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Chapter 5

Perseus was awestruck by the size of the palace, he felt almost obliged to grow to his thirty feet. When he finally looked ahead he felt inadequate. There were three huge beings, at least twice his size.

He got down to one knee in respect recognising them for who they were.

The only woman smiled and said, "Rise Perseus, I have a request to ask of you."

One of the two huge men said, "This is a request from us all. We would like for you to…"

There was a cry of Perseus that echoed round the Throne room.

Hades raised up the weapons of Perseus as the four of them were kneeled around the pit. "Perseus." He called down.

"We are here to return what is rightfully yours." He continued.

"I.. I wish that we could help you further, but my uncle says that you our beyond our help." Artemis said stuttering slightly.

"We will not forget you Uncle, stay strong and return soon." Triton added.

With that Artemis threw down Perseus' weapons into the pit. Just before the disappeared from view they veered off course towards where they assumed Perseus was.

The four of them got up and one by one they flashed off.

Perseus looked up and gave a sigh…. He raised his hand and his two weapons fly into his hands. He looked back to his hosts and took a deep breath. "Where were we?"

The woman gave him a sympathetic glance, "We would like you to take on an ancient domain."

Perseus blinked in surprise. "I'm flattered but I already have Earth, Time and light, I would rather not take another."

The man who was yet to speak gave him a wry smile that looked slightly menacing, "I figured that might be your answer, but I need support in this domain, and you will need all the power you can get."

Perseus gave them a bow, "Well then, Erebus, Nyx and Tartarus, I accept your offer."

It was the three Primordal's time to look surprised, "Just like that?" Erebus asked.

Perseus nodded, "I will trust your wisdom in this since you are so much older than me."

"Well then," Nyx said, "We will need to condition you first with a minor domain over night,"

Without a seconds pause Nyx fired a shadow at the ex-Olympian. Perseus was engulfed and when the shadows were blasted away by the new god of night. "Seriously? Could you not have at least asked me first."

Tartarus once again gave him a sinister grin, "Without that this would hurt a whole lot more."

With that he sent a blast of hellfire at Perseus and the god was consumed. There was a second as he looked at the green fire, then the screaming started.

This continued for about a minute until Nyx began to worry. Hellhounds were peeking their heads in through the door. When the screaming stopped suddenly they all stared at the god who was still enveloped by Hellfire.

There was silence for about another minute. There was no movement from the younger god.

"How do you put this out?"

There was a bark of laughter from Tartarus and Erebus gave an ironically bright smile.

Perseus slowly got up still covered in Hellfire, "Honestly it doesn't go out." He said slightly annoyed. Tartarus waved his hand half-heartedly and it went out much to Perseus' annoyance.

"So now what?" Perseus asked.

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Perseus watched over his domain, technically a shared domain as Tartarus never failed to remind him but never the less his domain. It had been a long time since he had got here. He was honestly unsure of how long it had been, which considering he was a deity of time was really frustrating.

When he had first got his domains it had been turmoil. His light domain had fought both his domain over night and Tartarus. This made from some really bad cramps at times. Eventually it calmed although he still had trouble using them together. Apart from that the sheer size of Tartarus had made his new domain almost an impossibly huge task to learn.

Tartarus, had fortunately been a harsh teacher…. Though not surprisingly too harsh at times. He had however been successful at teaching Perseus how to handle his domain.

Erebus and Nyx had been there to help him, though Erebus took as many opportunities as possible to mock him while laughing at his occasional failures.

Perseus had had no contact with the outside world since his weapons were returned to him. He had however come across some old friends and family from the titan war. Most of them hated his guts of course though they tried to stay out of his way. However not too long after he started training he found two people he had hoped to find here together. His parents were together again. Free of the influence of his older brother Kronos had returned to how Perseus had grown up with him. He had protected Rhea from any angry family members after the war and had, with Perseus' help managed to convince them with only a little violence that Rhea was not to blame for the war.

He had helped Perseus fine tune his powers and had spared with him on many occasions, he did however refuse to take his scythe back, claiming that it had found its new master. Perseus had protested at first but had eventually given up complaining about it.

However Perseus knew that he could finally return to the earth's surface, but his parents could not come with him. Perseus could technically have escaped earlier due to his domain but he had not finished his 'training'.

He currently stood by the doors of death and waited for his family to see him off. It did occur to him how strange that his current position was considering where he was. He grew a wry smile, and turned as he heard someone flash in behind him.

Standing there were his parents. His mother embraced him in a hug and the two of them stood like that for a minute. When he was released his father clapped him on the shoulder. "I am so proud of you son." He said with a smile. "You will need to show your brothers who is my heir."

Rhea scowled at the mention of her other sons; she was incredibly disappointed when she found out that it was Zeus who had sent Perseus down. "We shall be able to join you soon. Our time in your domain is almost up."

Perseus himself scowled as well when he was reminded that his own domain trapped his parents. "I will be waiting for you."

His mother gave him a smile, and stepped away; Perseus turned his back and walked over to the door. He pushed the button for the lift and the doors sprung open. He walked into the lift and raised a hand to his parents before the doors closed cutting him off from Tartarus.

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