Title: I Hate You!
Author: Shadow Sorceress a.k.a Zalia Chimera
Archiving: I don't mind. Just tell me okay?
Pairings: 5x2, 13x2, 5+S, 13XS.


It's finished!!! I actually finished something!!!! *breaks out the champagne*

Although, I will now have to write a sequel where Wufei tell his parents
(Thanks StraightnCurly for the idea!!!!)

Introduction: While lazing in bed, the couple realise that they will have to
tell their fiances and they get a little revenge.

Duo sighed in contentment and snuggled further into the warmth of the silk sheets, shifting in Wufei's arms and tightening his grip on the other man. He dozed happily for a while, half asleep Wufei watching him with a sleepy smile upon his lips occasionally stroking a gentle hand over his hair.

It was half an hour later when the possible consequences of what had happened hit him. He sat bolt upright and buried his face in his hands. Oh no!

Wufei wrapped his arms around Duo and pulled him close. What is it Duo?

Duo looked at him with wide eyes. Treize. I... what am I going to tell Treize? And what about Sally?

Wufei froze for a moment as he imagined Sally's reaction. The woman was dangerous when she was angry! Ah well , he thought. It's far too late for second thoughts now.

He lay a gentle kiss on Duo's forehead. We'll manage something. I'm not letting you go again. Ever.

Good. You're stuck with me now. Duo once more curled up beneath the covers, head resting against Wufei's chest.

There was a contented silence for a few more minutes until Duo sat up and swung his legs out from beneath the covers, feet hanging just above the floor. We should get up Wufei. It's probably late and Treize will come looking for me soon. I'd prefer him to find out in a slightly less shocking way than finding us in bed together. He smiled back at Wufei who grabbed his arm, pulling him back to kiss him gently. Then we should go and face the music. See if the door is still locked.


Wufei clutched Duo's hand as the braided boy knocked at the door to Treize's study nervously. Despite his words and actions to the contrary, he was worried about what was about to happen, and from the expression on Duo's face, his love felt the same.

Treize's cultured voice asked them to enter and he eyed their linked hands with interest when they complied. To Wufei's horror, Sally was also there, a slight smirk on her face as she looked at them. At least they would only have to announce this once. Duo glanced at him and their gazes locked for a moment, Duo offered him a tiny smile and then turned back to his fiancé.

his voice was shaky at first but grew stronger as he continued, I want to apologise, but I have to cancel our engagement. I... I realised last night that I'm still in love with Wufei and I can't go ahead with it.

Treize raised an eyebrow and his voice betrayed nothing when he spoke, Indeed. And Prince Chang?

Wufei faced Sally and swallowed. Sally I... I have always held you in high regard and I mean you no disrespect which is why I feel I must cancel our engagement. I can never love you the way you deserve because I am in love with Duo. I apologise most humbly.

No-one said anything for a long moment, the silence stretching out and seeming to press against his shoulders. Finally, Sally grinned and began to laugh and a smile tugged at Treize's lips. Duo and Wufei looked at each other in bemusement.

What is so funny? Wufei demanded, glaring at the two of them.

Sally wiped at her eyes, teary from laughter while Treize answered. So you finally realised it. We've been waiting for this to happen since the very first night of your stay. You've been most... frustrating to both of us.

Wufei just stared at them open-mouthed leaving Duo to splutter out the next question. You... you mean you set us up? You planned this?

Treize stood and took his hand gently. We did. You, both of you, were so unhappy. I do care about you Duo and I couldn't bear to see you like that. You deserve to be with someone you truly love. Sally feels the same.

So you aren't angry? Duo asked in a quiet voice.

Treize smiled warmly at him. Of course not sweet one. He laid a gentle kiss against Duo's forehead and hugged him then stepped away, letting Wufei pull Duo closer.

Sally looked at Wufei and spoke. I wish you all the happiness in the world Wufei. You two deserve it.

Wufei bowed to her, showing his gratitude in actions rather than words.

We have a surprise for you, Sally said, taking Treize's arm. Just wait until we're out of the room until you look. This should be something private.

Treize pressed something into Wufei's hand while Sally gave something to Duo. Just before Sally stepped through the door, she turned the level a glare at Wufei. You'd better do things properly this time Wufei. Don't make come back to beat some sense into you. She smirked again and then shut the door behind her, leaving Wufei to look at the thing in his hand. A plain gold band with a small diamond set into it. He looked up at Duo to see that he was holding an identical ring.

He took both of Duo's hand in his own. Duo, will you marry me?

Duo smiled radiantly at him. Of course, if you'll do the same for me.

Wufei slid the ring onto Duo's finger while the braided boy did the same, then pulled him close to kiss him.


Duo tugged his husband back down onto the bed and kissed him thoroughly then lay on top of him and smiled. So, what can we do today my wonderful husband? It is the first day of our honeymoon after all. The wedding had been the day before, completely planned by Treize and Sally who insisted on them getting married immediately to ensure that you don't make any stupid mistakes like you did before' as Sally had so eloquently put it.

Wufei twisted so that they lay facing each other, stroking Duo's face. Well, I'm quite content to lay here all day. Especially since the view is so lovely.

Wufei smirked. Of course I am and you love it.

Duo nodded. True. So, are we just going to laze here all day?

Yes. We have everything we need and if we need more, we can just ask someone to get it for us. Sally and Treize did say we could have whatever we wanted, within reason.

A wicked smile appeared on Duo's face. I know what we could do.

Oh, what's that? Wufei asked, playing with a stray strand of Duo's hair.

Duo's smile widened. We could repay' Treize and Sally for locking us up together.

A smirk appeared on Wufei's face as he realised what Duo meant. Yes. I think that may be a useful way to spend out time. How do we manage this then?


Sally tugged at the blindfold as she heard the door slam shut and the lock click. Warm hands helped her untie it, revealing Treize. She turned to glare at the door as if that would cause it to open.

That evil and deceitful bastard! I am going to kill him! she growled. that's the last time I ever trust him! She turned to face Treize. So, the little brats got you too did they? And after all we did for them!

Treize laughed. It seems that have decided on revenge my dear.

Sally sighed. It does seem that way, yes. But I could think of worse people to be locked in a room with.

Was that a blush on Treize's face? I'm glad you think so Sally.

Sally laughed nervously at the expression on his face as he stepped towards her.

You mentioned that you did not want to be alone again. I... would you do me the honour of allowing me to ensure that never happens?

Sally closed her eyes and smiled. Of course. You didn't even need to ask.

Treize kissed her softly and then wrapped his arms around her, whispering into her ear. Since we are locked in here, perhaps we should make the most of it.

I agree.


Outside in the corridor Duo laughed happily and threw his arms around Wufei's neck to kiss him fiercely.