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Mount Justice, Happy Harbor
December 12, 1700 Hours EST

"Dude Robin, who's this new Batblade kid?" The speedster cried, "You've been holding out on me this long? I thought we were buddies!"

The boy wonder rolled his eyes. He had just arrived a few minutes before and immediately had been bombarded by his teammates about his mysterious new comrade. "Guys, Batblade's not official. We just ordered her to stand down. She'll be retiring very soon."

"Wait, Blade's a she?" Artemis asked, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Well Hello Megan, we should definitely have her join the team!" His Martian friend declared, "Don't you agree Connor?"

Said teen rolled his eyes before grunting his approval. Thankfully, a certain Atlanian put an end to their interrogation. "Friends, we should not pester Robin like this. If Batman believes that this new Batblade should not be patrolling Gotham, then he probably has good reason for it."

*Recognized: Batman 01*

The group glanced back at the Zeta tube to see the Dark Knight himself stride into the briefing room. Several holographic screens popped up, reveal a well known figure in Gotham. "This is Commissioner Gordon of Gotham PD. Just under twenty-four hours ago, he was kidnapped by Bane and presumably taken to Santa Prisca. Your assignment is to return him safe and sound to Gotham."

"Do we have any idea what type of defenses Bane has this time?" Aqualad queried.

The Dark Knight shook his head. "You'll be going in blind. We have no idea how many men Bane currently has, but it's imperative that you retrieve Commissioner Gordon unharmed."

As the Team began filing into the Bioship, Wally gave his best bro a worried look. "Dude, are you alright?"

Dick shrugged off his friend. "It's fine. It's just...well...what Batman didn't mention."

"What are you talking about man?"

"Remember my sister?"

Wally grinned. "Yeah, of course I remember Kath. What about her?"

"Well, she's the Batblade and I think she's been captured by Bane."

"What?" The speedster cried in dismay, shaking his friend. "Dude, how do you know?"

"Well, I haven't seen her since yesterday evening and Bruce seems really agitated by it. Also, why would he put us on this mission rather than himself? Maybe there's more to the mission than just Gordon." The boy wonder rationalized.

"Well, then!" Wally grinned, "Looks like it's up to us to save the damsel in distress. Let's get moving!" He called as he ran up the ramp.

Dick didn't know what he do without his best bro. Then again, what would he do without his little sister as well? If Kath really was on Santa Prisca, he hoped she was ok. "Hey wait up!"

Santa Prisca, Caribbean
December 12, 1900 hours EST

Gordon dove behind an oil barrel as bullet's whizzed past him. He checked his stolen rifle: damn, only half a mag left. Peering over the barrel, he could just make out several figures on the dock. He needed a distraction is some sort to escape.

Thankfully it could have been worse. Earlier the place had been swarming with goons, but now only a skeletal guard had been posted, the majority hunting the young bat. Damn, that girl really could attract a crowd. She had jumped, leaped, and dodged incoming bullets whilst maintaining a steady distance from the pursuing goons.

Unfortunately, both of them knew how this was going to end. Somehow that kid had convinced him to abandon her, and the guilt was eating him inside. She was just a kid and yet she was throwing her life away for him. For her sake, he'd better return to Gotham. Patiently waiting for the sounds of magazines emptying, Gordon went over the plan one more time. The chopper was the perfect escape vehicle and thankfully, he knew how to fly one. Once he could clear the remaining goons, he'd be able to steal the helicopter and escape, hopefully in time to bring reinforcements to save Blade.

The sounds of gunfire suddenly ceased as mags were being replaced. Gordon seized the moment, leaping up and spraying the goons with the remained of his mag.

The goons were caught off guard and were quickly cut down under his volley. Gordon smashed the butt of his stolen AK into the remaining goon's face, causing said goon to drop unconscious. The Commissioner panted, relieved that it was over. He glanced back towards the dense jungle, the faint hammering of assault rifles resounding. He would get help. That girl wouldn't die on his watch.

He suddenly felt a light tap on his shoulder. He spun around, rifle raised only to find the familiar smirk of the Boy Wonder.

"Hey Commissioner, my name is Robin and I'm here to rescue you."

Santa Prisca, Caribbean
December 12, 1945 hours EST

Kath panted as she took cover behind the thick trunk of a large tree. Her stamina was running crazy low and she felt like was going on sheer adrenaline alone. She painfully glanced at her bandaged shoulder. The pain was insane and her bodysuit, as mentioned before, didn't stop high caliber sniper rounds. Thankfully, she had been able to escape unharmed so far.

"Where did that NiƱo go?" A loud voice demanded. "Find her!"

Said girl glanced back in the direction of the docks. So far she hadn't heard any helicopter sounds so Gordon hadn't gotten away yet. She still needed to engage them long enough to keep them away from the Commissioner.

"Dad," she muttered softly, "I wish you were here." She really did. Despite all their arguments and lost trust, she found that she still missed him and wanted him to come swooping down like he always did to save her: the perfect dad figure. Unfortunately she knew that would never happen. Bruce didn't trust her with the responsibility of being a hero, and now she was going to pay the ultimate price.

"Can't find her boss." A goon responded.

"Hmm...take a team and head back to the docks. The rest of you, spread out and find the brat!"

Kath gasped, she couldn't let them head back just yet. She needed to get their focus back on her.

The cartel members began heading back to their posts when a young voice interrupted them. "Hey!"

Bane turned around and grinned. Standing before them was a small figure clad in dark blue and yellow stood behind them, staff awkwardly held in her right hand.

The girl's eyes narrowed at the gang. "Your fight is with me, the Batblade!"

Bane grinned. "Well then little Nino, allow me to introduce you to pain." He activated his venom steroids, allowing his muscles to bulge out, significantly enhancing his strength.

The lithe child bounced out of his reach before slamming the staff into his head with little effect. Before she could react, the powerful man grabbed her legs and tossed her away. Barely conscious, Blade executed a midair flip, landing her safely on her feet.

Grinning, the wrestler gestured to his goons. The girl barely raised her staff in time to deflect the flurry of bullets flying in her direction. However, due to her exhaustion, several bullets broke through her defense, thumping against her body.

Recognizing her weakness, Blade retreated back into the woods, the goons and Bane close behind her. "After her!" He shouted, "Don't let her get away."

Kath kept running. She still couldn't make out the sounds of the helicopter, meaning Gordon still hadn't escaped yet. She closed her eyes, letting her senses flow around her. She could make out the presence of Bane and his goons chasing her, but no Gordon. That was odd. Did he already escape? Or did he get killed trying? She couldn't tell, not to mention it was difficult to concentrate with bullets whizzing past her.

Just then, her danger sense tingled. The girl opened her eyes just in time to stop herself from falling off a crag overlooking the ocean. Blade looked around, desperately searching for an escape route, but found none.

"Well then, little Nino," a voice chuckled, "Looks like your time is up."

Kath turned around to find the Hispanic man and his goons blocking her only exit. The girl glanced back at the raging ocean behind her then back at the villains before her and sighed. There was no escape this time. She was going to die, her mission failed. She'd never make it to the Justice League, never prevent the coming Sith invasion, never save the galaxy like...her parents did, from what she was told. She secretly wished that she'd get to meet them, but as Mr. Dorne had told her, both of them had died in a battle on Makeb. It was tough, not remembering anything about her parents, only being told about them. Maybe that was why she always looked to Bruce as her dad. She wished she had apologized to him about her behavior. Maybe he was right and she should have waited, no. This was what she had wanted and now she got it. She didn't regret saving the Commissioner. She didn't regret going after Bane. She only regretted not telling Bruce how much she loved him.

She was going to die, but she would at least protect the legacy of her family. Vince, Mr. Dorne, Steph, Miley, Bruce, Dick, Alfred, all of them were her family. If she was going to die, she would go down fighting.

She raised her staff once more, ready for her final battle. Bane grinned. "Well, then. Goodbye little Nino!"

Suddenly a faint cackle interrupted the group followed by a loud roar. A teenage boy dressed in black and blue smashed down in in between the parties. Bane gasped in horror. "No, you can't interfere! This is my business. Not yours!"

"It stopped being yours when you kidnapped the Commissioner, who is safely in our custody." A familiar Boy Wonder dropped down next to the teen. "Well?" He asked, "You feeling whelmed?"

"Kill them all!" The macho man screamed at his goons. Before they could respond, Superboy had already smashed his way through the main pack and was closing in on the remaining goons. Robin threw several Bird-a-rangs at the gunmen, causing them to drop their guns in pain. Several more raised their rifles only to be hit by several arrows from an unseen archer. Others were knocked away by a zooming speedster and water bearers.

Kath watched in amazement at their efficiency in dealing with the goons. Their teamwork was spot on. If only she could work in a team like that.

Bane watched in rage as his cartel was torn apart. He then remembered his true target. "If I'm going to go down!" He seethed, charging forward. "You're going with me!" Kath barely noticed him before the large man slammed into the child, knocking them both off the cliff.

"Kath!" The Boy Wonder cried.

Kath felt nothing as she closed her eyes, resigned to her fate. Just when her hopes of living another day had risen, it had been smashed against the rock known as Bane. The darkness closed in around her as she awaited the sudden pain...

How was it? It's weird. I put this fic on hiatus but then after writing my most recent chapter of The Tythos I just didn't feel the urge to work on it or any of my Pokemon fics. That was until I watched some new animes including Sword Art Online and A Certain Scientific Railgun. Both animes gave me tons of ideas on how to approach these powerful legacies in new ways rather than my normal awesome Jedi/trooper moments. Many of my OCs now will have anime inspirations including my Inquisitor, who won't be making any appearances soon but will be amazing when she does appear. Any guesses?

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