of him was smaller and podgier; he had on red and white hockey jersey and hockey mask, in his left meaty hand he held a long hockey stick which was nearly as tall as his small figure. Much like the man next to him he had icy white hair sticking out from the bottom of his helmet. He also wore a rather babyish face with a confused look on it.

The two made their way to the gates and opened them with a steel key. The two golden gates swung open with a large creaking noise. "Erm Hello," I said warily, not knowing if these two men were friend or foe.

The second man, the one with the hockey stick began, "Hi. My name is Calais," he said slowly, making sure each word was right; he also had a lopsided smile on underneath his hockey mask. It was quite clear that this man was not smart.

"Shut it. Sister told us to show him no pleasantries Calais." He hissed back at Calais, who slumped in figure as the other man criticized him.

"Well hello I guess, but I came to see the boss and I was rather hoping I could, you know see him," I stated. The other man who still had no name looked up at me for the first time with a shocked face, but before he could reply Calais began.

"Yes certainly right this way," he said happily with a beaming grin. I was about to make my way over to the two people before the taller one clipped Calais around the head.

"No you idiot, sister wants to speak with him, not father. Besides I doubt that father even know he is here." He said harshly, which was greeted by Calais lowering his head in shame. "Anyway, as you must know I am the one and only Zethes," he said proudly.

"Wait, Zeth who?" I replied questioningly.

"Come on, of course you know. Zethes the hero from Argonauts, and this idiot here is my brother Calais who was also on the Argonauts." He yet again said with pride.

"Erm… No it doesn't ring any bells sadly." I responded.

"It is useless brother; he doesn't know who we are." Calais said glumly.

"Ah. Why does know one know remember us; I mean for starters we travelled with Jason, we helped Phineas from the Harpies and we met Iris, but no Jason gets all the credit and we get forgotten. It's not fair I tell you." Zethes moaned.

"Well that is sad and all, but I just want to speak to your father, or your sister Zethes." I replied after he finished his rant.

"Not quite so young Demigod. First our sister asked us to challenge you. You know to see if you are worthy of her presence, or if you will become another one of her 'collections'." Zethes told me.

"Yeah," Calais said smartly.

"Well okay, but are we doing now or somewhere else and what weapons are we allowed?" I asked fingering the two knives in my belt preparing to unsheathe it in a moment's notice.

"We can do it right now kid, but be warned we weren't on the Argonauts ship for being novices," Zethes arrogantly said laughing lightly at the end, while Calais had a maniacal smile plastered on his face.

Swiftly I pulled out my silver hunting knives and prepared for a battle, muttering some final words, "well then, let's get started."

From his pockets Zethes brought out his chains which in turn turned to a 3 foot long bronze sword. The hilt of the sword was wrapped in burgundy leather that looked to be slowly breaking apart. The swords blade itself was a single sided blade and had an engraved blade.

Calais then dropped his hockey stick and pulled out a black puck which turned to a similar bronze sword. Both of them raised their swords at me and began closing in on me.

Not wasting any time I ran towards the two men. I had no real plan on what I was going to do, but more or less just go with the flow. From the looks of the two they seemed to have dropped some form from when they travelled with the Argonauts; firstly they held their swords slightly wrong and their stances were also not quite to par.

I went for Zethes first who was looking the weaker of the two as he looked less likely to put up a fight as he didn't want to damage his image. I jumped forwards and we clashed blades, silver against bronze, whilst Calais stopped and watched. I started my blows fast and intended on keeping them that way as I carried on pushing him with strike after strike not letting him have any rest-bite or attack me.

It didn't take him long to fall as I feinted an attack to his left which he foolishly went to block, but was instead hit on right-side. As I suspected he yelped in pain and also as I quote, 'oh my Gods that was my favourite jacket' before I thrust my knives under his neck. "Yield," I said forcefully.

"Yield," he muttered back glumly, either he was sad he lost or that he had had one of his favourite jackets torn.

From out of nowhere I was kicked from behind and landed on my face. Rolling to my side I luckily missed Calais downward strike. Hastily I got to my feet and readied myself for Calais; however he gave me no time to do so as he lunged forward.

I brought my knives up just in time and deflected his first attack. Capturing his blade in-between my two knives I violently twisted to the side knocking his blade out of his hands. As I went to attack him he hit me with his gloved hand and sent me flying backwards.

Rising up from the ground I saw he had gathered his sword from the floor and looked like he was about to charge me. From my back I pulled out my bow and placed a single silver arrow in the bow-string. Pulling back until it was taut I fired at Calais' face, making sure I was aiming for the holes in his mask.

Realisation dawned on his face of what I was doing and he ran forward sword swinging in mid-air like a pendulum. Releasing the bow-sting and arrow I watched as the arrow flew through the cold air and met its target square in the face.

Falling to the ground in a heap a small trickle of blood seeped out of his helmet, although the wound wasn't fatal it still probably hurt like Hades.

From the stone stair behind the gate came a slow clap, almost mockingly slow. Prying my eyes of the two fallen warriors I spotted the source of the clapping. Slowly walking down the stairs in a light blue dress was a woman. Said woman had black as night hair that was pulled into a ponytail that haphazardly hung on her shoulder. Her face was littered with regal features; high set cheekbones and tight lips, brown unforgiving eyes that drove away all happiness and cheer and seemed to distance themselves from the world around us, as if they were trying to block out the world and people around them.

Yet all of these features didn't harm her beauty one-bit, if anything it added to it and made her more beautiful in the eye of the beholder. I watched as she made it to the bottom of the stair and strode over to the gates in her high-heels. As she walked across the snow covered courtyard her shoes made a clicking noise that echoed across the yard and far past the golden gates that were open.

She leant against the golden gates with an icy look on her face that seemed to analyse my sweating figure from my recent fight. The ground around her dress got snowier and icier as if the snow and ice was being pulled towards her.

We stood in an awkward silence whilst she carried on looking at me. Finally she broke the silence, "Hello young hero, and what brings you here to see me?"

"Honestly I don't know Lady, I sort of felt like I was being pulled towards her." I told her, at this her eyebrows raised in suspicion.

"Go on then." She said not moving from her position on the wall.

"What do you mean?"

"Just like your father I see." She said before muttering something under her breath that I couldn't quite understand.

"Wait hold up how do you know who my dad is?" I asked.

"You mean Poseidon, you have his hair, eyes and not to mention his brains," she said calmly not bothering to look at me.

"Yeah sure whatever," I said sarcastically, fortunately she didn't pick up on it, or I might have had to have told her my Dad wasn't Poseidon, but rather Pontus.

"Well go on are you going to tell me what you are doing in Canada, let alone Quebec and not at that camp in New York." She asked coolly.

"Sure. I was chasing the Teumessian fox through Canada and when I tried to capture it I got knocked out and then I awoke on the streets and came here." I finished.

"I know that boy, but why did you want to capture my fox."

"What! The Teumessian fox is yours?" I asked, she simply responded with a courteous nod of the head, "well okay then. Well let's just say my friend and I were hunting in a forest, when suddenly we found the Laelaps hound. I shot the hound and Minos confronted me and my friend. He told us we had to kill your fox or be subject of treason to Olympus, so we were following the fox and my friend got captured by the Manticore, I was then instructed by my Dad to follow the fox and get my friend later, so here I am."

"Well after that intriguing story I suggest you follow me inside and don't mind my two brothers, they're used to being on the ground. By the way I am Khione, Goddess of Snow." She said swiftly before walking back to the stone stair and walking into the castle behind it.

I stood still and let that sink in. I was freaking talking to the Goddess of Snow and she is freaking hot or should I say cold.

Catching up to Khione wasn't too difficult as she walked at a slow pace and really in high heels you can't really travel too quickly.

The inside of the castle was magnificent; firstly the walls were made of a cloud like material, but behind the cloud wall there was a stone wall fixed together with mortar this was the same for the floor as well, the décor of the castle was sort of modern, but also had a hint of Ancient Greek décor, with their being marble statues of Boreas – Khione's father -, and also of her in all of her beauty. However as we walked through the castle we got to her private rooms.

In her private rooms there were beautiful life-like ice statues posted all around her personal throne room, the funny thing is that all of the statues had looks of shock on, or looked like they were trying to run away or get away.

Suddenly Khione stopped in front of her ice throne. "Perseus if your story is correct, then I have a small proposition for you after hearing your story and more as we walked through my Dad's castle I have felt some sympathy. So if you would agree on this deal I can help you."

"Okay, but what is it Lady Khione?" I asked.

"What I have in mind is that I let you kill my fox. You then sacrifice said fox to Minos, he saves your mum and then I transport you to your beloved Kayla, but in return you must do something for me, now I won't tell you what that is now, but in the future when I require you do what I want you to do you must do it. Do you understand Perseus?" Khione stated. As she said that I began to mull over what she said, it was a very prosperous deal, I mean she is saying I can save my mum and Kayla easily and all I have to do for her is a small deed.

"Okay Lady Khione I take you up on this deal, but you must swear on the River Styx that you won't go back on your deal," I exclaimed. I said this because most of the Gods aren't exactly known for being faithful and hold to their promises'.

"I swear it on the River Styx," Khione cooed whilst the thunder rumbled overhead. Her beautiful voice rang through the throne room as I listened to her, "but you must swear on it to Perseus," she said as she strutted over to me swaying her hips.

"I swear it on the River Styx, Lady Khione," I replied as the same thunder rumbled above. As I spoke she finally made her way towards me and cupped my cheek with her hand.

"Alright then Perseus, now that that is over I think it is time for me to catch my beauty sleep, Zethes and Calais will take you to your sleeping quarters." She finished before walking off leaving me in throne room all on my own with only my thoughts as company.


The sound of knocking woke me up from my slumber as the door adjacent my bed rattled on its hinges as the person behind it gave one last knock. Frightened for the wellbeing of mentioned door I replied in my usual husky morning voice, "Yes. Who is it?"

But all that came from the door was a loud grunt and one last spiteful knock before the person walked off. I knew this because I could hear the sound of foot hitting stone floor. Good it isn't Khione; after all I had a weird dream about her and let's just say it would be a bit awkward to be around her at the moment.

Swinging my legs over the side of white cotton bed I took a big stretch cracking all my bones into the right place. Sliding off the bed I walked over to the wooden chair which currently had all my clothes draped over its arm rests. Somehow the clothes that I wore yesterday; the ones covered in mud, blood and other stuff had gone, I don't know how and I don't really care or want to know. In place of them was a new white ski jacket with a blue and green strip running parallel to the zip, it was almost identical to the one I had yesterday, but this one was of course cleaner. I also now had a black undershirt with a Nike logo on and a new pair of white and black combat trousers. The only things that stayed in their places were my; mud splattered combat boots, my belt with all the knives in and resting against the side of the chair my back pack, one of the few gifts I got from my Dad.

I quickly put the clothes on and headed out of the oak door and into one of the many corridors in Boreas' castle. Since this was my first time here obviously I didn't quite know where everything was, and it didn't help that when Calais and Zethes took me to my sleeping confinements that it was pitch black and I couldn't see where I was going.

Standing motionless in the hallway I listened for a hint of sound or movement. After a short time I picked something up: Shouting. I hurriedly walked in the direction that I had heard the sound come from.

The sound came from the left hand-side, so naturally I headed down that corridor. Like the previous corridor there were various different types of flags hanging from bolsters in the wall. Most of the flags as Khione told me represented her Father's house; these were light blue and white. The other flags most probably represented Boreas brothers; Zephyrus bringer of the West wind, the calmest of the four Anemoi, he carried summer breeze and delivered the spring light. Zephyrus' house colours were a very light green and a honey colour. Notus, the Southern wind that brought the storms of late summer and early autumn, his house colours were light brown and bright yellow and finally Eurus. Eurus was the most forgotten of the brothers and some even say he is not even a child of Eos and Astraios. He however still is the bringer of the east wind and has light green and dark green house colours.

On the side of the walls next to the flags were small square tables that held small oil lamps that emitted light and no warmth. This was so Boreas and Khione didn't get hurt whilst walking around the castle, but also made it very cold in the castle which explains why I am still wearing my Ski Jacket.

I came to the end of the stone corridor and was faced with a large oak wooden door. Where there is normally a handle to turn, there instead was an iron knocker, supposedly so you knock first then go in. Grabbing the cold iron knocker I gave it three hard and loud knocks and waited for someone to answer.

"Percy is that you?" I heard some shout from inside the room.

"Yeah, it's me," I answered back through the door.

"Come in then," the person replied, grabbing the iron knocker I turned and swung the door open. What I first saw was a long wooden table that extended from one side of the hall to the other. Unsurprisingly on the table there was only cold food such as cereal and cold meats. There was a jug of Orange juice and water on the table as well. However what caught my attention more was the looks of sympathy that Calais and Zethes were sending me, "Hi Percy, I see that you received the clothes I sent."

"Guess I did, and why were you guys shouting?"

"Oh just a family dispute," she said nonchalantly flicking her pony tail over her shoulder, but the looks Calais and Zethes sent me begged to differ. However I dismissed the feeling that something was wrong as neither of them spoke up and almost instantly lost the looks of sympathy as Khione began to speak again. "Percy I believe we should eat before we sacrifice my pet and then I want to see what you have got with some training."

"Sure Lady Khione, will your brothers be joining us or not?" I asked pointing at the two Demi-gods turned immortals, which were at the moment eating a bowl of cereal, since it was one of the only foods available at the table.

Khione face turned sour at the mention of the two brothers before it reverted back to the cold calculating look. Replying simply, "No we will train together and not with them."

"Okay," I said. Walking over to the table I pulled out a chair with an ice-blue pillow to sit on. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and proceeded to wolf it down like a starved child. Khione had also previously poured me a glass of orange juice which I also gulped down. Saying my thanks to Khione I headed out, but before I left Khione shouted over to me that I should wait outside my room and she will take me to her pets cage.

I headed back to my room and put on my belt of weapons and slung my bow on my back. I also packed my now clean clothes in Dads backpack before walking back out my room and waiting for Khione.

It wasn't too long before Khione reappeared in front of me holding a single ice dagger in her slender pale hand. The time it took her to arrive gave me a sufficient time to think about what she meant by that I would owe her a favour. I understood the gist of it, but was curious to find out what I would have to do for Khione. I tried to hint at it as we walked to fox's room, but she kept on an emotionless mask on and didn't show any signs of faltering in her disguise.

Khione came to a halt in front of a grand wooden door. As per usual the wooden door had an iron handle and some integrate designs on the wooden panelling.

Turning around I was met by her icy gaze, "So Perseus here we are, at the door of my pet's room preparing to kill it. Well I'll tell father later I did not like his new present and got it disposed of. Of course he will be disappointed with me, but I don't mind after all I am getting a much better object next… perhaps it is from you maybe," she mused to herself as I stood still listening carefully. This was the first time she hinted at what I would do for her and as mysterious as ever I was still being left in the dark.

"So come on Percy lets go get my pets hind," she sighed wistfully, before extending her long slender hand for me to grasp, "shall we then young hero." Eagerly I grabbed her slender hand as she turned the lock of the door and we stepped into the cold room.

First thing I noticed was that unlike the cold stone walls of the castle this room was like a miniature zoo; there was a large clearing that Khione and I were standing in, but around the clearing was tall green grass, behind the grass that was swaying in the non-existent breeze was a small forest made of tall redwood trees that seemed to extend far beyond the height of the castle. My built in water senses were going haywire, that could only mean there was a freshwater spring or a lake of some sort, but how would there possibly be one up so high in the sky, in a floating castle nonetheless.

"I see by your flabbergasted expression that you like the room of my fox," Khione stated simply.

"Yes Lady Khione, it is very grand and serene."

"Oh please Percy drop the Lady Khione name, to you it is just Khione when we are alone and in my private rooms."

"Okay… Khione," I said cautiously expecting a repercussion for not being polite.

"That's great Percy now that we have got that out the way; let's get on with your sacrifice. Minos was never one for patience." Khione responded, "I'll just call him. Vitalis, Vitalis heel boy," Khione shouted loudly in to the green overgrowth.

Out from the green outcropping came the shaking and rustling of grass. The rustling got closer as so did the sound of earth under foot as the tall fox's head peered over the grass. Its ears were up listening to sound and his nose was sniffing away picking up any and every smell it could. Although it had not fully came out from within the grassy border I could already tell that it was the same one I encountered in the creek. Its furry bushy tail that popped up from the grass behind also blew in the non-existent breeze like the grass; his reddish fur that was perfectly groomed and maintained had the same silvery streaks of hair lining the red fur.

"Come on boy he won't bite you, now come," Khione pleaded with Vitalis. Obediently the great fox strode out from the grass and hesitantly walked over to Khione and I, its footsteps were small and slow as if it knew what was to come, it was also apparent the Khione knew what was to come, as when I stole a quick glance at her face, I saw her eyes start to water up, but what was even more surprising was what came after the fox.

Behind Vitalis came 3 wolf sized foxes and an equally large white fox. I stood mouth open like a fish as I examined the scene unravelling in front of me. From what I could guess was that Vitalis had a mate in the form of a white fox. The white fox was obviously the mother as it stalked over and around the three smaller foxes with a protective manner, as any mother would do to protect her children. By this point I was slowly starting to tear up like Khione, but for probably a different reason. The mother reminded me off my mum of how she protected me when we were faced with the Minotaur in Central park. Of how she stood in front of me and faced danger head on.

I quickly wiped my eyes furiously expelling any tears from my eyes on to the palms of my hands. The family of foxes walked over to Khione and I. Slowly the foxes sat down after carefully eying us up. Vitalis sat down and looked expectantly at Khione and I. Khione nudged me in the back and motioned to the ground. Getting the gist of what she was telling me to do I sat down in the clearing only a few feet away from the family of foxes. Khione followed soon after and Vitalis closed the gap between us two and put his massive head on Khione's petite lap. The other foxes stayed behind Vitalis, bar one. The youngest looking of the foxes scampered over to me. The fox was a tad smaller than Razor, the Alpha wolf of Artemis' wolves. From what I could tell is that it was a girl. The fox like her father had reddish fur and a small silvery glow to it; she also had a white as marble underbelly like her Mum though and had the same stunning sapphire blue eyes as well.

The young wolf plopped herself down next to me and gave me a foxy grin. Unlike the rest of her family which was being stoic as they knew what was coming, she was licking my outstretched hand and nuzzling her snout along my covered arm.

Looking over to Khione who was currently stroking the hair of the Vitalis and murmuring words into his perked up ears, "Khione when are going to do, you know what?" I asked simply.

"Percy we shall do it now, I'll send the young foxes away and the Mum can stay behind if she wants to." Khione muttered. She then stood up disrupting Vitalis from his sleep and shouted some ancient Greek words. Soundlessly the foxes trotted away with equally sad faces on. The youngest one looked over her shoulder and gave me a sad look before running back into the green overgrowth to catch up to her brethren.

"Percy, Vitalis has grudgingly accepted what we are going to do, but ask one favour from you. He wished for you to look after his youngest daughter Endocia, she is the only female fox that Vitalis has sired and he wished for you to look after her as Phillina his wife cannot. Would you?"

It didn't take long for me to respond and I knew what I was going to do, "Yes Khione, could you tell Vitalis I will grant his last wish," I replied solemnly. Khione yet again spoke in the ancient tongue to Vitalis who then gave me an approving look before sighing in contempt and sat down.

Sticking out her hand Khione held a single ice dagger, the same one from before, "Here Percy if you would," she said calmly. I reached over and took the knife from her; it was very much like my hunting knives and was obviously forged/made with precision. Everything bad the blade of the knife was made of ice and the hilt had some chiselled patterns in it. The blade itself was carved out of celestial bronze, but also had a streak of silver, black and gold in it; the silver was for hurting werewolves if they were ever foolish enough to attack a Goddess, the black was stygian Iron and the Gold I did not know. I was also clever enough not to touch upon the subject at a time like this.

I silently placed the knife at the Vitalis' giant neck. Giving Vitalis and Khione one last sympathetic look I drew the blade across the fox's neck. From the thin slit blood slowly oozed out as the fox began to die. After a short time he had bled out and died of oxygen starvation, his eyes were open as he stared Thanatos in the face as he came to reap his soul from his body. Khione wordlessly reached over and brought his eyelids over the fox's clear eyes. Murmuring one last sentence, "it is done," Khione stood up and left back through the door which led to the castle.

I waited for the monster- no father, pet and friend to die as his body and essence became the infamous gold dust. The only remnants of his body was the long hind of fur which would entice any fashion designer, but no this is what Minos wanted and he had me end an innocent fathers life for his own personal gain. I think I knew before that he knew that the Teumessian fox was harmless to the Gods, yet he wanted to have the only thing he could have, the fox that was never meant to be hunted. "I hope you're happy Minos and if my mother is not in Elysium by nightfall of me delivering this gift I will have to ask Uncle Tartarus for something," I grumbled under my breath before picking up the fur by the blood-stained throat and dragging it out of the once serene nature room… once serene, now a place for a grieving Mum and her two foxes.

The rest of the day went tediously slowly as the sun slowly trekked across the Canadian sky. The training Khione had promised was not to come as we ate a long lunch and after that I went and picked up Endocia who was not nice to me one bit, which was understandable as I had just killed her Dad. After I had picked her up I sat in my room with an emotionless face on as I mulled today's happening over in my head.

I just hope tomorrow brings more joy than today has provided. I can't wait until I can finally see Kayla again once I save her from whoever has captured her.

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