(Rose's POV)

So I was pretty much confided to the hospital for a little longer then normal. Apparently the doctors wanted to make sure Maddie and I weren't seriously hurt during our ordeal. When I had objected Dimitri gave me the scariest look ever and I realized he was scared for our daughter and me. So I conceded and agreed to spend a few extra days in the hospital.

While there a nurse taught me to breastfeed and Maddie was with her father and me ever spare moment.

"She's beautiful." Dimitri whispered from where he sat next to me. He reached out and stroked our nursing baby and at the feel of his large hand Maddie wiggled and reached her hand up and brushed her father's hand as her hand curled into a fist against her ear.

I smiled and looked up at Dimitri and I saw the barely there shimmer of tears I his brown eyes and he kissed me.

"I love you Roza."

I smiled and leaned my head against his chest as our baby continued to nurse.

"I love you too Comrade."

The End.

And there you go.

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