Chapter 5: Venia

by Silver

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Author's note: Sorry this took so long in getting out, but I've been very busy with college finals. Now I am free and able to finish what I've started!

This is the final chapter to Justice. I'd like to thank ShannonL for all her help in creating Cody's Crystal Digimon. She gave me a great deal of inspiration by giving me suggestions via e-mail. I guess that makes her my co-collaborator in this story. I'd welcome any and all suggestions from other writers and reviewers. I need all the help I can get.


What had once been a peaceful town of innocent Digimon was now a nightmare. Cody could see the smoke rising in the distance, and it made him feel sick. Cody, Ken, TK, and Kari had been following GrandKuwagamon's trail of destruction for the better part of the afternoon. It was quickly becoming evening, and they still hadn't found GrandKuwagamon. It wasn't like he wasn't hard to follow. GrandKuwagamon, or rather, the entity controlling GrandKuwagamon's body, had destroyed every forest, mountain, and structure in his path in an attempt to draw the Digidestined out of hiding. Cody knew that GrandKuwagamon was moving slower than the full speed he was capable of, which meant that he wanted the Digidestined to catch him.

Cody clutched at the Digivolution Crystal hanging around his next. I could use some of my own "strength of will" right now. Cody wished that Davis and Yolei were with the group. He'd have felt better if the Digidestined had been fighting as a whole. He still wasn't sure what he could do. TK and Kari both had powerful Digimon partners that could compete on the level of an Ultimate, but what about Cody and Ken? Ankylomon was strong, but he wasn't any match for a Mega, neither was Stingmon.

Cody looked over at Ken up above as he rode on the back of his insectoid Digimon. Cody still couldn't believe he was working with Ken, of all people. I still haven't forgiven you. As if hearing his thoughts, Ken looked down at Cody. The younger boy shifted his gaze ahead and focused on the burning town. It made his so angry to see the town going up in flames! It was just like the night Cody and others had been forced to watch Kimeramon destroy the Digital World bit by bit. Cody now understood why Davis hadn't been willing to retreat after what Kimeramon had done.

TK called from his mount on Pegasusmon, "I think GrandKuwagamon is just ahead. We'll have to circle around and take him-"

Ken interrupted, "What we have to do is attack him with full power. You two should digivolve your Digimon into their Angel forms and then we should attack in unison."

TK growled, "That's crazy! How can we hope to win by attacking head-on?"

Ken replied, "We cannot use the element of surprise in this fight, because GrandKuwagamon knows that we're coming. He's expecting us, and he'll be on guard. Circling around and attacking him by surprise won't work. Besides, if we waste time going around him, he'll have all the more time to kill innocent Digimon!"

Kari said before TK could retort, "TK, he's right. We're just going to have to fight him with all we've got and hope that we can defeat him somehow."

Ken said, "Focus your attacks on the headband that came off the old man. If we free GrandKuwagamon of its control, he might become disoriented enough for us to defeat him." Cody looked at TK. It was clear that he didn't like how Ken contradicted his ideas. Still, Cody had to admit that Ken had a point. They had no choice but to hurry in and fight.

* * * * * * * *

Avatar flexed one of his new body's claws and admired its strength. GrandKuwagamon made a much better host than that old man. He then admired the burning town around him. Digimon were panicking as they fled through the streets and away from their flaming homes. I apologize for this, but your sacrifice is necessary for the greater good of my master and your future lord. Someday, you will all be reborn and understand what an important contribution you are making right now. He raised up his claws to perform a Catastrophe attack.

"Spiking Finish!" A flash of green and black streaked past GrandKuwagamon's eyesight and knocked against his upraised claw. The catastrophe energy sphere floated away from his grasp and fell outside of the town, detonating outside the town limits. GrandKuwagamon looked at the blur. It resolved into Stingmon.

"Hand of Fate!"

"Celestial Arrow!" GrandKuwagamon was forced to shield himself from the incoming attacks. Angemon and Angewomon flew in with another blast of energy at the ready.

"Catastrophe!" GrandKuwagamon threw a red sphere of energy. It exploded between the two Angel Digimon. Angemon and Angewoman tumbled, but quickly recovered.

Ankylomon ran in between the houses. "Megaton Press!" He spun around and slammed his tail into GrandKuwagamon's chest. The black Digimon grunted, but quickly snatched Ankylomon's tail and began to swing him around.

"Be gone!" GrandKuwagamon released his grip on Ankylomon and sent him flying through the air. The large Digimon landed among several buildings.

Ankylomon groaned, "This just isn't my day."

* * * * * * * *

Yolei watched the area below her with anxious interest. She, Hawkmon, Veemon, and Davis were resting atop a small cliff hidden in the mountains. Everyone agreed that this was the best place to hide Davis while he recovered from his injuries. There were lights flashing in the distance. Yolei knew that the fighting had started. She clenched her fist. "I can't stand this! We have to sit back and watch while the others fight a Mega!"

Hawkmon sighed, "I'm so sorry, Yolei. If I hadn't broken my wing, we could have fought alongside the others."

Yolei shook her head. "It's not your fault, Hawkmon. You got hurt protecting us, and you shouldn't be sorry for being such a good friend." Hawkmon smiled at that. Yolei continued, "Besides, someone has to stay and take care of Davis. I just wish we could do something…"

Yolei's eyes roamed over the landscape. She caught sight of something in the far distance. It looked like a small plateau supported by twisting wires. "Hawkmon, what is that thing?"

Hawkmon replied, "I'm not sure, but I believe those are the remains of Spiral Mountain."

Spiral Mountain… Isn't that where Davis said he had last seen Leomon? Could that mean…Yolei's eyes brightened as she remembered something from two days ago. Maybe she couldn't help the others, but she knew someone who could. Yolei pulled out her digiterminal and began to key in a message.

Hawkmon asked, "Yolei, what are you doing?"

Yolei replied, "Sending a message to Izzy. I need him to contact Tentomon and then I need Tentomon to find someone for me."

Hawkmon frowned, "Are you sure this is the time for a chain-letter?"

Yolei smiled, "Trust me."

* * * * * * * *

Izzy Izumi blinked as an e-mail popped up on his pineapple laptop computer. He opened it, only to have his eyes triple in size as he read Yolei's message. Tentomon might not like this. He sighed and called up the digital world communicator program that he had copied from the school computer long ago.

"Tentomon? Do you read me? This is Izzy." The screen flashed and the familiar image of Tentomon appeared in the small window.

Tentomon said, "Izzy, great to hear from you! Usually I only get calls from phone companies with new offers."

Izzy smiled, "I'm happy to talk to you again. But I'm afraid that this isn't just a social call. I just got an e-mail from Yolei. The others are fighting against an evil Digimon, and they could use some help."

Tentomon said, "But Izzy, you can't enter the Digital World without a D3, and I don't think I'll be much help in a fight while I'm still a rookie."

Izzy nodded, "I know. Yolei wants me to ask you to track down a certain Digimon." He put on a nervous smile.

Tentomon asked, "'A certain Digimon?' Izzy, why do I get the feeling I'm going to regret this?" He leaned closer to the screen and gave Izzy the evil eye.

Izzy replied, "Because the Digimon I want you to track down as quickly as possible is…"

* * * * * * * *

Ken ran ahead of Cody down the street while searching for Digimon who were trapped or wounded. TK and Kari were helping in another part of the town. Cody was once again asking himself how he ended up being assigned to help Ken.

A Kiwimon was pinned under rubble farther down the street. "Help me! PLEASE!" Ken and Cody ran up and began to lift broken beams and small rocks off the Digimon's back.

Ken said, "Hang on. We'll get you out of here."

The Kiwimon eyed him suspiciously, "Don't I know you from somewhere?"

"I…" Ken couldn't bring himself to confess his past, not yet. "I'm just someone who's trying to help."

The Kiwimon's eyes bulged, "I DO know you! You're the Digimon Emperor! Some help me! The Digimon Emperor is here!"

Ken quickly said, "NO! I'm not the Digimon Emperor any more!"

The Kiwimon protested, "Lair! Somebody, HELP ME!"

Cody said, "Look, right now you don't have much of a choice. It's either trust us and get away from here, or be squashed by GrandKuwagamon." The Kiwimon stopped struggling as soon as he realized his situation. With the Kiwimon no longer struggling, Cody and Ken were able to finish lifting the rubble off him without any trouble. They helped the Kiwimon up as soon the debris was off him.

The Kiwimon winced as he stood. He looked at Cody, "Thank you." He gave Ken a nasty glare and then limped off down the street.

Ken's eyes were tormented for a moment, then he let out a short breath and said, "Come on." He ran down the street. Cody frowned and followed. Ken had said I'm just someone who's trying to help, and that had been true. Cody couldn't help but think of the Kiwimon's resentment towards Ken as the same as Cody's animosity. Ken helped that Digimon, and the Kiwimon didn't even thank him. Ken doesn't seem to let that stop him from helping other Digimon, but he knows that most other Digimon will have the same reaction…. Cody was beginning to question his own misgivings about Ken.

"Cody!" Ankylomon ran down the street and stopped in front of the two Digidestined. "Sorry I was out of the action for a while. Where's GrandKuwagamon?"

Cody shook his head, "Last I checked, he was still fighting Angemon, Angewomon, and Stingmon in the middle of the town. Maybe he went underground again."

An explosion blossomed a few blocks away. The other three Digimon could be seen flying through the air. Ankylomon sighed, "That answers that question. Later!" He charged down the street towards the battle.

* * * * * * * *

"This isn't going very well." TK watched the Digimon fighting GrandKuwagamon. So far, the good Digimon had only managed to land a few glancing blows, but GrandKuwagamon still held the advantage. He was constantly covering his headband, because he knew that would be the Digidestined's target.

Kari asked, "TK, shouldn't you digivolve Angemon into MagnaAngemon?"

TK shook his head, "Not until all the town Digimon are safely away. We can't afford having any Digimon get hurt while MagnaAngemon and GrandKuwagamon fight." He knew that a battle between Patamon's Ultimate form and GrandKuwagamon would most likely tear the town apart.

Ankylomon joined in the fight. "Megaton Press!" He rolled into a ball and slammed into GrandKuwagamon's legs. The Evil Digimon fell forward, right towards Stingmon.

"Spiking Finish!" Dual blades of red energy sprouted from Stingmon's wrist guards and he struck GrandKuwagamon in the head. He missed the small headband, but he succeeded in knocking the other Digimon down.

TK called to Angemon, "Aim for the headband!"

"Hand of Fate!" GrandKuwagamon brought up a claw and blocked the attack.

Cody and Ken ran up to TK and Kari. "You guys!" Cody called, "We got all the Digimon out of the town!"

TK smiled, "Great, now Angemon can go all out without hurting anyone else. Angemon digivolve!" The crest of hope glowed on TK's chest.

"NO!" GrandKuwagamon brought his fist down at the Digidestined. He knew that the balance of power would shift if Angemon digivolved. All the kids scattered out of the way as fast as they could. Undaunted, GrandKuwagamon pressed the attack. "Catastrophe!" He fired a small blast of energy near the children of hope and light. He did not want to kill them, he was just going to remove them from the battle. The blast of energy exploded directly behind TK and Kari, they tumbled along the ground until they were beaten, bruised, and unconscious.


"KARI!" Angemon and Angewomon flew in at their partners.

Fools. Don't be distracted so easily. "Catastrophe!" The two Angel Digimon vanished in a flash of red. Patamon and Gatomon fell to the ground. Ken and Cody ran to their fallen friends.

Cody looked around at the hopeless scenario. "We're the only ones left!"

GrandKuwagamon approached them with a cool stride in his step. "I need the children of hope and light alive, but I have no such need for you two. You two are a threat to my master's plans, so I must remove you. However, I might be persuaded to spare your lives if you give me the Digivolution Crystal."

Cody looked down at the crystal around his next. He guarded it with both hands. "No way!"

GrandKuwagamon shrugged. "It is your decision. Catas-"

"Pummel Whack!" Something struck GrandKuwagamon from behind. Caught off guard, the giant black Digimon began to fall to the ground. Ankylomon charged and head butted falling Digimon down the street, away from the group.

Ogremon landed on the street. "That's for the last time we rumbled, ya overgrown cockroach!" He charged after GrandKuwagamon.

Ken asked, "Where did he come from?"

Tentomon appeared by Stingmon's side. "I brought him here." Tentomon rubbed a large bump on his head. "Yolei asked Izzy to ask me to ask Ogremon to come and help you guys, but when I found him he hit me thinking that I was an enemy. I think he's got it in for me!"

Cody smiled, "I think you're just paranoid, Tentomon."

Tentomon shrugged, "You know what they say, 'just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me.'"

Stingmon landed and said, "Ken, please get the other Digidestined to safety. Ogremon, Ankylomon, and I will delay GrandKuwagamon."

Ken protested, "But without Angemon and Angewomon, you can't put up much of a fight. A Mega's too strong for just three Champions! We might have to withdraw."

Stingmon shook his head, "GrandKuwagamon will chase us no matter where we go. We will face him here and now." He took off and rejoined the fight.

Tentomon cheered, "Go get 'em, Stingmon. Show him what a real insect Digimon can do. I'll wait here."

Ken, however, was less enthusiastic. He shouted, "Stingmon! Come back!"

Cody could only watch what was happening in mute horror. This wouldn't be happening if I could just use the crystal. How do I make it work? None of the Digidestined knew how to release its power, it just… happened.

Meanwhile, Ogremon was hopping between the swipes of GrandKuwagamon's fists. "C'mon! You're too slow, bug boy!" GrandKuwagamon brought his fist down at Ogremon and swatted the smaller Digimon aside. Ogremon soared towards the side of a large building. Quickly recovering from the blow, Ogremon turned his tumble into a summersault, and rebounded off the side of the building. He jumped back at GrandKuwagamon and raised his club. "Pummel Whack!" He delivered a direct blow to the giant's chin.

Ankylomon ran in, "Tail Hammer!" He hurled several spiked balls at GrandKuwagamon and succeeded in knocking him to the ground.

Stingmon took the opportunity to strike. "Spiking Finish!" His energy stinger landed just below Avatar's headband. Suddenly, the headband jumped off GrandKuwagamon's head and soared away. GrandKuwagamon's body began to shudder and he fell to his knees as he regained control of his own body.

Ankylomon asked, "Should we finish him? I mean, we know he's not going to stop destroying things, even though he's no longer under that headband's control."

Stingmon nodded, "Yes, we should end his attacks while he is confused."

Ogremon jumped up onto GrandKuwagamon's head and raised his club. "Pummel-"

GrandKuwagamon's eyes snapped open, they were fiery red once again. He lunged forward, knocking Ogremon and Ankylomon down in the process. He swatted Stingmon away. GrandKuwagamon laughed, "Thank you for setting me free. Now, let me repay you with a quick death!"

* * * * * * * *

The Kiwimon that Ken and Cody had rescued limped down a street at the outskirts of the town. He knew he should run away, but he couldn't resist the urge to look for valuable items. He'd need the digi-dollars to help him get back on his feet when all this was over. He still couldn't believe that he'd gotten away from the Digimon Emperor without having a dark ring slapped around his neck.

Something gold caught the corner of Kiwimon's eye. A small headband with several rubies was lying in the middle of the street. He limped up to the small treasure and admired it. It's beautiful. I'm sure it will get me a huge beak-full of digi-dollars.

Suddenly, the headband jumped up and latched onto Kiwimon's head like a parasite. Kiwimon's mouth opened in a silent scream as his eyes became the crystal blue color of Avatar's eyes.

Avatar was now looking at the Digital World through Kiwimon's eyes. This battle is lost to me. It would be wise to withdraw and fight another day. Forgive me, my master. I have failed you. Kiwimon, or rather, Avatar, limped away from the battle, his thoughts set on revenge and eventual conquest.

* * * * * * * *

GrandKuwagamon grabbed Stingmon by the leg and began to beat him against the ground. Ankylomon dove in and tried to knock the monster down. "Catastrophe!" The ball of red energy sent Ankylomon flying and forced him to revert back to Armadillomon.

Cody shook his head, "This can't be happening!"

Tentomon looked at him, "I hate to admit it, but this really is happening!" He sighed, "If only I could digivolve into MegaKabuterimon! I'd show GrandKuwagamon a thing or two." GrandKuwagamon roared, and Tentomon ducked behind Cody's back. "He didn't hear me, did he?"

Cody sighed, "Very heroic, Tentomon." He ran up to the Armadillomon. "Are you okay?"

Armadillomon sighed, "I'm just not having a good day. Sorry, Cody."

GrandKuwagamon finished battering Stingmon and threw him at the Digidestined. Stingmon reverted back to Wormmon. Ken ran up and caught his friend. "Wormmon, are you alright?"

Wormmon whimpered, "I'm sorry, Ken. I'm just not strong enough."

Ken smiled, "No, no. It's okay. You did great." Cody watched the two of them and had a hard time associating the Ken he saw now with the Digimon Emperor who had once whipped Wormmon mercilessly.

Ogremon landed next to Ken and Cody. "Now would be a good time to leave."

GrandKuwagamon began to approach them. "Time to enjoy a light snack."

Tentomon waved his claws, "You don't want to eat us, we're high in cholesterol!" He sighed, "Guess I have no choice." He flew in at GrandKuwagamon. Sparks appeared between his wings. "Super Shocker!" Lighting lanced out across GrandKuwagamon's face and shoulders, but it didn't even faze him. The larger insect Digimon barely paid Tentomon any heed.

Ogremon nodded, "Pretty brave for a small fry."

GrandKuwagamon batted Tentomon away with one quick swipe of his claw. Tentomon called as he soared away uncontrollably, "I hope I get frequent flyer points for this!" He disappeared from view.

"Catastrophe!" GrandKuwagamon threw yet another attack. Ogremon grabbed the kids and their Digimon and began to run. The attack hit the ground directly behind them. Ogremon and company were thrown into the air by the force of the ensuing explosion. Ogremon curled into a ball and absorbed the force of impact when he hit the ground. Cody and Ken rolled out from under the large Digimon. Ken was unconscious from hitting the ground, as were Wormmon and Ogremon. Cody stood up on shaky legs. The world seemed to be spinning around him.

Armadillomon didn't seem to be any better off. He was barely able to stand on his four legs. Cody looked at the surrounding world in a confused daze. Buildings were burning, whole sectors had been destroyed, his friends were all hurt and unconscious, and GrandKuwagamon was laughing his head off. The image of Davis lying burnt and wounded on the ground played through Cody's mind, followed closely by the memories of TK and Kari falling, then Tentomon, Ogremon, and Ken. All this damage, all the pain… it's so pointless! Why was GrandKuwagamon doing this?

GrandKuwagamon, the Digimon Emperor, there was no difference! No, wait, there was! There was one crucial difference between the Emperor and the villain in front of Cody. The Digimon Emperor, Ken, hadn't realized that he had been hurting living creatures. He'd always thought of them as bits of data. GrandKuwagamon knew that Digimon were living creatures, and yet he hurt other Digimon out of pleasure.

Tears welled up in Cody's eyes. How can he be so cruel? At least Ken realized that he was doing the wrong thing! He acknowledged his ignorance! GrandKuwagamon can't do that. He knows that he's hurting other Digimon, but he just doesn't care! Feeling more awake now, Cody looked at the approaching tyrant. GrandKuwagamon was drooling as he approached his next victims.

The Digivolution Crystal began to glow white around Cody's neck. Cody didn't notice. He shouted, "STOP IT! Stop hurting everyone! Stop causing all this suffering! IT ISN'T RIGHT!" The crystal's glow became brighter. White light enveloped the whole town as the crystal rose in front of Cody's face.

GrandKuwagamon halted his approach as the light from the crystal swallowed the world. This light, it's just like when I first fought Flamedramon. His chest tingled at the memory of Flamedramon's super Fire Rocket attack. No, not again!"

* * * * * * * *

"Davis, hold on!" Yolei held her friend's hand as Davis gasped for breath. Davis' condition had taken a turn for the worse and he was starting to have trouble breathing. Every gasp of breath brought a new wave of pain for him.

There's got to be something that I can do. Please don't die, Davis! Yolei glanced up, and noticed the change in the shadows on the mountain wall. She turned around, and saw a bright light shinning in the distance. Somehow, that light was very reassuring.

Hawkmon cried, "Yolei, my wing! It feels better!" He flexed his wing, there wasn't any sign that it had been broken.

Realization hit Yolei like a sledgehammer. It's Cody! Cody got the crystal to glow again! Yolei reached down and began to pick Davis up.

Veemon cried, "Yolei, what are you doing? You can't move Davis when he's like this!"

Yolei said, "Right now, he can't get any worse. I'm taking a chance that the crystal's light can heal him, even when we're this far away. Now, are you gonna help me save his life or not?" Veemon blinked, then quickly began to help Yolei support Davis.

Yolei said, "Davis, look at the light. Cody got the crystal to work. Just look at the light, and I'm sure you'll feel better!"

Davis opened his eyes slowly, "Cody…" Yolei watched as the light played over Davis' body. His burns began to disappear, and his body seemed to strengthen. Yolei could actually see Davis heal in a matter of seconds.

Davis smiled, "Cody did it! I knew he could!"

Veemon cheered, "Davis, you're okay!"

Davis smiled, "Yeah, I feel a lot better. Thanks for looking after me, Yolei." Yolei's face turned a shade of red. Davis said, "Let's get going! I don't wanna miss seeing what kind of a Crystal Digimon Armadillomon turns into." He held up his D3.

"Veemon digivolve to… ExVeemon!" Davis hopped on his partner's shoulder and the soared off towards the light.

Yolei giggled, "Talk about quick recoveries. Hawkmon, let's go too!"

"Hawkmon digivolve to… Aquillamon!" Yolei mounted her Champion Digimon and they flew off after Davis and ExVeemon.

* * * * * * * *

Cody blinked as his eyes adjusted to the intense light surrounding him. The world had been draped in a veil of pure white. He heard several moans behind him. TK, Kari, Ken, Ogremon, and Wormmon were all recovering. Cody could see their wounds healing. In just a few heartbeats, the other Digidestined were standing up. Armadillomon looked much healthier as well.

"Cody?" Kari sounded confused.

Armadillomon smiled, "Cody, you got the crystal to work! This means I can crystal digivolve!"

Cody nodded and focused his thoughts, just like his grandfather had taught him to. He focused on what he had to do, on what was just. GrandKuwagamon had to be stopped now. There was no other way. "Crystal armor energize!" The crystal's light grew, until a white beam shot out a struck Armadillomon.

The small Digimon's body became a silhouette in the intense light. His form began to change and grow into a much larger Digimon. "Armadillomon crystal digivolve to… Creeyamon: Firm Justice!" The light faded, and a Digimon equal in size to GrandKuwagamon had replaced Armadillomon.

TK marveled, "He reminds me of MegaKabuterimon." Creeyamon did indeed look like Tentomon's Ultimate form. However, there were very significant differences. Creeyamon was clad in emerald armor, the same color as Cody's eyes. A silver mask covered his mouth, and silver trim ran along the edges of his armor. He had four arms. The two larger arms ended in oval shields with three claws extending from each. His two smaller arms ended in diamond-tipped drills. Three silver horns jutted up from Creeyamon's head.

The new Digimon introduced himself. "I am Creeyamon, a Crystal type Digimon. As Armadillomon I focus the sense of duty and justice to crystal digivolve. My Spinning Drill will cut through anything, and my Emerald Destroyer is devastating." He looked at his friends, "You all get to safety, I'll finish GrandKuwagamon. Cody, keep focusing on your thoughts of justice. As long as you keep focused, I won't lose any power." Cody nodded.

A loud roar caused everyone to look up. GrandKuwagamon was charging again. Creeyamon's shell opened up to reveal a set of thrusters running along the inside. Blue fire erupted from Creeyamon's back, and he took off towards his enemy. The two insect Digimon slammed together. Creeyamon grabbed hold of GrandKuwagamon and lifted him up and away from the town. "Let's take this somewhere a little more private!"

He carried GrandKuwagamon to the desolate plains just outside the town. GrandKuwagamon punched Creeyamon's head and broke free of his grasp. GrandKuwagamon fell, then turned the free-fall into a floating landing. Creeyamon set down on the ground as well. The two Digimon charged each other and locked claws. Creeyamon tried to send his drills into GrandKuwagamon's chest, but the dark Digimon grabbed the drills with his second set of claws. They stood there, each one straining for the "upper claw."

GrandKuwagamon snarled, "You can't beat me. I'm a Mega!"

Creeyamon gave a slight laugh. "You've never met a Crystal Digimon before, so I'll let you in on a little secret. There's no limit to a Crystal Digimon's power, because we draw strength from the human heart!" He broke his grip with GrandKuwagamon and hit the other Digimon in the side of the head. Creeyamon the followed up with a left hook, and a backhanded slap with his right claw. GrandKuwagamon hit the ground, but quickly recovered.

"Catastrophe!" GrandKuwagamon launched his fireball attack.

"Spinning Drill!" Creeyamon's body began to spin like an emerald top, turning him into one massive drill. The ground broke under the strain of Creeyamon's drilling. He vanished underground before the fireball could hit him. The Catastrophe attack detonated harmlessly on the ground.

GrandKuwagamon looked around. "Where are you, coward? Come out and fight like a mon!"

A claw reached up from the ground and grabbed onto GrandKuwagamon's leg. The ground beneath him broke away to reveal Creeyamon directly beneath him. Creeyamon asked, "Why don't you come down here and fight like a mole?" He pulled GrandKuwagamon down and continued to pummel him with punches and kicks. Creeyamon finally broke away and flew above the pit that he had created.

"Time to finish this fight!" Bright green energy sparked along Creeyamon's three horns.

GrandKuwagamon saw the attack coming and tried to counter, but his injuries slowed him down. "Cat-"

"Emerald Destroyer!" A beam of green energy shot out from Creeyamon's head and enveloped GrandKuwagamon. The energy burned and peeled away GrandKuwagamon's skin, revealing the black mineral of a control spire within his body.

Despite the loss of his lips, GrandKuwagamon somehow spoke, "I was so… close…" His body dissolved. Creeyamon ceased his attack. The pit that GrandKuwagamon had once been lying in was now twice as deep as before.

Creeyamon shrugged, "Guess I over did it."

"Creeyamon!" Cody and the others came running up. "Great job, Creeyamon!"

Creeyamon smiled behind his mask. "Thanks, Cody."

"Cody!" Davis and Yolei flew in with their Digimon. Davis waved to them. "Cody, great job man!"

Cody's eyes widened, "Davis! You're okay!" Everyone ran up to their friends as soon as ExVeemon and Aquillamon landed.

Yolei smiled, "Davis got better the instant the crystal started to work. You saved his life, Cody."

Davis nodded, "Yeah. Thanks a lot." Davis looked up at Creeyamon. "So, this is Armadillomon's crystal form? Cool." He smirked, "But I still think Diamon is cooler."

Ken shook his head, "Please don't start that argument again." Davis and everyone else laughed.

TK said, "Well, now all the new Digidestined have Crystal Digimon, except…" Everyone looked at Ken.

Ken shook his head. "I have no desire for Wormmon to crystal digivolve. I don't trust myself with that kind of power yet. Besides, Wormmon does exceptionally well as Stingmon. I don't want to change anything about him."

Wormmon smiled, "Thanks, Ken." Everyone else nodded in agreement.

Cody looked at Ken for a moment longer and Ken noticed the younger boy's look. Everyone grew silent as the two of them stared at each other. Slowly, Cody offered Ken his hand. Ken blinked in surprise, he hadn't expected Cody to do that.

Cody said, "Listen… I-I want to thank you for helping us. You did your best to save all the Digimon in the town, even though they were all afraid of you and still thought you were the Digimon Emperor. I know now that you're not the same Ken that we fought as the Digimon Emperor. I'm… I'm not ready to say you're my friend, but, for what it's worth, I forgive you for what you've done, and I'm sorry I didn't give you a second chance earlier."

Ken took Cody's hand and shook it. "That's more than I can ask for. Thank you, Hida."

Davis folded his arms, "You're never gonna call us by our first names, are you?"

Yolei brightened, "He called me by my first name." Everyone else sighed

Ken smiled, "We'll save the first-name basis for when I'm sure we're all friends. Right now, I need to get back home. My parents will start to worry. After all, I've already run away once."

Davis asked, "But you'll join us again, right?"

Ken nodded. "Yes. And next time, I'll be sure to 'read my watch.'" Davis laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his head. Ken picked up Wormmon and walked off.

Ogremon said, "I gotta get going too. Leomon's somewhere out there, and I still haven't found him yet."

TK said, "Thanks for all your help."

Ogremon waved his hand as he walked away. "Yeah, sure. Hey, tell that little bug guy that he did okay."

As if on cue, Tentomon came flying in. "I'm back, I'm back! What did I miss?"

Kari giggled, "You missed the fight."

Tentomon sagged, "Oh, darn."

Cody said, "Thank you for all your help Tentomon. You really came through for us."

Yolei placed a hand on Tentomon's head. "You're so brave."

Kari placed her hand on his head too. "And so cute."

Tentomon's face turned an even brighter shade of red than usual. "Oh myyyy." TK and Davis' faces were also turning red, but not for the same reason as Tentomon's face.

Davis asked, "Shall we go?"

"Yes, let's." TK replied while trying not to clench his teeth.

* * * * * * * *

Back at Cody's home, the family had assembled for dinner. Cody's grandfather was happily sipping his prune juice while Cody's mother fixed dinner. Upamon was currently sleeping after using up so much power to crystal digivolve.

Cody shifted slightly, debating whether or not he should speak to his grandfather. He eventually decided that he had to be honest with his sensei. "Grandpa?"

"Yes, Cody?"

Cody did his best to look his grandfather in the eyes. "You know how you say that someone can't be forgiven until they've paid for their mistakes?"


Cody hesitated, "Well… I think you're wrong."

"Cody." His mother's tone rang with disapproval.

Cody's grandfather held up a hand. "One moment, daughter. Cody, why do you think I'm wrong?"

Cody replied, "Well, I know this person who has done some terrible things in the past, but he's genuinely sorry for what he's done and is trying to make a fresh start in life. But, he can't do that if everyone holds him accountable for his past mistakes. I think it's okay to forgive people as long as they are genuinely sorry for what they've done. So, I think that you're wrong."

There was a brief silence. Then, Cody's grandfather smiled, "That's good, Cody. I'm glad that you are thinking for yourself and giving this topic a good deal of thought. I'm not always right, and I hope that you will voice your thoughts in the future. Maybe you are right, and I am wrong. After all, when one stops learning new things, one ceases to truly live." Cody smiled, glad that his grandfather understood. His grandfather said, "Now, daughter, how about some food?"

* * * * * * * *

The Kiwimon possessed by Avatar limped along. He was finally near the Dark Forest, the home of his master. At the edge of the blackened landscape, a dark rift opened, and black figure could be seen within the rift. It was large and muscular, with two horns coming up from its head. Two large wings flexed from its back. Avatar got down on his knees, despite his body's wounds.

"My master, forgive me. I have failed to bring you the Mega. However, I am please to report that my task succeeded in distracting the Digidestined. You're castle is nearly complete, and we are one step closer to bringing your divine leadership to the Digital World."

"If I may, master. I have devised a new plan; a plan which I am sure will bring you a vast amount of power. May I proceed?" The figure's head nodded. "Thank you, my lord. I promise I will not fail you."


Venia is Latin for Forgiveness

The End of Justice

Author's Note: Next story arc features TK. I could use any suggestions for Patamon's crystal form. I'd rather not have another Angel type Digimon. Patamon's already got Angemon, MagnaAngemon, and Seraphimon. Another Angel form would be a little redundant. Please send any ideas through a review or e-mail me at TGC4860@aol.com