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Sorry for the length of this chapter. I just needed to cram a lot of info into the prologue. Please note that if you don't play Star Wars the Old Republic, a lot of information might not make sense. But I will give a quick intro saying that the Republic has been at war with the Sith Empire for a long time. The Sith Empire was ruled by an emperor who was thought to be immortal, but is now defeated. Now the Sith Council, led by Sith Lords who make Darth Sideous look like a wimp, tries to lead on. The Jedi Order has made their temple on Tython, the Jedi home planet, after the one on Coruscant was pillaged and burned down. This takes place after the main storyline of the Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, and Republic Trooper. We may get an Imperial Agent later on, but for the most part it's about the Republic loyal characters. Enjoy!

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

Coruscant, SIS Headquarters
July 4
th 1400 Hours

The war had taken its toll on the galaxy. Despite the actions of the heroes of the Republic, the war still raged on. But, hope still remained. For the first time, the Republic had reached a stalemate with the Sith Empire. Heroes such as Jedi Master Keith Carsen, Bar'sen'thor Bacchus Grell, and even the famed Havoc Squad had turned the dark tide against them. But sadly, even heroes must face their end. The deaths of the Emperor slaying Jedi Master, the Bar'sen'thor who had defeated the Emperor's children, and the Havoc Squad CO had led SIS General Van Suthra to explore beyond the galaxy, in hopes of finding more of these great heroes.

After scouring every planet, every known universe, he had found it. Just beyond the very edge of the known galaxy was a planet called Earth. Earth was like nothing he had ever seen. It had quite a large population of solely humans. Their technology was quite primitive, but they had able to master some forms of space travel, short of hyperspace flight. But most importantly, they had heroes, dozens of them. The reports his agents had sent back were filled with the heroic and selfless tales of super powered beings who didn't have the Force, but their own special gifts and talents.

However, Earth was isolated from the outside world and preferred to remain independent of any control. According to his best infiltrators, the Earthens had fended off numerous invasions and had a general hostility to any non-earthen force. But the Republic needed those heroes. An ally such as them could finally save the Republic and defeat the Empire for good.

This was why standing before him were four children. They were all around the same age and all human. They were specifically chosen for their talents and gifts, but most importantly for their situation. All of them were war orphans.

"Thank you for coming. You may a seat." The Mon Calamari general gestured towards the chairs in the briefing room.

The oldest one, immediately sat down, but remained stiff like a soldier. The two girls, twins, grabbed two chairs and put hoisted their feet up on the second one. The older boy just glared at them. The younger boy sat cross legged on his chair, focused and calm.

Van Suthra sighed. He had only worked alongside the twin's parents, but he had heard much about the other two. Spec Force General Garza had commended the older boy with his already strict discipline. The Jedi Council had been reluctant to hand over the younger boy, believing he had much potential to be the next great Jedi Master for already he had the calmness of heart that not even his father had.

He pulled up the hologram of Earth. "This is Earth, a densely populated planet of humans with a quite primitive technology. The Earthen people are quite isolated from the galaxy and as a result are very hostile to outsiders."

"Then why are we bothering with them?" the older girl asked, yawning slightly.

"Shhh!" the older boy glared at her.

Van Suthra continued. "Earth has a defense force that rivals most other planets that we know of. They had what they call a Justice League. The Justice league is a group of super powered humans that protect the earth, they call themselves heroes.

"Imagine the effects of being an ally with the Justice League. These heroes could tip the scales of the war!"

"Sir," the older boy asked, "You mentioned the Earthen people are hostile to outsiders. What make you think that they would join us?"

Van Suthra already loved this kid. Garza was right, he was the best. "A good point, Mr. Dorne. That's where you come in."

He closed the blinds and shut off the holograms and cameras. This was the most vital part and security and secrecy were of the upmost importance.

"I want you to infiltrate the Earth. You will become a sleeper cell on Earth, making friends and allies with the Justice League and the leaders of Earth. My goal is for you to be deployed for fifteen years. You were all specifically chosen for a reason: you're war orphans. You don't have a guardian. You don't have anything here holding you back. And you're young. The oldest of you is nine. Nobody suspects a nine year old agent. You will be taken in, given families. Then you will use your hidden 'talents' to make a name for yourself as an Earth hero. When the time comes, they will have so much trust in you that when we reveal ourselves, we will have already built the trust necessary to become allies."

The kids strangely took this information without too much of a shock. The oldest boy, Vincent Dorne, looked right into the general's eyes. "I was born to serve the Republic. If this is what is necessary to serve, then I give my word."

The two girls, Mia and Kathrine Carsen, watched Vincent give such an honorable speech and sighed. "Well, we don't have anything else to do so…sure I guess. We're still saving the galaxy."

The younger boy, Mark Grell, turned to the rest. "The Force has brought us here for a reason. To serve the Republic in its most secretive mission would be an honor."

Mia rolled her eyes. "Sure, leave it to Mr. Grell to go all mystic with the Force."

Mark, his expressionless face unchanging, turned to Mia. "Sometimes I ask the Force how you remained as a Jedi with that thing they…sarcasm."

Kathrine giggled. "Oh Mark, don't worry about my sister. When you're born to the most sarcastic Jedi mother, you tend to have a more open view of life."

"Cut it out!" Vincent glared. "This is a most important moment of our lives. We must not ruin it with your unnecessary banter."

Mia glared back. "Is that right Mr. Soldier? Don't forget, you're only nine. Loosen up already. Stiffness leads boredom, boredom leads to being annoying, and being annoying leads to the sleepy Jedi Council side of the Force." She mimicked Master Oteg's funny voice.

Kathrine burst out laughing, even Mark had to smile at the comment. Vincent actually smiled at her remark. As much as he enjoyed discipline, he had to admit the procedures and regulations that had to be followed did get boring sometimes. "Or the General Garza side of the regulations."

All four kids giggled and laughed. Van Suthra sighed. He really was regretting his decision to send them in. They were only kids being thrust into a world outside of their innocence. But the Republic needed those allies and the kids were willing. He just hoped they knew what they were getting themselves into.

"One last thing, children." The Mon Calamari added.

This was the hard part. It went against all of the truths and liberties the Republic stood for, but without it, the mission could be compromised.

"To ensure mission safety and secrecy, we are going to mind wipe you."

Gotham City, Secret Lab near the Docks
August 16, 22:16

Until that day, Robin believed himself to be the youngest crime fighter even known. He had started at age 8 and then continued for five years. He now worked alongside a team, but he still enjoyed the time he spent with ol'Bats.

They had been patrolling Gotham for the last four hours when suddenly, bullets begin flying towards them. Now, typically people want to avoid the Batman, with the exception of the Joker who needed Bats in order to stay…well…sane. But these bullets were begging for attention.

Robin followed his mentor into a building they hadn't seen before. Titled above it was Suthran Labs. Odd, he had never heard of such a place or a company like that.

"That's strange." Batman muttered, "Never heard of such a place."

Robin looked has his mentor in surprise. Batman was never surprised enough to speak it out loud. But that didn't change things.

The duo flew into the building to find several men in black carrying guns. However, the duo had little difficulty handling the goons as they leaped, flipped, and tackled the villains. Within a minute, Batman and his sidekick observed the unconscious bodies of the shooters.

"Well that was easy." Robin commented. "They definitely felt the aster today."

Batman, true to his nature, said nothing as he moved beyond the lobby and opened the main lab door. Inside they found a large room. It was empty except for a large pod, much like the one Robin had encountered at Cadmus. The two slowly advanced towards the pod, eyes open for any ambush.

The pod was a cylinder about the size of batman. It had dozens of knobs and tubes streaming out of it and leading into the floor. What was most intriguing was the symbol imprinted on the tube. (A/N I'm not going to describe it. It's too hard to describe. If you want to see it, look up SWTOR Republic Symbol.) So yeah, that was the symbol.

When Robin put his glove on the glass, he wiped the mist off to reveal the face of an eight year old girl. The girl had reddish brown hair with tanned skin. By her peaceful expression, the two could tell she had been sleeping peacefully and was in some form of a trance.

"Quick we got to free her!" Robin moved towards the controls.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." A voice growled.

The duo turned to see a long figure clad in what looked like a suit of armor. The armor was white with red insignias and stripes. He wore a huge white helmet with a slim black T-slit visor. Honestly, he looked like he had stepped right out of a sci-fi movie. Strapped to his belt was a huge pistol. But most importantly, he had a huge assault rifle gripped in his hands. Basically, he looked like a sci-fi super soldier.

"Step away from the pod stranger." The soldier ordered. "I don't want to hurt you, but if you don't back away from the kid, I will be forced to take you down."

Robin was surprised. Most villains would open fire at the first sight of the duo, but this mysterious soldier seemed to be willing to negotiate.

"Who is in there?" Batman questioned.

"No one you'd be familiar with. Now step away before I fire." The soldier trained his rifle. For a moment, the Boy Wonder was considering obeying the man's orders. This guy was dressed like a tank. There was no way even the two of them could take down such a bulking figure.

Batman didn't show any emotion. "Who are you?"

The soldier didn't move, but it was hard to tell what went on behind the T-slit visor. Who knows? He could easily be an android or an alien just as much as he could be human. Robin wasn't going to take any chances with this guy.

"They call me…hmm…Vanguard." The soldier finally made up his mind. "But this will be the first and only time we will ever meet. Now back away."

Batman apparently wasn't going to let up. Batman had probably figured that since this guy was being reasonable that he could convince this soldier to stand down.

"Do you understand that you have a child in that pod? You could be charged with trafficking and probably violation of rights." Batman's voice was calm but offered a solution. "Stand down and I'll put a good word for you."

The soldier didn't budge. "No, you don't understand. I'm supposed to guard this pod and ensure no one but a human named Batman goes near it."

The duo looked at each other in surprise. They were delivering this girl to Batman? Robin turned to his mentor only to his him shrug. "I am Batman."

The soldier laughed. "You are Batman? What a laugh! You can't be the Batman. He flies around like a bat and has freaky powers and stuff. You're just a guy in a costume."

"I am Batman." The Dark Knight clarified. "And I will claim this child."

The Vanguard shuddered nervously. "Well if you're Batman then…" With that he whipped out his rifle and let loose a series of green laser bolts.

The duo instinctively ducked and took cover as the metal warrior lobbed several flash bangs at the duo. Robin crouched down as the grenades exploded into sheer light and sound. When he peered around the pod, he saw the Batman running towards the soldier dodging the laser volleys left and right until he reached the Vanguard. But just as he reached Vanguard, the soldier jabbed his rifle into the ground as an energy wave slammed into the Dark Knight, throwing him back a few meters. Robin took advantage of the distraction to throw a few bird-a-rangs at him, but the iron clad warrior juked left and shot two mortar shots from his rifle. It took all Robin's acrobatic skills to dodge the two explosive rounds.

Vanguard was tough. Never before had they encountered some one with such firepower. Batman threw a series of smoke pellets onto the ground and rushed towards Vanguard. But somehow, it didn't seem to faze the soldier as he lobbed a small sphere at bat. Before the Dark Knight could respond, he had been covered by a quick freeze substance and stuck in his running position.

"Batman!" Robin yelled as he rushed towards Vanguard when the soldier turned to him and shot him with an electric laser. Robin grunted as electricity jolted through him, but pushed forward and managed to strike him with his explosive bird-a-rangs. The explosion threw Vanguard back. Robin didn't bother checking on him as he threw a fire pellet at Batman's frozen body.

Almost immediately, the Dark Knight freed himself. "Robin," he gasped. "We're not going to be able to beat him. Free the girl. I'll hold him off."

Robin gasped, but nodded. He ran to the pod's controls but it was all in a strange language. So he did what any reasonable person might do. He extended his bo-staff and pried open the pod. Cold air steamed out of the pod, similar Mr. Freeze. Just as the steam cleared, the girl's body slumped onto his, causing him to stumble.

Robin tried to shake the girl awake. "Hey, are you alright?"

The girl stirred and opened her startling green eyes. "Huh? What? Who are you?"

She stood herself up and looked around. "Where am I?"

Robin stared at her. She couldn't have been more than eight years old. She wore light tan shirt with dark tan pants. Just as he was about to answer, a long two meter metal staff fell out of the pod and dropped on his head.

"Ouch!" He cried out as he rubbed his head.

The girl whipped around. "By the Force! I'm sorry. I didn't see you there. Are you okay?" she rushed to the Boy Wonder and helped him up.

"I'm fine." He stood back up as he faced the girl. She was a little shorter than she was, but not by much. "Who are you? What's your name?"

The girl was about to answer, then stopped. "I…uh…don't know." She shrugged. "I have memories swirling around in my head, but it's not clear about who…"

She stopped and stared over his shoulder. "Look out!" she cried as she leaped, using Robin's shoulders as a springboard. She summersaulted in the air and landed a surprise kick on Vanguard's chest.

Vanguard stared at the girl in surprise. He had been aiming his rifle at Robin when out of nowhere but the girl broke through his guard and landed a clear blow on him. But he quickly responded by aiming his rifle at the ground and let out a cone of green energy. The girl cried out in pain as he slammed the butt of his rifle on her chest and let a second wave of energy throw her back into a dazed Robin.

Robin had been awestruck at her skills but quickly lost consciousness when her small form collided into his. The last thing he saw before the darkness took him was the soldier turning to face an unconscious Batman across the room.

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