The Great Hall was full of both Students and Teachers. They sat at their places and talked amongst themselves and there weren't many spare places left. Harry Potter sat with his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley and was in the middle of telling them that the new Professor Delores Umbridge was at his hearing over the summer for a breach of the Underage Use of Magic law. Ginny Weasley was sitting down the table talking to a very shy Neville Longbottom who was still apologising for stepping on her toes last year during the Yule ball. Draco Malfoy was sitting on the Slytherin Table talking to Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle about how rich his parents were and how happy he was that Umbridge was here. Pansy Parkinson was sitting opposite him, slightly drooling as he spoke.

Only one person in the hall wasn't talking to anyone. Luna Lovegood sat away from the other on the Ravenclaw table. She sat there and simply watched them all as they laughed along with each other. She was a strange girl. Her hair was a very light blonde, so much so it was almost white. Her eyes were a very pale blue and had a piercing and yet dreamy look about them. She didn't speak unless spoken too and didn't seem to mind. She was thinking more about her father and the terrible argument they'd had over the summer. He had once again some home drunk and had yelled at her again for not saving her mother when she was nine. She didn't blame him, though it would have been nice to get through the summer without a beating.

She watched the new Professor try to talk to the other teachers and could tell straight away that this year was going to be a long one. She looked over at Harry and a pang of pity went through her, it wasn't because she thought he was delusional or that he was a young boy with a traumatic past but it was because he had been nice her and then had had to see death himself. She knew what that was like, to see the person you love lying on the floor with their eyes wide open, blood spilling out and knowing you couldn't do anything about it but that doesn't stop the nightmares coming back.

Suddenly the air became very cold. Instantly she thought about Dementor's. Dumbledore wouldn't let them in the castle again would he? Everyone else was thinking this too as Dumbledore stood up.

"Students of Hogwarts. Today not only do we welcome our first year friends and our new Professor. We also welcome two new students to Hogwarts school. They have both transferred here from both Beuxbaxtons and Drumstrung. Please welcome Wednesday and Pugsley Addams."

The muggle-borns started to clap and some of the half-bloods too but the pure blood wizards or at least those who had grown up in the wizarding world froze. He hadn't said Addams had he? The Addamses!? Even some of the teachers had gone pale as the doors swung open.

Standing there was a young girl and boy. Their skin was deathly pale and their hair was black as night. The boy was tall and muscular, his eyes a dark grey, almost black. He wore a green ring on his finger and when he smiled it was almost with a wolfish grin, one of hunger rather than happiness. The girl was beautiful, her eyes were a crimson red but that wasn't what made her impossible not to notice. Her skin seemed to shine, as though she was letting off her own light even though that couldn't be true. Her eyes swept the room as did her brothers. It was impossible the similarities between them, he stood there protective of her and then with a slight nod to each other they walked forward.

The hall was silent now. Hardly believing what they were seeing. Luna did look on these two with fear, rather curiosity. She wondered who they really were behind the masks they wore. The boy caught Luna's eye and he smiled and winked at her. Slowly he walked towards her until he was standing right in front of her. His sister followed silently.

"Hello." His voice was soft, enchanting. The kind of voice a killer needed to lure his prey away. "My name is Pugsley Addams. What's yours?" he smiled again and Luna couldn't help but smile back. The Ravenclaws closest shuffled away.

"My name is Luna Lovegood. It's a pleasure to meet you Mr Addams." Luna curtsised and at that moment the girl approached her.

"Manners? Mama would like you very much. My name is Wednesday Addams. Call me Wednesday and my brother Pugsley. There is no need for formality between friends." Said Wednesday smiling slightly. Luna smiled hugely when she heard the word friend and you would have had to have been blind to see how much that word meant to her.

"Welcome to Hogwarts." Said Dumbledore walking down to meet them.

"Hello Albus." Said the girl turning away from Luna. Muttering broke the silence. Albus?

"It was good of you too come. Thank you." Said Dumbledore smiling.

"We don't mind helping out an old friend Albus, do we Pugsley?" Pugsley who hadn't stopped looking at Luna nodded before turning to Dumbledore.

"When are we to be sorted?"

"Right now if you don't mind." The sorting hat suddenly appeared in the air.

Motioning for his sister to go first Pugsley Addams turned his attention back to Luna. Wednesday moved and the hat was placed on her head.

"Welcome back, Miss Addams." Said the hat, "now where to put you. You've... changed since we last met so perhaps you're old house isn't suitable anymore. Hmmm but then again perhaps you'll find happiness there. Hmmm I know... SLYTHERIN!" Wednesday took the hat off her head and then moved aside so that Dumbledore could place it on Pugsley.

"Pugsley Addams, you've changed too I see. Hmmm yes. You're old house won't do now. Let's see... you remind me of a boy that came here when you last did. Strange the similarities in you is amazing, but the differences... Better be... GRIFFINDOR!"

As the hat was taken off the robes that Pugsley and Wednesday wore changed. Her's became more green and his became gold and red. Opposites, and yet so similar. Professor Umbridge seemed to find her voice.

"Forgive me Headmaster but I was wondering if you would enlighten all of us on why the sorting hat seems to know these children already." Her voice was sickly sweet and her small eyes were jumping between Luna, Pugsley and Wednesday.

"Ahhh Professor I'm afraid it is too late to go into that now. The Addams children are here on my request but I will say no more. Now to bed all of you." With that Dumbledore did a small bow in front of the Addmases and then left. With a lot of muttering and scrapping of chairs the hall swiftly followed so there were only Pugsley, Wednesday left. Wednesday turned to her brother.

"This year will be eventfull brother." She said to him.

"Yes," he murmured watching Luna Lovegood walk away. "Yes dear sister, I think it will."