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The Unrelenting Frozen Seas: The Journey

Prologue: Survival

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Well, it was official. She was lost. Most really and truly lost. Sighing despondently, she whirled around helplessly, the dropping temperature lending haste to her actions. Squaring her frail shoulders, she soldiered on, striding forwards. Passing an electronics store, the sight of a familiar face stopped her cold.

The girl was short, only just pushing four foot two, if that. Her face, distorted ever so slightly by the glass of the dead television screen, was nevertheless one that could be considered beautiful, in a few years. Currently the high cheekbones and sharp nose were blunted by the presence of baby fat, not much but enough to obscure them nonetheless. A small crimson hoodie helped shield her from the elements and prying eyes both, although a few strands of long jet-black hair peeked out from under the hood as glimpses of two green orbs hid within.

Shaking her head, the girl sighed once more before leaving, her grey sweatpants flashing in and out of the screen.

"Alright, small break," she commented quietly, her voice ringing out in the empty alleyway, revealing to the world her cultured British accent. In light of that, it really wasn't that surprising she was lost. Leaning against the wall, the rough brick making its displeasure known as she slid down to rest on the ground, her lightly battered backpack digging ever so slightly into her back. Fiddling with the laces of her black hi-tops, she allowed herself to catch her breath as clouds of white mist twisted and curled in and out of her sight. Just another sign as to the biting cold.

Peering around the wall, she whipped her head back in and sighed; idly brushing her bangs away where they threatened to fall over her eyes, revealing her tanned skin as well as a simple cuff bracelet made out of green sea glass, and most interestingly a scar imprinted on her forehead. A lightning bolt.

Well, perhaps she could stay, just a little while to catch her breath.

Digging around for a second, she fished out a small white pearl held by a thin leather cord around her neck. The pearl itself was rather plain, not too perfect, nor too deformed. But she grasped it tightly all the same, a habit when stress reared its ugly head. And so she sat for the next few minutes, cradling her pearl, all the while watching as lights flashed and the sounds of boots against the pavement filled her head.

Sucking in a deep breath, she huffed before standing. Ducking back into the crowded streets, her small frame allowing her to weave in and out of the massive bodies that flooded her vision. Her eyes caught a digital clock as she passed by a barber's salon. 20:16. She grimaced. She really needed a place to lay low for the night, lest some monster finds her.

Forcing the rising whimper down, her knuckles whitened. She was not going to die here.

As she ducked around in the crowd, her mind wandered. The beginning of her little Odyssey replaying.

Now, to understand why she was in America, half way around the world to where her accent is from, one must first understand where she was from in the first place.

Right then, now as one may have already figured out, she was from jolly ol' England. Well, the jolly bit was certainly up for debate if you asked her. When asked why the obvious answer would be because she lived with her aunt, uncle, and cousin. "What's so bad about that?" One may ask, well, there were a number of varying reasons.

Her, for lack of a nicer term, horse-necked aunt forced her to do all the chores, from mowing the lawn to washing the car to cleaning the house; had her make them breakfast every day whilst hers was whatever was left, and knowing her cousin even that wasn't very much mind you.

Her aunt's lovely husband, aside from making her mow the lawn for each season and wash his car, also presented her with a few bruises on her person here and there. "To keep you miserable freak in line." Was his reason.

Then there was his sister…a miserable blimp of a woman, she would sic her Rottweiler on her when she came over, like that one time she was forced to hide in a tree all afternoon; she never did get any dinner that day. The next time…well, the next time you'd be happy to know she finally stood up for herself and clubbed the wretched thing in the head with a nearby stone, killing it.

That was the good side of that particular incident, the…not so good side was the punishment. Not that she cared of course. Her resistance to pain had never been better though, to look at the bright side of things.

Unfortunately, not even her beloved cousin gave her any reprieve. One of his favorite games was, well, emulating his father, to be blunt. Both him and all his little friends, including Piers, the jerk. Whenever she tried to fight back she was locked in her room, said room being not a room but a cupboard. Under the stairs to boot.

Unfortunately for her she was nervous and restless in enclosed spaces. Claustrophobic, was what her school nurse said. When she presented this new piece of information to her aunt and uncle they simply laughed before throwing her, quite literally, back into her cupboard.

I'm sure by now you're wondering something along the lines of, "Why would she be living with such horrible, people?" Well, around the time she was a year old, her parents died. Now she didn't know exactly why, her aunt and uncle told her that they were stupid drunks and got into a car accident that she sadly survived, and that she was a mistake and that she was never loved. But she never believed that; she couldn't, for her own sake, although it still hurt to hear that all the time growing up in that hellhole.

On her way back from school one day, which she had problems in as well, she met a nice lady who said she had won a prize. Now, she had never won anything in her life and was quite obviously excited, so she led the woman back to her hellhole and she told her aunt and uncle about the all expenses paid cruise from England to New York and back. Now at first, her aunt and uncle wanted to leave her with the crazy cat lady, but the woman told her that she had won, and thus needed to go, much to their grumbling.

During the trip, she was mainly locked in her cabin, but when she wanted to leave, it was like the ship was listening to her and unlocked its door for her. It was the most fun she had in her life, ever! Games, fishing, swimming, just talking to kids her age without her cousin running them away, it was such fun. As they docked in New York City, the Big Apple they called it, she was awed and loved everything there. It was like she was home or something as she turned eight years old that day.

Then the woman she met gave her something. It was a dagger, in her hands though it was more like a short sword. It was rather plain, but nice. The whole thing was around twelve inches, and its grip was wrapped tightly some light brown leather, she didn't have time to unsheathe it from its jet black leather sheath. No, she was too busy falling off of the dock. Damn woman pushed her!

As she hit the water, she wanted to gasp for air, but it was like she was being dragged down by some invisible force. As she was panicking, her eyes opened. At first she flinched and closed them, but after a moment's thought she realized something, well two things really. One: that she could see clearly underwater, clear as crystal actually.

And two: she was breathing, underwater!

After those two realizations she calmed down exponentially, and had tried to swim back to the surface. Well, tried being the word. One would normally stop at the sight of a large, rainbow-colored horse, it is after all not something you see every day. Well, it wasn't really a horse, just from the waist up, the rest of it was an actual sea horse.

Riding on it was possibly easily the most beautiful woman she had ever seen in her life, although, considering what her life was like it really wasn't saying very much.

The woman had long hair the color of midnight that rippled and undulated as if one with the water surrounding it and flawless ivory skin. Her bright sea green eyes were matched by the color of her wavy dress.

Despite said incident happening some time ago, she still recalled how it went.


Rhode Jasmine Potter was not having a good day! And this sudden appearance of a woman riding a rainbow-colored fish-pony-thing was not helping her sanity! Not to mention the fact she was breathing, underwater!

"What's going on?" she cried out in frenzy, as the waters seemed to swirl around in her panic.

As the woman got off of her mount and began to float in the water, her eyes shone with a motherly light, and her smile calmed Rhode's panic.

"Calm yourself child of my lord." The woman said, her voice caressing Rhode like the soothing waves." I bring you no harm, merely gifts from your father, young hero."

Rhode blinked, "Hero? Father? But my dad died, along with my mum in a car accident." Just what was this woman, and a very pretty woman at that, talking about?

The woman gave her a small smile, "That would be your step-father, child." She said. She sounded so old, but looked so young, like she wasn't even from this time, but at the same time could fit in perfectly. "After his and your mother's murder, your father, the one whose court I serve, had ones such as my kind, along with our fresh water sisters to watch over you."

Rhode blinked and shook her head, her mother and fath-um, step-father were murdered? Her father was still alive and had pretty water women working for him? "What's going on?!"

The woman sighed, "Allow me to introduce myself; I am one of the highest in your father's court. I am Thetis, a Nereid."

Rhode's eyebrow furrowed in thought, "Aren't those, the um, salt water nymphs from Greek Mythology?" she asked with a cute tilt of her head. The librarian, who also had the same kind of eyes as this woman, told her that when she would help Rhode learn to read. She was dyslexic you see, all the words she tried to read jumbled up in her head. The only language she could read was what the nice lady said was Ancient Greek and taught her to read and write it.

She also had ADHD, but that was something completely different to this whole situation.

Thetis, whose name sounded really familiar by the way, smiled, "Indeed, young one." She said, while bringing out a pretty teal colored bracelet made out of sea glass that rippled, as if it in itself was a wave.

Rhode gulped, okay, so mythical water spirits were real, nothing to freak out about, surely. "And my father?" she asked, well begged, as thoughts plagued her mind. Like why didn't he come for her? Why didn't he raise her? Why did he leave her with her terrible relatives? Didn't he love her? She thought while blinking away some stray tears that she couldn't see in the water.

"Your father is the Lord of the Sea, Poseidon."

Okay, yeah, now time to freak out.

"That's bullshit." She answered, remembering the swear word she heard from her uncle.

Thetis frowned at her, "Young lady, you should not speak with such foul language." She scolded, sounding oddly like one of the mothers she had heard on the cruise.

Rhode ducked her head, "Sorry." She mumbled, like she always did when she was scolded by her aunt for doing something freaky.

"You are a demigoddess, child. In fact, the first demigoddess Lord Poseidon has sired in ages." The salt water nymph said to the young child.

Rhode's face shot up, looking surprised. She remembered hearing a lot of stories from the nice librarian about the sea god, he was in most of the stories she heard.

"This, okay water women are real, but gods? Isn't that, I don't know, stories? Like something to explain a bad storm…but you're a Nereid, also a story…my head hurts." Rhode said while slapping her cheeks, "Got to be a dream. Wake up stupid Rhode, wake up!"

Thetis seemed to be amused by this, making Rhode scowl. The girl hated to be the butt of the joke, she was treated like one all her life.

"The gods hold a law young hero." She said to Rhode, her voice taking on a sad tone, "A godly parent may not raise their child. But do not despair. Know that your father does love you, very much so." Thetis assured kindly. That made hope bubble up in Rhode's chest as Thetis pulled out a leather necklace, at the end of it was a pure white pearl, "A birthday gift along with a message, 'With love, to my Little Pearl'." The water nymph said handing it to Rhode's free hand.

The demigoddess took the leather necklace with a shaky hand, never getting a gift before. She bit her lip as she felt tears well in her eyes and put it on. As she looked at the gleaming pearl floating around her neck, she had a teary smile on her face.

"While the pearl is just a gift for the sake of your birth child, this, is the truth gift. One that will no doubt protect you as it had the previous owner during his challenges until his fall." Thetis said, sadness lacing her tone heavily as the bracelet turned into a big circular shield, no, calling this a mere shield was like calling the Mona Lisa a pre-k doodle.

The shield was made out of a strange metal, similar to the color of bronze Rhode had seen in pictures at the library. The metal almost seemed to hum and glow, although in an instant it stopped, and so Rhode dismissed it as a trick of the light. On its face were beautiful engravings forming a flowing spiral, peering closer, Rhode could have sworn she had seen a story like the one depicted on the shield before.

"This is the shield of my son, Achilles."

And then it hit Rhode, like lightning going through her system as she gaped, "That Achilles, the um, army killer guy? This is, wow…can I touch it?" she asked gushing, oh she loved hearing about the Battle of Troy. Achilles being her favorite of the characters, well now, real person to hear about since he was super strong and did what he wanted.

Wait, her son? Well that explained why Thetis felt so motherly, she was one of the most protective mother's in the myths…can you even call them myths now? Bah, she was getting side-tracked, stupid ADHD.

"Why? I gift it to you. It is yours to keep."

"…I feel faintish." Rhode said, fanning herself, even when she was in the cool ocean. Now that she thought about it, she didn't even feel wet, weird. Grr, again, side-tracked!

Thetis seemed smile at that, before it fell into a sad one, "After my son's death, I had taken his shield to remember him, but after the years passed, I had given it to Lord Poseidon to hold on for as it was too painful to even see it." She said with her chin a little high, "After my lord had asked if he could gift it to one of his children, I gave him my approval as long as I would be the one to grant it upon its new owner." She said, as the beautiful shield changed into the cuff bracelet once more, "For you." She said, handing it to Rhode.

The young girl shakily took the famed shield of one of her favorite heroes, "Wow." She said in awe, slipping the bracelet onto her right wrist, tapped it, making the shield appeared locked on her wrist ready to protect her.

"It will protect you well." She said with a small smile.

"I, um, thank you very much lady Thetis." The green-eyed child said with an awkward bow of her head. Really, what was she supposed to say to something like this? History was strapped to her little wrist.

"You are welcome, child, but now I must leave." Thetis said, "And you must survive."

"Survive?" Rhode asked, shaking out of her awe, "I don't understand?"

"The monsters my dear, the monsters are just as much alive as we continue to be." Thetis said in a soft, but stern tone, "You must do what you can to survive, as a child of the gods, they will hunt you; and will do everything they can to kill you. Only weapons such as that dagger," she said pointing to the blade clenched in her left hand, "and others of celestial bronze may kill them."

Panic rose once again in her. Monsters? There were a lot of scary monsters in the stories she had heard. Rhode looked at the woman, wanting to say something, but was halted at her next words.

"Your father believes in you, child, and we of the sea do as well." She said in kindness as she mounted her rainbow fish-pony, "May the gods watch over you, daughter of the sea. I see great things in your future." She left with a smile on her face as Rhode just floated in the water, who was trying to figure out what to do.

But, Rhode knew one thing.

She was free.

~Flashback end~

And with that freedom, Rhode took her first brave step.

She ran away.

No more Dursleys, ever again.

After hearing that she wasn't really a Potter, since that was her stepfather's name, she started to use her mother's maiden name of Evans, to feel closer to her and to start fresh in the States. In the following months, she travelled, going from New York to Ohio to Kansas until she reached Arizona.

Over her time travelling, Rhode picked up a few rules for herself, through some trial and error.

First, water was her friend.

It healed her and she could breathe under it. Most times she slept underwater if she could. It made her stronger like you wouldn't believe when she was in it. And as long as she wanted to, she couldn't be wet or anything she touched. Ever see a lighter go off underwater? Didn't think so. But it was tough to learn her powers, she knew she had them, but it was a struggle to figure out how to use them. She ran into a few naiads and they helped her at times if she asked nicely. Rhode was very grateful to them.

Next, ponies. Best animal ever.

She could talk to them and they'd listen to her. Heck in Texas she lead a stampede of them to escape some monsters. They even showed her what plants could be eaten if she was ever out surviving in the wilderness. She even lived on a horse-training ranch for a few weeks, just to get a hot meal when a nice family let her help out. All hail the powers of the pony whisperer! It was going well until a monster attack though, so she had to run away.

Next, she learned how to steal.

She didn't like it, but she needed money. Of course she left the wallets or purses in a lost and found or with a store clerk and only took the cash in them. But she needed new clothes and just buy food in general if she hadn't stolen that. Sometime, if she wanted it enough, a wallet would levitated out of someone's pocket and float into her hands, like magic!

Next, she learned how cruel the world was.

She had seen people lie, cheat, and steal, but what took the cake for her was murder. She was resting behind a dumpster one night and turned to see two guys arguing and then one guy killed the other with a gun, four shots to the chest… She ran away after that. For the next couple of weeks she couldn't sleep either, the scene of the guy getting murdered playing over and over again.

Next, she learned how to run.

She was fine with that, running meant you live longer. She hid most of the time when a monster came about, and only fought on her terms, when she could trick it or get it near water.

Finally, and most importantly, she learned how to fight.

She couldn't run forever, she knew that, eventually a monster would corner her and it was do or die. And so she did do, and she did live. Her shield helped a lot and she was pretty decent with her knife.

Mount Olympus, home of the Greek Gods. The floating mountain that was secretly anchored to the Empire State building. Not that the general population noticed of course, a floating mountain above the most famous skyscraper in New York wasn't exactly normal. In the Hall of the Gods, where twelve thrones, each unique in their own way, and empty, stood. In the middle of the room was a figure.

The man was tall and built like a mountain, with long jet black hair that just brushed his shoulders. His brilliantly electric blue eyes were riveted on an image in front of him; while his serious and proud, but handsome, face was partially hidden by his neat salt and pepper beard.

Zeus, King of the gods, stared at the misty image of a young girl with jet black hair and sea green eyes who was resting against the side of a dilapidated shack.

The King of the Gods sucked in a deep nasal breath as his eyes narrowed dangerously. The smell of ozone began to permeate the air as a cylindrical object clenched in his hand began to crackle ominously.

"I would honestly still your hand, brother." A heated voice called out as Zeus turned to see his older brother, Poseidon.

He was dressed like a beach goer. Tropical shirt, tanned shorts, and leather sandals. He had jet black hair and a neatly trimmed beard. His sea green eyes that usually twinkled were stormy and dark, you could tell he smiled a lot with the sun crinkles by his eyes, but the king of the sea was anything but smiles at this moment as he held his mighty trident with a scowl on his face.

"You broke our sacred oath, Poseidon." Zeus stated tersely.

The sea god glared at him, and marched up to his younger brother, matching in the imposing godly height. He looked at his daughter, eyes softening for but a moment and waved his hand over the mist image as they hardened once more. The image was changed to a girl with spiky raven hair with electric blue eyes that wore a beaten leather jacket, she was standing outside of some mortal fast food restaurant.

Zeus tensed as Poseidon said, "My, I wonder who that could be?" he questioned in faux curiosity.


"Pheh," Poseidon spat out, his sea green eyes in fury, "God of justice, if there were a god of hypocrisy…" the king of the sea trailed off and glared at his brother, "I honestly thought we were beyond this, brother. Killing mere children."

"The Great Prophecy-"

"And your child is older, is she not?" Poseidon questioned Zeus back, getting narrowed stormy eyes, "Shall we be smiting her as well, my lord?" he asked, venom lacing his words as unknown to the girl in the image, the ground creaked as the water main beneath her started to build up pressure.

Zeus scowled.

"I do not wish to sink to your level, Zeus," Poseidon said chillingly. His powerful fingers clenching his trident as his knuckles whitened, the trident beginning to hiss with power as the air began to grow more humid. As if sensing a challenge, the object in Zeus' hand began to crackle and spark.

"But if you so much as touch my daughter, well, I will not be the only one grieving this night." He slammed the butt of his trident on the marble floor, shaking the Hall of the Gods to prove his point.

Silence reined in the halls until Zeus spoke with a frown.

"Fine then, we agree not to harm our respected children?"


The gods stared off at one another until Poseidon left in a large twister of salt water, leaving a mess in the Hall of the Gods just to spite his little brother.

Zeus glared at the spot, "Amaltheia."

These past few days…Rhode had been following a feeling, though they haven't been the best days for her. It had started normally enough, wake up in whatever place she had decided to crash for the night, stretch, and head off. But this time it was that routine, with the addition of "run like hell, monster on my tail."

Ducking into a nearby park, she wondered for a moment what possessed her to do so, it was as if someone was whispering in her head to do so, but there was no voice. Weaving in and out of the trees, she heard a snap, one too big to be a twig. Gulping, she kept going. Making it out of the trees, hope swelled in her. A pond!

She had barely taken a step when the sound of something cutting the air filled her senses. Fudge. Her legs buckled, something crashing against them.


Grunting, she spun her body to see what had hit her. A large branch. Weren't those things supposed to be stupid?

She heard the damn thing before she could see it. It came crashing out of the trees as it rushed her. Fumbling for her bracelet, she tried to summon it, but was all too slow.

"ARGH!" The pain, oh the blinding pain as her right shoulder and arm were crushed, the bones splintering audibly under its odorous foot.

"Yum, snack!" It crooned in its pathetic vocabulary. Lifting its leg, it seized her in its meaty left hand, her ribs groaning in protest as her spine creaked. Apparently deciding to savor the moment, it threw its head back and roared with laughter.

Gritting her teeth to keep from screaming out, Rhode manage to wiggle her dagger out of its sheath. Wrenching her arm out from under its fingers, she allowed herself a viscous tear-stained smile as she drove the blade into its hand, severing two fingers.

"GRAAH!" the monster wailed, dropping its makeshift club in the form of a large metal pipe, holding its hand with angry tears in its lone eye, "Stupid snack, you no attack!" it whined.

Disregarding its complaints entirely, Rhode hit the ground with a pained thud, the snow only just cushioning her fall. Groaning in agony, she crawled towards the pond whilst cradling her broken arm with tears in her eyes. Water. She needed water. Needed to heal.

"Where you going snack!" it bellowed in anger, trying to grab for her.

Rolling around with a scream, Rhode felt the familiar tug in her gut and focused on it; the icy snow surrounding her shaping itself into shard shards of ice. Whipping her good arm around, the ice obeyed her command, launching themselves at the monster, burying themselves in its eye and gouging out its sight.

"WAHH! GRRGH!" it bellowed more, using its one good hand to cover its now lost eye and stomped around in pain.

Rolling over once more, Rhode did her best to fight through the blinding pain as she crawled towards the pond once more.

"GRAH! You took eye! But me still smell you godling, me still hear!" it shouted loudly.

The black haired girl grunted moved closer to the pond, but her hand slipped and fell on her broken arm, letting out a loud gasp of pain.

"There you is!"

Rhode's eyes widened and she scrambled forward as best she could.

"Foo-oof!" it shouted as a grunt of pain and the slap of something impacting against flesh rang out.

Rhode didn't know what was going on, but as she continued to crawl. Then she saw a goat. And a grey glowing one at that, as it skipped across the pond, fleeing into the cover of the woods.

She shook her head viciously. Focus! Water, healing, kill monster. Focus!

There was some rustling from the woods and a shout of a girl rang out, "Hey! Leave her alone you bastard!"

It all happened so fast, she heard the crackling of electricity, the squelch of metal meeting flesh, a roar of pain, and the sound of dust falling.

Rhode heard the crunching padding of shoes against snow as they came to her in a fast pace, "Hey kid, you alive? Come on, say something?" the girl's voice rang out in slight panic.

"Water." Rhode croaked out.

"Damn, h-hold on, I got some nectar on me, hang on." The shaky voice said as Rhode felt her body rolled over and saw a pair of concerned electric blue eyes meet her own pained sea green eyes.

Rhode shook her head, "No. Water, heal, Poseidon." She managed to croak out through the pain as tears cascaded down her cheeks. Dear gods the pain. She could see black edging in at the corners of her vision.

The blue eyes, and freckles Rhode noticed, widened, "Poseidon?" the girl whispered in shock before she shook her head and quickly nodded, "Right, in the water. Can you even breathe in it? Wait, if you're his kid of course you could, duh." The girl said to herself.

Rhode felt the straps of her backpack being slid off of her arms, the other girl being extra careful after a hiss of pain. She could feel herself being lifted and looked up to see the mop of short raven hair of her rescuer.

The daughter of Poseidon soon sighed in relief as she felt the cool embrace of the water envelop her, paying not mind to the temperature despite the snow fluttering down around her to settle on the water's surface.

Peace filled her being as Rhode felt her broken bones and bruised ribs begin to heal. As she heeded Morpheus' call, her last coherent thought was as she idly wondered just who exactly this new girl was.

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