Chapter 1: Moving Day Part 1

I smile as I feel the sun's warm rays shining down on my face. Stretching, I glance at the clock. Holy crap! It's 7:15 already? I'm going to be late!

I scramble around my room, searching for my school uniform. Quickly shimmying into my plaid skirt, I threw on a clean white shirt before grabbing my navy jacket and heading down the stairs, tying my pink tie while I stumbled on the steps.

Rushing around the kitchen, I place my lunch box dad made for me last night in my school bag along with my homework before quickly making a piece of toast and two mugs of coffee. Just as I sat down with my toast, the doorbell rang.

Since dad had to leave early this morning to finish building out house, I don't have to explain who is coming over so early in the morning. I smile up at the boy wearing the same uniform as me; a blank expression sits on his face. However, if you care to look closely enough, the twinkle in his eyes and the slight raise in his cheek bones; he is happy to be here. I pull him into the apartment, handing him one of the coffee mugs. As I spin in my heel to return to the kitchen, his arm snakes around my waist drawing me tight against his body. Kissing first the top of my head, I feel his breath tickling my ear as he whispers.

"Good morning, Kotoko." I turn around to face him. He smiles briefly as I beam back up at him. I wind my arms around his waist and lean against him. His arms tighten around my waist.

"Good morning, Irie-kun!"

So Irie-kun, what are you doing after school?" We had left my house a few minutes ago, walking in the direction of our school.

"Why?" He asks, looking down at me.

I shrug my shoulders, leaning my head against his arm. "Well, Kin-chan, Satomi and Jinko are coming over to help move our stuff into the house. I was hoping we could get together afterwards so you could help me study."

Irie-kun shakes his head. "I can't, father has a business dinner that the family needs to attend to. It probably won't be finished till late tonight."

I groan upset, clinging to his arm. "Why? Now I won't see you again till tomorrow.

"Stop being so dramatic, we go to the same school. You see me every day." Irie-kun states as he rolls his eyes at me.

I glare up at him, "I know, but I never talk to you at school. We agreed that we would keep the fact that we're dating a secret so we wouldn't have to deal with the gossip at school since I'm in still in class F and you're in class A." I mumble, pouting slightly.

He scoffs, "It's your own choice. You've improved so much since I've started tutoring you, and you're marks are at least a class B level. You just don't want to leave your friends and the administration was alright with not posting your marks during midterm and final exams. You've been in the top 100 since last year."

As we approach the corner where we would come across the rest of the student body, Irie-kun pulls me aside into an alley, stopping our movement forward. "What's wrong?" I ask. A faint smirk is my only warning before he leans down to plant a soft kiss on my lips. I eagerly respond back; wrapping my arms around his neck, playing with the hair resting at the nape of his neck. When he pulls away, my breath catches with that twinkle of love in his eyes I adore so much. He smirks down at me, probably at the breathless expression I know is painted all over my face.

"Serves you right." He says, backing away. I smile, thinking back to the same words that began our relationship. His face falls expressionless, the same serious face I fell in love with during the entrance ceremony at the beginning of high school. "See you later, Kotoko." He utters, before turning around and walking towards the school.

I wait a few minutes. Waiting for the blush in my cheeks to die down and the dazed expression I know exist on my face. When I can finally process a coherent thought, I make my way onto the school grounds, immediately two bodies link their arms with mine. "Morning, Kotoko," they say.

"Morning, Jinko, Satomi. You guys are coming over after school to help me move into my new house right?"

We're all going to be there Kotoko", a voice booms right behind me. I shriek in surprise, spinning on my heel to smack the boy behind me.

"Geez, Kin-chan, are you trying to give me a heart attack?" I smack him again on the chest before striding away.

His hand wraps around my shoulders, pulling me tight against his body. "Sorry, Kotoko, you just look so cute when you're mad." I wiggle out of his embrace knowing that Irie-kun would be watching.

Sure enough, on my right, Irie-kun is talking to Watanabe-san, one of his classmates, a dark glimmer in his eyes. I smile sheepishly in his direction. "Kotoko, you still have that crush on Irie Naoki? You should get over him." Satomi states noting my smile directed as Irie-kun.

"Yeah," Jinko pipes up, "We're class F, and he's the genius in class A. He's way out of our league."

I roll my eyes, "I know you guys, I know who he is. He's the genius in class A, he's the smartest person in this school with an IQ of 200, his father is the president of Pandai and," and he's my boyfriend I finish my rant in my head. I roll my eyes again before beckoning my friends towards our class, "come on, I have to study before that quiz we have today."

"Study?" they cry behind me in disbelief. I laugh the rest of the way. It was going to be a good day.