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A tall man got out of one of the limousines pulling a red head woman with him, A brown haired woman stepped out of the car after the pair and moved over to the group who had just arrived.

"Jordan thank god you're ok" the brown haired woman said wrapping her arms around the wolf, two pairs of pants in her hands. Jordan phased back and pulled the pants on. Jordan's arms came around the woman and pulled her against his muscular chest. "Mamă I missed you" Jordan spoke his voice pouring the love and pain he felt from the past few days. The wolf that was with Jordan had phased and pulled clothes, his arms sliding around the pair pulling them against him as he nuzzled his head into the woman's neck. "Jordan who is your friends" the woman whispered. "Mamă this is Alice and her brother James, Alice, James these are my parents Sally and Costin" he spoke lifting Alice off the chair and walked her over to his parents so she could greet them. "Nice to know my son can pick up a fine woman" Costin said earning him a slap from Sally and making Alice go bright red. "Mamă, Alice got injured in the plane crash and her legs haven't healed yet" Jordan's eyes drifting from his mother to the girl in his arms, his eyes scanning down her body to her swollen and bruised legs. "Well lets get back to the hotel then we shall fix this problem" Sally spoke her eyes sparkling as she looked at her son. "Nice work Jordan" a man said winking as he pulled the red head up with him to the small group. "Fane, Jacque nice to see you" he said as his hand began to draw circles on Alice's back. "Nice to meet you Alice I'm Jacquelyn or Jacque if you want and this is Fane" Jacque said her bright green eyes glowing beautifully as she greeted the woman in Jordan's strong arms.

Jacque moved a few steps away from Jordan and yelled over to where Thia and two other adults were standing "OI JEN GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE", the blonde haired woman turned to look at the group and walked over. "B hush I'm busy" she said as she came within the circle. "Alice this is Thia's parents Jennifer or Jen and Decebel" Jordan said softly "Hey" was all Jen said before turning to look at her daughter who was talking with James. "Hello Alice nice to meet you" Decebel spoke his voice deep and commanding but also calming for some reason.

The introductions continued for a bit longer before everyone went back to the cars. Jordan, Alice, Sally, Costin, Jacque, Fane all in one car and Jen, Decebel, Thia and James in the other.

The two hour trip flew by as everyone laughed and talked to each other about themselves. Jordan never stopped the gentle movements on Alice's back. "so you don't remember your parents" Jacque questioned "that is correct, they left when i was only one leaving my brother and I alone on the streets for years" "Wow nobody took you in" Sally continued for Jacque "nope we were left alone but luckily James was about five and was able to get some money from busking and begging on the streets until he was old enough to find a job some where and we were able to slowly gain enough money until I was old enough by that time James had worked so hard at his job he got raise and a promotion meaning we got more money eventually leading up to us being able to buy a small apartment in Coldspring Texas" "wait wait what" Jacque "She said she lived in coldspring texas luna" Fane whispered into Jacque's ear. "Sally, Jen and I are all from Coldspring Texas, until these flea bags came and took us away" Jacque said patting Fane's leg, "Luna you came because I saved your life many times and you fell in love with my charms" "oh is that what you call it wolf man what makes you say that" she teased. "this luna" he whispered against her neck before he kissed the bite. "Fane Lupei not in from of the children" she giggled pushing him away "we were their age when we bonded so they shouldn't be bothered Jacquelyn Lupei" he teased making Alice giggle at the loving pair. "To be honest its good to see loving families since I have never had a proper family" Alice's eyes looked over everyone in the car, people she had only known for a short time, but she felt at home in their company.

A Large stone building came into sight as the limos pulled up in front of it, everyone pilling out of the vehicles except Alice who waited for Jordan's assistance. Jordan's soft hands pulled the injured Alice into his arms where he held her close as she was carried into the building.

"Jordan take her into this room" Sally said opening a door from inside the large hall way with doors and rooms off every 10 meters.

The cool fabric touching Alice's back as Jordan gently placed her down on the double bed that was in the centre of the room. "Ok Alice let me have a look at those legs of yours" Sally said shutting the door after everyone was inside. Sally placed a cool hand over Alice's leg making her flinch in pain. "Sorry Alice but this is going to hurt" "Alice just hold my hand while my mother does her magic" Jordan said sitting down beside Alice, his hand on her's. Pain rolled up Alice's body from Sally's hands that fixed her broken legs. Bright orange filled Alice's vision, pain and screaming clouded her mind as she watched a baby girl lay crying in the midst of a room filling with fire. A young boy ran in a cloth over his mouth as he pulled the small child against his chest. Trying to escape the dark and clouded room the boy coughed as he protected the little girl in his arms. Alice felt no heat but she felt pain and she wanted to wrap the children in her arms to protect them but she couldn't move she could only watch. The boy climbed through the gripping flames that clawed at them. Alice screamed at the pain the they children must have felt, her vision blurred and she was screaming. Light came into Alice's vision as she shot her body forward gripping her head. "Alice what happened what's wrong" Jordan said "I saw the day my brother saved my life when my parents left, a memory i had forgotten" Alice said breathing heaving and tears streaking her face.

Jordan wrapped his warm arms around Alice as she cried. "I'm so sorry Alice I didn't know healing you would do that" Sally's voice was coated in shame for hurting Alice. Costin pulled Sally back into his arms as he mentally comforted her. "Mamă something is blocking me from Alice and it's strong" Jordan said as he tried to push into Alice's mind.

"Alice I know this one may bring un wanted memories forward if I do open the barrier and your bond" Sally said moving back over to Alice. Placing her now warm hands on Alice's head, Alice nodded agreement to what Sally was doing. Sally looked inside Alice at the barrier that kept the pair from each other. It was something she didn't expect it was fae magic, not any fae magic it was Peri's magic, Peri's magic was strong that even Sally couldn't fix it. The healer pulled back and looked at Costin who nodded and left the room. "Mamă what's wrong why haven't you fixed the bond" Jordan's voice was full of worry. "Jordan I can't fix it the only person who can is the person who put the block on her and that is the Peri" "where is she" Jordan growled out through gritted teeth. "At the moment we don't know but thats why Costin is going to find Fane and Decebel since they are the Alpha's".

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