Bounty Hunter Diaries
A Gundam Wing AU
by Gemini1

Chapter 14 Preview: Hilde Schbeiker Hates Vinyl

A/N: Hello all you beautiful loyal fans! This is just a little preview of what's coming up! I'm not done with chapter 14 yet, but I wanted to give all you wonderful patient people a little taste of what's to come, just to get you through the night! The finished version will be here soon!

"This is absolutely not going to work. I refuse!"

That's me, protesting BDSM poster-girl and part-time investigator Dorothy Catalonia's 'genius' plan to gather information to find Trieze Khushrenada.

"I think the vinyl one would be perfect. Definitely the vinyl."

And that's Dorothy Catalonia, ignoring me.

"I like the vinyl one, too. Leaves less to the imagination. I don't like having to use my imagination if I don't have to."

And that's Howard, being perverted and about to get his ass kicked.

Perhaps I should back-track and explain a few things. See, when Duo sent me the 'dream team' of Dorothy and Howard, no doubt he thought they would help me gather information that would lead to Trieze's arrest and his freedom. But I do doubt that he thought Dorothy would decide that the only way we could get any information was to question Trieze's girlfriend and right-hand lady, Une, and that the only way we could do that was to sneak into the hospital in the guise of sexy nurses delivering a Strip-O-Gram. At least, I hope he didn't have that in mind, because if he did, then I will kill him.

Anyway, back to the current problem: Dorothy's assertion that I will have to dress up like a sexy nurse. There is no way in hell I'm doing that.

"Nonsense." Dorothy said airily, as she flitted through her boudoir, gathering bits and pieces of our sexy nurse costumes.

She had dragged me, kicking and screaming to her swanky townhouse in order to 'prepare' us for our reconnaissance mission. And by 'prepare', I mean slutting us both up.

"Now, Hilde, I don't have a bra small enough for you, so you'll just have to wear one of mine. I'm sure I can find something to stuff it with. I must have something jiggly in here somewhere." Dorothy tossed a rather large red lace push-up bra in my direction and I caught it by reflex.

Oh yes. Duo was going to die.