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Mount Justice, Happy Harbor
December 12, 1700 Hours EST

Kath slowly opened her eyes, squinting as light glared down on her. Waiting a minute for her eyes to adjust, she tried to recall how she had ended up there. First, she had been on patrol then...oh right. Santa Prisca and Bane. Wait? Did that mean Gordon got away? The young Force user snapped up in realization. Her eyes fully adjusted, she now realized she was in a large cave like room that had been fashioned into a fully stocked medical bay. Her uniform had been stripped off and carefully folded on a chair next to her and her staff hung on the opposite side.

Kath resisted the urge to call the staff to her, knowing fully well that cameras might catch her in the act. Instead, she closed her eyes, reaching out with the Force into the fullness of the building. Indeed, she was inside the interior of a hollowed out mountain. Several lifeforms inhabited the place but none seemed to be in her vicinity. Getting out of the bed, she found out two things. First, the makeshift bandage on her shoulder had been redressed and replaced with a proper cast and brace. Two, she was wearing a white hospital gown. Immediately, Kath looked around for a way to hide her identity, sucessfully finding a pair of sunglasses sitting atop a small letter. Opening the letter, Kath found a small note.

Thought these might come in handy considering your suit's current state. Please try not to end up in future fiascos like this in the future.

~Agent A

Kath smiled as she placed the dark glasses over her eyes. Now she recognized where she was. Well, she had never been here, but she had heard a lot about it. She was on Mount Justice, the headquarters of the Team. And since the Team had come to fight Bane, they must have rescued her as well. But how? Last thing she remembered was being thrown off the edge of that cliff.

She closed her eyes and refocused her senses. Now she could recognize several presences. All of them had now gathered in main hangout room except for one very concerned presence making his way towards her.

"Better get ready." Kath muttered as she picked up her staff and slung it over her shoulder. It would be important for appearances that she be seen armed. Hopefully it would ensure that he took her seriously.

The door opened, announcing the entry of a tall black and grey clad figure. Kath gazed into his cowl, frowning. The Bat returned the gaze. The pair held a standstill of gazes until, to everyone's surprise, the Bat opened his arms. Kath couldn't understand why, but she couldn't fight back her tears. The petite tween dashed into the arms of her father, sobbing.

"I'm sorry!" She cried, clinging tightly to her father's powerful figure. "I'm sorry about disobeying you, for running away, for almost getting myself killed out there. It's my fault. I'm sorry!"

The Bat merely held his daughter close, wrapping his arms tightly around her body. He remained silent for a long time before speaking in a quiet tone. "You did...fine."

The girl raised her eyes, meeting the white tinted eyes of her father. "What?"

"You did fine." He managed. "Gordon's safe and you're back. That's more than I expected out of you."

"Wait," Kath wiped her tear stained eyes. "You trust me now?"


Kath sighed, lowering her gaze.

"But...I can't stop you." He sighed. "If you're going to join me, you're going to have to do it on my terms. Is that understood?"

The girl's eyes widened. "Really?" To her excitement, the Bat showed no signs of dishonesty.

"Yes!" She cried in success. "I get to stay as the BatBlade!"

"You'll need to change the name."

Kath froze. "Really?"

"We'll talk about it later." The Dark Knight replied, turning to exit. "Come on," he beckoned. "You should meet the Team you'll be working with."

"Oh yes! Oh yes!" The girl cried before hugging him once more. "Thanks dad." She murmured in a soft voice.

Gotham City Police Department, Gotham City
December 15, 1900 Hours

Gordon stood atop the roof of GCPD anxiously. He had just been released from the hospital and immediately drowned in new cases. Thankfully, it seemed the Batman never failed aid the police. Now with the signal on, he waited, tapping his feet impatiently. He wondered what happened to that kid. Hopefully the Bat had taken her and gave her the much needed love a father should give his daughter.

"Yo there CG!"

James Gordon should be used to these sorts of surprises now, but the young voice literally caused him to whip around in surprise. And he couldn't have been more surprised.

Standing on the roof before him, the Dark Knight loomed over him, but in his shadow, a younger figure stood. She now wore all black with a yellow Bat Symbol illuminated on her chest and utility belt. The back of her cowl had been opened to allow her short red hair to fall out and that staff was slung over her shoulder. A black cape with a yellow interior hung over her shoulders. The girl grinned. "Well, what do you think?"

"You're...you're alive."

The girl stared at the man weirdly. "Seriously? Is that all you're going to say?" She glanced up at her mentor. "Is he normally like this?"

The Bat glared at her. Cringing back in slight fear, the girl nodded. "Ok, never mind."

She looked back at the stunned commissioner. "So, what'cha got for us CG?"

"CG?" The man managed, still trying to get over his shock.

"Yeah, Commissioner Gordon. CG. Get it?"

Gordon could have sworn the Bat was rolling his eyes. "Umm...well, I got you case on Penguin. Apparently his goons have been trying to find a new arms dealer. I trust you can handle it Batman and Batblade?"

"It's Black Bat actually!" The girl corrected. "Dad didn't like my original name so we switched it to this one."

"Right," Gordon nodded. "Well then, welcome to Gotham Black Bat."

"Thank you!" The girl grinned before pulling out a grapple launcher. "Let's go Big Bat!"

Batman grunted, raising his own to follow when Gordon interrupted. "Hold on Batman."

He turned back towards the Commissioner. "Take care of her. She tells me you're her father. Girls are different than boys. They need more attention and love for them to fully trust you."

The Bat nodded before joining his daughter into the darkness of Gotham.

"Villains beware, Gotham has a new hero in its ranks." Gordon muttered.

Undisclosed location, Gotham
Decemeber 15, 1900 Hours

Unknown to the Bats, another pair watched them dive into the crime ridden city. Vince looked to his uncle. "So, it's official now. That's one agent now in the League."

Aleksei nodded. "That's right. Now we just gotta sit tight and hope the Sith don't come for a long time."

He beckoned to his nephew. "Come on, we got work to do."

Secret Location, Unknown location
December 15, 1900 Hours

The girl ran her finger across her twin blades, testing their sharpness. Satisfied with their quality, she returned them into her twin sheathes crossed in an X across her back. Standing up, she joined her mentor atop a high rooftop. "So, what's the plan? Do we go in the quiet way or the loud way?"

"I'll let you decide. After all, you're the one doing the mission this time."

The girl pouted. "Aww, why do I have to do this one all by myself?"

"Because, I have a date tonight."

The girl's eyes sparkled. "Oh really? Is it with that archer guy again?"

"As a matter of fact it is."

"Ooh, let me know how it goes. Just don't get him too hard ok?"

"As if you ever care."

"Oh well, I think I'll take the combo approach. Go across the rooftop, dismantle security, go back up and smash through the window."

Cheshire smiled, knowing her trainee had done well. "Well then my little Bobcat, don't disappoint me."

Bobcat smirked, placing a cat mask over her face. "Since when have I ever failed you?"

Taking a running leap, the brown clad girl leaped onto the targeted building and dashed down the roof entry. Cheshire watched for a moment before turning. "Now Roy, let's see what sorts of fun we can have in the time it takes Bobcat to complete her assassination."

How was it? I know Batman was sorta OoC but I really rushed this chapter in favor of getting to the next part, which is Season 2. Due to a lot of people not liking the BatBlade name, I changed it to Black Bat. If you don't know who that is, look up Cassandra Cain Black Bat. Add a cowl to that and you get Kath.

Kath is now officially part of the Team, Vince seems to have some other business to attend to, and we have the introduction to my main villain for the next arc: Bobcat, who I know is supposed to be a hero, but bear with me. There's only so many good cat names.

Anyways, may the Force of the Lord God Almighty be with you Always!