Draco was confused. The face of their attacker smirked at Harry whose jaw was firmly fixed to the floor.

"Lavender?!" he choked out, eyes wider than Harry had ever seen them,

"Pleased to see me again Harry?" she cooed, licking her lips unconsciously. Draco decided he was going to kill her in a thousand different ways. If anybody cooed at Harry he was determined, it was going to be him!

"Lavender?!" A death eater on the left shifted his weight as Harry struggled to come to terms with the identity of his new enemy, a face that he once considered a friend.

"Can we please move past this?" she drawled casually and Draco scowled even more.

"You're the brains of this?" Draco asked mockingly, attempting to make up for his husbands in-articulacy.

"Did I ask you to speak?" Lavender glared, coldly, keeping her gaze firmly on Harry.

"No, but then again I don't take orders from - "

"Girls?" Lavender cut him off sourly,

"Gryfindors" Draco finished shaking his head, "somebody's feminising"

"I think it's safe to say the most feminine person here is you"

"Can't disagree with that, what are you wearing?!"

"Where's Hermione" Harry joined the conversation,

"Safe" Lavender spat "well...actually she's not" there was an evil chuckle that was definitely copy-written somewhere in the Tales From The Crypt vault.

"Where. Is. Hermione?" Harry's voice was a forced coldness and Lavender Chang couldn't help but think that neither man was taking this very seriously.

"You don't seem to be taking this very seriously," she pouted, to which Draco shrugged and replied:

"Sorry but your going about this all wrong" to which a death-eater adamantly agreed thusly ensuring himself a place on Lavender's wall of pain.

"And how should I go about it?" she scowled, twirling her wand through her fingers

"Usually there's some telling of a diabolical plan," Draco explained to which Harry nodded,

"Usually there is" he looked at Draco and then at Lavender again "and with Voldemort there was already around three threats on my life so far..."

"Oh" Draco did not think it was his imagination that made Lavender look rather dejected,

"But hey listen, the crow thing was really cool" he nodded to which she brightened a bit. Harry caught on,

"Oh yeah" to which Lavender brightened even more,

"Well it is my first time you know"

"Well how about you tie Harry to that chair there," he pointed to a strategically placed chair in the middle of the hall "and tell him your plans of greatness, followed by killing him horribly."

"That's a great idea!" and with a wave of her wand, before Harry could even thwack Draco over the head in protest he found himself tied to a chair.

Draco shrugged and Lavender paced towards the chair.

"So Harry Potter" she spat to which Harry blinked,


"You've fallen into my trap, came here alone only to be beaten by a girl" Harry looked between Lavender and Draco, then shrugged and nodded,

"Apparently?" he looked sceptical. Lavender smirked wickedly.

"Don't you wish you'd paid a little more attention to what was going on in the outside world, instead of being so self-centred ignoring your best friends pleas to save them?" there was an attempted sneer from the light haired woman.

"Er, yes?" Harry tried; there was a throaty chuckle from Lavender,

"Well it's too late now, your little ministry buddy will die in the dungeons, she can share a grave with Dumbledore"

Draco exited stage left.

A death-eater saw this and spoke up,

"Erm, Miss Brown?"

"Hello, do I not look busy to you?" she replied, shaking her head angrily. The black cloaked man looked between his friends, shrugged and fell silent. "Where was I?" she enquired, looking at Harry who was trying to refrain from laughing aloud "ah yes, my diabolical plan!"

"Yeah" was all Harry could manage.

"I bet you wish - "

"Yes, yes Lavender, could we hurry this along please?" Harry rolled his eyes, exasperated "how about you tell me why you're going to kill me?"

"You killed the man I loved!"

"Nikolas" Harry nodded, conformingly, remembering the shocking news that the new German transfer student in their last year at Hogwarts had indeed been a death eater and had indeed died at his hands.

"No" Lavender sighed, remembering back fondly,

"Blaise?" Harry asked, his eyebrows furrowing slightly, he'd been sure she hadn't loved him that much.



"Voldemort you fool!" there was a collective gasp from the death eaters!

"You and Voldemort?" Harry was silent for a minute and then burst into hysterics. Lavender taped her foot impatiently,

"Yes!" she glared, her feelings slightly hurt "we were going to get married, but you killed him"

"Yes, thus ridding the world of evil and allowing Wizarding society to live once again. I see you've read the story!" Harry rolled his eyes.

"Well, now I'm going to kill you. But first I'm going to kill the man you love and see how you like it" she used the maniacal laughter again. "Bring Malfoy too me!" she ordered, the Death Eaters looked at each other blankly.

"Er, he left"

"Left? When?"

"About halfway through your diabolical plan..."

"Uh" she pouted slightly then shook her head, "okay then I'll just kill you"

"I don't think so" a voice came from behind her, she turned and gasped, Hermione stood glaring at her. "How did you get out of your completely secret and impenetrable prison?"

Draco waved with one hand.

Lavender cursed.

Harry tutted, "looks like somebody's going to jail"

"I'd rather die!" she exclaimed, just then the large chandelier broke and fell falling from the high ceiling and crashing onto the young witch.

"Well....." Harry shrugged, blinking at the irony.

"Be careful what you wish for" Draco shrugged, helping his husband out of the binds and out of the chair. The Death Eaters had scattered when they saw the Minister of Magic come in and the room was no empty.

Hermione nodded.

Harry shook his head.

"And I thought that would be hard? Maybe it is all over and I can start living a normal, everyday life." With that, he entwined his fingers with Draco's and they walked out, Hermione trailed behind them already planning her long apology letter to Harry in her head.

From the second floor a pair of cold eyes watched and waited, paying no thought to his now dead mother who was under the chandelier, she meant nothing to him.

The one thing he would do however would be to follow the orders he'd been given, doing the one thing he had been born to do. Ensure the Boy-Who-Lived, lived no longer. A quiet snake-like voice warned him that his mother was foolish and he should be more subtle in his planning, he would have stated that was the most obvious thing in the world – but a good son never disrespects his father.

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There you go! End of book one. For all of you who expected a dark, angsty end I'm sorry! But you obviously don't know me very well!! Hehe! I hope you liked it, I'm sorry if I disappointed anybody!

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