Chapter One: Leave

I was sitting in the floor of the girl's bathroom in the Dhampir dorms. It was early evening and classes were over for the day. Now, I know what you're asking. Why is Rose Hathaway, the same Hathaway that single handedly decapitated not one but two Strigoi with a dull sword, the same girl who battled an army of the undead along side one of her most trusted friends only a few weeks ago, and won, sitting on the floor with her knees to her chest like she had just been traumatized in a school bathroom? Simple, my whole world, everything I had ever known, had just been turned upside down, ripped apart, and then sewed back together again by a blind old hag.

Or, the not so dramatic version, I had just taken a pregnancy test and the motherfucker came back positive!

The seemingly harmless white stick sat in front of me on the floor and I stared at it. I was scared, no I was petrified. I couldn't be pregnant. It wasn't supposed to be possible. Dhampirs could only reproduce with Moroi; it's why we protected them, besides it being the right thing to do. We couldn't have children with humans or each other. Apparently no body told my reproductive system that. Then there was the fact I had only turned eighteen few weeks ago!

Dimitri! Oh God, how was I going to tell him? Would he even believe me?

My twenty four year old mentor was the only man I'd had sex with, ever, and that was almost six weeks ago! Dimitri had taken my virginity right before the attack and apparently he subconsciously felt that he should have given me something in return!

What am I going to do? I thought fearfully to myself. Usually I'm pretty good at not being afraid. Hell even if I am scared I usually don't show it, but there's usually and then there's finding out your carrying a baby that shouldn't be biologically possible!

I felt sick and dizzy just sitting here. I put my head between my knees and took deep breaths trying to calm myself. I had to think rationally. There were more people involved here then just me. I had to think of the baby and Dimitri.

Dimitri, he'd know what to do. I still wasn't sure if he'd believe me but I had to tell him. He deserved to know, even if he didn't believe me.

I got up walked out of the bathroom, taking the test with me. As I got closer to where I knew he'd be, the gym, I began to run. I needed him and I wasn't use to needing anybody, but I couldn't handle this alone.

I was halfway to the gym when a voice called my name.

I stopped and looked to the left. Tasha, Christian's aunt, came walking toward me from the direction of the cabin. The same cabin that my baby was conceived in. Tasha had come down to make sure Christian was all right after the attack and had been staying on campus for the past few weeks. She came up to me with a kind smile on her face.

"Man Rose, what's the rush?" She asked. "You'd think Dimka would have you whipped for being late for practice."

Shit! I had forgotten about our practices. I hadn't been feeling well but I'd also been hiding it very well so neither he or Lissa would worry. I had been so freaked out after I had Googled my symptoms and found out I might be pregnant that I hadn't thought of much else.

After I read the article about pregnancy and morning sickness I had snuck down to the infirmary and stole a pregnancy test from Dr. Olendski's cabinet.

I gave a shaky smile as I tried to put up a guardian mask. It didn't work though, my emotions were on hyper drive and I couldn't hide them.

I gave a shaky laugh. "Yeah he can be pretty… strict." I said as I glanced back to the gym.

Tasha gave me a weird look then glanced down at what was clutched tightly in my hand. She saw the test.

"Oh God, Rose are you…?" she left it open-ended. I didn't say anything but her ice blue eyes widened anyway and she reached for the test.

"Oh Rose," she said with a sad look on her face as she looked at the results on the test. "I'd have thought you'd be more careful sweetie." I shook my head.

"It shouldn't have mattered." I whispered without thinking.

She looked at me with a strange look. "What do you mean Rose?"

I took a deep breath. I knew I could trust Tasha, right? "It was a Dhampir." I told her and she stiffened. I wasn't sure what I expected but it wasn't what happened next. She didn't even ask me how it was possible she just looked at me with a hard look in her eyes. "Dimitri?" I think my mouth opened a little bit. How did she even guess the truth so easily? We were so careful!

"I- what?" I asked her unable to form a coherent thought.

"You were going to tell him weren't you?" She asked me as she advanced on me her face twisting into a sinister look of malice that, paired with her scars, made her look like a malevolent demon. I backed away. I wasn't feeling very brave at the moment. The pure hatred coming from her glare froze my insides and I subconsciously put a hand to my stomach as if I could shield my baby from her anger.

"You won't tell him. Tell him it's Adrian's or something, but don't you dare tell him that that baby is his!" She demanded of me and I froze. How dare she tell me that I wouldn't tell Dimitri about his own child! He had every right to know.

"Tasha I can't just keep it from him! I won't! He deserves to know about his child!" Suddenly the old Rose kicked back in and I was me again. I was still scared shitless about this miracle pregnancy but that didn't mean I was going to be scared of Tasha Ozera.

"Then you need to leave!" I squared my shoulders. I wasn't going to be kicked out of my home because Tasha didn't want me to tell Dimitri he was going to be a father, something he's always wanted anyway.

"I am not leaving."

I turned my back to her and continued to the gym where Dimitri was waiting for me. Boy he was going to get the surprise of his life.

"You'd ruin his life, Rose?" She called to me and I stopped, but I didn't turn.

"He'll lose his job, his title, his freedom. His family will be ashamed of him for sleeping with a child and getting her pregnant. You'll take everything he has, everything he loves away from him? Are you really that selfish?"

I stood still. I was strong. I was a guardian. I could do this.

"He told me once he'd love to have children but he knew it wasn't likely to happen. I am carrying his child Tasha. Would you really ask me to take that from him? To hide it from him?" I asked her calmly hoping that she'd care more about Dimitri's feelings and stop verbally attacking me. After we had made love in the cabin Dimitri had told me we'd find some way to be together, to make this work. Surely we could still do it with a baby. It'd be harder but surely we could make it work still.

Her spiteful voice shook me from my thoughts.

"I can give him children too and he won't be arrested for rape of a minor afterward. I'll take care of Dimka but you need to leave."

I turned around and glared. She was still after him? She wasn't going to give up. Fine it didn't matter Dimitri loved me not her.

"I will not," I said calmly much like Dimitri would talk to me when I was being unreasonable. "Deprive my child of its father and I won't separate Dimitri from his baby."

I turned around to continue my journey to the gym. We were close enough to where we could see it but too far away to be heard by anyone there.

Suddenly I felt hot. I stopped and began to pant as sweat broke out on my skin.

What's happening? I wondered. Suddenly it felt like my blood was boiling and I gave a soft cry of pain as I crumpled. I looked to Tasha. She had a wicked smile as she looked at me. It was then that I realized she was using her fire magic on me. She was burning me from the inside out.

"You're going to leave Rose. You are never going to come back." she kneeled in front of me. By this time I had tears silently flowing down my cheeks as I moaned in pain, as the heat only grew hotter. "If you ever do come back or contact Dimitri and the others I'll do worse then this to you. I'll burn your baby to a crisp inside you. You'll be lucky if you even give birth to a charred corpse after I'm done with it." I closed my eyes as true fear raced through me.

She jerked my head up by my hair and made me look at her. "Do you understand?" I weakly nodded and the pain was gone. I gasped in relief as my body cooled. I wanted to cry but I refused to show weakness in front of Tasha.

I stood on shaky legs and looked back to her. She gave me a satisfied grin then jerked her head toward the Dhampir dorms.

"Get your things and leave. Now!" I nodded and walked back to my dorm. I turned back to look at the gym where the love of my life and the father of my child was still waiting for me but I'd never come. And my heart broke.

I got to my room and quickly got my meager belongings together. My clothes, pictures; I looked at a picture of Dimitri and me not long after the attack. Lissa had insisted on taking it.

Flash Back

"Liss," I asked surprised. Lissa had walked into the gym just as I ducked a punch from Dimitri. We had been sparring for a few minutes now. "What are you doing here?"

Lissa smiled. "I was just thinking about you when I realized something. Rose you have a picture of all of your friends. Me, Eddie, Adrian, Christian, even Mason and Mia but you don't have one of Dimitri."

Dimitri and I looked to each other with confused glances. "Uh… ok?" I said as I gestured for her to continue. She held up her digital camera.

"Get close together I'll snap a picture of the two of you and make each of you a copy."

Dimitri looked to me then back to Lissa.

"Thank you Princess but I don't think that'd be appropriate."

I rolled my eyes he was in mentor mode and when he was like that he was all business.

I looped my arm through his and pulled him closer to me. "Oh come on Comrade, humor her. She won't let it go until she gets her way."

He looked between us and seemed to realize he was out numbered so he straightened up and hesitantly put an arm around my shoulders and I wrapped an arm around his waist. Lissa smiled and held up the camera.

"Say cheese!" Lissa said. I smiled big and held up my pointer and middle finger in a peace sign for the camera. She shot the picture and then looked at it.

"That was a good one." She said. I ran up next to her to see it while Dimitri got the gym set up for our next lesson.

Flash Back Ends

Lissa had been right. It was a really good picture. I looked happy and Dimitri had had his eyes trained on me with a small, soft, loving smile on his face as if I was the most precious thing in his world.

I carefully placed that picture in a little shoebox that I had put all of my pictures in. If only I had know then what I knew now then I'd have been able to tell Dimitri about the baby, he'd know that his copy of this photo was the first and only picture of him and me and our baby.

I felt the tears come again. I placed my hand on my abdomen. No matter how much I wanted Dimitri to know. No matter how much of a right he had to know about his son or daughter, our baby's life should always come first. That's one thing I knew for sure. I just hoped one day I'd be able to tell him about his son or daughter and he'd be able to hold him or her some day.

I picked up my small bag and walked to my door until a piece of paper caught my eye.

I quickly scrounged up a pen and grabbed the paper and wrote a quick note.

Dear Dimitri,

I'm sorry but something has happened and I wanted to tell you, I really did, but something has happened. There has been a serious threat made on the life of someone I love and I can't take the risk they are bluffing. I know what you're thinking, Rose run away from a fight? Well, Comrade, I'm choosing my battles carefully this time around.

I have to leave now. I love you I always will. I can't contact you or Lissa or anyone here again. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I hope I can see you again someday.

Forever yours,

Your Roza

As I finished writing the letter my tears fell on it, staining it.

I folded it in half and wrote Dimitri's name on the top and put it under my pillow, making sure that a small corner of the paper was sticking out. I knew Dimitri's sharp guardian eyes would see it. I turned and left never to return.

Tasha met me outside the dorm and lead me to the woods behind the cabin. She stood and watched me as I walked down the back road and suddenly a new fear set in.

How was I going to survive on my own with a baby to care for? I didn't know but somehow someway I'd make sure at the very least my baby found its way back to its father whether Tasha liked it or not.

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