Harry yawned as the morning sun filtered in through his thin bedroom curtains and streaked across his face. In an unconscious bid to gain some more sleep Harry rolled over away from the sun's light and snuggled lovingly against his husband's back. The blonde haired man's eyes fluttered open gently at the movement and he rolled over, face-to-face with his husband.

"Awake?" he asked softly, Harry moved his head in a nod but his eyes were still shut tight, Draco laughed quietly and moved forwards so his nose was against Harry's, as soon as Harry felt the contact his eyes fluttered open and he looked straight into Draco's beautiful grey eyes. Harry moved forward and placed a quick kiss on Draco's familiar lips then rested his head back on the pillow and shut his eyes again.

Draco shut his eyes too. Just then their bedroom door flew open and a blonde girl with piercing green eyes ran into the room, leapt on the bed and forced her way in-between her parents. Harry merely rolled back and rested his arm over his daughter, but Draco sat up, curious as to why his daughter - who inevitably inherited Harry's sleeping habits - was up, dressed and happy at such an early hour.

Just as Draco realised Harry's eyes snapped open and he sat up quickly, the bed covers falling down to his waistline revealing his bare chest. His head turned to look at Draco who's infamous smirk had planted itself on his lips, their daughter stat in-between them smiling as her parents remembered what an important day it was.

"Shit." The two men said at the same time, then they jumped out of the bed and started frantically looking through their draws and wardrobes for some clothes, leaving their daughter sat on the bed giggling.

"You forgot." She accused them, still giggling.

"No, no we didn't, just.Draco have you seen-"

"Your white shirt, right here babe." Draco said, throwing Harry's favourite white shirt in his direction, Harry caught it, said thanks and pulled it over his head.

Draco, now fully dressed in a pair of old worn jeans and a green sweater, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, turned to his daughter "Skyler, we didn't forget, we merely" Draco paused trying to think of the right word to say, his usual cool fa├žade shattered by the hurried wake up call,

"Miscalculated" Harry finished, buckling his belt.

"Exactly!" Draco nodded, pulling his daughter off the bed and marching her out of the room. "Now do you have everything?" He asked responsibly, walking into the living room of their home. Skyler nodded and jumped onto the sofa, lying back and pointing to her bags which Harry had helped her pack last night.

"Good." Draco replied, grabbing a comb off the coffee table and running it through his hair, while Harry walked in accio'ed some of Draco's hair gel and handing it to his husband. He then sat down next to his daughter and started running her through a check-list of things to do.

"Remember, as soon as you're settled, owl us with your house-"

"Yes dad." Skyler said, watching Draco doing his hair her bottom lip sticking out in a pout as she ran a hand through her own messy hair, Draco felt her eyes on himself and turned to look at her.

"Fine. Give me a second." Draco sighed finishing off his hair, before beckoning Skyler over to him and ran a brush through her hair, styling it as he went along.

Harry smiled, hardly believing his daughter was going to Hogwarts today. He shook his head, it didn't feel at all like she'd been alive for eleven years. Harry sighed happily, eleven whole years since he and Draco had managed to convince one of their friends to carry their baby.

Harry had started dating Draco in their final two years at Hogwarts. They'd broke up after graduation but missed each-other too much to stay away and had been back together after a short two months of being apart. Although Harry recalled they had been two of the longest, hardest months he'd ever had to live through.

Then after the final brutal battle between himself and Voldemort, covered in blood, sweat and mud, Harry had pulled a close-to-death Draco close to him and asked him to marry him right there in the pouring rain and puddles of blood. Draco had agreed and as soon as Draco had healed, the two flew to America with their closest family and friends and tied the knot.

A year later they went through the long process of having a surrogate child, because Draco refused to let the Malfoy name die, or worse have another child carry his name. Harry had obliged so that his husband would be happy and now eleven years later they where sending off the world's most beautiful little girl to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

"DADDY!" Skyler bellowed, once again trying to get Harry's attention, Harry shook himself out of his thoughts and looked at his daughter - who's hair was now immaculate and in place - 'another trait she gets off Draco', Harry mused.

Draco was smirking behind her at his lovers absent expression, Harry shot him a disapproving look and Draco quickly called upon some house-elves to take Skyler's things down to the car.

Harry shook his head and looked at his daughter. Who was looking worriedly at him,

"Nervous?" He asked gently, she shook her head defiantly and Harry laughed as her resolved face melted and she nodded reluctantly. Harry hugged her,

"Don't worry. You'll be fine." Skyler smiled and hugged her dad tightly.

"Coming?" Draco asked, having been watching the moment silently and lovingly for a few minutes. Skyler looked at him and then launched herself into his arms, he smiled and held her tight as Harry stood up and grabbed his coat, then the three walked outside and towards the car. ___________________________________________

Draco and Harry walked hand-in-hand behind Skyler who was looking around curiously while pushing her trolley. The family stopped just at the entrance to platform 9 and three quarters and both men kissed their daughter on the head. Wishing her good look, and Harry reminded them to owl them as soon as she was settled. She ran through the barrier with one last goodbye and then she was gone.

"Well." Draco said sighing. His only daughter was gone until Christmas, she'd never been gone before, the only time they'd been away from her was their two-week second honeymoon a couple of years ago where she had stayed one week with her uncle Sirius and one week with her Grandparents, Lucius and Narcissa.

"Well." Harry repeated, Skyler had been with them so much it felt somewhat lonely without her. Harry thought long and hard. He was alone with Draco. He hadn't been alone with Draco since their second honeymoon in the south of France. 'What did we do for two weeks while we were all alone' Harry asked himself, still staring blankly at the wall through which his daughter had disappeared.

'What did we used to do? We used to spend every hour of the day together alone, what did we-' Draco stopped dead in his thoughts as he remembered all the things that they'd stopped doing as their daughter had grown up,

'How did we pass the time before-' Harry stopped as he remembered all the passionate kisses and intimate things that himself and Draco had kept to a minimum since their daughter had started becoming old enough to ask questions.

At the same time both men looked at each other, lust building up in their eyes, their grip on the others hand growing tighter. Then at the same moment both men took off, pushing their way eagerly through crowds of muggles to the exit, they jumped into the car and Draco began kissing Harry frantically in the backseat as their driver put the pedal to the metal and the car sped off down the road back towards the 'Potter-Malfoy' manor.


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