Title: I Hate You.

Author: Shadow Sorceress aka Zalia Chimera

Pairings: 5x2, 13x2, 5+S and finally 13xS. In othe words YAOI! If you don't like it, then don't read. Possibly sprinklings of other couples later on but I'm not disclosing those.

Zehn: You mean you don't have a clue if the others are even going to show up.

Zalia: *glares* Shut up. besides, that's Sash's job. *smiles menacingly at
neko-girl muse*

Archiving: Sure, just tell me please.

Warnings: Angst. Errrm, does nice Treize need a warning? Language.

Introduction: A year ago, Wufei left Duo to marry the woman his family had
chosen and in revenge, Duo agreed to marry the head of another clan. Now Wufei and his bride to be have arrived at Treize's home and Duo isn't happy.

Wufei could only stare at him as the herald announced his delegation to the court. Duo looked almost exactly as he had when they had last parted, right down to the angry, shocked expression on the Prince's face as their eyes met.

He bowed elegantly to precisely the right degree that a visiting clan prince offered the heads of the host clan. Beside him he could sense his betrothed, Sally, doing the same. The entire situation felt surreal, almost as if it was still a year ago. Duo turned away from him to face his own betrothed and Wufei longed to rip Treize's hand away from Duo's shoulder.

He forced his anger deep inside himself as he was led to his place at the high table next to the braided prince. The silence between them was chilling as Wufei was seated, both their faces devoid of emotion. When they finally spoke it was with cold formality. Prince Duo, it is a pleasure to meet you once again.

And you. It is an honour to have you and your betrothed in the home of myself and my soon to be husband. The words were chosen carefully to cause the most harm, remind him of what he had given up and they were delivered with a brightly false smile that left Duo's amethyst eyes icy.

The meal was one of the most uncomfortable of Wufei's life. The delectable food being served -- exotic fruits and spices, meats of every kind and beautiful confectionary creations -- were barely noticed and out of the corner of his eye he could see Sally shooting him worried glances every now and then. Apart from the words and niceties expected, Duo had pointedly ignored him. Don't I deserve it though? Wufei asked himself. Wouldn't I have done the same if I were him?

Finally the torture was over. There was still the ball to attend that night, but at least if he didn't have to spend the entire time near Duo he might be able to stop thinking and forget for a while. Wufei and Sally thanked their hosts for the delicious meal and were led to their shared quarters.


The door was closed and locked when Treize arrived back at his chambers. He sighed, reaching for the key he always kept with him for when Duo fell into one of his moods, and slowly opened the door not sure what to expect. Normally Duo would just sulk, but he had rarely seen his betrothed so angry and he could be unpredictable to say the least.

His eyes settled on the braided figure curled up in the room's window seat, eyes staring fixedly ahead and his knees drawn up to his chest. A slight frown passed across Treize's face and he crossed the room silently, shifting Duo so that he was nestled against Treize's chest.

The silence continued for several minutes until Duo relaxed enough to speak, his voice barely audible.

I can't believe he came. What is he trying to do? Shove it down my throat that he doesn't give a damn about me? Oh no, he doesn't care because he's got his perfect, beautiful, obedient, wife who has the complete approval of his family. I hate him!

Treize had to suppress a laugh at the thought of his childhood friend, Lady Sally Po, as the perfect obedient wife and turned his attention to Duo's problem. You don't hate him and I doubt very much that he came here to mock you. He is travelling to all of the clans, not just ours remember.

Duo wiggled away from Treize's arms and glared at him venomously. Stop trying to protect him! That bastard... he paused for a moment to think of the right word to use for how he felt, abandoned me! I was entertaining for a while but as soon as he got tired he ran off for someone better. His voice was bitter and sarcastic but his eyes betrayed his real feelings of hurt and sorrow. He curled up once more against Treize, face buried against his shoulder.

Holding the braided boy, Treize began to think. He knew that Duo still loved Wufei, that he always had. It was painful but true that Duo had originally only agreed to his marriage proposal because of a desire to cause Wufei pain. Their relationship had grown over the past months, but Treize knew that Duo would never be truly happy without Wufei.

That's hardly likely, present circumstances considered though, he thought, pondering the situation. He wanted Duo to be happy more than anything but it was just a question of what to do.

An amused smirk spread across his face as an idea began to take form.